Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The New York Board Of Fire Underwriters

Broadway, Pine, Nassau and Cedar Streets
New York City; JANUARY 9, 1912

February 29, 1912 

October 2002, Academic effort made by faculty and students at Michigan State Ubuversity

Equitable archives - Giblin report.doc
Equitable archives - Sheehan report.doc

Equitable archives - Queen Insurance Co. of Am.doc

Report by William Giblin, President, Mercantile Trust. Co.

On morning of Jan 9, called to phone at 5:40 - fire
Went into the building

Could not enter the vaults because of clock locks - 7:30 when locks opened

Was still in offices when first collapses - talking with Campion 7:15

6:  instinctively I ran; the crash continued and I expected to be killed.  After a time I also found myself alive but it was still dark, not yet day light, and there was a tremendous cloud of dirt and dust caused by the fall.

At the time of the fall I heard moans and knew there were others with me.
…I saw a man, who proved to be Campion, had been crushed against a grill gate opening out on the Broadway entrance.

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