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We should know who the forty-fifth person originally numbered on the Flight 93 manifest was intended to be---a discrepancy officially rectified by a recount, where a working-class and obese Marion Britton from Brooklyn, had purchased two tickets for her personal comfort while traveling for her Federal government job---especially since,  if it weren't for the center aisle, every passenger on the plane could have reclined across the full row of six seats. The mistake was attributed to her boarding passes, made public after the capital trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, where Britton's first name was truncated on the one, while her last name was dogeared on the other, although the designation "EXTRA / EXT SEAT" meant for her butt alone, was perfectly legible.

But confusion could arise if two tickets bearing the same last name are an issue, since families travel together frequently. So the question is not why an affiliate of  the Associated Press, the international breaking-news wire Thomas Crosbie Media, an  such as the one found archived at would have a brief five-line notice about the Passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 voting to overpower the hijackers, while mentioning only Jeremy Glick by name in the vote, but stating that "[h]is two-month-old daughter, Emerson, was with him on the plane." The question is why such a common journalistic mistake as this occurred at 4:30 in the afternoon on the 12th---or more than 30 hours after the plane had crash. Who was the source for incorrect, even aberrant, information?

The first passenger list for Flight 93 was put out by the AP that same day (and first crawled on the web at 10:20 p.m., that evening.) Although only unofficial, being described as "a partial list of passengers and crew on United Flight 93," with names attributed "according to family members, friends, co-workers and local law enforcement," among the 25 out of 38 passengers said to be on the flight that morning, was Jeremy, but not little Emerson Glick.

The archived Associated Press wire releases maintained by the Irish company Thomas Crosbie Media categorized as the "War on Terrorism," is a rich source of research that  remains virtually untapped by 9/11 investigators.

I recognize much of it as being the Associated Press breaking-news "wire" for September 11th, 2001, filed out of New York City and Washington D.C., in real time, with many details familiar to me from watching the television coverage that day. There is also contain much information, sometimes conflicting or erroneous, which didn't make it onto the airwaves and this raw material , having been being filtered by some local or global mechanism just moments before being used, was otherwise discarded.

When the anchor for the FOX affiliate in D.C., Luke McCarthy, asks on-air of her co-host the morning of the attacks, "Should we mention this? The Sear's Tower in Chicago is being evacuated," we see a rare glimpse of honest spontaneity. along a clear demarcation line between news made public, and kept private.

If journalism is the rough first draft of history, then the line that traverses the work of a professional news gatherer like the Associated Press, divides retail journalism, from its sketchbooks and gleaning bags.and what is ultimately discarded as unused, needs to be be redrawn, or eliminated entirely, when the breaking news coverage is of

But given the historical magnitude and worldwide cultural importance of the attacks of 9/11, these "unknown facts" which made it onto the AP wire but never went further, carry a significance bearing little resemblance to the everyday filler-news prepared, but found unnecessary. In truth, a legal or moral  authority should demand the salvage and study of this entire professional resource, even the unavoidable mistakes that go with the territory, which create more embarrassment than insight for journalist or subject.

However, the narrative of 9/11, as it was developed, contained no little mistakes. A false report of a bomb going off at the State Department for instance, would dominate the news on any other day than 9/11, where it got swallowed up in the whole mass of terror. And since the record is littered with such feints and false alarms that it gives the distinct impression of something criminally fabricated

An example of the later is the Barbara Olsen story, which entered the public record shockingly early--at 5:05pm on the afternoon of September 11th, before even Building 7 fell. That lawman Ted Olsen would show no restraint before going public means this narrative blow (the only introduction of celebrity in the entire production,) was meant to trauma bond box-cutter-wielding Arab hi-jackers with the emotional reality of mushroom clouds.

But it is this secondary information--"the facts, which failed as facts"--that is of value to us now. They have been given added weight by an apparent effort to suppress them for the past seven years, as there are no links to, analysis of, or discussion about them in the record. Odd, because there is truth in this timeline.

747 down in Pennsylvania
11/09/2001 - 15:38:31 12:38 p.m.
There are unconfirmed reports that a 747 has come down in Pennsylvania.
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Final calls from ill-fated hijacked flights
12/09/2001 - 14:44:47
Some passengers aboard the ill-fated hijacked planes yesterday made final calls to their loved ones and emergency services.

A female passenger aboard the Boeing 767 which crashed near Pittsburgh reported that the passengers, crew and pilot were forced to the back of the plane while the hijackers took over.

A male passenger on the same flight, who had locked himself into a toilet, said he could see white smoke coming from one side of the plane.

A passenger aboard another plane, believed to be that which slammed into the World Trade Centre, told how men wielding knives had taken over the aircraft and had stabbed a stewardess.

United Airlines concerned about fourth plane
11/09/2001 - 16:59:51 11:59 a.m.
American Airlines issued a statement saying it had "lost" two aircraft – Flight 11, with 92 people aboard, and Flight 77 from Washington to Los Angeles, carrying 64 people.

In Pennsylvania, United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco, crashed about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

The fate of those aboard was not immediately known and it was not clear if the crash was related to the disasters elsewhere.

In a statement, the airline also said it was deeply concerned about another plane, Flight 175, a Boeing 767 bound from Boston to Los Angeles.

110 people on two United Airlines flights

11/09/2001 - 17:27:41 12:27 p.m.
United Airlines has released information that 45 people were in the crashed airplane in Pittsburgh and a further 65 may have been in the missing plane.

United Flight 93, a Boeing 757, left Newark at 8:01 a.m. Eastern Time, headed for San Francisco with 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants, the airline said.

That flight crashed near Pittsburgh.

United 175, a Boeing 767, left Boston at 7:58 a.m. Eastern Time, bound for Los Angeles.

That aircraft carried 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants, the airline said.

Three to five hijackers per plane
12/09/2001 - 16:43:24
US investigators believe that three to five hijackers were aboard each of the four airliners used in yesterday’s attack.

They believe the hijackers were trained pilots and had been carrying small penknives, which were used to stab and kill crew in order to access the cockpit.

Experts say passengers could easily pass through airport security carrying a knife if it were small enough. Investigators are following all possible leads as to who carried out the attacks.

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Three-six people involved in each hijack
12/09/2001 - 20:46:19
US Attorney General John Ashcroft has said that each of the four planes involved in yesterday's crashes at the World Trade Centre was hijacked by between four and six individuals.

"They were armed with knifes and box cutters. Some made bomb threats. A number of the hijackers were trained as pilots in the United States.

"We have credible evidence to suggest that the White House and Air Force One were targets.

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FBI says 18 hijackers were on board planes
13/09/2001 - 19:44:12
The FBI says 18 hijackers were on board the four planes involved in the US terrorist attacks.

The bureau's director Robert Mueller says two planes each had five hijackers on board and the remaining two passenger jets had four each.

Mr Mueller says all the hijackers were ticketed passengers.

US Attorney General John Ashcroft says the FBI tip-off hotline had so far received 2,055 phone calls.

He said: "Some of those leads have been helpful to the investigation. Our website has received more than 22,700 suggested tips. The FBI is working on thousands and thousands of leads."

Mr Ashcroft says none of the black-box flight recorders have been recovered.

He says retrieval of the black-box from the Pennsylvania crash site seems most feasible in the short term.

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Location of second United Airlines plane unknown

11/09/2001 - 18:42:54   1:42 p. m.
Two United Airlines jetliners crashed this morning, one in western Pennsylvania and the second at a location the airline did not immediately disclose.

A total of 110 people were aboard the two planes, the airline said.

One plane, United Flight 93, crashed north of the Somerset County airport, a
small airport about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvania crash followed the crash of two planes into the World Trade
Center in New York City.

American Airlines initially said its planes crashed into the twin towers but later said that was unconfirmed.

"It shook the whole station," said Bruce Grine, owner of Grine's Service Center in Shanksville, about 2½ miles from the crash.

"Everybody ran outside, and by that time the fire whistle was blowing."

Pennsylvania plane was headed for Camp David

11/09/2001 - 15:05:34
Abu Dhabi television reported it had received a call from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claiming responsibility for crashing two planes into the WTC buildings.

But a DFLP spokesman denied it carried out the acts.

Terrorists on suicide missions crashed two hijacked jet airliners into the 110 storey World Trade Centre in New York within minutes of each other today, killing at least six people and injuring 1,000.

Then an aircraft crashed into the Pentagon, the US Defence Department’s HQ in Washington, and the White House was evacuated after the Security Service received a ‘‘credible threat’’ against the president’s official home.

The State Department was also evacuated.

All airports in the US were closed and Wall Street shut down.

One of the planes that crashed into the Trade Centre was an American Airlines Boeing 767 that was hijacked after taking off from Boston.

President George Bush, in Florida, said: ‘‘We have had a national tragedy. Two aeroplanes have crashed into the World Trade Centre in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.’’

Witnesses were just describing the horror of the first impact when, 18 minutes later, another passenger plane crashed into one of the twin towers that dominate the New York business quarter’s skyline.

CNN had video footage of the second crash.

The towers were struck by bombers in February 1993.

‘‘The plane was coming in low and it looked like it hit at a slight angle,’’ said Sean Murtagh, a CNN vice president.

Large holes were visible in sides of the 110 storey buildings, landmark twin towers.

The tops of the twin towers were obscured by the smoke.

Thousands of pieces of what appeared to be office paper came drifting over Brooklyn, about three miles from the tower, one witness said.

An eyewitness said the first plane appeared to hit one of the skyscraper’s twin towers about 20 floors from the top.

He said he thought the plane was still embedded in the smashed and burning building.

Another he said it appeared that the first plane lined up on the tower before crashing.

Jeanne Yurman, told CNN she was watching TV when she heard what she thought was a sonic boom. ‘‘I thought it was Concorde,’’ she said.

The centre bombing in February 1993, killing six people and injured more than 1,000 others.

In 1945, an Army Air Corps B-25, a twin-engine bomber, crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in dense fog.

Both planes, twin engined small jet liners, remained embedded in one of the twin towers with smoke and flames pouring out of the gaping holes.

TV reported that at least six people were killed- CNBC television said there were at least a thousand injured.

President Bush was in Sarasota, Florida, reading to children in a classroom full of children, when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear.

The president briefly turned sombre before he resumed reading.

Before flying back to Washington for an emergency meeting of the National Security Council he ordered all resources go to help the victims and ‘‘hunt down and find those folks who committed this act..

‘‘Terrorism against this nation will not stand.’’

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Terrorists ‘flew the planes themselves’

11/09/2001 - 20:12:41  3:12 p.m.
The terrorists who hijacked four planes and attacked the US Pentagon and World Trade Centre are believed to have flown the planes themselves.

Terrorism experts say the suicide mission could only have succeeded with the use of trained terrorist pilots.

Gene Poteat, President of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers said, “They flew the planes themselves. No pilot, even with a gun to his head, is going to fly into the World Towers.”

He added that the terrorists might have been able to disable communications systems used to alert authorities to trouble.

Anti-terrorist organisations had examined the possibility of attacks on such prominent buildings, but had not expected simultaneous attacks.

They had also envisaged potential for attack by chemical or biological means, rather than today’s relatively low-technology attacks.

Passenger called home to report hijacking

12/09/2001 - 03:57:10
A passenger on flight 93 called his mother from the plane after it was hijacked.

Cathy Hoglan said her nephew called from a cell phone and gave details about the hijackers to his mother.

He told her that three men, who claimed to have a bomb, took control of the plane.

Flight 93 crashed shortly after the phone call.

Second attack plane took off at Newark
11/09/2001 - 16:33:45 11:30 a.m.
It is reported that the second plane that hit the World Trade Centre earlier today had taken off at Newark.

The first had been hijacked at Boston although it had been chartered for Los Angeles.

Newark airport, New Jersey, is just a few miles from lower Manhattan where the towers were situated.

A plane at full-speed would have reached the towers less than two minutes after take-off.

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Terrorists made bogus promise to pilots

12/09/2001 - 15:17:19
Air traffic controllers have told of how they overheard hijackers tell pilots "You’re not going to get hurt" before steering their planes to tragedy.

The terrorists on one of the doomed planes made their bogus pledges as they took control of the cockpit and warned the crew not to do anything foolish.

The hijacker, who was speaking English, added, "We have more planes. We have other planes."

A request for flight clearance to JFK airport in New York was then heard, although it is unclear whether this was the pilot or a terrorist.

The conversation was overheard as one of the pilots flicked a switch allowing ground controllers to eavesdrop.

Shocked air traffic control crew were powerless to help. Minutes later, contact was lost with the American Airlines flight which minutes later slammed into the World Trade Centre.

The plane’s transponder, which tracks altitude, direction and location, had been switched off before impact.

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