Saturday, August 30, 2008

The JREF Forum

Out of boredom I started a thread over at the "Killtown forum" under this title: The JREF Forum, with my only posting reading a goading:

Jews Relentlessly Espousing Fascism

It quickly disappeared, I was to learn, under Killtown's excising mod hand, when I reposted the same thread, but this time appending a further attempt at communication, by requesting, "Comments Please." I found it all stashed in "The Gutter," with my second posting also landing me a spot in "The Sandbox," the place they apparently send non-cooperative children, although I plead ignorance instead of childish intransigence.

Killtown had posted a "[Mod warning: bigoted post. Moved to Gutter.]" the first time around, which didn't do me any good because I didn't look in the gutter for my missing post before I recreated it. His (her?) snarky, "Yes, Welcome to the sandbox," in response, communicates such an attitude of intolerance to my contributions that I know I overstayed my welcome the moment I had arrived.

How odd I find this all. Didn't JREF tell me that Killtown's forum was the place where all the anti-Semites hung out? Another poster, a Lord Tsukasa, seemed able to comprehend my intent at starting a dialog. He was able to sneak in one post that said:*/
JREF's forum was set up a month before 9/11.
That info set my alarm bells ringing in a way that only Steve Riskus could fully appreciate. Clearly not everybody thought my clever acronym was Jew baiting, but rather, simply descriptive of a notorious message board's underlying gestalt.

I had a brief career on JREF. It started with my being treated to threats of violence in a thread

Debunker harasses 911 family member

where a real charmer named enigma says of me, "I believe in freedom of speech but idiots that say this sort of thing should be lined up and shot by those they speak ill of." To which a warning was appended

Mod WarningDo not advocate violence towards others.

But which allowed the advocating of violence against me to stand in all its glory.

I was banned forevermore in a thread, It's Over,
when I asked the question, "Is it true that William Rodriguez was a magician's assistant to James Randi?"

But my favorite thread came when a certain Myriad proposed an amnesty program for all the co-conspirating little people in Help Me Advocate A New 9/11 Investigation.

Whatever Killtown's roll in 9/11 truth advocacy, he surely has a problem with little old stevenwarran. It's a different problem than JREF has. There it more closely resembles the "Blue Wall of Silence" behind which hide the police and other working class authorities with a more intimate understanding about 9/11 than the common folk. Until American Jews and their brethren around the world break ranks and help the body politic uncover and hold accountable the Jewish component that assisted in perpetrating the crimes of 9/11, then the entire race stands at the precipice of extinction.

Of course, so do all the rest of us. In that way, we are all one.

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