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The Port Authority Leased Space on the 22nd Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, in Advance of You-Know-When

A fresh World Trade Center tenant's list, newly requested by the bunch over at Let's Roll, then released by the responding Port Authority for us to be the recipients, does make some pretty impressive demands on our attention. I don't know what set me off on this present tangent, but here it is.

The color key that follows isn't really necessary for this blog, so don't get alarmed---but I'm planning on using it regularly in the near future and I wanted us both to start getting used to it. It attempts to organize the past in a way the past never anticipated it would get itself organized into, and as such it's future as a way is already doomed.

This attempt at building a foundation was made several years ago by someone who named his work Gary Stock: UnBlinking, but the effort didn't keep up with the times. I remember reading once that Stock was a reverse cryptographer who worked with the NSA, so maybe deciphering wasn't his real intent.

Stock addressed the fact that "several news sources" had "echoed" a list of World Trade Center tenants "provided" online by the "CoStar Group," but in doing so, he utilized such a narrow sampling of results that he wound up skirting the fundamental questions raised by the sequence described in this sentence. Why for instance, was a for-profit corporation that normally provided password-protected information and analytics to the commercial real estate industry being used as the sole source of information concerning the wide-ranging occupancy of a private urban complex? Wouldn't the hybrid semi-public agency which had created and "owned" the enterprise until only a few weeks prior to its destruction, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, be the logical organization to know the facts best? And since it came ready equipped with public relations professionals experienced in dissemination information to the public through the press, this would place them on which side of what issues?

Since there were conflicts, and alterations in the information over time, who are we now supposed to hold accountable? Do we ask CoStar for our money back?

I've organized many of the various lists along a timeline with some success: All of the lists put out during the first three days were sourced exclusively to CoStar.

But by the time of the first anniversary in September 2002, the BBC's online posting of a ruled diagram of the towers' silhouette contains a little button, which makes the record almost an interactive event. It says: Click here to send any information which amends or updates this table.

However, a certain unambiguity exists in the record for those who are waiting to awaken to it. It's constructed from five of America's most respected mainstream news outlets and august business journals, with a glue-pot binding them together called the CoStar Group
The Associated Press, on Sept. 11, at 9:34 pm EDT;
Wall Street Journal, on Sept. 12;
USA Today, on Sept. 13, at 8:51 am ET;
CNN News, on Sept. 13;
Forbes Magazine, on Sept. 14, at 6:49 pm ET;
For today we are only concerning ourselves with an undifferentiated CoStar list, and a slightly later evil twin called, in a twist of disinformation, she bears the date "February 2, 2001," which likely was dissembled from a more logical, if not precisely truthful, February 2, 2002. Wherever you are Karen Hughes---go to hell.

Missing from CNN CoStar list, but on the CoStar.pdf
On CNN CoStar list, but missing from the CoStar.pdf
On the WSJ list, but not on the CoStar.pdf or CNN CoStar
Unique to the BBC list, Sept. 2002
Unique to "February 2, 2001"
Unique to the REVISED JANUARY 27, 2003 List
Unique to FOIA Request Occupancy WTC, Jan. 14, 2011
FOIA Request Occupancy WTC 1972-2001 Expired Leases
FOIA Request Occupancy WTC 1972-2001 Interesting Leases
No Leases

So we'll only need as our references a few soft pastel shades---the dusty rose; a faded verdigris, some pale yolk, and a kind of washed out Robin's egg blue.

We can collect and collate our various CoStar lists, since no issues arise between them here on the 22nd floor of Tower 1, which would require us to mediate by footnotes. Some CoStars are alphabetized, but some lists run up or down the tower, making our work easier in extracting out the names of tenants on this floor. We'll consider this our foundational text, and give it no color.

These names can be contrasted with the names ascribes to tenant's on the 22nd floor---which we color rose. In doing so, we basically discover two separate lists of names, with some overlapping, but no specific conflicts between them. Each list appears to have been pulled out of some master document using a governing agenda. It's easy to call one list "good" and the other one "bad." Good is the datable CoStar list, more finely edited so that its names never come back to haunt us when another level of information onto the internet nine years later.

Bad is the E-expedient list, whose names are suddenly seen in numerous conflicts with the new information just making the scene. This makes it clear to me that the E-expedient list came later, data dumped under duress to the information marketplace at about the four-month mark, with the purpose of diluting muddy water, in a baffling move that could cloud the issues with grains of truth, utilizing components which were previously segregated out from a manipulated presentation of a synthetic "truth."

Plan A blending into Plan B, shifting into Plan C, while always moving to constantly address whatever opposition arises, till it becomes a blur, and living memory passes away, and the serious rewrite guys can get down to work.

The first set of names stand alone, their job finished. I like how when assembling a list of tenants who might possibly have been  in the building on 9/11, no heed is paid whatsoever to whether a lease had expired---but at the same token, no one side hogged these names. A point is made that truth be not a requirement for constructing a reality

Chicago Options Exchange Corp. 3,608s.f. 2243
Gold Sky Inc. 421s.f. Manufacturing 2287
Kaiser Overseas Inc. 265s.f Manufacturing 2283
MLU Investment Group 1,175s.f. 2271
P. Wolfe Consultants 2,165s.f. Business Services 2221
Cheng Xiang Trading USA Inc. 1,900s.f. Computers 2201
G C Services Limited Partnership 2,561s.f. 2209 Expired Lease
Karoon Capital Management Inc. 991s.f. 2227 Expired Lease
CCCH Rainer Enterprises (USA)Corp. 2291Expired Lease
Market Research Group 2295 Expired Lease
Mc Carter & English 2247, 2289
Expired Lease
Ferromin International Trade 2253
New Kooling (USA) Inc 2285
Wolfe P. Consultants, Inc 2221
Farenco Usa Inc 2207
Global Control Systems 2203
Gold Sky Inc 2287
ICZ Inc 2225

The next set contrasts four names originally disclosed on E-expedient with the legal names now revealed to be on the leases. They public relations differs pretty significantly from the contractual.
The first one credits suite #2223 to a semi-public planning group with a laudable mission statement, rather than the deep avariciousness of a New World Order something-or-other software-thingy.

NY Metropolitan Transportation Council 2223 2223 leased to NEW YORK TELECOM PARTNERS, LLC 1WTC
Infotech Commercial Systems Inc 2263 2263 leased as TELEGLOBE
The SCPIE Companies 2,582s.f. 2269 [leased as Scpie Holdings Inc]
Tai Fook Securities 1,500s.f. Financial 22 [Only possibility to match is is SINOCHEM (USA) INC 1WTC 2224]

The first three pairs record directly oppositional suite numbers, but I can't determine with assurance if Tai Fook took suite 2224, just that these two members were the sole remaining elements after the rest of the list had been matched up. But the darkness that arises from a name like SinoChem, when that which is hidden is revealed, would only diverge more pronouncedly from a public mate named Egg Foo Young Securities INC.

The next two leases were both active on Sept. 11th, although they were written for the same suite #, but no real attempt was made to deceive the public, since it was self-disclosed in an act of incompetence on the E-expedient list. It is our fault if it was always there starring us in the face.

J.P.TRADING USA INC. 1WTC 2273 2/10/1997 2/9/2002
J.P. Trading USA 2273
Sino Lion Usa Ltd 2273
SINO LION (USA), LTD. 1WTC 2273 2/11/2000 2/10/2003

Coming as it did during a second disclosure,round this may even be a deliberate attempt at a subconscious mushiness in support of the canard "the government is too stupid to succeed at a conspiracy." True, sometimes the government is stupid, but at other times it is venal.

One lease "wrongly" was attributed to a suite # disclosed in public, while behind-the-scenes the reality was the lease to that suite actually was made to a Port Authority department specific to work inside the WTC---and the only office space the PA took on this floor. So publicly, Sysoft Inc. paid for, and occupied suite 2265, but the FOIL release reveals they actually leased suite #2267. So whose toilet did they use do you think? Sysoft seems to be taking "credit," or maybe, "the rap" for something here. But if the job of the Authority is to lease office space to both itself and outside commercial interests, then if it's not an "arms-length away," it's corporate Fascism at work.

One lease, for "Unicom Capital Advisors LLP 5,483s.f. 22, 84" was split between the 22nd and 84th floors; but nothing matched it here; while it has two active leases on 84th floor to account for a double number, so we'll consider this a typo. But a lot of other leases split between floors appear to have no rational basis in fact, and I suspect this is evidence of a deliberate social engineering at work---part of the "added value" originally envisioned by the creators of the center to control and manipulate the social interactions of people during the most powerless part of most individual's lives.

There was only one lease which had not previously been known from being one of the earlier lists, and represents a new disclosure by the recent FOIL: AMERINET TELECOM GROUP, INC 1WTC 2297 As a paranoid conspiracy theorist I know this must be significant. (Not beating around the bush, but it's "a leading national healthcare group purchasing organization." What do you do for a living? I am a capitalist!)

On our new list we find four leases which had expired, with their suites remaining empty. In fact, there isn't a single example on this floor in which a suite had been relinquished and then retenanted by a different firm. As I research the other floors I'll let you know if this represents a "suites for life," program, or an in-suite/out-of-suite fascist methodology


P.A.(WORLD TRADE DEPT.) 1WTC 2265 8/1/1999 12/31/2010
This is that odd 10-year-term lease, which the Port Authority self-dealt itself, "isolated" alone here on this floor, as part of the "mix;" as well as the conflicting lease to "Sysoft." We don't know the suite's square footage, but I want you to get a feel for the lengths these leases were written for.
SYSOFT, INC. 1WTC 2267 1/1/2000 1/2/2003
The following lease has just about the oldest starting date of any lease on this floor, although it's still well after the first trade center bombing; but at a 10-year term, it matches the only other [PA] long-term lease, and this one is almost exactly in the middle of its run, which represents a benchmark for a legitimate lease found on this floor. Say bye-bye. You won't see another.

CHICAGO OPTIONS EXCHANGE BUILD 1WTC 22 2243 10/2/1995 9/30/2005
Chicago Options Exchange Corp. 3,608s.f. 2243

Except why do they call it "Chicago Options Exchange Build" in private, and "Chicago Options Exchange Corp." in public? She's a tiny little thing too. You could have fitted 15 corn exchanges like it up on one of Cantor's mothballed voice-brokerage floors

Sorry about the bright canary yellow! I lied for the shock value! Sinochem, suck my dick!

SINOCHEM (USA) INC 1WTC 22 2224 9/1/2000 8/31/2003[3-year, active, with great dates]

SINO LION (USA), LTD. 1WTC 22 2273 2/11/2000 2/10/2003 [3-year, active]

J.P.TRADING USA INC. 1WTC 22 2273 2/10/1997 2/9/2002 [5-year, active]

CHINA MALL INC. CHENG XIANG 1WTC 22 2201 9/1/1999 8/31/2002 [3-year, active]

WOLFE CONSULTANTS, INC. 1WTC 22 2221 3/1/1999 2/28/2002 [3-year, active]

ICZ, INC. 1WTC 22 2225 6/23/1997 6/12/2002 [5-year, active]

KAISER OVERSEAS, INC. 1WTC 22 2283 4/1/2000 3/31/2002
[4-year expired, renewed for 2-year, active]
KAISER OVERSEAS, INC. 1WTC 22 2283 4/1/1996 3/31/2000

NORTHAMERICAN RESEARCH INC. 1WTC 22 2297 11/1/1999 10/31/2000
[1-year, renewed 1-year, expired]
NORTHAMERICAN RESEARCH INC. 1WTC 22 2297 11/1/1998 10/31/1999

FARENCO (U.S.A.) INC. 1WTC 22 2207 10/1/1999 9/30/2001
[expired 3-year, renewed 1-year, active]
FARENCO (U.S.A.) INC. 1WTC 2207 10/21/1996 9/20/1999

MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 2247 12/1/1997 11/30/2000
MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 2247 10/17/1995 11/30/1997

[2-year, 3-year renewal, expired, with concurrent]
MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 255 10/1/1998 11/30/2000MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 2289 6/1/1998 11/30/2000
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERV. 1WTC 22 2269 10/23/1995 11/30/199
[4-year expired, along with a concurrent 39-month, expired]
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERV. 1WTC 22 183 5/10/1996 8/31/1999

GC SERVICES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 1WTC 22 2209 3/1/2000 2/28/2001
[3-year, renewed 1-year, expired]
GC SERVICES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 1WTC 22 2209 3/1/1997 2/29/2000

NEW KOOLING (USA), INC. 1WTC 22 2285 7/1/2000 6/30/2002[3-year expired, renewed 1-year, active]
NEW KOOLING (USA), INC. 1WTC 22 2285 7/1/1997 6/30/2000

MLU INVESTMENT GROUP 1WTC 22 2271 12/1/1999 11/30/2001
[expired 2-year renewed 1-year active]
MLU INVESTMENT GROUP 1WTC 22 2271 12/1/1997 11/30/1999

GOLD SKY INC. 1WTC 22 2287 4/1/2001 3/31/2003
[expired 3-year, 2-year renewal, active]
GOLD SKY INC. 1WTC 22 2287 4/1/1998 3/31/2001

OPEN SYSTEMS INTERFACE SOLUTION 1WTC 22 2281 1/1/2001 12/31/2003
[2-year, 3-year renewal active]
OPEN SYSTEMS INTERFACE SOLUTION 1WTC 22 2281 1/29/1999 1/28/2001

CHINA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGE 1WTC 22 2205 12/15/1997 4/30/2001
[40-month lease, expired]

FERROMIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE 1WTC 22 2253 1/1/1998 12/31/1998
[1-year lease, expired]

WRC USA ENTERPRISES, INC. 1WTC 22 2293 11/1/1998 10/31/2000
[2-year, expired]

CCCH RAINIER ENTERPRISES (USA) 1WTC 22 2291 7/1/1997 6/30/1999
[2-year, expired]

MARKET RESEARCH GROUP 1WTC 22 2295 2/15/1998 2/28/2001
[3-year, expired]

KAROON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 1WTC 22 2227 1/5/1999 1/4/2001
[2-year, expired]

GLOBAL CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. 1WTC 22 2203 1/4/1999 1/3/2002
[active 3-year. Spooky name?]

SCPIE HOLDINGS, INC. 1WTC 22 2269 3/15/2000 3/31/2005
[5-year, active]

Well, I have no words of wisdom to leave you with, just my resolution to continue this long slog.

Alliance Consulting

The Associated Press List of World Trade Center tenants, which dates itself as September 11, 2001 at 09:34 p.m. EDT, lists an Alliance Consulting on the 18th floor of the SOUTH Tower, and attributes the source of this information as being "CoStar Group, Inc., a real estate information services company."

The 2002 Pulitzer prize winner for Breaking News Reporting, The Wall Street Journal's "Trade Center Firms Fear For Friends and Colleagues," printed on page B1 of the September 12, 2001 edition, has "Alliance consulting" located on the 18th floor of the South Tower. The WSJ DOES NOT attribute their source as being the CoStar Group.

The CNN: List of World Trade Center Tenants, which dates its first sighting of this page on the web as on Sept. 13, 2001, lists an Alliance Consulting on 18th floor of the SOUTH Tower. [Tenant List provided by CoStar Group, Inc.]

USA Today's "World Trade Center — south tower tenants," which says it was "updated 09/13/2001 at 08:51 AM ET," lists an Alliance Consulting on 18th floor of the SOUTH Tower. [Source: CoStar Group]

However, Forbes Magazine's World Trade Complex Tenants, timestamped September 14, 2001, at 6:49 PM ET, lists an Alliance Consulting as being on the 102nd floor of "1 WTC," which is the NORTH Tower. And their stated source is CoStar Group

But then again, Crain's New York Business: South Tower (2 World Trade Center,) which dates a first appearance of on Sept. 22, 2001, lists Alliance Consulting being on the 24th floor of the SOUTH Tower, with the same standard and exclusive attribution made as previously: Source: CoStar Group Inc., a real estate information services company. The complementary page, Crain's New York Business: North Tower, doesn't say a word about an Alliance Consulting being in the tower, so this isn't a case of an erroneous, but redundant citation being made.

Also available online is an undatable .pdf document, which comes up frequently in searches, and which defies my efforts at understanding the how, and by whose mechanism it came into permanent electronic existence. Called "Tenant List provided by CoStar Group, Inc.," Building: 2 World Trade Center South Tower, it lists Alliance Consulting as being on the102nd floor of the SOUTH Tower.

After the heading, but before the columned table laying out the facts, comes what at first glance seems like the standard disclaimer crafted by lawyers to make a generic statement absolving anyone of attendant responsibilities, of a type typically not found in such a prominently placed positioning:
Although CoStar makes efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its information, CoStar makes no representation or warranty regarding the quality, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such information. CoStar cannot guarantee that its tenant specific data is 100 percent accurate or complete, and errors and omissions do occur. Accordingly, CoStar is not responsible if its information is not accurate, complete or current, and CoStar has no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction that you (or a third party) take based upon the tenant specific data presented below.

All of these mainstream news sources source their tenant information to CoStar Group, Inc., which was founded in 1987 with headquarters in Bethesda, Md. CoStar describes itself as a provider of information and analytic services to the commercial real estate industry

A list maintained on a website called WorldTrade Aftermath, titled, "2 WTC (South Tower) Tenants by Floor," [ dates the page's first appearance t Oct. 4, 2001] also lists Alliance Consulting as on 102nd floor of the SOUTH Tower, and providing a link for further information to, which takes you to the website of Alliance Global Services.

WorldTradeAftermath does not claim the source of its information as being CoStar, but rather the following:
CNN - Television and Website (
The Wall Street Journal - Website (
The New York Times - Website (
Company Websites - Each is listed with company contact information
3rd party emails - Usually listed as "unconfirmed" within the listings
Direct Company Contact - Where I have emailed or called the company directly
Since it also doesn't claim Forbes to be a source, nor how it narrowed down the publicly available choice between four separate floors as possibly being sites for the office, perhaps direct company contact informed them.

In another list of World Trade Center tenants---sui genesis, but with the optimistic title---World Trade Center Tenant List Revised January 27, 2003, lists Alliance Consulting as on the 102nd floor, in Suite 10255, in the NORTH Tower, and provides a contact name and number, Amy, at 800-706-3339. This would have Alliance sharing the floor with the Nishi Nippon Bank, [Misato Higuma 81-92-476-2481 Japan 800-706-3339] and with Cantor Fitzgerald, who this list says has half the floor.

A recent thread at Let's Roll Forum announced a LETS ROLL PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001, about a researcher there who had successfully petitioned the Port Authority with a Freedom of Information Act request, to provide him with the following:

1. A complete listing of all occupants of the world trade center, from the time they were finished to the time they went private, in 2001.
2. Listing of occupants by floor and by space.
3. Listing of occupants leases, with the start and end dates of those leases.

It is too early to determine if the list provided him is as comprehensive as he requested, but if it turns out to have been provided to him by the Port Authority, it would represent the first official sanctioned source of tenant information in the towers available. The lists' relevant section in tower 1 is below, with corporate name, building, floor number, suite number, and lease start and stop dates:

CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 101 10101B 9/1/1997 3/16/2012
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 101 10101 1/1/1997 3/16/2012
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 101 10101A 1/1/1997 3/16/2012
LOWER MANHATTAN CULTURAL COUNC 1WTC 102 10265 8/12/1998 12/31/1999
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 102 10207 9/1/2000 3/16/2012
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 102 10245 4/1/2000 4/30/2001
NISHI-NIPPON BANK 1WTC 102 10227 11/1/2000 10/31/2003
NISHI-NIPPON BANK 1WTC 102 10227 11/1/1990 10/31/2000
ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP, INC 1WTC 102 10265 1/1/2000 12/31/2009
ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP, INC 1WTC 102 10263 10/1/1999 9/30/2009
ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP, INC 1WTC 102 10245 10/1/1999 12/31/2005
ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP, INC 1WTC 102 10245A 7/6/2005 10/31/2008
ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP, INC 1WTC 102 10251 11/1/1998 10/31/2008
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 103 10301 5/1/1997 3/16/2012
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 103 10301A 5/15/1995 3/16/2012
WNBC-TV 1WTC 104 10401 5/1/1994 4/30/1999
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 104 10451 8/10/1979 3/16/2012
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 104 10403 6/1/1979 3/16/2012
CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES 1WTC 105 10501 8/10/1979 3/16/2012

No other mention is made on this list of Alliance being on floors 18, 24 or 102 of the South Tower, or anywhere else in the complex.

The Dun & Bradstreet's "World Trade Center Business Listing -, as of September 11, 2001," [Quick View] lists an Alliance Consulting Group Associates Inc. with the D & B # 938339652

The Wall Street Journal reported that seven out of 22 Alliance employees at the WTC are confirmed dead, and their temporary office being at 390 Park Ave.

A year afterward, the news site was still reporting that Alliance Consulting had offices on the 18th floor of the South Tower.

Wikipedia's List of tenants in Two World Trade Center and List of tenants in One World Trade Center both mention Alliance Consulting.

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The FBI Watch List of Terrorist Suspects After 9/11

As part of its investigation into the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, the Federal Bureau of Investigation departed from what had been their previous custom, by releasing to a select group of private businesses in the United States and abroad a Watch List of terrorism suspects wanted for questioning.

As the Wall Street Journal reported on November 19, 2002:
"Shortly after Sept. 11, the FBI had entrusted a quickly developed watch list to scores of corporations around the country.

"Departing from its usual practice of closely guarding such lists, the FBI circulated the names of hundreds of people it wanted to question. Counterterrorism officials gave the list to car-rental companies. Then FBI field agents and other officials circulated it to big banks, travel-reservations systems, firms that collect consumer data, as well as casino operators such as MGM Mirage."
The exact nature of the assembled list of names and ancillary information was always somewhat questionable. The Journal described it as containing the names of "many people the FBI didn't suspect but just wanted to talk to." The Journal article went on to say
"The FBI credits the effort, dubbed Project Lookout, with helping it rapidly find some people with relevant information in the crisis atmosphere right after the terror attacks.
However, the Journal editorialized that "Project Lookout, is in many ways a study in how not to share intelligence."
"The watch list shared with companies -- one part of the FBI's massive counterterrorism database -- quickly became obsolete as the bureau worked its way through the names. The FBI's counterterrorism division quietly stopped updating the list more than a year ago. But it never informed most of the companies that had received a copy. FBI headquarters doesn't know who is still using the list because officials never kept track of who got it.

"We have now lost control of that list,'' says Art Cummings, head of the strategic analysis and warning section of the FBI's counterterrorism division. "We shouldn't have had those problems."

"The bureau tried to cut off distribution after less than six weeks, partly from worry that suspects could too easily find out they had been tagged. Another concern has been misidentification, especially as multipart Middle Eastern names are degraded by typos when faxed and are fed into new databases."
If the FBI's goal was "to talk" with the people whose names appeared on the list, than it would serve that purpose for the "suspects" to realize they had been officially "tagged," for questioning. But aside from confusing this information sharing partnership with other undercover intelligence gathering, the FBI couldn't keep the information privledged, having distributed the list without first establishing any standards for possessing the information

Apparently the list was discontinued after having served its purpose. One Texas university news wire reported the agency's view that
"We had a watch list -- it was not called a watch list, it was called Project Lookout," FBI spokesman Steven Berry said by phone. "We exhausted it. We got all the information from individuals on the list."
However, several versions of the "Project Lookout" terrorist list are still available online, nearly ten years afterward. Together with numerous mentions of the list made at the time in the news media, the history, and the efficacy of the effort can be traced with some accuracy, which allows us to make some rare independent judgments concerning this out-of-the-ordinary tactic from the annals of federal law enforcement.

The concern over making possible "misidentifications" was an especially valid one, but perhaps not in the way officials intended. A core component from the earliest beginnings of the list consisted of the names of the 18 or 19 hijackers said to have taken control of the four airliners in order to effect their kamikaze missions. These names were presented heavy with supporting facts and useful details for making concrete identifications possible: addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, Social Security numbers, along with various aliases and AKA's---as well as the hopeful designation: "Possibly Deceased"

And for the first week following the attacks the process of identifying the hijackers was presented as being a straight-forward matter by the Justice Department. FBI Director Robert Mueller was widely reported on the 12th, saying
"We have, in the last 24 hours, taken the (passenger) manifests and used them in an evidentiary base," said . "And have successfully, I believe, identified many of the hijackers on each of the four flights that went down." [CNN 9/12/01]
An extensive article in the Los Angeles Times on September 13 elaborated:
"The former head of the FBI's New York office, who led investigations into the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, said that within hours of Tuesday's attacks federal agents had talked to the families of nearly every passenger listed on the four airliners' manifests, isolated those who could not be vouched for by their friends and relatives, and pulled their bank, credit card and phone records, as well as their immigration and naturalization papers if they were from another country.

"Lewis Schiliro, the former assistant FBI director in charge of the New York field office from 1998 to April 2000, said hundreds of agents in cities nationwide used that information to develop background "on those who stood out: who they were, where they stayed, who they called, who sponsored them, what phone calls they made."

"Schiliro said agents have pulled INS files, looked for links between the passengers listed on the hijacked planes and examined footage from dozens of cameras at the three airports where the terrorists boarded the aircraft."
The Independent reported on 9/14 that
"According to FBI investigators, the hijacking teams made only minimal efforts to cover their tracks in the days immediately preceding the attacks. Aircraft passenger lists quickly turned up the names of those who died, and showed they had reserved seats in business and economy class, presumably with a view to taking control of the whole aircraft without delay.

"Within hours of the attacks, the FBI had taken the names of the suspects and pulled their bank, credit card and phone records, as well as their immigration and naturalisation papers."
By September 17th, the reporting in the Independent had shifted gear substantially
"Many of the most promising leads so far have led straight into brick walls because of a spider's web of decoys, stolen identities and false documents that appear to have been a crucial part of the hijackers' modus operandi.

"Of the 100 names of people wanted for questioning by federal authorities and distributed to police departments across the United States, several appear to be false leads."
The Washington Post reported on the 20th that
"FBI officials said yesterday that some of the 19 terrorists who carried out last week's assault on New York and Washington may have stolen the identities of other people, and their real names may remain unknown.

"Saudi government officials also said yesterday that they have determined that at least two of the terrorists used the names of living, law-abiding Saudi citizens. Other hijackers may have faked their identities as well, they said..

"FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said Friday that the bureau had "a fairly high level of confidence" that the hijacker names released by the FBI were not aliases. But one senior official said that "there may be some question with regard to the identity of at least some of them."

"The uncertainty highlights how difficult it may be to ever identify some of the hijackers who participated in the deadliest act of violence on American soil. Most of the hijackers' bodies were obliterated in the fiery crashes.

"This operation had tremendous security, and using false names would have been part of it," said John Martin, retired chief of the Justice Department's internal security section. "The hijackers themselves may not have known the others' true names."
The opinion of John Martin seems exactly backwards to my way of thinking. There is no rational or justification for the hijackers to use false identities if every action they took, up until the moment they stormed the cockpits, was legal, legit, and above board. Even the pair of hijackers who were placed on an international no-fly list several weeks before 9/11 weren't handicapped by their notoriety. When you factor in the ideological motivation necessary for 19 individuals to engage in political action that required a coordinated mass suicide, it's unlikely if the group consciousness would benefit from personal anonymity---in fact, just the opposite would be true.

So why would Arab hijackers disguise themselves as Arab flight students? Wouldn't that represent an unnecessary risk? Wasn't the fact that the pilots had studied in the U.S. somehow seen as central to the plausibility of the undertaking? Why was this the case? Is the only place one can learn how to fly big Boeings in the United States?

Of the several versions of the FBI Watch List that have come down to us, by far the most enlightening is one that has been nicknamed The FinnList. It was distributed through the U.S. Justice Department to European Banking entities with the intent of gaining assistance for building financial money-laundering cases against those named. The list was mistakenly posted online for a brief moment by the the Rahoitustarkastus---the RATA, or Financial Supervision Authority of Finland. When the error was recognized, the list was immediately taken down, but the damage had been done. This constituted an unprecedented security breach into what are normally the secretive inner workings of the FBI.

The list is a 22-page spreadsheet printout dated October 3, 2001. It attempts to present 370 primary identities in a line-item format, with many of these primary identities ascribed with multiple aliases and AKAs. Data is entered in columns given over to Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Place of Birth, Address, Phone/email, and lastly, a "SID," or Social Identification Number. A SID may also refer to
"a framework for building computer system simulations. Specifically, a simulation is comprised of a collection of loosely coupled components. Simulated systems may range from a CPU's instruction set to a large multi-processor embedded system."
For me, this bit of information has been key in making comparisons and analyzing between the different lists, as it provides a definite marker for narrowing down an identity to a manageable entity.
Not all the names are given an SID number, and this is evidence of late arrivals to the list, and, in my opinion, insufficiently individuated and developed personas.

As an American unfamiliar with Arabic names in general, or with the transliteration and transcribing niceties of composing such a list for English speakers in particular, I am more baffled by what is an obvious lack of professionalism on the part of the FBI compilers; the inconsistency, and the failure to proofread and correct simple errors that is on display within these lists is appalling. Attorney General John Ashcroft said the FBI had mobilized 4,000 agents and 3,000 support personnel in what he called "perhaps the most massive and intensive investigation ever conducted in America," but apparently none of them are trained in basic secretarial skills.

This is not a minor point. One begins to get the impression that these "terrorists" were never meant to be found, and the whole operation starts to reek of a fundamental fraud on the scale of a Bernie Madoff.

A case in point: within the first four pages are four sets of duplicated names. There is no attempt to hide the errors; an identical name and SID number simply repeats twice in consecutive order. You certainly can't say then, that this is a list of 370 names---we know at a glance it's more like 366. I believe this kind of gross and obvious error was introduced at the beginning of the document in order to cast doubt on the contents in toto.

Al-Din, Mohamed Khayr 005
Al-Din, Mohamed Khayr 005

Al-Ghamdi, Hamza 011

Al-Ghamdi, Hamza 011

Al-Ghamdi, Saeed 013

Al-Ghamdi, Saeed 013

Al-Hazmi, Albadar 017

Al-Hazmi, Albadar 017

The FinnList consists of approximately 315 names in roughly alphabetical order, with another 55 names running from A to Z tacked on at the end. This is another indicator which can place the document at a particular moment in time. But even this addendum is flawed:

It contains a name which subsequently became very well known

Abu Zubaida
as well as its inverted form
Zubaydah, Abu

a good name to Google is
Darkazanli, Mamoun 209
But the B version of this name is wrong
Barkazanli, Mamoun

An interesting distinction is made between the FinnList and another version of the terrorist list, dated October 11, 2001, and put out by National Infrastructure Protection Center, which was founded in February 1998---in the clear run up to 9/11. The NIPC is
A federal agency based in Washington, D.C., the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) is the primary governmental organization charged with safeguarding the infrastructure networks and systems of the United States from attack, including computer-generated attacks such as hacking and viruses. The NIPC, housed in the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), defends from compromise everything from telecommunications networks and financial systems to energy, transportation, and governmental infrastructures.

The list that NIPC disseminated was called in pithy Bush style, the "FBI Sept. 11 Wanted List." It described itself this way: "The NIPC wishes to advise recipients that the FBI is seeking the following individuals who may have information related to the ongoing investigation of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and Pentagon complex." This list was sent to the Virginia Rural Water Authority, lest some swarthy Arab attempt to spike the water supply with hallucinogenics. The NIPC list at VRWA Page is maintained at,"

This is the only other list which also incorporates SID numbers, and as such it adds immeasurably to our knowledge base. However, there is an interesting difference between the FinnList and the VRWA list in how they are alphabetized. Fully a third of all the names on these lists begin with the letters AL. The FinnList separates the Al-hyphen names, from the Al space names, and from the AlGhamdi-type of no-space names. That is why the FinnList could have an error like
Alshahri, Khalid 157
an obvious duplication arising from splitting the two spellings
Al-Shahri, Khalid Ali 157
However the VRWA list dispenses with hyphens entirely, although we can tell where they once went by a vestigial capitalization, such as AlGhamdi, versus Alghamdi, so the alphabetization, I think, is more realistic and less obtuse.

The VRWA list ascribe SID numbers to all of a primary names many associated aliases and AKA's. This starts to get really interesting in collections like number 275, which apparently is a birthing chamber for simulated identities:

275 AlJanubi Abu
275 AlFaiz Tariq
275 AlFilistini Abu
275 Falistini Abu
275 Hassan Zain
275 Hassan Zayn
275 Batuki Hazatul
275 Billah El Mouataz
275 ani
275 Hanni
275 Khan Zain
275 Samak Abu
275 Mukhtar Tareq
275 Musa Abu
275 Mohammad Zeen
275 Tarek Tariq
275 Sweden Osama
275 Yakrab Muad
275 Zubaida Abu
275 Zubayda Ayn
275 Zubaydah Abu
275 Zubeida Abu
275 Zubeida Zin
275 Zar Abu
275 Hilal Abu
275 Iobal Mohd
275 Iqbal Mohammed
275 Iqbal Mohd
275 Iqbal Muhammad

I've begun to play around with these various lists over at a Google Doc: FinnList Worksheet.
Once you've dispensed with the obvious and suspected name repetitions and duplication, you can begin to explore the Morphs, Blends, Splits, and Family Extensions between these various "Arab sounding names." For what the VicSim Report is to the CNN Memorial Victims list, I believe many of the SID-established identities found on the FinnList and VRWA lists represent the same sort of encoding for a simulated product---in this case SimVillians! AKA Pseudo-Evil.

The great value of the VRWA list is that it captures the residue of the name morphing software.
A terrific example is this series where we see the birth of the name "Zacarias Moussaoui" at position number 93, after first shedding the errant Q Zacarias once shared with Khaled Moussaqui over at the nearby position number 91.

90 Moqed Majed
90 Moqed Majedmashaan
90 Moqed Majid
91 Mousa Khaled
93 Mousaqui Zacarias
91 Moussa Khaled
93 Moussaoui Zacarias
91 Moussaqui Khaled

Can anybody really claim after skimming the associated names on the VRWA list that these variations represent true "aliases," or even the sort of clumsy misspellings that can sometimes appear on somebody's credit report?

So, "Zacarias Moussaoui" is a concept, a role fleshed out by an operative, who maybe sits it out in a Federal Max facility---or maybe not. Who knows?

Having waded through the nonsense thus far, we can start to do a little deep Googling. If we do so, we find that
Sadda Al-Ghamdi in the coveted number 12 spot isn't/wasn't/never had been developed as a truly differentiated soul. The best Sadda can hope for is as an alias for Saeed at number 13.

Al-Ghamdi, Sadda 012
Sadda is an established alias for Saeed
Al-Ghamdi, Saeed 013

Now for some weirdness:

Why does Flight 11 victim and Israeli national Alona Avraham's name appear on the FinnList terrorist list addendum? And why is this the only name with an erroneous "Possibly Deceased" label which is otherwise strictly reserved for THE HIJACKERS!

Why did two other airplane victim fatalities appear on one or another of these lists? Waleed Iskander and Rahma Salie appeared on the The NIPC list at NJWA page at, (same idea, but different New Jersey Water Authority.) That list is dated September 23, 2001, and it has appended to it a subgroup, "The following 21 names have been deleted from earlier versions of this list," which include Salie and Iskander, as well as the Bukari boys, (here spelled Bokari) and the Abdulrahman Al-Omari also rans.

Didn't the FBI tell us that they had called and spoken with the friends and family of everybody on the airplane manifests? Even if they were exaggerating a tad, doesn't this group of 21 names prove good faith and timely corrections?

No, not really. In various news reports the FBI claims they "worked through" the names on these lists, sometimes updating the lists four times in one day. This sort of blather is akin to the old fireman's bucket brigade saw. If you examine the four extant lists you'll find no rational pattern that would speak to a timeline of evolving events. The different lists seem constructed to serve different echelons of quasi-public insiders---with some just less inside than others.

For example, the "Bokari" from Vero Beach Florida figured mightily in the first few days of news reporting. The Feds were convinced that the names of the two "Bokari" were on the manifests for Flight 11 or 175. One small detail though, one of those "Bokari" had already died in a small plane crash---on September 11th, 2000!

According to the UPI on October 11th, 2001
"Forty-seven of those named on the list apparently lived at one point in Vero Beach, Fla., the location of the Flight Safety International Academy."
(Fun Fact: The number of times "Vero Beach Florida" is mentioned in the exhausting 9/11 Commission Report? Zero.)

An article in The Hindu on October 18, 2001, "Kerala airports alerted on terrorists," is relatively short and bares reposting in full:
KOLLAM, OCT. 18. The Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin and Kozhikode airports in Kerala which operate international flights have been alerted by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security's (BCAS) Chennai zonal office to maintain a tight vigil on the arrival, transit or departure of at least 27 internationally wanted suspected terrorists.

A list containing 27 names and marked "sensitive security document'' has been sent to the three airports. Copies of the same have in turn been handed over to the Emigration and Immigration counters and other travel agents based at these airports.

The authorities of the three airports have been asked to detain and contact the competent authorities immediately in case they come across anyone tallying with the description in the list.

The fact that the addresses of most of those in the list is shown as the Verdo [sic] Beach area of Florida in the U.S. reveals that they are wanted in connection with the September 11 terrorist attacks in the U.S.

There were others who were residing in Washington, Milwaukee in Wisconsin, North Carolina and at Phoenix in Arizona in the United States.The list also contains the name of one person who resided at Hamburg in Germany.

While most of them are basically from West Asia, the list also shows the name of a Pakistani, Afghan, Egyptian, German and U.S. national. All of them have vanished from their addresses in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks.

Since the three international airports in Kerala operate a good number of flights to the Gulf countries, the BCAS suspects the possibility of these airports being used as a getaway point by some of those mentioned in the list.

After Mumbai, it is the Thiruvananthapuram Airport with 54 flights a week which operates the highest number of flights from India to the Gulf countries. While the Kozhikode airport operates 29 flights to the Gulf sector, the Cochin airport operates 20 flights to that sector each week.

The list was handed over to the airport authorities in the State on October 12. The e-mail address, fax and telephone numbers maintained by some of those in the list in the United States has also been shown.

Those names mentioned in the list are Abdulaziz Binladah (24) from Saudi Arabia, Adnan Bokhari (42), Ameer Bokhari and Furnal Bokhari (43) who were residing at Florida, Jagish Bugulu (25) who resided at Milwaukee, a Syrian national Mamoun Darkazani (41), who resided at Hamburg, Mark Allen (43) from North Carolina, H.M. Alef (51) from Egypt, Elanin Mohammed, Eldimiati Alexander (26), Ekheir Ahmed Mohammed (28), Ahmed Shawish (31), who resided at Florida, Abdulla Shardil (32) from Afghanistan, who resided at Arizona, Shmuel Aron, Shubali Abdulla (42), Shubali Ageel (26) from Saudi Arabia, Waheeb Adel (25) from Saudi Arabia who resided at Washington, Souheil Seddik (26), Salam Suqami, Pir Rahim Shah Syed from Pakistan, Rabla Tahil, Tshabay who resided at Florida, Ubald, Wahib Hatim, Allen White, Yakoub Iyas and Mannar Yasin.

Well, here are the "Bokhari" turning up on a short list of "internationally wanted suspected terrorists," on October 12, even though they had been officially removed from the FBI terrorism list timestamped September 23 (and even though CNN had officially apologized to them on September 14th.) Not only is the dear departed---read: cold, dead and lifeless---Ameer Bokhari listed, but reappearing is the entirely specious Bokhari---Furnal, aka Fursal, aka Faisal, who has been rebirthed from seafoam off the forehead of the FBI's list to rend the fear of terror into the hearts of good Hindus on their subcontinent homeland.

Might not this list be comprised of just any old names left lying around? I mean, how important is it? It's unlikely that the information could ever make its way back around the globe ten years later, and even if it did---it was all done in good faith, I'm sure!

Abdulaziz Binladah (24) from Saudi Arabia,

Adnan Bokhari (42),
On Listado: Adnan Bokhari;On NJWA as Adrian Bokhari; The name is spelled Bukhari

Ameer Bokhari Ameer Bukhari died in a plane crash on September 11th, 2001.

Furnal Bokhari (43) who were residing at Florida,
On Listado: Bokhari, Fursal; with Furnal and Faisal as his AKA's;

Jagish Bugulu (25) who resided at Milwaukee,
On Listado: Jagish Bugulu, On NJWA as Jagadish Bugulu

Mamoun Darkazani (41), a Syrian national who resided at Hamburg,
On NJWA as Mamoun Darkazanli; On FinnList as Darkazanli, Mamoun,On October 15, 2004, BBC News, reported that "Germany arrests 'al-Qaeda backer,'" and then on July 18, 2005, BBC News reported that "'Al-Qaeda man' wins German appeal,"

Mamoun Darkazanli: Spain accuses him of funding the 9/11 hijackers

Mark Allen (43) from North Carolina,
On Listado: Mark Allen Deuitch; Boone NC, Pompano Beach, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Sanibel, FL.

H.M. Alef (51) from Egypt,
On NJWA as Atef H.M. Eldimiati, [no date] [perhaps father to below?]

Elanin Mohammed,Florida,
On Listado: as Mohammed Elanir; with Mohammad Elanin and Muhammad Elamin as his AKA'sOn NJWA as same.
Eldimiati Alexander (26), Florida,On NJWA as Alexander H.M. Eldimiati
On FinnList as Eldimiati, Alexander H.M. 245

Ekheir Ahmed Mohammed (28), Florida,
On NJWA as Ahmed Mahmoud Lofty Abou Elkheir;
On FinnList as Elkheir Ahmed Mahmoud Lotfy Abou 217

Ahmed Shawish (31), Florida,

Abdulla Shardil (32) from Afghanistan, who resided at Arizona,

Shmuel Aron,
On Listado: as Yaron Shmuel, [no address]

Shubali Abdulla (42),
On Listado: as Abdullah Shubaili; April 2, 1958;
Apparently Abdullah Shubaili, the charge d'affaires at the Saudi Embassy in Bangkok, who was assassinated in 1990.

Shubali Ageel (26) from Saudi Arabia,
On Listado: as Ageel Shubaili

Waheeb Adel (25) from Saudi Arabia who resided at Washington,
On Listado: as Waheeb Adel Sondol; April 16, 1976; Spokane Washington

Souheil Seddik (26),
On Listado: as Seddik Souheil; December 3, 1975;

Salam Suqami,
On Listado: as Satam Suqami, AKA Satam Alsuqami; June 28, 1976;

Pir Rahim Shah Syed from Pakistan,

Rabla Tahil,
On FinnList:Talfit, Rabie 165

Tshabay who resided at Florida,
On FinnList: Tshabay 113

On FinnList: Ubaid 241

Wahib Hatim,

Allen White,

Yakoub Iyas, Googles 1

Mannar Yasin.
On FinnList: Yassin, Manar 115

So it's apparent that individual vowels and consonants are entirely optional when reprinting an FBI Terrorism Watch List. Last names may be dropped in their entirety, while first and last names can easily be inverted, and then reverted back if it should so please. Allen White and Mark Allen [Deuitch] were also on the Sept. 23 list of absolved suspects.[Although Deuitch was obviously a paid faux terrorism suspect plant manqué talking-head, so don't be deceived.]

I've mentioned "Listado," which is my name for the forth FBI list to be found online, with the original at Scribd: marked

The full name is "Listado de presuntos terroristas, enviado por el FBI a las instituciones financieras," which translates into "A FBI List of Presumed Terrorists Given to Financial Institutions,"

I've dumped the data, which contains 200 names and some other information, at a blog "Listado de presuntos terroristas, enviado por el FBI a las instituciones financieras," at StevenWarRan Backstage

I maintain the original material from the FinnList, including searchable text and photocopies of the spreadsheet, at The Finnlist at StevenWarRan Backstage - 22 page spreadsheet establishing 370 identities by line, dated October 3, 2001.

Some other efforts:

Reducing The FinnList to Only Names & SID Numbers at StevenWarRan Backstage

Ordering The FinnList by Consecutive SID Numbers at StevenWarRan Backstage

NJWA Numbered List: 341 Names at StevenWarRan Backstage

Listados Spanish Alphabetical 200 Count at StevenWarRan Backstage

VRWA List: 187 Identities Hidden Amongst 617 Names at StevenWarRan Backstage

A Count of Obvious Duplicate Name Pairs on the NJWA Terrorist List at StevenWarRan Backstage

Could all these names really represent synthetic role playing for advance planning scenarios?

Perhaps. Let's take number 027, Al-Marabh, Nabil A. What brought Al-Marabh to the FBI's attention so early in the list making process, before 13 of the 19 hijackers had even been listed?

The Xinhua News Agency reported on September 20, 2001, "U.S. Arrests Fugitive on FBI Watch List for Terror Investigation."
"The U.S. authorities have arrested a man on the watch list of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who was wanted for questioning in the terrorism investigation, the FBI announced Thursday.

"FBI spokeswoman Mary Muha said that Nabil Al-Marabh, 34, was captured Wednesday night in the suburb of Justice in Illinois.

"The man from the Middle East is being held on a warrant issued in Boston in March. He was charged with assault with a knife. The law enforcement agency has been searching for him since the attacks on September 11."

Al-Marabh was then held in isolation in New York jails for 11 months.

Nearly a year later, the Washington Post reported that it was all apparently a mistake in the first place.
"A former Boston cab driver once portrayed as a major terrorism suspect was ordered deported to Syria today after prosecutors said the government had no evidence linking the man to terrorism.

"Nabil Almarabh, 35, was sentenced to eight months in prison for immigration violations. He has already spent 11 months behind bars and received credit for time served."
After working in a liquor store in a Chicago suburb, Almarabh nonetheless was found with $22,000 and gems worth $25,000. "These are the things that kind of bother me," a judge said. Almarabh said that in 1992 he traveled to Pakistan at the behest of a roommate who "both worked for the FBI and fought in Afghanistan...In May 1999, Almarabh said, the FBI approached him looking for Hijazi..."

As a law-abiding civilian, I find any record of contact whatsoever with the FBI to be extremely unusual.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R- Iowa, freaked out at the prospect of deporting Al-Marabh after time served, saying he "was at one time No. 27 on the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) list of Most Wanted Terrorists," thereby conferring a type of status on Al-Marabh because of his low number.

If you want really low numbers, look no further than the Al-Hazmi family of Texas, Albadar, Afan and Ebtehal, numbers 16, 17 and 18, who came in just before a pair of Al-Hazmi hijackers, Salem and Nawaf, numbers 19 and 20, with an Al-Haznawi, Ahmed, next up at 21.

In Deborah Sontag's sensitive telling of San Antonio physician, Dr. Al Bader al-Hazmi's story of 13 days in federal custody, in the October 21, 2001, New York Times Magazine article, "Who Is This Kafka That People Keep Mentioning?" we gather the gist of why the FBI arrested him stemmed from the fact Dr. Al-Hazmi had bought plane tickets to fly to California with his family. Dr. Al-Hazmi's incarceration had previously been treated savagely by a rumor mongering national press corp bent on sensationalizing any action taken by the FBI. Dr. Al-Hazmi was quoted as saying of his Odyssey
"At the end I said to myself, These guys are clueless," Hazmi said later. "How can they figure out who is behind this thing? I would suggest that Americans don't rely on the F.B.I."

So who are these master terrorists, Ebtehal and Afan, numbers 16 and 18? Ebtehal is his 8-year-old daughter, and Afnan is her 6-year-old sister, and in a final act of incompetency, the FBI even misspells Afnan's name on the list.

Of course, the family was in the clear by September 24th. But the American eyes the FBI were pulling the wool over, still required culprits, if not actual suspects, and the Al-Hazmi's were reduced to just being numbers.

And let it be said that other than the trumped up charges leveled against U.S. government agent Zacarias Moussaoui, no one was charged and convicted of terrorism charges following 9/11. NO ONE.

Newsweek reported on October 1, 2001, in "The Road To September 11," that over the decade prior to 9/11 the United States counterterrorism budget had jumped from $2 billion to $12 billion. And what did America get for its $12 billion? Play acting and criminal conspiracy on the part of the officers sworn to uphold the law.

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