Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Ever Expanding Oeuvre of Steve Riskus

If you go to the American Society of Civil Engineers' Pentagon Building Performance Report, on page 14 is an image credited to Steve Riskus. Riskus mentions in a message board posting that "the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) paid me $1250 to use my photo in one of there books and magazine." A problem arises here though, in that the photograph is not one of the 13 images that Riskus self published.

What does this imply? First, since figure 3.9 depicts later firefighting, it significantly departs from the timeline of his series taken in the immediate post-crash moments, and second, since outside of this sale, nowhere in the voluminous public record is there mention of any official contact with Steve Riskus--such as by the FBI--it calls into question the method and rationale the ASCE used in contacting him. Did he tell them he had other images after-the-fact? Whatever became of their original interest?

That the amateur photographer who was on his way to build a skateboarding pool on the morning of September 11, while stuck in traffic on Route 27 next to the Pentagon, witnessed the descent and crash of an American Airlines 757-jetliner into the 1rst and 2nd floors of the Pentagon building, jumped out to take a series of photographs, then raced home to begin posting 13 of them online within an hour and a half of the crash, to a web site registered only the day before, had addional images that he didn't make public, was already implied by the internal numbering of his images, found at http://criticalthrash.com/terror/crashthumbnails.html.

His self-published series of 13 begins at number 11 and runs to number 26, with numbers 12, 14 and 21 missing. The Wayback Machine still caches a copy of images he took down from the internet, number 12, a picture of his dashboard, and number 14, a photo of his arm, with number 21 missing, which may indicate that a photograph was somehow suppressed.

Riskus first told us, "I took these pictures seconds after the plane hit the pentagon. I was traveling on route 27 towards 395 when the plane crossed my path from the right about 100ft in front of me and crashed into the pentagon." He later changes that to "within 1 minutes," and drops the distance entirely, adding he left the immediate vicinity out of fear of further attacks--good justification for the fact that only five images are of the scene, with the remainder depicting his unnoteworthy drive home.

The image in question couldn't be of more relevance though. It is of the entrance hole the plane made in the facade, an image that most resembles the output of Cpl. Jason Ingersall, which begs the question why a high-resolution, government-sourced image of this critical data wasn't utilized for this most sober of reports. Given the resolutions the ASCE image is found in, it is difficult to question what motive might have led to the need for an image attributed to an outside source.

The volunteer citizen engineers of the ASCE, who were meant to draw the definitive analysis as to building safety, were in the absence of any NTSB report, also interpreting the mechanics of the airplane crash, but to do so they were provided with grossly deficient resources by the FBI, which is evidence of a coverup. By the time they were allowed controlled access two weeks later, all building and crash debris had been completely removed, nullifying any but the most obvious conclusions.

Other than an insufficient analysis of the origins of the "punchout hole" they make no mention of the additional blast evidence in the A&E Drive seen in these photographs

In the face of the damage depicted in the preceding and following photographs, it would be impossible or unethical to conclude, "With the possible exception of the immediate vicinity of the fuselage’s entry point at column line 14, essentially all interior impact damage was inflicted in the first story." But that is what the ASCE does.

If the concussive overpressure that blasted these window frames outward wasn't caused by an airliner impact, it would have to be attributed to an explosive charge, because fire alone could not have caused it, just as fire alone couldn't have brought down the World Trade Towers.

We may never know who the guilty culprits are who staged the massive crime of 9-11, but in a nation of laws, we can hold those officials from various governmental agencies and departments responsible for the crime of covering up. Like semen stains on navy-blue Gap dresses, physics makes bricks and mortar evidence incontrovertible. And like Watergate--it wasn't the crime that tripped them up, it was the coverup.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pentagon Vignettes

Summer is almost here--no time to be cooped up indoors blogging away to the edification of my base, the dozen or so reality bandits with both too much time on their hands, and no place to rest them except on their hips.

Instead, I'll offer up as blog, appetizing little pieces of Pentagon anomalies or coincidence, meant more to amuse than edify, although I find edification most delightful. And since my case for exposure of the real culprits behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Arlington was made long ago, whether any one of my twelve is willing to acknowledge the truth yet or not, perhaps humor might crack a grin where cudgels fail to splinter tissue.

So, what do you make of the very early call to bring in a Bobcat? (Actually, it's a Nissan.) Even cutting in line ahead of the medical response? This is a good example of what we didn't see as parts orchestrated that day, rather than the endless, pointless squirtings of hose water anywhere but towards the vicinity of fire, which consumed roofs and automobiles when we weren't looking.

But, what's this? Bobcat akimbo, or Nissan no more? How callous of the Arlington County firefighter to lean on damaged government property so cavalierly. Maybe if he had his paycheck docked, instead of receiving medals for heroism and bonuses for silence and cooperation, then he might show some respect for his tools. What went wrong out here do you think? Something to do with wings I'd hazard.
That's how I have to leave you

Monday, May 14, 2007

Steve Riskus's Pentagon Photographs: View Page Source

The photographs used here have been cleaned of underlying code and are safe for downloading. All images, especially those issued by government and military sources, carry as much as 1MB in underlying code--the purpose of which can only be imagined.
A very easy way to lay responsibility for the production and dissemination of the series of 13 images attributed to a skateboarding message board persona known as "Steve Riskus," which were taken in the immediate aftermath of the "attack" on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, is to click on an enlarged view, then right-click the page, and click "View Page Source."

What you'll see is extensive, advanced underlying code subsumed within the photograph and it most resembles the similarly coded photographs that the Department of Defense "releases." Being a complete technological naif myself, I am cognitively boggled by these strings of arcane symbolizing, which leaves me free to marvel at their complex beauty and wonder at what their portents signify.

Such computer encoding within photographs is called steganography, and when transfered to Microsoft Word, the code behind a single Steve Riskus image creates a document 5718 pages long, constituting 1.47MB of information. I don't think it is paranoia to imagine a nefarious purpose behind the presence of this code.

Geoff Metcalf, the conservative writer, became a Trojan Horse carrying a similar load of coded Defense Department images of the Pentagon terrorist attack on his personal webpage devoted, ostensibly, to rectifying any misunderstandings he may have engendered by his column the week previous, questioning the physical evidence of a commercial 757 jetliner's hitting the Pentagon.

I would imagine the purpose of the code has not yet been fulfilled. A likely objective, the tracking of any computer operator stupid enough--like myself--to download these images, seems much too easy a goal for such elaboration--besides that monitoring system is already in place, vis-a-vis the federal government's partnerships with the telecommunications and computing industries.

(Interestingly, a new photo of Father Stephen McGraw posted online recently by a 9-11 Truth advocate known as Merc, also has this extensive encoding behind it, perhaps providing evidence of double-jointed triple agentry--or maybe it's Soros-generated redemptive anti-code! Keep your enemies close and your friends closer!)

I think the code may serve as an Improvised Explosive Device of some kind, waiting for the cocks to crow. I'm uploading it to Flickr, quick!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reconciling Sgt Nate Orme's Commentary:

Very Curious Indeed! Twice-served bull.

"Remembering the honored dead at Pentagon crash site," published September 26, 2001, and "Remember those fallen at Pentagon," published October 12, 2001

I finally found a document I'd been looking for--an article published in a military outlet, which contained a quote I remembered, giving an alternate theory about what made the "punchout" hole in the interior wall of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001--an article that I had downloaded and printed out from a forgotten source long ago. I wanted to insert the quote into my just-posted blog on the same subject, to provide yet another thread in the endless tapestry of woven reality we are sold as an explanation for the attack.

I thought it would be diligent to provide a link to an online copy of the document I was quoting, just in case an anal retentive type (like myself) wanted to try and dis the info. Having date, author, author's rank, job title, and the article title, but not the publication title, I got nowhere fast in Google. Mr Orme has a prolific context establishing his identity there, but I wasn't browsing, I was searching.

But then I clicked on a link headed, Untitled8, which was an unofficial reposting at -www.laprensa-sandiego.org of what appeared at first to be the identical commentary by Sgt Nate Orme, but with a different title and date, and again, no publication information. Some paragraphs were the same, with most changes in the opening and closing paragraphs, so was Sgt Orme's objective getting paid twice, I wondered, for his subjective, self-plagiarized comments?

But then I noticed the second article had a deletion in the mid section. Suddenly a scenario presented itself: Did Orme, an Army Reserve soldier, who spent the first two weeks at the Pentagon crash site reporting on soldier recovery work there--as we are told in a closing editorial comment to both pieces--write a commentary at the close of his tour of duty there that was too detailed--in general or in particular? Were the points important enough to suppress, so that a recreated article under a different title was republished, to confuse the issue, if nothing else? But what remained was problematic enough everything needed to be hid under a military-scholar robots.txt-like device? Would that make whatever was the deleted information the smoking gun? Where was his editor in all of this? Would those pesky details expose whatever it was that had gone terribly awry that morning? Would stevenwarran mindlessly retype that information into a blog like a chattering magpie, without a single thought as to the consequences?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes to all! More Yes!

But it wasn't the paragraph I was interested in that didn't pass muster. That recycled with no problem, which just goes to show you the kinds of trees I bark under. So here is one officially organ-dispensed, if little known and half-retracted explanation, for the record,
"On the inside wall of the second ring of the Pentagon, a nearly circular hole, about 12-feet wide, allows light to pour into the building from an internal service alley. An aircraft engine punched the hole out on its last flight after being broken loose from its moorings on the plane. The result became a huge vent for the subsequent explosion and fire. Signs of fire and black smoke now ring the outside of the jagged-edged hole."
Come to think about it, that is a smoking paragraph. Smoking Dutch cleanser!

Clearly, something major went wrong that morning, if this is the kind of straw they grasped at. This explanation has two major logic flaws, serious enough for even a journalist to get. One, don't engines come in pairs? I might think that something else piercing came in at the wrong angle, and they had to abort the second jagged-edged hole by turning it into a square-edged hole, with roll-up-door airs, as the physics of mass in motion are law. A lot of effort went into calculating the lamp poles, setting the cutter charges, establishing a provable trajectory, you can't just say ricochet to a ten-ton carbon-steel projectile.

This brings us to the second hole in logic, if not in matter. To keep things simple, can't we say that momentum and inertia are like yin and yang, and that, as momentum comes in, inertia fights it, until inertia wins? And if this is true, doesn't there have to come a moment between the two--the is moment, in the Clintonian sense, when the marriage between the object in motion kisses the bride of the object at rest and stains her dress? And, whether it's a nose cone or a turbine, doesn't it have to be there?

And what are we to make of the too-much-adjective in "The result became a huge vent for the subsequent explosion and fire?" Are they saying, "if it wasn't for that damn nose cone, we wouldn't have had later fires?" In addition to the impact explosion we see on the video frames, Daryl Donley now says his white-hot fireball photograph was later, "three minutes in, maybe, when the rear gas tanks exploded," And what about Ed Plaughter's "puddles of jet fuel" dig? Didn't they also get into trouble for putting water instead of foam on the fire first, and have to do some reshooting?

I'm starting to get lost. I'll get to the first deleted paragraph now because it speaks to these physics issues. It came right after the "huge vent" paragraph quoted above:
"The focus of the fire wrought destruction diagonally in two directions, aligned with the angle of the fuel-filled wings at impact. The left wing was tilted at such an angle it scraped on the ground on its way toward the Pentagon. The first floor was mainly damaged to the left of the missing chunk of building, while the second floor burned mainly to the right. Some of the personnel on the floors above the impact managed to escape, running down the hall, first one direction, only to be turned back by smoke, and then running in the other direction to safety. It disappeared in the collapse of the third, fourth, and fifth floors soon after the raging fire spread through the area."
Wow. All I can say to that is, we either accept the rules of science or not. To say that God cleaved that building, revealing an undamaged Holy Bible on a wooden stand, leaving it out for us to see the miracle, is to deny the actual effect the sight had on our commonsense, as much as saying God killed a general's secretary because her name was Sincock.

Before I get to the other two paragraphs of deleted, and therefore in my mind, oh so eau-de-Rosemary-Woods information, I'll post Orme's second version. It's painful to read such flamboyant adjectives, but I want to change the mood. The remaining information is on a different plane, consisting as it does of the names of two senior FBI agents in charge at the Pentagon for this action. It is very important that we understand what is at stake here, as the era of unaccountability is over.

I believe this information to have been properly and lawfully published in an official media outlet, with the purpose of stirring our patriotism and gathering our collective national will. It was then perhaps improperly, and probably illegally, removed or suppressed, because, apparently, within a month, the whole story had began to fall apart. This isn't a Valerie Plame outing. The names are known on Google, but strangely, in a way that feels almost media collusive, like those responsible for leading the team effort needed to be protected from "the bad guys." Or maybe it was the benchmark time to cut and run. Rendition is not so different than the witness protection program. Maybe they could join a brunette Barbara Olsen with tons of black-op money. Well enjoy the tradition of elite secrecy. Too bad nobody stopped this then.
The second article can be found here, in SOUNDOFF! "Published in the interests of the personnel at Fort Meade Maryland."

Remember those fallen at Pentagon
By Sgt. Nate Orme
October 12, 2001

Four weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the gaping wound left in the south side of the Pentagon appears cleaned and sterilized.

Gone are the teams of rescue and recovery personnel wearing breathing masks and bio-suits while sorting through the grim evidence of an unspeakable crime that left 189 dead. Gone are the broken pieces of concrete, the twisted metal, the charred furniture. Gone, too, are the Army engineers who constructed dozens of wooden box cribs to shore up the busted and damaged columns that hold up the floors of the five-story edifice.

The FBI has turned over the Pentagon to the military and the area is officially no longer a working FBI crime scene. But for America, it will always be the scene of a crime--a moment that will forever survive in our national consciousness, as do other attacks that now live on in infamy. Yes, we will surely remember the Pentagon and related World Trade Center attacks, just as we do the Alamo.

"The American people have been well represented here," said Maj. Gen. James T. Jackson, commander of the U.S. Army Military District of Washington, at the Pentagon hand-off ceremony. "Tragedy has a way of bringing out the best in Americans. With great professionalism, many people and agencies came together to do a job that has never been done before..."

Inside the undamaged majority of the Pentagon, soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors and civilians continue serving as before the attack. One could hardly guess the calamity that had transpired here from viewing the seemingly normal operations in this massive complex. But one cannot see the knots of anger spawned by this bizarre and unfathomable attack.

Standing directly outside the impact area, the gap looks rather small in relation to the wide sides of the edifice. The collapsed floors have been removed, and the evidence of violence has been extricated. From a distance, it looks merely like a demolition zone. Only viewing up close begins to tell the full impact of the story now.

Walking into the building using the entrance created by the Boeing 757, telltale signs of a strange occurrence become apparent. Plumbing pipes hang from the ceiling, broken and shattered like a plastic cup. Wires upon wires drape down from the ceiling haphazardly, without direction. The walls deep within the building, away from the area of direct impact, are blackened and charred, evidence of the fire that raged on, fed by the fuel-laden aircraft.

Damp books, some singed around the edges, lie in a pile, gathered and placed by rescuers. Also salvaged, a two-foot-diameter cast-iron shield representing the Army Reserve is blackened by fire but hardly the worse for wear. Perhaps one day it will be placed as is, thoughtfully and appropriately, with a plaque of remembrance. For now, it leans silently against an unlit wall.

Eerily and thankfully, the destruction suddenly stops, and offices nearly untouched but for water damage adjoin offices almost completely destroyed. A desk remains in one, and on it an intact bowl of blackened fruit.

On the inside wall of the second ring of the Pentagon, a nearly circular hole, about 12-feet wide, allows light to pour into the building from an internal service alley. An aircraft engine punched the hole out on its last flight after being broken loose from its moorings on the plane. The result became a huge vent for the subsequent explosion and fire. Signs of fire and black smoke now ring the outside of the jagged-edged hole.

There have been hundreds of truckloads of material carted from the site - amounting to approximately 10,000 tons of debris, said FBI agent John S. Adams, team leader for the evidence recovery team, part of the FBI's Washington field office.

The recovery work continued for a time in the North Parking Lot, where various agencies, such as the 311th Mortuary Affairs Quartermaster Company, an Army Reserve unit called up from Puerto Rico, did the critical work of collecting personal effects and combing for evidence on the attackers. Now they, too, are gone.

The Pentagon is ready to be rebuilt. A new $145 million contract has already been granted to Hensel Phelps Construction Co. of Chantilly, Va.

For many, viewing the Pentagon now is an attempt to bring some type of understanding, if not healing. But it still does not begin to answer the question of why.

Was it insanity? Are these inherently evil minds? Or were those who destroyed their own spark of life and divinity through their act themselves victims of a twisted indoctrination by freedom's enemies?

"We are not deceived by their pretenses to piety," President Bush said. "We have seen their kind before. They are the heirs of all the murderous ideologies of the 20th century . . . they follow in the path of fascism, and Nazism, and totalitarianism," Bush declared.

May the murderous ideology of terrorism be defeated and be forgotten, and rest "in history's unmarked grave of discarded lies," as our president said in his address to Congress and the American people.

And may our dead always, always be remembered and honored. God bless America!

(Editor's note: Sgt. Nate Orme, an Army Reserve soldier with the 214th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, spent two weeks at the Pentagon crash site reporting on soldier recovery work.)
The other two deleted paragraphs are here:

"As part of the turnover ceremony, Arthur Eberhard, the special agent in charge at the Pentagon site, accepted the flag from the Army's 3rd U.S. Infantry, "The Old Guard." Eberhard spoke a few words in thanks before asking permission to play a recording of a song he said had become increasingly important to him--'God Bless the USA.'

"Eberhard's boss, Van A. Harp, assistant director in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office, said the FBI was "overwhelmed by the support provided by the service members, firefighters, police and relief organizations that have worked with us over the last two weeks." Harp continued, 'Our job would have been more difficult without the selfless service of these brave men and women.'"

"Did they think they could keep the names of the FBI agents in charge secret? Why did they think they had to?

Nasty Code Underneath the Pictures. No Good!

(All of the photographs used in this piece have been cleaned of underlying computer code and are safe for downloading and use in research. Be careful of all images, especially those issued by government and military sources, as they frequently carry over 1MB in underlying code--the purpose of which can only be imagined.)

There. What's so hard about that? There's even a picture of the "turnover ceremony." To hang on an office wall.

Which helps me to identify the man wearing shorts and a red exercise shirt and carrying a red bag in the following picture as Agent Arthur Eberhard, in my opinion--and I know a beefy forearm growing out of a neck when I see one.

This picture has long intrigued me, as nutrient-rich code, or symbol; the flamboyant jogger, pressed-ganged into service and a pair of latex gloves. A woman dressed so badly she looks absurd speaking into a hand-held device like a Blackberry, especially when turned outward, facing her troops, and the cameras, rather than inward, to record her witness.

The bright, shiny trucks framing the pose are the perks of leadership. The silly FBI man hidden behind Eberhard is standing there holding yellow, crime-scene tape. He should list the duty on his resume. It becomes him.

Busloads of FBI employees arrive within minutes. The Old Guard is deployed within two hours. Concrete traffic control barriers are installed immediately. The scene is locked down for days.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If the Holes Align--You Must Resign!

Geoff Metcalf is a conservative radio talk show host and columnist familiar to 9-11 activists for his role as bandwidth host since April 20, 2002 of 16, high-resolution, government-sourced images taken in the aftermath of the Pentagon attack. Without looking into it, I had assumed Mr. Metcalf's generosity was just shilling for the shadow government network that had, in my opinion, undertaken this entirely synthetic operation. I am happy to report however, that upon examination, I proved myself wrong regarding Mr. Metcalf's motive.

He is a classically conservative Special Forces tough-guy, who sounds off on any number of topics, and he was one of the first Americans with a bully-pulpit to ask in good faith and complete sincerity several pretty obvious questions about the attack at the Pentagon.

Apparently, he got hit back hard for his audaciousness, as he dropped the matter publicly thereafter. Now, five years later, the wine is ready and can feed research. First, for me is a recognition that the old labels of conservative and liberal no longer apply in the post-9-11 paradigm. The new standard is, how sickened by the seen corruption are you, and how willing to accept the painful awarenesses, that our leaders could stoop so low on a scale so vast?

Posting on March 11, 2002 on WorldNetDaily, Metcalf called Thierry Meissen's book, "interesting," and repeats the Frenchman's question, if a 757 jetliner hit the Pentagon, so where is the plane?

A week later, in his Crash flap follow-up, also on WorldNet, Metcalf seems stunned by the "unbelievable storm" he generated, provides us with a link to a slew of agitated, if not fecund, emails, and debuts a new heavily editorialized photo page, which he says is not a "mea culpa nor a retraction"--I'd call it compensation.

He saved the truth by maintaining his overt photo web page, unlike the various government and military websites, where archived images, even images downloaded onto personal computers, would disappear, or previously unknown images could suddenly show up, as red herrings or talking points. It goes without saying, the covert can't handle openness, so they moved to place a veil called robots.txt over the web, and thus lost their place in line.

Given the shifts in the availability of evidence, I thought it significant that after a recent comprehensive search of hundreds of aerial shots of the Pentagon, in only two examples could I see the so-called punchout holes leading out into the A & E drive. And both of them happened to be posted by Metcalf.

One image in particular shows the series of three ruptures with enough clarity that we can apply some simple geometry.

The second Metcalf aerial image shows extensive fire damage to the backside of the E-ring, above the poured-concrete slab of the third floor, which should have worked as excellent insulating to contain the fire. This newly refurbished wedge had few people, but state-of-the-art fire sprinkler system, which by all accounts worked well, and up-to-date automatic fire doors, which left only a small area of unrenovated interior near the blast hole in C-ring with vulnerabilities.

The following photo was downloaded from one of the big establishment 9-11 skepticism websites. The middle breach is here labeled "Roll-up Door," probably to disguise some issue du jour, the significance of which escapes me. This marks the source of this photograph as Jewish disinformation (I mean that as a compliment--as opposed to the senseless baffle-them-with-bullshit output of Karen Hughes.) The photo helps establish the extent of three widely spaced blast exits.

The following floor-plan diagram shows that rectangularly breached wall abuts a small office, with no indication of an over-large utility door.
The precision with which the wall is opened up between the two framing concrete columns is very interesting. Maybe it was done after the blast, to disguise the actual shape of the blast hole, which this most assuredly is. The second-story windows display clear expressions of the concussive force that blew through the first and second stories. This must represent magnitudes over and above any percussive force "exploding" kerosene might release.

The story that the airplane nose cone made the round "Punchout Hole" was first told at a very curious DoD news briefing on September 15, 2001 by the Pentagon renovation manager Lee Evey, and it remains the official story, although other explanations were floated.

Evey was responding to a rather pointed question:
Q: That seems to indicate that it came to rest in ring C, the nose cone.
Evey: Let me talk to that, because you've asked a number of questions already about the extent of penetration, et cetera. This is an overhead of the building. The point of penetration was right here, and we blocked that out to show that's the area of collapse. The plane actually penetrated through the E ring, C ring -- excuse me -- E ring, D ring, C ring. This area right here is what we call A-E Drive. And unlike other rings in the building, it's actually a driveway that circles the building inside, between the B and the C ring. The nose of the plane just barely broke through the inside of the C ring, so it was extending into A-E Drive a little bit. So that's the extent of penetration of the aircraft.
Q: It broke through which one?
Evey: The rings are E, D, C, B and A. Between B and C is a driveway that goes around the Pentagon. It's called A-E Drive. The airplane traveled in a path about like this, and the nose of the aircraft broke through this innermost wall of C ring into A-E Drive.
Q: One thing that's confusing -- if it came in the way you described, at an angle, why then are not the wings outside? I mean, the wings would have shorn off. The tail would have shorn off. And yet there's apparently no evidence of the aircraft outside the E ring.
Apparently, it was a nose cone that severed one column at the center of the trajectory exiting the North Tower of the World Trade Center too, according to the N.I.S.T. http://www.debunk911myths.org/topics/images/8/87/NISTNCSTAR1-fig2-4.png

Only moments before in the Arlington press briefing, Terry Mitchell, Chief of the Audiovisual Division for Public Relations, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, had really confused the issue:
Q: (Cross-talk.) Mitchell: It's more to the right of where we were at. This is the -- this is in a renovated section on the opposite side, if you were facing the opposite side. This is a hole in -- there was a punch-out. They suspect that this was where a part of the aircraft came through this hole, although I didn't see any evidence of the aircraft down there.
Q: Which area is that?
Mitchell: This is right inside the E Ring.
Q: Did you see any evidence of the aircraft anywhere?
Mitchell: Yes, I did. You could see just small pieces of it.
Q: Well, how far in? Again, we're trying to figure out how it came into the building.
Q: Can we finish the video first and then we'll go back?
Mitchell: You can see someone from the Montgomery County unit here. This pile here is all Pentagon metal. None of that is aircraft whatsoever. As you can see, they've punched a hole in here. This was punched by the rescue workers to clean it out. You can see this is the -- some of the unrenovated areas where the windows have blown out. That's soldiers from the Third U.S. Infantry, the Honor Guard, are in there. And this is the conditions they have to work in. There's the Tyvek suits, the respirators, goggles, and helmets, and they also have boots on them as well. Q: Where is that exactly? Between which rings?
Mitchell: Between the -- I believe it's the E and D Rings.
Mitchell specifically used the terms punch-out, and punched a hole, to describe what the rescue workers did and what the plane did, going on to identify the round hole under unrenovated windows as being the one made by the rescue workers, but that is also the hole that later got spray-painted with the word Punchout, which is at the end of the diagonal path a jet supposedly took entering the building. That's called wiggle room.

With one hole serving double duty, the two other blast exits were ignored.

The following image partially shows the third blast exit point, and is the only image I've found in the record, taken in the A & E drive, facing in this direction. The blast energy expressed in the blown-out second-story windows is amazing and it represents a trajectory absolutely straight into the building from the point in front at column 14 where the jet came in.

I think it is clear the evidence indicates three missiles, or their equivalents, flying different trajectories impacted the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This endorses the two-plane theory, vindicating those eyewitnesses who attested to it, as legitimate. If we add in the report of the worker cutting grass in Arlington cemetery who said something flew directly over his head, we have our third trajectory and at least one honest government worker. 90 percent of the eyewitnesses are co-conspirators.

But there's more.

If Bombs Go Bang, You're Going to Hang!

The following floor plan, diagrammed to illustrate column damage, is extraordinary. It was disseminated in a 13-page release given out by Evey at the September 15 news briefing. It shows previously undisclosed radial tunnels running directly under the Pentagon along the stress lines at which points the building failed. The diagram maker uses a dotted-line to outline the collapse area, which is over-indicated in size by a factor of three. I can't believe that no journalist questioned the coincidence of the building failing this way, nor is the fact mentioned in the building performance study.
One of the radial tunnels extends out underground to a subterranean structure in the lawn, called on the plan, the heliport vault, which is an element visible in some exterior shots as metal-lidded series of coffin shaped structures buried within a mounded area. In some shots we see what are likely to be their metal lids flung aside. In some of the high-resolution Ingersoll shots, we even see the scattered casings of used high-explosive shells that may have been ejected from these housings--missile defense being the strategy and offense, the tactic.

That would explain the blast residue captured in the upper corners of these lateral hallways, which would indicate some upward blast energy, entirely inconsistent with a jetliner diving at any angle into the building.

The following diagram indicates an area in the center of the building where the concrete floor slab has deflected upwards, an effect also entirely inconsistent with an airplane crash after effect, but entirely consistent with piercing shaped-charge munitions. The enormous energy it took to result in this was also likely responsible for many of the deaths of occupants that morning.

This illustration also indicates the dividing line between Wedge One and Wedge Two. The building was built as five structurally independent, self-contained sections and was being renovated in sequential stages. The line between Wedge One and Two was the active line between work completed and work scheduled, and should be represented as a semi-permanent firewall, over and above the modern, automatic systems just installed in Wedge One. That section had been stripped down to the bare concrete. Fire escaping through "horse-hair roofing insulation," or traveling over to the upper story windows near the heliport, is to forget the term "firewall" was not original to computing.

Wedge One had been completely remediated of its asbestos and lead. The extensive protective measures, Tyvec suits and breathing apparatus, which weren't employed in New York, where they were needed, make sense here as a response to a three-strike depleted-uranium missile strike, along with lesser ground-fired, shaped-charge high explosions, with a diesel-generating smoke pot and propane-based pyrotechnics, would explain the visual evidence contained in photographs, as well as make sense of the otherwise irreconcilable time stamps placed on the single incident event, a span of 15 minutes reported by the major media. The New York Times reported both 9:30am and 9:45am for the crash of the regularly scheduled, civilian commercial aircraft, which was intentionally crashed by suicidal ideologues with the intent to engender terror, as we are told over and over. Do they keep on time arrival statistics for crashes I wonder?

The Department of Defense's own image archives places the Flight 77 strike at 9:45am in at least one case, with most using about 9:30am. See:

DD-SD-03-17488 Service Depicted: DoD or Joint Civilian 010912-D-9402G-001 Operation / Series: NOBLE EAGLE A tent erected on the Pentagon south parking lot September 12, 2001, to manage recovery efforts in the aftermath of the September 11th terror attack. Shortly after 8 a.m. on September 11, 2001 in an attempt to frighten the American people, five members of Al-Qaida, a terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims, hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757-200, shortly after it took off from Dulles International Airport just outside Washington DC. The hijackers herded up the 64 passengers toward the rear of the aircraft using knives and paper cutters then flew a circuitous route that took them away then back toward Washington. At about 9:45 a.m. they flew the aircraft and passengers into the side of the Pentagon. The impact destroyed or damaged four of the five "rings" in that section that circle the building. That section of the Pentagon was in the finishing stages of a renovation program" to re-enforce and update the building. Fire fighter fought the fire through the night. The Pentagon was the third target of four hijacked aircraft.
Camera Operator: MICHAEL GARCIA, CIV, DOD Date Shot: 12 Sep 2001 Download Hi-Res

dodmedia.osd.mil/DVIC_View/Still_Details.cfm?SDAN=DDSD0317488&JPGPathtent pic

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My favorite quote of Golda Meyer's, "So, what does he have to be humble about?" finally may apply to me, so I'm glad I gave it some advance thought.

But I won't surge too soon, not on evidence only inferred off the desperate conspiracy-debunking website with the high-access air, debunk911myths.org, which is "Taking on loose change and the 9-11 conspiracy theories." And failing badly, I might add.
Some newly released material is fresh to the market, to my eyes at least, but it just reprises in the same clandestine-speak the government sources whose original point of view is even more compromised now by being dumped anonymously on the internet. (I was familiar with the shots of charred corpses that purport to be of Pentagon victims, which came out as exhibits in the United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui trial, but at such a high resolution, P2, P5, P7, P8, I wonder if necrophiliacs in the Justice Department had been let loose. It wouldn't be the first time.)

What I found of personal interest was a group of about 15 recent images pertaining to my theoretical works, Temporary Mounds of Dirt at the Citgo, and Mounds Bar Theory Updated. My submissions were not the point of the attempted debunking, which aimed wobbly to indict the Citgo gas station cameras as only indirectly pointed toward the Pentagon. But I rapidly clicked through the series for a money shot, the one meaningful image that could finally bunk me, or worst case scenario, leave me collapsed--actually, willingly--as a spent debunkee.

But such a smoking-gun shot seemed studiously avoided, adding a don't go there significance to my POV. Especially in this context: where 911mythbuster.org posts more images to sterilize an already neutered piece of judicially forced, but non-delivering, evidence than he uses to explicate and illustrate the complex issue of an enigma known as Building 7, (and most of the images are mistakenly of Building 6 anyway.) It isn't misdirection or overkill, it's a textbook case of switching deck chairs on the Titanic, while whistling Nearer My god To Thee.

Judge for yourself, by first looking here, at Pictures of the Citgo and security camera, and More pictures and maps of the Pentagon area.

Does it seem to you perhaps, that the following view represents a lacuna in that series? Or have I gone off the deep end of megalomania? Again? Could some 6-foot local getting a fill-up take a picture of the Pentagon for me, while standing on the tarmac?

(All of the photographs used in this piece have been cleaned of underlying computer code and are safe for downloading and use in research. Be careful of all images, especially those issued by government and military sources, as they frequently carry over 1MB in underlying code--the purpose of which can only be imagined.)

Maybe it is me. I spent years keeping mum about the pink elephant in the living room. And with age, as Warren Beatty sums it up in Shampoo, "I've been cutting too much hair. I'm losing my concepts."

I admit that I used the wrong word, "temporary," in the title, when I should have said, "missed deadline," for the hillock in question, which eventually was seeded in grass to become a permanent hazard to mowing safety. What I construed in aerial shots as being vestigial, a shapely post-removal shadow outline, is in fact high Alpine grasses, dying of thirst.

But the real mental illness can be diagnosed in the following series of images out of New York City, here given an extra surreal quality with an official Wiki treatment.

As though the library of Congress hadn't ruined its professional reputation enough before this, by lending credibility through accepting donations of fiberglass airplane fragments housed in hand-crafted boxes, by cataloging into the collections new tooth brushes and mop buckets as "rescuers tools" , or procuring via a one-stop, wholesale shopping spree a set of New York disaster photographs to keep company with four that emerged from an Arlington dilettante, nonetheless, somebody had to hold their legs down again so this could happen:
Source: Library of Congress
From a "Collection of unattributed photographs of the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, New York City"
Photographs are from 8 rolls of unedited film taken by an anonymous photojournalist at ground zero on September 11, 2001, from approximately 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.
New York County District Attorney; 2002; (DLC/PP-2002:175).

Given the horror of September 11 in New York, with its very real suffering and sacrifice, I would have thought it impossible that images could emerge out of the city that in any way resemble the covert lies of the dog and pony show at Ground Nowhere in Arlington. There the tags read, homosexual-free production, as well as shame-based disguised identities, and bogus bring-along backboard prop, to go with pointless poses and wanderings. And let's not forget, weak stream of aimlessly squirting water going nowhere near fire. I didn't think attributes like that could be exported together as a family, but someone from the Pentagon with a connection to the subplot of Building 7 did, and debunk911myths.org is here to inform us. Now let's dust for fingerprints.

(Actually, after a night's sleep, it's clear to me that the men in the foreground have been superimposed onto New York backgrounds. The emotional disconnect is just too glaring. The narrative point intended escapes me however, as Building 6 has only recently entered the debate as possibly bombed in advance of either tower's fall, and why they'd want to draw attention here requires triple reverse psychology with a covert flip. )

I guess when rolls of film are left out at the door, like newborns at a Roman foundling hospital, we shouldn't expect movie stars to appear.

I'll leave you with the following, so you won't need to visit there. We can move along now. There's nothing to see there.


Debunk 9/11 Myths is dedicated to dispelling myths and conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and to serve as a general information resources about the attacks.

In the past year, 9/11 conspiracy theories have gained a following. Theories range from belief that the U.S. government knew about 9/11 in advance and chose not to act and prevent it, to theories that the U.S. government actually orchestrated the murder of nearly 3,000 at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and rural Pennsylvania. These theories take every irregularity, and cherry-picked quotes, piecing them together to form an “alternative” version of events, which are propogated on crackpot websites and blogs. Conspiracy theories are immediately refuted by reputable academics, experts, and news sources. This website takes on these theories, sorting fact from fiction.

This website was established by ″Debunk911″, who lives in the Washington, D.C. area, close to the Pentagon, and frequently visits NYC. One Saturday, this past summer, ″Debunk911″ encountered 9/11 truthers outside the WTC PATH station, harrassing passerbys. The idea of the truthers bringing the ″truth″ and their antics to Ground Zero goes a bit too far. With that, the idea of creating a website to dispell myths put forth by 9/11 truthers was born. The site and its authors have no political agenda, and do not endorse or support the George W. Bush administration, nor explicitly support other political parties. The site strives to be a general educational resources about the 9/11 attacks.

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September 11, 2001 - 9/11 Attack Simulations Using LS-Dyna - Purdue University
Did a plane hit the Pentagon? - Identifying Misinformation, U.S. Department of State
Arlington Virginia After-Action Report911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77 - animation on YouTube, by mikejwilson
The Pentagon Building Performance Report - American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Getting the Facts Straight - Dennis Behreandt in The New American (August 23, 2004)