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My favorite quote of Golda Meyer's, "So, what does he have to be humble about?" finally may apply to me, so I'm glad I gave it some advance thought.

But I won't surge too soon, not on evidence only inferred off the desperate conspiracy-debunking website with the high-access air,, which is "Taking on loose change and the 9-11 conspiracy theories." And failing badly, I might add.
Some newly released material is fresh to the market, to my eyes at least, but it just reprises in the same clandestine-speak the government sources whose original point of view is even more compromised now by being dumped anonymously on the internet. (I was familiar with the shots of charred corpses that purport to be of Pentagon victims, which came out as exhibits in the United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui trial, but at such a high resolution, P2, P5, P7, P8, I wonder if necrophiliacs in the Justice Department had been let loose. It wouldn't be the first time.)

What I found of personal interest was a group of about 15 recent images pertaining to my theoretical works, Temporary Mounds of Dirt at the Citgo, and Mounds Bar Theory Updated. My submissions were not the point of the attempted debunking, which aimed wobbly to indict the Citgo gas station cameras as only indirectly pointed toward the Pentagon. But I rapidly clicked through the series for a money shot, the one meaningful image that could finally bunk me, or worst case scenario, leave me collapsed--actually, willingly--as a spent debunkee.

But such a smoking-gun shot seemed studiously avoided, adding a don't go there significance to my POV. Especially in this context: where posts more images to sterilize an already neutered piece of judicially forced, but non-delivering, evidence than he uses to explicate and illustrate the complex issue of an enigma known as Building 7, (and most of the images are mistakenly of Building 6 anyway.) It isn't misdirection or overkill, it's a textbook case of switching deck chairs on the Titanic, while whistling Nearer My god To Thee.

Judge for yourself, by first looking here, at Pictures of the Citgo and security camera, and More pictures and maps of the Pentagon area.

Does it seem to you perhaps, that the following view represents a lacuna in that series? Or have I gone off the deep end of megalomania? Again? Could some 6-foot local getting a fill-up take a picture of the Pentagon for me, while standing on the tarmac?

(All of the photographs used in this piece have been cleaned of underlying computer code and are safe for downloading and use in research. Be careful of all images, especially those issued by government and military sources, as they frequently carry over 1MB in underlying code--the purpose of which can only be imagined.)

Maybe it is me. I spent years keeping mum about the pink elephant in the living room. And with age, as Warren Beatty sums it up in Shampoo, "I've been cutting too much hair. I'm losing my concepts."

I admit that I used the wrong word, "temporary," in the title, when I should have said, "missed deadline," for the hillock in question, which eventually was seeded in grass to become a permanent hazard to mowing safety. What I construed in aerial shots as being vestigial, a shapely post-removal shadow outline, is in fact high Alpine grasses, dying of thirst.

But the real mental illness can be diagnosed in the following series of images out of New York City, here given an extra surreal quality with an official Wiki treatment.

As though the library of Congress hadn't ruined its professional reputation enough before this, by lending credibility through accepting donations of fiberglass airplane fragments housed in hand-crafted boxes, by cataloging into the collections new tooth brushes and mop buckets as "rescuers tools" , or procuring via a one-stop, wholesale shopping spree a set of New York disaster photographs to keep company with four that emerged from an Arlington dilettante, nonetheless, somebody had to hold their legs down again so this could happen:
Source: Library of Congress
From a "Collection of unattributed photographs of the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, New York City"
Photographs are from 8 rolls of unedited film taken by an anonymous photojournalist at ground zero on September 11, 2001, from approximately 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.
New York County District Attorney; 2002; (DLC/PP-2002:175).

Given the horror of September 11 in New York, with its very real suffering and sacrifice, I would have thought it impossible that images could emerge out of the city that in any way resemble the covert lies of the dog and pony show at Ground Nowhere in Arlington. There the tags read, homosexual-free production, as well as shame-based disguised identities, and bogus bring-along backboard prop, to go with pointless poses and wanderings. And let's not forget, weak stream of aimlessly squirting water going nowhere near fire. I didn't think attributes like that could be exported together as a family, but someone from the Pentagon with a connection to the subplot of Building 7 did, and is here to inform us. Now let's dust for fingerprints.

(Actually, after a night's sleep, it's clear to me that the men in the foreground have been superimposed onto New York backgrounds. The emotional disconnect is just too glaring. The narrative point intended escapes me however, as Building 6 has only recently entered the debate as possibly bombed in advance of either tower's fall, and why they'd want to draw attention here requires triple reverse psychology with a covert flip. )

I guess when rolls of film are left out at the door, like newborns at a Roman foundling hospital, we shouldn't expect movie stars to appear.

I'll leave you with the following, so you won't need to visit there. We can move along now. There's nothing to see there.


Debunk 9/11 Myths is dedicated to dispelling myths and conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and to serve as a general information resources about the attacks.

In the past year, 9/11 conspiracy theories have gained a following. Theories range from belief that the U.S. government knew about 9/11 in advance and chose not to act and prevent it, to theories that the U.S. government actually orchestrated the murder of nearly 3,000 at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and rural Pennsylvania. These theories take every irregularity, and cherry-picked quotes, piecing them together to form an “alternative” version of events, which are propogated on crackpot websites and blogs. Conspiracy theories are immediately refuted by reputable academics, experts, and news sources. This website takes on these theories, sorting fact from fiction.

This website was established by ″Debunk911″, who lives in the Washington, D.C. area, close to the Pentagon, and frequently visits NYC. One Saturday, this past summer, ″Debunk911″ encountered 9/11 truthers outside the WTC PATH station, harrassing passerbys. The idea of the truthers bringing the ″truth″ and their antics to Ground Zero goes a bit too far. With that, the idea of creating a website to dispell myths put forth by 9/11 truthers was born. The site and its authors have no political agenda, and do not endorse or support the George W. Bush administration, nor explicitly support other political parties. The site strives to be a general educational resources about the 9/11 attacks.

The site is built with “wiki” technology, allowing it to be a collaborative site. In time, the site may have many editors contributing content.
[edit] Credits

The site builds upon work already done by others, including Mark Roberts ("Gravy") who wrote the Loose Change Guide, Mike Williams who runs, Pat and James B. (authors of the Screw Loose Change blog), the authors of, the editors of Popular Mechanics who wrote "Debunking The 9/11 Myths - Mar. 2005 Cover Story", members of the JREF forums, "RealityBites" and Abby Scott (creator of 911 Conspiracy Wars - "The Movie") who joined Gravy at Ground Zero during the summer to counter the "truthers", and countless others.
[edit] Donations

The site is entirely a volunteer effort, and does not accept any donations.

Here are some foundations and organizations that are accepting contributions:

* World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
* Pentagon Memorial Fund
* Flight 93 Memorial Project

[edit] Individual foundations

* LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation
* Tom Burnett Family Foundation
* Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation

September 11, 2001 - 9/11 Attack Simulations Using LS-Dyna - Purdue University
Did a plane hit the Pentagon? - Identifying Misinformation, U.S. Department of State
Arlington Virginia After-Action Report911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77 - animation on YouTube, by mikejwilson
The Pentagon Building Performance Report - American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Getting the Facts Straight - Dennis Behreandt in The New American (August 23, 2004)

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