Monday, May 14, 2007

Steve Riskus's Pentagon Photographs: View Page Source

The photographs used here have been cleaned of underlying code and are safe for downloading. All images, especially those issued by government and military sources, carry as much as 1MB in underlying code--the purpose of which can only be imagined.
A very easy way to lay responsibility for the production and dissemination of the series of 13 images attributed to a skateboarding message board persona known as "Steve Riskus," which were taken in the immediate aftermath of the "attack" on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, is to click on an enlarged view, then right-click the page, and click "View Page Source."

What you'll see is extensive, advanced underlying code subsumed within the photograph and it most resembles the similarly coded photographs that the Department of Defense "releases." Being a complete technological naif myself, I am cognitively boggled by these strings of arcane symbolizing, which leaves me free to marvel at their complex beauty and wonder at what their portents signify.

Such computer encoding within photographs is called steganography, and when transfered to Microsoft Word, the code behind a single Steve Riskus image creates a document 5718 pages long, constituting 1.47MB of information. I don't think it is paranoia to imagine a nefarious purpose behind the presence of this code.

Geoff Metcalf, the conservative writer, became a Trojan Horse carrying a similar load of coded Defense Department images of the Pentagon terrorist attack on his personal webpage devoted, ostensibly, to rectifying any misunderstandings he may have engendered by his column the week previous, questioning the physical evidence of a commercial 757 jetliner's hitting the Pentagon.

I would imagine the purpose of the code has not yet been fulfilled. A likely objective, the tracking of any computer operator stupid enough--like myself--to download these images, seems much too easy a goal for such elaboration--besides that monitoring system is already in place, vis-a-vis the federal government's partnerships with the telecommunications and computing industries.

(Interestingly, a new photo of Father Stephen McGraw posted online recently by a 9-11 Truth advocate known as Merc, also has this extensive encoding behind it, perhaps providing evidence of double-jointed triple agentry--or maybe it's Soros-generated redemptive anti-code! Keep your enemies close and your friends closer!)

I think the code may serve as an Improvised Explosive Device of some kind, waiting for the cocks to crow. I'm uploading it to Flickr, quick!

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