Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pentagon Vignettes

Summer is almost here--no time to be cooped up indoors blogging away to the edification of my base, the dozen or so reality bandits with both too much time on their hands, and no place to rest them except on their hips.

Instead, I'll offer up as blog, appetizing little pieces of Pentagon anomalies or coincidence, meant more to amuse than edify, although I find edification most delightful. And since my case for exposure of the real culprits behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Arlington was made long ago, whether any one of my twelve is willing to acknowledge the truth yet or not, perhaps humor might crack a grin where cudgels fail to splinter tissue.

So, what do you make of the very early call to bring in a Bobcat? (Actually, it's a Nissan.) Even cutting in line ahead of the medical response? This is a good example of what we didn't see as parts orchestrated that day, rather than the endless, pointless squirtings of hose water anywhere but towards the vicinity of fire, which consumed roofs and automobiles when we weren't looking.

But, what's this? Bobcat akimbo, or Nissan no more? How callous of the Arlington County firefighter to lean on damaged government property so cavalierly. Maybe if he had his paycheck docked, instead of receiving medals for heroism and bonuses for silence and cooperation, then he might show some respect for his tools. What went wrong out here do you think? Something to do with wings I'd hazard.
That's how I have to leave you

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