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Judy "Jude" Rothschadl

The story of Jude Rothschadl, a young corn-fed South Dakotan who improbably found herself caught up like Zelig playing a singular role in the momentous events of September 11 at the Pentagon, is little known. In fact, her story is so improbably little known it is alarming. Her Google returns only two items: her story, excellently told in the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan on the second anniversary of 9-11; and in a follow up piece in the same paper around the fifth anniversary in 2006. Both were arrestingly written by a staff editor with a mid-western name, Randy Dockendorf. That they have been ignored by the 9-11 truth community to date is a telling lapse that I am able to ameliorate. (A third piece by Mr. Dockendorf from September 10, 2008, is called, 'Writer’s Block: 9/11 Still Impacts Everyone.')

Judy Rothschadl interviews Gary Gulick of the Arlington (Va.) Fire Department during this fire and rescue work following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon. --Courtesy Photo

In outline, her story, as told in 'Tyndall Native Relives 9/11,' on September 11, 2003 (we may safely assume that Tyndall is near Yankton in South Dakota,) could serve as plot for a Rodgers and Hammerstein movie musical.

[Those South Dakotan's can be pills sometimes. The original article was taken down and even query nulled by robots.txt at, which makes me wonder what they have to hide. But I put up a badly paragraphed copy at So, ha, ha! Sue me! Get in line!]

Two months into a new job as a producer of programming for the
Fire and Emergency Training Network, she was working a scheduled shoot in Baltimore when news of the events in New York and Arlington reached her and her colleagues, a technical adviser and a videographer, both of whom were men with professional firefighting backgrounds. They jumped in their van and raced down to Arlington. When traffic got bad, they swung onto the verge and followed a pickup-truck full of responders.

The men somehow "arraigned" permission from the command unit to get onto the Pentagon grounds, and Rothschadl went into a live report over the satellite network. She says,
"In a way, this was my network debut. I was giving them the play-by-play of what I was seeing. Not only was I the anchor there, but law enforcement was also asking me questions," she said.

"The networks didn't have access at all. The media got staged a half-mile away, and I was 50 yards away. People were walking by with medical supplies, and there was a lot of military personnel. There was a nozzle on top of the crash truck, spraying water into the impact areas."
I'm sure such naiveté would have been charming on any day other than 9-11, where her lack of critical judgment and experience served some other master than public information. For instance,
"During her video shooting, Rothschadl noticed a piece of metal against the side of the Pentagon. 'It was part of the plane, and the metal was shiny silver with the red letter "C." It was obvious that it was an American plane' she said."
But even guilelessness can have its rewards, such as,
"One thing that struck me as I was videotaping all of that is that there was a lot of medical personnel standing and waiting, but there was never anybody to attend to," she said. "My experience was that there would be hundreds of people injured and being transported to help. But not one single person was evacuated or transported.

"We found out later that anybody who needed medical assistance got it within the first half-hour or 45 minutes of impact. There was nobody after that.

Meanwhile, only unidentifiable objects of metal and glass were scattered over the Pentagon lawn, Rothschadl said. The fire engine used for protecting the Pentagon was incinerated.

"There weren't seats or luggage or things you find in a plane. There was nothing left -- it was obliterated or fireballed," she said. "And there was a foot of water on the lawn. We are running around in the water, not even thinking of the jet fuel in the water. We were just doing our job."
She and the two men were on site for three days, the only "media" allowed there during that time. She saw Bush, and interviewed Rumsfeld and Sen Tom Daschel:
"I stopped Sen. Daschle and told him I was from South Dakota," she said. "He looked surprised and asked, 'My dear, what are you doing here?"
She toured the interior of the building, but didn't accompany one of the men who was taken up in a ladder bucket to video from the roof. She was aware of her privileged perch--to a degree--saying
"I stuck around the command post. We knew the importance of the phrase, 'We are here on behalf of the Arlington Fire Department.'"
but she lacked the self-awareness to ask, "Why me?" Instead, she rationalized
"You don't know why things happen the way they do, but I always believe things happen for a reason."
Not surprisingly, she sounds more grown up four years later, and learns the power of words:
"Rothschadl and her crew gained access to the Pentagon because of FETN's credibility and her intention to provide footage for emergency training and the FBI, not the general public. 'We also swore to absolute secrecy about what we saw,' she said"
which she tightened up with,
"The FETN crew maintained respect, not showing any scenes which could contain bodies, she said."
On the third and final night of their stay, the FETN crew wanted a shot from the press' vantage point a half-mile away.
"When I saw what we only would have had, that things would have been documented only from a half-mile away, it blew my mind. We captured details that are irreplaceable," Rothschadl said.
I wish someone would come up with the unedited satellite network feed. That would blow my mind.

Does she know any better now after three more years of George Bush, what she didn't know back then, about life if not firefighting? Perhaps not yet, for
Rothschadl said she has been disturbed by the large percentage of Americans who don't believe in 9/11 or what has been presented so far.

"One of the things I have found really upsetting during the last couple of years are the conspiracy theorists who are questioning that a plane ever hit the Pentagon," she said. "There were images on the lawn of plane windows, and against the side of the building was the definite red 'C' of the word 'American' from the airplane.

"It's tremendously disturbing. I don't know where they think the passengers went from the airplane that day," she added.

Her footage was bought by The Learning Channel and has help debunk the myths of conspiracies, she said. "It furthered the truth. It was a relief to know the rest of the world at least was viewing the truths," she said.
Well, so much for credibility and good intentions.

Perhaps the passengers, if there were passengers, went wherever her 41-year-old technical director went. Chris DeWolf, died in a "line-of-duty death" in January 2004. He was killed at 7:14 am, in a single motor vehicle accident during a snowstorm in Portsmouth while reporting for an early call-in to work. Investigators hadn't ruled on a cause of the crash, with police asking anyone who saw his black Dodge Durango with Maine license plates go off I-95 to call them at (603) 679-3333.
More than 1,200 persons attended his funeral, including Rothschadl, who started a job with the new Homeland Security network soon after.

DeWolf may be a window through which we can see a future that he'll miss. He authored something for FETN called New Threats Command New Training
"New FETN training materials are being prepared currently that address the new threats in this post-9/11 age. Some of this material is composed of material that may not be the typical, traditional firefighter or rescue training we are accustomed to. Regardless, we need to embrace this training, accept it willingly and digest it.

"We will be responding to new threats, and this information is critical for us to successfully complete our mission. Our safety and that of our citizens depends on our ability to be good students and to quickly implement the lessons learned into our daily operations. I hope that you will continue to work hard in your preparations for response as a homeland security defender, recognizing that new hazards, new procedures and new equipment will all be introduced to us this year. We need to absorb this information and work toward implementing these items in an efficient, pragmatic and practical manner so we can increase the safety of our citizens.

"We are living in historic times and future generations depend upon our success as firefighters, rescuers and as homeland security defenders. Study hard and work safely!"
I don't know what he's talking about by, "new procedures and new equipment," but I don't like the sound of it one bit. Perhaps the first responders have been "sworn to absolute secrecy" about it, like he was sworn to absolute secrecy about what he saw at the Pentagon on 9-11. Keeping secrets, or at least keeping quiet, was once a sound career choice. Now, I think, silence equals death.
So to Jude Rothschadl I'd say, you don't know why things happen the way they do, but I too, always believe things happen for a reason. A just reason.

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Lloyde Loyde Lloyd Loyd England

The following two photographs depict Loyde England's taxi cab in two different, widely disparate positions that cannot be reconciled.
USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Gary Coppage 030204-O-9999J-007

Unattributed, but a governmentally sourced Ingersall shot, specific photo found at, his page with commentary here at Geoff Metcalf, but I advise you not to hotlink to, nor download from, Metcalf--you may visit and click but be quick. Geoff's story of how he came to host these images is a fascinating tale in and of itself, but it doesn't justify his going undercover as a Trojan horse. My version above is as clean as the driven slush.

Using the following aerial image annotated by the Citizen Investigative Team as our guide, we can make out the point where the dressed stone parapet and the steel guardrail overlap. The guardrail ends near the backs of two signs, at the apex of the overpass. The parapet peaks out where the foliage ends, near the numeral "1" on the annotated map, but easier to spot on the original Google Maps. (Interestingly, CIT has photoshopped out the replacement lamp poles, which are shown in Google Maps.)

We can then reference the location of England's taxicab in the Metcalf/Ingersoll image as near the bridge apex, likely straddling a white dash line painted on the highway, although that is not apparent given the absurdly tight cropping of the image below, also hosted by Metcalf.

Assuming the vegetation hasn't changed much (it appears to be taken before the 1rst anniversary in 2002) we can associate the next white dash line as being the one lying forward of the white sports coup with the special "Firemen" Virginia license plate, in the same image.

In the Coppage image, we can see a small bit of the stone wall peaking out from the shrubbery and can associate it clearly with a white dash line. This is the dash line lying ahead of the sports coup in the Ingersoll/Metcalf image, behind which, hidden in the shrubbery, is England's taxicab. This means that between the two images, the taxicab has been positioned a full three or four car-lengths apart.

It is easier to look on the Google map itself to determine the length of the stone wall.

View Larger Map

Clear to my way of thinking, is why the opportunity for this discrepancy occurred, if not the actual fact of it. In the handful of human-interest vignette scenes of medical triage, along with this Driving Miss Daisy subplot of the faithful Negro retainer, the emotional disconnect between the actors and reality is too great for the action recorded to have been taking place on the morning of the eleventh. This is true even taking into consideration that everyone actually on the scene on the eleventh, who we know to be there through video cross-referencing, appears emotionally disconnected from events to some degree. Foreknowledge and falsity have that effect on people.

So the two Metcalf/Ingersoll images were staged and shot in advance of 9-11. In the days preceding, Route 27/Washington Blvd would have been shut down by military fiat, for periods likely up to 30 minutes. Since I-395 northbound was designed and built to obscure the view of the Western facade of the Pentagon, giving only a tightly controlled glimpse of the building to passing motorists, traffic would need to be stopped only on Route 27 in advance of the multiple event attack scenario running from 9:15am to after 10am on the morning of the eleventh. That complete control of the highways near the Pentagon has long been in military hands can be inferred simply by the locating of a VDOT headquarters nearby, which the Pentagon usurped as emergency quarters after 9-11.

The central image depicting Mr. England is an obvious contrivance. The centered and leveled phone number on the open door is a heavy handed signal. And it seems odd that a Virginia resident who is the owner/driver of a taxicab licensed in the District of Columbia wouldn't advertise an area code along with his 7-digit phone number. I'll have to check to be sure, but I think we can't make out a single license plate number in any of the other images in the Pentagon 9-11 record. But here, with England, we see two, along with an in-your-face, albeit truncated phone number. Are there any numerologists or cryptographers out there who can do anything with H-81340, 546-2400, I-665 in any sundry order?

That may pay more dividends than getting deeply involved in Mr. England's reading matter, or the mechanics of pole toppling. The various threads around, like abovetopsecret,
rehash the event without getting to any real meat. First, we need to know the source of material.

For instance the following shot of pole #4, , along with a half dozen or so other images, was posted to the web by someone named Mark Hodgson, a uniformed military man from Clarke Air Force Base. I call these vanity web pages, like I should talk. His is here at Pentagon.

Hodgson's image of pole #4 is a classic military thumper, it lands with such a heavy clunk. Frighteningly framed by bits of vehicle edges, the pole lies inartistically at the top of a rise. We would have to be autistic to miss the point, what there is of one.

But the remaining images put this one to shame, for their inanity, pointlessness and the absurdity of trying to pass them off as things of interest--they can be found, where I put them, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Someone must have patented a miasma brush for Photoshop, and then went at it, as an inexplicable fog suffuses everything. But what's there is only the backsides of things, randomly ordered, and ugly and banal to boot. That this series of anti-Zen throwaways was used to provide a context for the release of one image of pole number four should beg the question, why?

For if all roads lead only to Rome, all poles lead only to a punch out hole, and that's the central hole in the logic of the official version of events.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

This was America under Bush?

How did it happen? Didn't the art director go a little heavy handed in the fascism department--or was that on the psychologist's orders? What's the panel discussing? How to taser a college student because he's embarrassing your doughnut-eating ass and won't shut up? This moment has come and gone. But there is a mountain of evidence like this lying around for when the real American patriots wake up. And by that I don't mean these heartless obedient cookie-cutter Christo-fascist cadets. I mean men and women who will say, "Kiss my ass," when you say, "plausible deniability."
On edit:

This article from The Los Angeles Times, published on October 27, 2002; by William M. Arkin; was republished on September 25 2007, at informationliberation

Called, The Secret War; Frustrated by intelligence failures, the Defense Department is dramatically expanding its 'black world' of covert operations. link

Subtitled: The Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG): "Launch Secret Operations Aimed At 'Stimulating Terrorists,'" it would be a chilling reread given Bush's 2003 State of the Union address that alluded to covert extra-judicial murder. Except time has subsequently brought us Senator Larry Craig, who was proactively preempted in an airport john by a stimulating covert operative, who spends his day sitting on a can willing his musky phrenomes to waft so he can carve another notch in his pistol and make America safer.

Along with Tasered University of Florida student, 21-year-old Andrew Meyer, given enough time, we are being allowed insight into the absurdity and illegitimacy of America's Homeland Security paradigm. When we started off by manufacturing a bogus enemy, we had to continue manufacturing them, in stalls and lecture halls if need be. In other words, "Anybody Can Terrorize!" is up on the boards, and Americans are next for the kick line.

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Tora! Tora! Tora! Jocelyn Augustino

Subtitle: The FEMA Workhorse.

Jocelyn Augustino is the FEMA photographer who started work on September 12, 2001 and never quit. She has taken over 8000 pictures to date, judging from the numerical id's in the archive. We owe to her almost the entirety of the record of post-emergency response, the cleanup, the demolition of the unstable portions of the building and the shoring up of the opening. Several of the DoD photographers active on the 11th took a handful of images of the devastated interiors, but none of their work is dated after September 15, and all together that output comes to less than 100 images.

Why Augustino was single-handedly detailed to capture this extraordinary aspect of American history is a story in itself. She seems to have been everywhere, working around the clock: capturing the visits of dignitaries, the Urban Search and Rescue teams leading "body-sniffing" dogs inside the devastated building, the demolition, shoring, and HAZMAT cleanup, with all the ancillary human-interest drama thrown in to boot, like the public relations meme routines of "volunteer" efforts to feed and care for the workers.

Her images of column damage and other relevant structural information are the only record we have preserved of crash conditions, before the voluntary team of structural engineers from the American Society of Civil Engineers, who had previously assembled in response to the bombing at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, was granted access to a completely sanitized site for a four-hour inspection, separated into four separate teams, on October 4. The Pentagon Building Performance Report (January 2003)

FEMA's online image library, Virginia Terrorist Attack (DR-1392) currently lists 967 of Augustino's images, but a rotation always seems to be in effect. To my knowledge, no photographs of damage, response or rebuilding were taken by anyone outside of government, at least until the one-month anniversary memorial held on the site on October 11, 2001.

Not surprisingly, given the single author, a uniquely homogenized point of view characterizes the body of evidence. Noteworthy is the staged and artificial quality to the players. With their stiff poses and vacuous focus, no one seems intent on the job at hand--no one ever seems to be working at all, actually. Even the dogs look confused. Like the images of the firemen who responded on day one, they appear as merely Platonic shadows aiming at approximations, to be read as semblances of reality. With so many participants wearing pristine white Tyvec work suits, the lack of effort at the soot-filled site is often obvious, limited to one or two smudged knees, and an occasional butt.

In common with the emergency photographs taken on September 11, a conscious effort appears to have been made to keep to a minimum the amount of information conveyed in the images--judging by their composition and framing--which combined with the clear high focus, leaves us shrugging our shoulders. Many times Augustino waited until people's backs were turned to the camera before she pressed the shutter. Along with a nearly complete lack of caption information identifying anyone, and the wearing of breathing apparatus like masks at a Venetian carnival, a strange anonymous mood, like an ill wind, develops.

To reinforce this point from another direction, some participants appear to have been singled out for public relations duty--and not on the basis of their looks either. Like the members of the New Mexico Urban Search and Rescue Team whose faces we see with such numbing regularity that we almost crave an image of another debris pile as antidote.

Even within this highly controlled methodology of story telling, several interesting inroads into the truth can be had. The following series of photographs depict an unscathed ground-floor poured cement slab, slightly elevated above grade. These images indicate that whatever impacted the Pentagon, came in nearly, if not absolutely, level.

This calls into question any of the eyewitness statements that reference a plane as "diving" into the building. We may also suspect those statements that say the plane hit the ground first, or that the left engine hit an air vent before impacting the building. If the left engine was that low it would have plowed into the slab too.

A superfluity of early eyewitness reports, such as that of Dawn Vignola, give some version of a story in which the energy of the plane's impact was dissipated before hitting the building, leaving the facade with less damage than might be expected. Of course, this presumes some sort of preexisting expectation. It would indicate to me that something went wrong with the attack plan, and a last-minute talking point was distributed for dissemination by those who were calling in the early reports to radio and TV. But any such scenario would place the brunt of the impact into the first-floor slab. Instead, we see a surface we could skateboard on.

According to the ASCE report, citing classified FBI reports, all the passenger remains were found on the ground floor, and no trajectories or exit points were established for the two heavy multi-ton high-carbon steel engines. (While at the same time, the report ignores the famous "punch-out" hole, as well as other blast damage and deflection into the A & E Drive.) But, it is a physical impossibility for both the passengers and the lower-riding engines to have entered the same floor without the engines also damaging the slab. The Bible speaks of the route to heaven as being "through a narrow gate," and this horizontal sluice is narrow indeed.

FEMA 4977
FEMA 4978
FEMA 4979
FEMA 4980
FEMA 4981

Of the eyewitness statements that reference a dive, or a marked angle of approach, two carry the grandiosity and sanctimoniousness of a failing conservative empire. James S. Robbins the columnist, wrote months after the fact, "The sight of the 757 diving in at an unrecoverable angle is frozen in my memory," adding, "I was there. I saw it. That is my entire rebuttal.”

Rick Renzi, the conservative Arizona Republican member of Congress
who is not seeking reelection for another term, is the focus of a wide ranging public-corruption probe being conducted by a federal grand jury. He said he was driving by the Pentagon on the overpass "less than 300 yards from the impact site at the Pentagon." He saw, "The plane came in at an incredibly steep angle with incredibly high speed . . ." as told in a Cox News piece, and a plane came "creaming in at a dive bombing angle," for the BBC.

Albert Hemphill, a Ballistic Missile Defense Organization staff member watching from the Navy Annex, said "The aircraft was at a sharp downward angle of attack, on a direct course for the Pentagon," which is an unusual perspective given his point of view from an office building atop a hill directly underneath the flight path.

Both Corporal Barry Foust and his partner, Officer Richard Cox, report in the Arlington County After-Action Report that they "saw a large American Airlines aircraft in steep descent on a collision course with the Pentagon."

The ACA-AR likewise reports "Captain Steve McCoy and the crew of ACFD Engine 101 were en route to a training session in Crystal City, traveling north on Interstate 395. Their conversation about the World Trade Center attack earlier that morning was interrupted by the sight and sound of a commercial airliner in steep descent, banking sharply to its right before disappearing beyond the horizon."

Mary Lyman, driving on Interstate 395 past the Pentagon, was quoted in the Boston Globe on September 12, "I saw a plane coming what I thought was toward National Airport, which is very close. You see that all the time. But this one looked different. It was at a very steep angle , and going very fast." She is quoted in the Washington Post on September 16, saying, "I was driving northbound to work in the District on I-395 when the Pentagon was hit. I actually saw the plane in front of me, coming in at a very steep angle toward the ground and going fast -- I think I actually heard it accelerate -- and then it disappeared and a cloud of smoke started billowing."

The mention of a last-second "acceleration," or any of its variations, like "pick up speed," or "added power," are another widely dispersed talking point, now transformed into shibboleths--a nail in the coffin of active participation in the plot.

Quick thinking "Barbara," the wife of a friend of CNN correspondent David Ensor, was interviewed on CNN at 10:20am. She was asked, how low was the plane? She responded by asking, "When it was coming down? Ah....ya, it was coming down on less than a 45 degree angle, and coming down toward the side of the...395."

Mary Ann Owens , a newsroom assistant at Gannett News Service who was driving to work in Rosslyn, writing in a Gannett outlet, This is local, London, said, "The sound of the engines came so quickly I thought it was another helicopter landing. I looked left to see a large plane barely clear the I-395 overpass. Instantly I knew what was happening, and I involuntarily ducked as the plane passed perhaps 50 to 75 feet above the roof of my car at great speed . The plane slammed into the west wall of the Pentagon, perhaps at the third-floor level. The impact was deafening. The fuselage hit the ground and blew up ."

"Looking up didn't tell me what type of plane it was because it was so close I could only see the bottom. Realising the Pentagon was its target, I didn't think the careering, full-throttled craft would get that far. Its downward angle was too sharp, its elevation of maybe 50 feet, too low. Street lights toppled as the plane barely cleared the Interstate 395 overpass. The thought that I was about to die was immediate and certain. This plane was going to hit me along with all the other commuters trapped on Washington Boulevard. Gripping the steering wheel of my vibrating car, I involuntarily ducked as the wobbling plane thundered over my head. Once it passed, I raised slightly and grimaced as the left wing dipped and scraped the helicopter area just before the nose crashed into the southwest wall of the Pentagon. "

This list isn't exhaustive but it has exhausted me. Through this and similar deconstruction of eyewitness reports, it has become apparent to me that nearly the entirety of the list of those that contain meaningful detail supporting the official story, was fabricated, all of the named individuals before-the-fact co-conspirators to an enhanced "drill," or "exercise"--what came to be known as "9-11."

The slab continues to appear unscathed as whatever-the-hell-it-was exits the building through the "punch out" hole. So much has been said and written about this hole, I want to just say "pull it."

It's becoming clear that the answer to what caused this hole is none of the above. It wasn't a nose cone, an engine turbine, or a landing gear; nor was it blasted out in an escape attempt by members of the Defense Information Agency, although my heart clings to that scenario, where desperate Americans heroically fight to save their lives. The hole was picked open by the teeth of a backhoe, or similar architectural jaw of death. Surrounding its entirety we see claw marks, but especially to the left of the opening, we see the different layers of brick and stucco in reverse order of what an outward blast would have wrought.

The following ground-. or first-floor plan shows the artifice, obfuscation and outright deceit of our federal government in making information available to the public. On this plan, the red lines are utterly pointless (on a second-floor plan they might could be justified as a reflected ceiling plan.) Then notice how the cross hatching is used to disguise the collapsed damage within the interior damage. All the diagrams and illustrations put out by the DoD are equally flawed. It would get a D- in any drafting class.

Craig's fun ASCE color illustration. It's so fun they have to leave the left engine back at Dulles.

Compare a 757 with a Dodge Neon (or their approximates.)

Bringing Christinity to Iraq --Bare Back Style

No need for a condom when you're dead. I think about my putative skateboarding friends over at quite a lot. For me, they are representative of a macho group, "stuck in the middle," of not only the books of toppling towers and unjust wars, but also the stories of the several revolutions currently in development. To no one in particular: I didn't mean what I said about your fingers and the wee, little wheels. Your sport is artistic, and aggressive, and skillful, and worthy of inclusion in both of the Olympic games. Better practice your ice-vert.

So maybe I'll deposit those images that strike my fancy as stimulating to the discussion about "homos and shit" over here at the bottom of this blog. That way I can feel like we're actually having a subtext, if not a text, and that I have imaginary friends, not enemies.

So dig these 13-year-olds in the video. The security apparatus constructed for the New World Order is a hapless, and helpless thing, and oh, so obvious.

Don't be afraid to express your feelings. Sometimes being a bunny is just a phase and it'll pass. Be true to yourself.

On occasion, we have to admit, we really don't know if the cigar is still a cigar.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

$250 Million Wedge 1 Pentagon Renovation

Plausible Deniability
Has Got Me In It's Spell

The single image, to my knowledge, in the record, that depicts the new system in the supposedly renovated section being demolished after damage from whatever.

How did this window glass (even the previous window glass installed before the recent renovations was "bullet-proof," high-quality stuff,) melt from a fire OUTSIDE of the building? Just asking.

The first and second story windows of the renovated Wedge 1, as seen in the following shot , weren't replaced as per contract, it's quite obvious. Were the contractors trying to steal that next extra million by neglecting the work they knew would be done over under a new no-bid contract?

What was so fishy about the damaged column at line 11 that it was boxed out to hide it?

The very bad and tasteless Helen Keller joke which I never outgrew: (with apologies in advance to the alternately abled and disabilities-rights communities for my offense.) What's wrong with this picture.

Finger signing into palm:

Well, the box hides nothing. We can see the bent and curving rebar that once was a ground-level column behind it, completely denuded of its concrete encasement, or as the French would say, enrobé. Now I know I know nothing of materials science, and even less about the quantum matter-churning effects of certain "high" explosives, but I must say, and I do so only in my gentlest, most humble, and most becoming manner; my tone of voice apologetic, begging forgiveness from those who must forbear this; my head bowed, cap clutched between my palms pressed against my chest, the toe of my shoe sheepishly kicking random patterns into the dust underfoot.....

No Fucking way a 757 American Airlines jetplane, left wing dipping ,wobbling, scraping, or holy rollering, with its throttles going full on doing fuck-shit, it's turbo loaded fuel tanks welter-weighing in, did this goddamn damage to this building this way. The provable scientific evidence is here in high resolution and nearly Technicolor, governmentally sourced for what that's worth, with the added bonus of a plywood cover up, because it's not the crime, it's the cover up.

On edit: May 5th, 2008. I need to lighten up big time. This is all a dance! An experiment! I'm dancing! I'm experimenting!

So I'll post here now a fun picture that fits in with this blog's general theme. I was waiting to rediscover a hi-res version of it to post, because popping it open is even more fun then, but you'll have to wait, take my word. So pop it open and see if you catch my drift. Do you see the fresh plywood screening that has been constructed to block the view in from the second-story windows? What possibly could have given rise to this? Like the one box column at the corner next to the collapsed portion, which was given a plywood sheathing, such work is intriguing because it is so beyond explanation.

Whatever the cause, all I know is the Pentagon is big on keeping secrets and I'm really into it! And since it is so rare to find any images in the record with any anomalous details at all, which potentially might carry some--currently unknown--meaning, I 'll take this opportunity to praise the eagle-eyed censors who release these things. I don't know what this means but I now it means something!

Now motherfucking deal with it you big strong fighting men and get real! If we keep going based on a lie of this magnitude we are very soon going to be completely fucked!


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It's getting a little overwhelming

I just want you to know that I'll be praying about the situation and I hope you have a good night.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Idaho Senator Larry Craig & Depleted Uranium

The photographic record of the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon in Arlington Virginia is notable for depicting precautionary safety measures taken by the responders. From the military folk, who in the earliest minutes of rescuing casualties are universally shown wearing disposable plastic gloves, to the literally hundreds of images of FEMA and Urban Search & Rescue workers depicted wearing respirators and full protective suits, it is clear, a disciplined rule was in effect from the beginning that no one entered the damaged portion of the building without full protection from contamination.

But what were the contaminants officials feared? The plane crashed into a renovated section of the building, fully remediated of lead, asbestos, and other toxins, with only a small portion of unrenovated section involved. Beyond unburnt jet fuel and some residual chemical suppression foam perhaps, and the unfortunate reality of human remains, a jetliner crashing into the building wouldn't introduce any additional chemical or biological elements to a hazardous condition.

This stands in high contrast to the disaster which befell the World Trade Center in New York, where 110 stories of asbestos-laden structure with a wide variety of organic and inorganic contents were pulverized into extremely fine dust. In the overwhelming human response to the collapses, little effort was made in even rudimentary breathing precautions, let alone trans-dermal or eye protection.

A series of official FEMA-released photographs depict an even greater attention to detail in preventing contamination to workers responding to the disaster at the Pentagon however. In several images taken on September 17, 2001, different Urban Search and Rescue team members are pictured at the Pentagon crash site being decontaminated following their duty shifts inside the damaged building. .

The above photograph carries a caption that says, "A decontamination worker sprays the boots of a rescue team member who has just come out of the rubble of the destroyed section of the Pentagon." Extraordinary attention was paid to decontaminating footgear.

In fact, special trained workers were employed to undertake the decontaminating process. The above photograph is captioned, "Team members wait at the decontamination station for workers to exit the building at the Pentagon crash site."

Even FEMA Director Joe M. Allbaugh went through the decontamination process after touring the Pentagon crash site on September 15, 2001, again with special attention applied to his foot gear.

The above photograph is captioned, "A FEMA Urban Search and Rescue worker and her dog from New Mexico Task Force One go through the decontamination process after doing work inside of the Pentagon."

The rescue dogs probably had to endure more bath time in two weeks then they were accustomed to in a year. Above is compliant Gus, a rescue dog from Tennessee Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue team, going through decontamination after searching in the crash site at the Pentagon.

Some sources state that such a precise decontamination process involving specially trained workers, especially with such special attention focused on the foot gear of workers, is evidence of exposure to radioactive contamination. Since nothing in the Pentagon or on Flight 77 has been revealed as a likely source of radioactivity, these images may point to alternate theories about what may have impacted the Pentagon. A source of contamination could come from a missile with a depleted uranium warhead. Such "bunker-buster" munitions are used to pierce hardened structures to deliver the explosive blasts to targets deep within. That seems to be the case at the Pentagon, as evidenced by the ASCE building study, which reports on extreme column damage, with even a section of the second-floor concrete slab deflected upward several feet. This is hard to reconcile with the crash of a light-weight aluminum airplane and the resulting carbon fires.

The United States has been accused of using depleted uranium munitions as a matter of course in Iraq, starting with the first Gulf War in 1991, and beginning again in 2003. Such wanton use of recycled radioactive waste carries with it grave implications for the land and its people, including American soldiers presently stationed there. Attempts are being made to blame Saddam Hussein for using biological and chemical weapons in 1991 as a likely cause of the recognizable "Gulf War Syndrome" affecting American veterans of that war, although there is more evidence the United States is responsible.

Furthermore, the fruits of such actions are being manifested in Iraq as we speak. In addition to the estimated 600,000 Iraqi children who died as a result of the American-led sanctions against Iraq, which impoverished all of Iraq between the wars but for a tiny ruling elite, a web site, appropriately named Answering Christianity, lists birth defects resulting from the poisoning of vast stretches of Iraq with spent depleted uranium munitions. Such an attribution will have to remain anecdotal for now, as I'm sure the scientific studies necessary to prove causality are way down the list of pressing needs.

This is but one aspect of the moral failure of the United States in illegally invading Iraq, unleashing a war of aggression against an innocent people, which has resulted in horrific crimes and untold loss. That Christians and Jews ganged up on their Abrahamic co-religionists, the Muslims, is a stain that never can be lifted.

I ask that you witness the score of images that follow, that you

(I have) Do Not Look Away!

Every citizen of the United States shares in the responsibility for what our nation has done. Accepting that responsibility is the only way to salvation.

When men give or receive blow jobs in the limited privacy of a stall in a public restroom it is many things. An affront to civic order perhaps, an imposition to our mores certainly, but one thing it is not is sin. To cast it as such is to lie, because

This is sin. A breathing devil of evil intent lives in every one of these images. And this is but a fraction of what we have done. Where are our churches and synagogues?


Do Not Look Away!

I did