Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bringing Christinity to Iraq --Bare Back Style

No need for a condom when you're dead. I think about my putative skateboarding friends over at quite a lot. For me, they are representative of a macho group, "stuck in the middle," of not only the books of toppling towers and unjust wars, but also the stories of the several revolutions currently in development. To no one in particular: I didn't mean what I said about your fingers and the wee, little wheels. Your sport is artistic, and aggressive, and skillful, and worthy of inclusion in both of the Olympic games. Better practice your ice-vert.

So maybe I'll deposit those images that strike my fancy as stimulating to the discussion about "homos and shit" over here at the bottom of this blog. That way I can feel like we're actually having a subtext, if not a text, and that I have imaginary friends, not enemies.

So dig these 13-year-olds in the video. The security apparatus constructed for the New World Order is a hapless, and helpless thing, and oh, so obvious.

Don't be afraid to express your feelings. Sometimes being a bunny is just a phase and it'll pass. Be true to yourself.

On occasion, we have to admit, we really don't know if the cigar is still a cigar.

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