Friday, September 28, 2007

Lloyde Loyde Lloyd Loyd England

The following two photographs depict Loyde England's taxi cab in two different, widely disparate positions that cannot be reconciled.
USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Gary Coppage 030204-O-9999J-007

Unattributed, but a governmentally sourced Ingersall shot, specific photo found at, his page with commentary here at Geoff Metcalf, but I advise you not to hotlink to, nor download from, Metcalf--you may visit and click but be quick. Geoff's story of how he came to host these images is a fascinating tale in and of itself, but it doesn't justify his going undercover as a Trojan horse. My version above is as clean as the driven slush.

Using the following aerial image annotated by the Citizen Investigative Team as our guide, we can make out the point where the dressed stone parapet and the steel guardrail overlap. The guardrail ends near the backs of two signs, at the apex of the overpass. The parapet peaks out where the foliage ends, near the numeral "1" on the annotated map, but easier to spot on the original Google Maps. (Interestingly, CIT has photoshopped out the replacement lamp poles, which are shown in Google Maps.)

We can then reference the location of England's taxicab in the Metcalf/Ingersoll image as near the bridge apex, likely straddling a white dash line painted on the highway, although that is not apparent given the absurdly tight cropping of the image below, also hosted by Metcalf.

Assuming the vegetation hasn't changed much (it appears to be taken before the 1rst anniversary in 2002) we can associate the next white dash line as being the one lying forward of the white sports coup with the special "Firemen" Virginia license plate, in the same image.

In the Coppage image, we can see a small bit of the stone wall peaking out from the shrubbery and can associate it clearly with a white dash line. This is the dash line lying ahead of the sports coup in the Ingersoll/Metcalf image, behind which, hidden in the shrubbery, is England's taxicab. This means that between the two images, the taxicab has been positioned a full three or four car-lengths apart.

It is easier to look on the Google map itself to determine the length of the stone wall.

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Clear to my way of thinking, is why the opportunity for this discrepancy occurred, if not the actual fact of it. In the handful of human-interest vignette scenes of medical triage, along with this Driving Miss Daisy subplot of the faithful Negro retainer, the emotional disconnect between the actors and reality is too great for the action recorded to have been taking place on the morning of the eleventh. This is true even taking into consideration that everyone actually on the scene on the eleventh, who we know to be there through video cross-referencing, appears emotionally disconnected from events to some degree. Foreknowledge and falsity have that effect on people.

So the two Metcalf/Ingersoll images were staged and shot in advance of 9-11. In the days preceding, Route 27/Washington Blvd would have been shut down by military fiat, for periods likely up to 30 minutes. Since I-395 northbound was designed and built to obscure the view of the Western facade of the Pentagon, giving only a tightly controlled glimpse of the building to passing motorists, traffic would need to be stopped only on Route 27 in advance of the multiple event attack scenario running from 9:15am to after 10am on the morning of the eleventh. That complete control of the highways near the Pentagon has long been in military hands can be inferred simply by the locating of a VDOT headquarters nearby, which the Pentagon usurped as emergency quarters after 9-11.

The central image depicting Mr. England is an obvious contrivance. The centered and leveled phone number on the open door is a heavy handed signal. And it seems odd that a Virginia resident who is the owner/driver of a taxicab licensed in the District of Columbia wouldn't advertise an area code along with his 7-digit phone number. I'll have to check to be sure, but I think we can't make out a single license plate number in any of the other images in the Pentagon 9-11 record. But here, with England, we see two, along with an in-your-face, albeit truncated phone number. Are there any numerologists or cryptographers out there who can do anything with H-81340, 546-2400, I-665 in any sundry order?

That may pay more dividends than getting deeply involved in Mr. England's reading matter, or the mechanics of pole toppling. The various threads around, like abovetopsecret,
rehash the event without getting to any real meat. First, we need to know the source of material.

For instance the following shot of pole #4, , along with a half dozen or so other images, was posted to the web by someone named Mark Hodgson, a uniformed military man from Clarke Air Force Base. I call these vanity web pages, like I should talk. His is here at Pentagon.

Hodgson's image of pole #4 is a classic military thumper, it lands with such a heavy clunk. Frighteningly framed by bits of vehicle edges, the pole lies inartistically at the top of a rise. We would have to be autistic to miss the point, what there is of one.

But the remaining images put this one to shame, for their inanity, pointlessness and the absurdity of trying to pass them off as things of interest--they can be found, where I put them, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Someone must have patented a miasma brush for Photoshop, and then went at it, as an inexplicable fog suffuses everything. But what's there is only the backsides of things, randomly ordered, and ugly and banal to boot. That this series of anti-Zen throwaways was used to provide a context for the release of one image of pole number four should beg the question, why?

For if all roads lead only to Rome, all poles lead only to a punch out hole, and that's the central hole in the logic of the official version of events.


  1. Let me take a deep breath and try not to be too hard on you here.

    1. We didn't photoshop any light poles out of that image. If you look closely they are still there mostly covered by the numbers we added.
    (what would be the point of that anyway?)

    2. At one point we also thought that cab was closer to the bridge in the Ingersoll close up. Except that was over a year and a half ago:

    (Aldo has a certain disdain for ATS and would use absurd avatars and screen names in defiance.)

    Anyway it's clear to us now that this is an illusion due foreshortening and the angle of the shot. Put your picture staring superpowers into the full sequence of Ingersoll shots leading up to that image with their original timestamps provided:

    Bits of the cab and pole are visible in many of those shots and we believe this is when they placed pole 1.

    Another example of foreshortening from that close up image is how the pole itself looks so short and the bend so pronounced compared to this:

    or this:

    Lloyd's story is absurd enough on it's own to prove that his scene was staged but the best physical evidence of this is of course his pristine hood:

  2. Oh and watch 9/11 Ripple Effect for video footage of the cab in place or you can even get a little glimpse of some in Lloyd's NBC interview here:

    The notion that they didn't really stage scene on 9/11 and photoshopped the background is incorrect and unnecessary.

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