Friday, November 23, 2007

Awakening to the 9-11 Lies: It Never Gets Any Easier:

The 9-11 Commission Report opens officially with the words, "We Have Some Planes," and that is about all we ever learn of the four flights hijacked on September 11th. We're provided with a generic description of the equipment; AA's Flight 11 was a 767; and AA's Flight 77 was a 757; United's Flight 175 was a 767; and United's 93, a 757. But without knowing the series numbers and some information about how the cabins were configured, we can't know the passenger capacities for the flights, which in the 767-200ER series alone can range from a spacious 181 seats to a sardine-packed 255.

The Washington Post published graphics, sourced to Boeing that indicate the 767's were the extended range versions of the 200 class, which are the smallest of the three sizes.

Only one passenger seating chart was ever made public, for American Flight 11 out of Boston. It was obtained by the Boston Globe, who provided a copy to its sister-paper-in-profit, the New York Times, who published it after first dicking with it. It depicts the plane configured with first, business, and economy classes and seating 181, although if you study the chart closely you only come up with 159 as illustrated.

So not only were the smallest aircraft in the fleet utilized on September 11th, they also had the most leg room---11 fewer seat rows than in a charter-service cabin. Flight 11 was the first and the fullest of the four aircraft hijacked that day, but it was still only operating at 40 percent of capacity. However, in a note to Chapter 1, the Commission says Flight 11 was "at or slightly above the average number of passengers for the respective flights that summer."Note 21

That's bullshit cover of course. Page 21 of the Commission report gives us a tidbit of small print information, saying Flight 93 "had no business class section," from which we can infer it outfitted in two-classes, as 224 seats. CNN said Flight 93 crashed with 45 aboard--seven in crew, four unnamed hijackers, going on to name 26 passengers, which only adds up to 37. At the one-year mark, the Boston Globe published a list with 33 passenger names, which is still short.

But then the Report contradicts itself, saying in note 72 of Chapter 1 the capacity was 182, not 224: "The 37 passengers represented a load factor of 20.33 percent of the plane’s seating capacity of 182, considerably below the 52.09 percent for Flight 93 on Tuesdays in the three-month period prior to September 11 (June 11–September 4, 2001.)"

To gage the legitimate passenger occupancy rates on the four flights we should rightly exclude the hijackers as non-organic. Even the disseminators of the flight manifests didn't included their names, they only wanted their numbers. In reality, Flight 93 pulled away from the gate with only 33 passengers, four hijackers, and seven in crew, in a cabin fitted for 224, which is a 15 percent occupancy rate, and an indictment.

Note 21, which I briefly quoted before, reads in full:
"While Flights 11 and 77 were at or slightly above the average number of passengers for the respective flights that summer, Flights 175 and 93 were well below their averages. We found no evidence to indicate that the hijackers manipulated the passenger loads on the aircraft they hijacked. Financial records did not reveal the purchase of any tickets beyond those the hijackers used for themselves. See FBI response to Commission briefing request no. 6, undated (topic 8); AAL report, “Average Load Factor by Day-of-Week,” undated (for Flights 11 and 77 from June 11, 2001, to Sept. 9, 2001); AAL response to the Commission’s supplemental document requests, Jan. 20, 2004; UAL report, Flight 175 BOS-LAX Load Factors, undated (from June 1, 2001, to Sept. 11, 2001); UAL report, “Explanation of Load Factors,” undated.

Now they don't call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist for nothing, so I want you to read between the lines of the previous bibliographic references. The Commission had to make a supplemental document request of American Airlines in order to establish just the bare facts under discussion? Does this represent cooperation to you? Flight 77 carried 50 very special passengers, for an occupancy rate of under 25 percent. The 40 percent occupancy on board Flight 11 may have been typical in the summer months, but it has never been my experience to get on empty flights like that.

I've saved the best for last. Chapter 1, Note 40:
The 56 passengers represented a load factor of 33.33 percent of the airplane’s seating capacity of 168, below the 49.22 percent for Flight 175 on Tuesdays in the three-month period prior to September 11, 2001. See UAL report, Flight 175 BOS-LAX Load Factors, undated (from June 1, 2001, to Sept. 11, 2001). Nine passengers holding reservations for Flight 175 did not show for the flight. They were interviewed and cleared by the FBI. FAA report, “Executive Summary,” Sept. 12, 2001; FAA report, “Executive Summary, Chronology of a Multiple Hijacking Crisis, September 11, 2001,” Sept. 17, 2001; UAL record, Flight 175 ACARS report, Sept. 11, 2001; UAL record, Flight 175 Flight Data Recap, Sept. 11, 2001.
Where in the industry did they get a capacity of 168? In the absence of clear evidence, I'm willing to go as low as 181, even though 200 is a more likely threshold of profitability. There were nine crew members!!! Subtract out the five Arabs if you want, for 51 divided by 181 equals 29 percent, which is in busted! Bush territory!

I want to say a word of thanks and praise here for Killtown's excellent work. No one else has so beautifully organized such a vast amount of material as he has, and his pages just continue to gain clarity and value as resources over time. Sometimes I think of him as more of an agency. Bits and pieces I thought forever lost were often found in safe keeping there. If I could sup at only one place, it would be at Killtown's feet, where I'd feel fat.

That said, Killtown absolutely mucked up his section posting on the Passenger Loads. He includes the crew numbers with the passenger numbers even, so it's not a philosophical difference over leaving in or taking out the skew of hijackers. But weirdly, I guess everything gets balanced out, since he also relies on inflated seating capacity numbers like 255 and 239, when we have clear evidence that is wrong in at least two cases--Flights 11 and 93, where it's 181, and 224 respectively.

Oh well, I did my numbers and the aggregate for the four planes hijacked on September 11th came in at 26 percent occupancy, instead of Killtown's 27%, so I guess he's smarter than he looks. I'm thinking about getting him a used 767 for Christmas. My way of expressing the potential in the New World Order.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Judy Wood's "Nasty P*ssy"

Bidden, I received an email from someone named Tyler Kellen ( Apparently, he is a moderator of a message board, The subject of the email said, "BCO: Welcome to the Belly of the Beast Mr. Warran." The body of the email contained only the following:
Username: StevenWarRan
Password: 911d00d
Let’s roll.
"StevenWarRan," or stevenwarran, is an internet stage name I use instead of my real name, Steven Welch. I am an internet actor/poster/artiste who attempts to debunk the official story of September 11th 2001 by using a variety of legal, ethical, moral and artistic constructs to help release the paradigm held by a shrinking percentage of American opinion, (and an even less percentage worldwide,) that the American government's version of reality could possibly be true.

I'd been following several crewcial threads that were lightheartedly discussing me and my work on November 14. On November 15 at 3:40am Tyler's email invited me in to participate. I admit, I misread his invitation, "Let's Role," as saying, "Bring It On!"

Six threads linked here contain the body of this work.

Our association began much earlier however, on a crewcial thread from 2005 called
The 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy, which only included me a year later when...
riskus posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 5:54:27 pm

this shit is never going to end. I can only hope people dont continue to point this crap out to me []
Our first chance at a discussion, on November 15, 2007, was mostly banter and play, and by that evening my account no longer was working. I emailed Tyler to thank him for the ride
That was fun! Thank you very much! Hope you got something out of it as well. I emailed sxesteve and got a very civil response back! Is it time for the spy to come in from the cold? My assets feel extremely penetratable but that window may close suddenly (I know my assets well.) P.S.That deft little thing you did with the technology really put me in my place!
Tyler very nicely emailed back
Steven, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, it definitely provided us with some amusement as well. PS: I really doubt that but I’m glad you’re making light of it because it certainly wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

(I think we may have gotten our steves a little bit mixed upped in our post scripts, but it was of no account.)
Being prohibited from posting on his board, I emailed Tyler back with a long first-draft of a blog I was working on
Hi Tyler! Sorry to bother you. It's just that you are my only human contact in the entire world at the moment. Don't feel any pressure please. I was just working on a new blog about you guises IP addresses and I got to the hard part--transcribing all the educational institutions information--and I needed to come up for air! I thought to send you a 1rst draft in hopes you guise might provide some psycho-sexual stimulation (assuming you've caught on to my routine.)

I'm calling it:

The Meat and the Potatoes

Stevenwarran has made a specialty of publishing the IP addresses of visitors who come to him from an organized theme or source, and he has been roundly criticized for the Internet naiveté this displays—a lacuna, which he quickly owns. But like when Craig Ranke pooh-poohed the 50-year-old recently after having to teach him the difference between his browser window and his search engines, stevenwarran can feel only charm in his own incompetence.

And he doesn’t need to be a pattern algorithm expert to infer certain information from the relationships established in a two-day surge of visits by posters to the message board. Relationships between corporate, educational, not-for-profit and governmental organizations that beg the question: What motivates 800 people who vehemently disagree with his research, opinion and analysis about the events of September 11, 2001, to come calling, with some staying hours even, especially since they say they deplore the sub-standard writing style the material is delivered in?

You’ll have to answer that question for yourself [hidden.txt]lemmings.[/hidden.txt] StevenWarRan can only laboriously lay out the information as he continues to fly on a wing and a prayer.

Corporate America

The following list of corporate entities (with maybe a few not-for-profits and tech. switching centers thrown in as well by mistake,) are guilty of visiting stevenwarran.blogspot through a recent linkage via, and like a man who has sex with another man, even just once in their entire lives, they should be viewed as queered by it.

Morrison & Foerster, San Francisco CA
Pixel Bridge, Lexington Mass.
Yurman, Design New York NY
J. Crew Group, New York NY
Algomod, New York NY
Monsanto, Saint Louis Missouri
Extensive Networks, San Bernardino CA
Active Fire Sprinkler, Livingston NJ
Acc Business, Beachwood Ohio
Gennera Knab, Cleveland Ohio
Emerson Electric Co, Saint Louis Missouri
Seaport Graphics, Boston Mass
American Institute of Architects, D.C.
Mohonk Mountain House, Newburgh NY, Sterling Conn.
Freemarkets, Pittsburgh PN
Warner Music Group, New York NY, “United States”
Massachusetts Continuing Legal, Cambridge
AD Marble And Co., Conshohocken PN
Uslec Corp., Philadelphia PN
Baker & Daniels, Indianapolis IN
Charles Fletcher, Chicago IL
Global Sports, King of Prussia PN
Boston Architectural Center Brookline MA 67.1`08.219.66 “United States”
Open Computer Network, Tokyo Japan
Womens World Banking New York NY
Cove Software Systems, Annapolis Maryland
Corente, East Brunswick NJ
Berndt Group, Baltimore Maryland
Sympatico, Toronto Ontario
Csc. Holdings Inc., Lindenhurst NY
Intellispace New York NY
Factset Research Systems, Norwalk Conn.
Sterling Johnson Capital Belvedere Tiburon CA
Right Media Llc, New York NY
Nibsco, Washington D.C.
Eli Lilly & Co. Indianapolis IN
Badnwidth Cary NC, New York NY
Mary Ann Leibert, Larchmont NY
Morgan Stanley Group, New York NY
Environmental Science Assoc. Sacramento CA
Special Olympics, Washington D.C.
Nicos Ag, Chicago IL
Abcam Cambridge Mass
Hearst Corporation New York NY
Tla Video Philadelphia PN Philadelphia PN Wayne PN
Leadership Directories New York NY Chicago IL
Embarq Corporation Fayetteville NC
Paine Webber Group New York NY
Lost Boys Bv Amsterdam Holland
Cidc Internal Use Beloeil Quebec
Clean Harbors Environmental Norwell Mass
McNally Robinson Booksellers Calgary Alberta CA
Stamats Comm. Cedar Rapids IA
Molecular Nutting Lake Mass

The Repeat Offenders:
Frittering away their office hours monitoring a nonsense blog like stevenwarran. They should be ashamed of themselves. Do your jobs, America, or we won’t be able to compete!, San Francisco CA
Together Networks, Seattle WA
Waterford Foundation, Waterford VA
Washington City Paper, Washington D.C.
Sargent & Lundy Engineers, Chicago IL
Imaging Associates, Fort Mill SC
Valentine Insurance Agency, Bloomingdale IL
Wayne County Gov., Detroit Mich.
Kaiser Permanete Medical Care, Walnut Creek CA
Ad Astra 272375, Kansas City Missouri
SK Intertainment, Oak Park IL
Gilbert Sackman A Law Corporation, L.A. CA
Frog Design, Dallas Texas
Alliance Mortgage Co., Jacksonville FL
Goldman Sachs, N.Y. NY
Parexel, Bedford Mass.
Group 9, Levittown PN
Cfi Group, Ann Arbor Michigan

The Top Bad Boys:
With multiple addresses all over America, these companies spend way too much time playing with stevenwarran and their profit and loss statements show it. Investors beware!

Rcn Corporation Brookline Mass.
Rcn Corporation, Brighton Mass
Rcn Corporation, Gaithersburg Maryland
Rcn Corporation, Lehigh Valley PN
Rcn Corporation, Silver Springs Maryland
Mediacom Communication Corp., Columbia Missouri
Mediacom Communication Corp., Smithville GA
Mediacom Communication Corp., Middletown NY
Mediacom Communication Corp., Iowa City IA
Mediacom Communication Corp., Des Moines IA
Performance Systems International, New York NY
Performance Systems International, Reston VA
Aquantive, New York NY
Aquantive, Philadelphia PN216.99.2.9

Government By The People
Other websites like mine have posted far more interesting collections of site visits by quasi-military-industrial complex-related government entities, but I’m just a baby getting started in the game and I’ll take what I can get.

Government of the District of Columbia
Executive Office of the Governor State of Florida
Department of Homeland Security (Lbm) Durham NC129.33.119.12
Drug Enforcement Administration Arlington VA
Naval Ocean Systems Center Chevy Chase Maryland
New York Sate Senate Troy NY
State of Texas General Services Commission San Antonio TX

The Whores of Academia
Wesley Theological Seminary D.C.
Winthrop University Rock Hill SC
Fordham University Bronx NY
Catholic University of America D.C.
University of Sheffield UK.
Temple University Philadelphia PA
Yale University New Haven CN
State University of New York Stony Brook 130 245.199.91
Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport IA
University of Illinois at Chicago
Northeastern University Tewsbury MA
Mount Sinai School of Medicine N.Y. NY
Mount Sinai School of Medicine Roslyn NY
State University Seattle WA
University of Oregon, Eugene OR
College of St. Catherine Saint Paul MI
University of Pennsylvania,,
University of California San Diego, La Jolla
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx NY
Columbia College Chicago IL
George Washington University D.C.
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH
Charlotte Public Schools, Michigan
Florida State University, Tallahassee FL
Rutgers University Dayton NJ
NYC Public Schools Bronz NY
Stanford University Stanford CA Baltimore Maryland
University of Chicago IL
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center PN
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MD
Harvard University Cambridge MA
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (
Montefiore Medical Center Bronx NY
Longwood Medical Area Network (Harvard)
University of Florida Gainesville FL
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
American Institute of Physics Woodbury NY Georgia Board of Regents
State University Seattle WA Glenview Il
University of California San Francisco
Oarnet ( Columbus OH
Geneva College Beaver Falls PN
The Drexel University Campus Philadelphia PN
Bethune Ed Little Rock AR
University of Maryland at Baltimore
Georgetown University D.C.
University of Iowa Iowa City IA Allison Park PN
Brooks Institute Santa Barbara CA
Sweet Briar College VA
Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau
Lehigh University Bethlehem PN
On November 18, I noted that in another act of retreat, an associated message board called critical thrash had recoded its access, making their threads publicly unavailable. This was the third such defeat by the boards. They first made their membership private, then they made their contents unavailable for searches consequent to robots.txt. Thirdly, they were making the actual bodies of the threads, which contained an enormous amount of my personal writings unavailable to me or others. So I emailed Tyler back in a fit of pique.
I'm really mad that you assholes found it necessary to recode my critical thrash threads and make them publically unavailable. Wasn't it your game to have an "closed forum under the guise of an open one?"

Repeatedly, you have had to pull back as your position has been overrun. You are being defeated in increments. How does it feel to lose more wars big strong American fighting men?

I think I'm going to have to track you down and kill you now. Plus, I have the whole thread downloaded (and printed out on paper. Remember paper you callow youth?) and I will post it in toto on my blog where even robots.txt can't have at it, and only because you telegraphed the importance of the material.


And you did read I said I was going to track you down and kill you didn't you? Homos. We shall, we shall rock you! I am going to use my Chinese opera stage weaponry, circa 1825, and I'm going to prick your boils. Then I'm going to boil your prick!
Tyler must not have appreciated my masterful use of transliteration between pique and prick. Just moments ago, about 2pm EST, I received a phone call from an Officer Erik Norstein of the Sauk Rapids, Minnesota police department, saying he had received a complaint from Tyler Kellen that I had threatened him with Chinese Opera stage weaponry, circa 1825! Officer Erik asked if, before he subpoenaed IP addresses and pursued an investigation, if I'd be willing to not email Tyler in the future. I readily agreed. Before Officer Erik made his plea I had slipped in two more emails to Tyler of an escalating nature.

One, titled, All you people need to hang by the neck until dead, read
Tyler: The January 9-15, 1997 issue of Metro

Do you see the historic progression that's led us to today's international debacle? But then a complete outsider with no skills whatsoever like myself can come in and through inference, cause as much damage as I have to the officially sanctioned story, the one that all 800 of you establishment, pretend-non-establishment,crewcial types hold onto and defend so fiercely. This is all well and good, except I don't like the light-hearted banter gloss that you effect. I think Ian Meyer is much more honest when he lets go with "the directed energy weapon of Judy Wood's nasty pussy." My, my! She must be causing some problems in control central!

And for the record, violence doesn't work any more. I know this so I don't advocate it. I don't know what you and your friends believe, because your whole game has become so convoluted by aliases and fake accounts and code and double-entendre that you don't know if you're coming or going. You may even be a friend to me and support my theories but you're unable to be honest and express it in any useful or productive way. Call it double-return-cointelpro-counter-antireductive agentry. Useless garbage.
My next email, with a subject heading, Hideous Motherfuckers!!!! was terser, which was worser.

Death becomes you.
So I could appreciate Officer Erik's call, and Tyler's call to him that prompted it, as a call from God, saying whoa, Nemo, time to chill.

The sidebar exchange with steve riskus that I mentioned above, elicited from the mysterious eyewitness the most extensive communication we've ever had.

Our Email Exchange Nov. 16-19, 2007

To steve riskus, I say it would be great to be back on your critical thrash board to bat banter and sling slang now that I am a bit more mature. My real concern is having access to threads by and about me, or in which I have contributed. At least I found a cached version of the introductory thread, have you guys seen this yet?, and my masterpiece, Hi Boys! I hope you're watching the Discovery Channel.

The waste of time that is on the other hand, is best expressed in those few postings where a dialectic slightly more serious than mining for aliases and fake accounts can be found. One such poster, named murphy had this to say on November 15th, 2007 @ 12:21:48 pm:

My brother in law was one of the first policemen at the scene and has a piece of the plane. I've seen it.
The utter inanity of such a statement is disrespectful of the 9-11 dead because of its sheer stupidity. Like the eyewitnesses who say they saw a plane come in on "an unrecoverable dive," if Americans had to die, could not the plot that killed them have ironed out the details of a sensible story?

Science and rule of law have given way to fable and spin. When TWA Flight 800 investigator James Sanders was accused of stealing a playing-card-sized piece of seat fabric from the doomed plane he was rigorously prosecuted and faced ten years in jail. But in contrast, Flight 77 provided a plethora of fiberglass souvenirs and mementos, from Rumsfeld's mounted piece as a coffee-table sculpture, which he fawned over in a Fox Network bio-pic, to Penny Elgas'
museum donation, and aziz elhallan's show-and-tell..

A drunk murphy, we are told.

And to anybody listening, especially Tyler Kellen and Ian Meyer, nothing has been so fruitful as the chance line of Ian's in one of the BCO threads above, when he says, and I paraphrase,
"The directed energy weapon that is Judy Wood's nasty pussy."
We reveal ourselves in myriad ways. Sometimes with the sheer nonsensicalness of our depravity. Ian, your foul and miserable characterization of your female opponent should have every one of your female colleagues at your throat baying for revenge. If you can't treat a doctor of science with basic human respect you ought to get your blue-eyed, blond-haired Jewish ass back to Iowa and sit out the rest of your life in a corn field.

Ian Meyer and HIS nasty pussy

But you have shone a spotlight on the immense power of your opponent's argument through your careless and stupid remark. You black-budget operatives are weak and sloppy non-starters in the competitive new century.

And Tyler? Better keep your boils to yourself.

Tyler Kellen after a boil piercing.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Torturing Alberto Gonzales

Reading a pretty useless vlv thread, I came upon an obscure reference, "Scaphists go to jail." Since it is my unconscious desire to wind up in a military prison by Christmas, naturally I dic dot commed the unfamiliar word, only to find the closest reference was a word Scaphism. This was from the ancient Greek for a trough, and it describes an ancient mode of punishing criminals among the Persians, by confining the victim in a trough, with his head and limbs smeared with honey or the like, and exposed to the sun and to insects until he died. (You do see how I have described my entire thought process, so that you don't have to beat the truth out of me, don't you?)

But the encyclopedia entry is positively prurient!

Scaphism, also known as the boats, is an ancient Persian method of execution designed to inflict torturous death. The name comes from the Greek word skaphe, meaning "scooped (or hollowed) out" and from Latin word meaning "boats".

The naked person would be firmly fastened within a back-to-back pair of narrow rowboats (or in some variations a hollowed out tree trunk), the head, hands, and feet protruding from this improvised container. The condemned was forced to ingest milk and honey to the point of developing severe diarrhea, and more honey would be rubbed on his body so as to attract insects to the exposed appendages. They would then be left to float on a stagnant pond (or alternately, simply exposed to the sun somewhere). The defenseless individual's feces accumulated within the container, attracting more insects, which would eat and breed within his or her exposed (and increasingly gangrenous) flesh. Death, when it eventually occurred, was probably due to a combination of dehydration, starvation and septic shock.

In other recorded versions, the insects did not eat the person; biting and stinging insects such as wasps, which were attracted by honey on the body, acted as the torture.

Death by scaphism is painful, humiliating, and protracted. Plutarch writes in Artaxerxes that Mithridates, sentenced to die in this manner for killing Cyrus the Younger, survived 17 days before dying.

I suppose it is the reference to diarrhea that put me in mind of the force feeding of prisoners in Guantanamo. Inserting a size-too-large tube into the nose of a chair-bound prisoner for a liquid lunch usually leads to wet-sounding farts. (Again, I am describing my entire creative process for the above-stated reasons. And don't you admire how Homer-esque I sound in my adjectival compound forms? Rosy-fingered cavity bodily fluids flung...)

Given my twisted logic, several things started to gel around this concept. The similarity of boats with water boards, for instance. The illogic of putting high-value prisoners in sensory-deprivation hoods, goggles and mitts when aiming to extract factual information from the personality disordered results. Equating Persians and Iranians with the permissions the United States has granted the rest of the world to practice torture as they see fit. The sexualization inherent in the naked Abu Gharib mistreatment, where Senator Lindsey Graham tells us Americans murdered and anally raped adolescent boys. That sort of thing.

Of course, I always aim to be upfront, even when I'm face down. I want to see Alberto Gonzales and the core of high-level "Justice" Department and C.I.A. sadists tortured until death as punishment for crimes judicially reviewed and penalized. I want their punishment to be as protracted and painful as possible and passing poop until putrid sounds alliteratively perfect.

Just updated though. I see designer coffin-shaped body casts, allowing full movement for the limbs and head sticking out. The nose tube goes in and then lots and lots of milk and honey constantly pumped in from a belly-pack. This should prevent a premature death from dehydration or starvation. A scientifically blended mixture of maggots, flies and pond-scum matter would be injected in.

Then I want it televised--with commercial interruption. The toughest of these men (and women?) might could earn my respect by lasting longest and crying out the most horrifically, begging for forgiveness. Americans would have buttons in their homes, and depending on the details revealed in their trials, some might be released as their suffering becomes acute and the necrotic tissue spreads to exposed tissue, with maggots crawling into tear ducts. Conversely, some may appear not to be suffering enough, in which case Americans at home could call for the honey and the wasps treatment for some visual fun. Then there are always whips and electric cattle prods.

Does this horrify you? Then you are a sick pathetic sub-human animal. The torturous treatment Americans are already guilty of, have already unleashed across the planet, already have grounded into fact, makes such surgically precise hypotheticals seem like the kisses of angels or the healing of sick children. We sleep because it is too painful to awaken.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bored Cruel C.O.

The final tally is in.

My brilliant strategic move of advertising on BCO, the board message board was a numbing success. My Google Ad campaign cost me a grand total of $73.32 (I have a balance!) It created 178,059 "impressions" or ethereal mental thought "sightings." These resulted in 508 "clicks," or willful decisions to validate stevenwarran's trauma by paying him a visit and seeing what he was up to. These visitor's personal information has been recorded for future misuse.

Over two days 823 board crewcial habitees paid calls (with duplication of course.) This led to 1205 page loads. Today, alas, only 26, mostly none-bco callers have come, which proves, what the Lord giveth, the Lord doth taketh away.

Butt my true tactical achievement was in getting access as a bco board member for an entire 24-hour period! I danced! I sang! I bantered with the best of them! It was like waking up inside a Roman Gladiator movie! But like Cinderella, at the stroke of midnight, I was returned to my humdrum existence, my F-14, a mere pumpkin, my strapping serving wenches, just mice.

Technical data: (I was "bidding" $5 per thousand impressions but when I noticed in the afternoon I was getting "bumped" by other ads I raised my Max CPM to $40 to show I really meant business, but my CTR remained at 33% and my average CPM has stayed steady at $0.36 or $0.37.

You'll have to figure out what all this means by visiting Google AdWords yourself as it is all over my head, although I did learn a new Greek word today: Apokatastasis, which is the transformation of satanic energy to celestial energy,

My visitor activity as of Wednesday afternoon had 517 page loads by 338 unique visitors, 48 of whom are returnees, as compared with 30 unique visitors Tuesday and a total so far this month of only 979, so my bell curve is suddenly looking very Matterhorn-esque. Many, if not most, of the additional 142 visitors were referred by that pair of delicious threads BCOers found it necessary to start processing their feelings about me, me, me, me.

We are very gratified by the quality of our visitors too, with lots of high-tone academic nefarious-sounding business going on, and visits often lasting many hours in some cases! Thank you all very, very much!

Be careful what you wish for:
And I would very much like to have a BCO account identity and password emailed to me-thanks, bethx, for suggesting it (and is that you bitchy michele? What happened? Are you getting the blocks put to you regular like so you dropped the adjective?)

This present situation isn't the wisest way to communicate. Perhaps some things would be better left unsaid in such a wide context, or perhaps one or the other of us would care to finesse a discussion of some sort--you understand I'm sure.

As far as personal visits, I only will allow Aaron Michael Levinthal and Karle Durante entrée into my sacred precincts, but if Try-V was "trying" to be familiar and nice by giving me a nickname, "steve-o," he might could also come if he changes that a bit to "Little Stevie Wonder." Otherwise, he should try Niagara, in a barrel.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trogdor IP Adresses Revealed!

Oh such drama! I was doing a little research on why I felt so lonely. It just doesn't make sense:

Put "Penny Elgas" in quotation marks in Google and out of 1,110 returns, a stevenwarran blog is hit number 3

Put steve riskus in Google and out of 1440 returns a stevenwarran blog is hit number 3 and number 4. Lloyde England, 1 of 7; "Lloyde England", 1,2,3 of 8; Lloyd England, 8 0f 4,030.

Daryl Donley returns different stevenwarran blogs listed as numbers 6 and 7 out of 17,300. Put the name in quotation marks and it's 4 and 5 out of 621.

Try "mike buchanan"+ 9 11 and a stevenwarran blog is 1 out of 1230. (Plus supporting blog references at #2 and #6.) "andrea roane"+ 9 11 and it's 3 of 3,680 (with best supporting blogs at 4 and 5)

And the killa in Manila? Out of 147,000 Google returns for father stephen mcgraw stevenwarran is da champ at 1 and 2.

So why so few visitors? Are there so few 9-11 truth seekers out there? Am I hacked?

Then I tried "Trogdor House." Nada.

How could that be? Didn't stevenwarran establish the nexus between f***f*****g, tattoos, higher education, Texas frat hazing, Masonry, and socializing with the Pentagon brass, conclusively some time ago? Were these same powerful forces shunning him now? Were they also the ones likely responsible for preventing his life-promoting medications from leaving Honduras for over three week now???????

Remember how they scoffed when he posted criticalthrash and IP addresses? But later, when he did the same for the vlv IP addresses, that stern man with the military bearing to his two syllables said "Good work!" to him, whilst that other silly internet queen called him an "internet hate machine?"

Remember how stevenwarran lived for the tiny pieces of guidance and direction he was given: the "Serious Business!" and the, "Where do you get your facts from?" Did he not respond seriously and with frankness and honesty?

Does he have to come right out and say it? That he craves avuncular chastisement? He needs to be taken in hand? That he is addicted to feeding the maw of his site meter? That he can't keep his tenses straight, much less anything else?

(FYI lots of visitors find their way to SW by putting in one of these addresses.)

P.S. The address from Hong Kong that got to me by putting Steven Welch + Amoco in the search engine has nothing to do with Tragdor. I just liked it. Inc. Knoxville Tennessee Delaware, Bear, United States, March 18th 2007 02:07:45 New Mexico State University March 16th 2007 11:15:59 Comcast Cable Communications Holdings Inc New Jersey, Mt. Laurel, (or Blaine Minnesota!!) United States, March 14th 2007 21:09:02

(14th March 2007 21:09:02 Blaine Minnesota United States Cox Communications Florida, Pensacola, United States, March 14th 2007 19:18:11 March 14th 2007 01:22:34 (RCN Corporation) District Of Columbia, Washington, United States (Comcast Cable Communications Inc) Connecticut, New Haven, (or Avon) United States, Comcast Cable Communications Inc. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, (or Beachwood New Jersey) United States, March 13th 2007 17:34:47 (Earthlink Inc) North Carolina, Raleigh, United States, March 13th 2007 15:18:54 Earthlink Inc California, Anaheim, United States March (Santa Clara County) California, San Jose, United States March 13th 2007 15:57:03 (Pppox Pool - Rback3.sfldmi) Michigan, Detroit, (Ntt America Inc) Ontario, Toronto, Canada, (or Brooklyn New York) March 13th 2007 15:27:14 Case Western Reserve University Ohio,
Cleveland, Ohio United States March 13th 2007 Allegiance Healthcare Illinois, Chicago, (or Waukegan Illinois) United States March 13th 2007 15:14:00 (Longwood Medical Area Network lmanet Mass. (or Boston Massachusetts) United States March 13th 2007 15:04:38 Xo Communications New York, Bronx, United States March 13th 2007 15:12:17 Verizon Internet Services Inc March 13th 200715:02:37 (Cox Communications Inc) California, San Diego, United States, March 13th 2007 ( Charlotte Public Schools Michigan Mar 13th 2007 12:28:34

Charlotte Michigan United States (

Pensacola Florida United States (

Atlanta Georgia United States (

20th March 2007 16:52:10 Potterville Michigan United States (

29th March 2007 07:36:42 Hong Kong Hong Kong (sar) Hong Kong

Bremerton Washington United States (

Westfield Massachusetts United States (

Livingston New Jersey United States (

Maribor Slovenia

Southold New York United States

Cologne Nordrhein-westfalen Germany

18th March 2007 02:07:45
Bear Delaware United States (

15 April 2007
Texas United States

Thailand (

Toronto Ontario Canada ( (Xo Communications) New York, Bronx, (Verizon Internet Services Inc) United States, (Cox Communications Inc) California, San Diego (Earthlink Inc) California, Anaheim, Verizon Internet Services Inc “United States” New West Consumer Adsl British Columbia, Maple Ridge, Canada Courtyard Athens Georgia Rcn Corporation District Of Columbia, Washington Comcast Cable Communications Inc Washington, Spokane, Ira Ren. Middle East Television Network Virginia, Springfield Centex Tv Ltd Partners Texas, Plano Nazi

Pentagon Columns Were Blasted with Pre-Planted Explosives

The following official FEMA photographs make plain the fact that shaped-charge explosives were used to assist in bringing down the tiny flap of Pentagon E-ring, which fell on September 11th, 2001.
FEMA 4924

The "scouring effect," which completely encircles the column top here is evidence of a shaped munition and not the result of blunt force trauma or fire from an airplane crash.
When a column is blasted in the opposite direction from that of the force applied against it, it must be because of the "boomerang" effect in concrete,known only to some physicists.
The way Column 19-A is deflected outward and to the left, is representative of a force working in the opposite direction of the putative aircraft path into the building.
Then, when a blunt force from an airplane crash is applied in a vertical series to only the tops of concrete columns, physicists call this the "stacked effect.
But stop and look at the damage above the top of the 3rd-story column where the men are working. Look at the electrical outlets and switches. This is supposedly newly renovated space? Not only does the above diagram overstate the "Collapsed Area" by many magnitudes, it also wrongly indicates that column 15-B and 15-C are "Missing."

This is the way the crime scene was cleansed in advance of the volunteer engineer's arrival to study the event.



Wednesday, November 07, 2007

An Icon In a Context

It all had so much meaning when I took the--rather poor--photographs. Any such interpretations are now lost to me, and I'm too lazy to rephotograph. It's my best icon and I'm selling it because I need the money. I price it for quick sale at $3,500.

Oh, a knight in shining armor astride a white steed! Many a young girl's (or boy's) fantasy, but one few realize. And one must be careful not to necessarily trust a man who says his name is George.

(Sometimes object appear and disappear in photographs due to photoshopping.)

My icon has lost its riza--its protective covering, usually made of gold- or silver-plated tin. This does not diminish the value of such an extraordinarily well-painted image.

I have a few extra riza that have lost their paintings but the holes don't line up with the important details in my icon. They are from an important collection of icons, The Lucy Maxym Collection, which sold for rather a great deal of money. They were all I could touch.

This isn't St George in any case. It is St. Eustace. It is marked, Macedonian Monasteries 1860
and I guess that's right.

His legend is absolutely fabulous!

Prior to his conversion to Christianity, he was a Roman general named Placidus, who served the emperor Trajan. While hunting a stag in Tivoli near Rome, Placidus saw a vision of Jesus between the stag's antlers. He was immediately converted, had himself and his family baptized, and changed his name to Eustace (meaning "good fortune" or "fruitful"). A series of calamities followed to test his faith: his wealth was stolen; his servants died of a plague; when the family took a sea voyage, the ship's captain kidnapped Eustace's wife; and as Eustace crossed a river with his two sons, the children were taken away by a wolf and a lion. Like Job, Eustace lamented but did not lose his faith. He was then quickly restored to his former prestige and reunited with his family; but when he demonstrated his new faith by refusing to make a pagan sacrifice, the emperor, Hadrian, condemned Eustace, his wife, and his sons to be roasted to death inside a bronze statue of a bull or an ox, in the year AD 118.

I bring all this up for a very specific reason. The crimes of George Bush et Cabel are so grave and serious that I hope the plutocratic overlords who wish to remain in control in his aftermath, don't think the body politic is going to be satisfied with 20 or so, (I'm thinking in the thousands,)
executions--hangings, firing squads, electric chairs, that sort of thing. To cleanse this outrage, the people will demand DRAMA!

So, I'm recommending that the entire Bush family (I will allow that young Hispanic son of Jeb's to escape this verdict,) be roasted inside a giant bronze elephant. Can't you just hear Barbara Bush chiding Jenna as the temperature rises: "You little slut! You never were any good to the organization!"

I think the new World War II monument on the mall will be a good place to undertake the executions. For Neocon Night ®, I suggest we recreate St. Peter's martyrdom on Vatican Hill under Nero and crucify 500 of them upside down, then dip them in pitch and set them ablaze! The Jews should understand this sort of punishment!

And lest any of the new thought police try and claim this represents advocating violence against the ruling junta, may I state for the record, this is a new religious belief and covered under a different shred of the US Constitution. Call it Brazen!