Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trogdor IP Adresses Revealed!

Oh such drama! I was doing a little research on why I felt so lonely. It just doesn't make sense:

Put "Penny Elgas" in quotation marks in Google and out of 1,110 returns, a stevenwarran blog is hit number 3

Put steve riskus in Google and out of 1440 returns a stevenwarran blog is hit number 3 and number 4. Lloyde England, 1 of 7; "Lloyde England", 1,2,3 of 8; Lloyd England, 8 0f 4,030.

Daryl Donley returns different stevenwarran blogs listed as numbers 6 and 7 out of 17,300. Put the name in quotation marks and it's 4 and 5 out of 621.

Try "mike buchanan"+ 9 11 and a stevenwarran blog is 1 out of 1230. (Plus supporting blog references at #2 and #6.) "andrea roane"+ 9 11 and it's 3 of 3,680 (with best supporting blogs at 4 and 5)

And the killa in Manila? Out of 147,000 Google returns for father stephen mcgraw stevenwarran is da champ at 1 and 2.

So why so few visitors? Are there so few 9-11 truth seekers out there? Am I hacked?

Then I tried "Trogdor House." Nada.

How could that be? Didn't stevenwarran establish the nexus between f***f*****g, tattoos, higher education, Texas frat hazing, Masonry, and socializing with the Pentagon brass, conclusively some time ago? Were these same powerful forces shunning him now? Were they also the ones likely responsible for preventing his life-promoting medications from leaving Honduras for over three week now???????

Remember how they scoffed when he posted criticalthrash and IP addresses? But later, when he did the same for the vlv IP addresses, that stern man with the military bearing to his two syllables said "Good work!" to him, whilst that other silly internet queen called him an "internet hate machine?"

Remember how stevenwarran lived for the tiny pieces of guidance and direction he was given: the "Serious Business!" and the, "Where do you get your facts from?" Did he not respond seriously and with frankness and honesty?

Does he have to come right out and say it? That he craves avuncular chastisement? He needs to be taken in hand? That he is addicted to feeding the maw of his site meter? That he can't keep his tenses straight, much less anything else?

(FYI lots of visitors find their way to SW by putting in one of these addresses.)

P.S. The address from Hong Kong that got to me by putting Steven Welch + Amoco in the search engine has nothing to do with Tragdor. I just liked it. Inc. Knoxville Tennessee Delaware, Bear, United States, March 18th 2007 02:07:45 New Mexico State University March 16th 2007 11:15:59 Comcast Cable Communications Holdings Inc New Jersey, Mt. Laurel, (or Blaine Minnesota!!) United States, March 14th 2007 21:09:02

(14th March 2007 21:09:02 Blaine Minnesota United States Cox Communications Florida, Pensacola, United States, March 14th 2007 19:18:11 March 14th 2007 01:22:34 (RCN Corporation) District Of Columbia, Washington, United States (Comcast Cable Communications Inc) Connecticut, New Haven, (or Avon) United States, Comcast Cable Communications Inc. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, (or Beachwood New Jersey) United States, March 13th 2007 17:34:47 (Earthlink Inc) North Carolina, Raleigh, United States, March 13th 2007 15:18:54 Earthlink Inc California, Anaheim, United States March (Santa Clara County) California, San Jose, United States March 13th 2007 15:57:03 (Pppox Pool - Rback3.sfldmi) Michigan, Detroit, (Ntt America Inc) Ontario, Toronto, Canada, (or Brooklyn New York) March 13th 2007 15:27:14 Case Western Reserve University Ohio,
Cleveland, Ohio United States March 13th 2007 Allegiance Healthcare Illinois, Chicago, (or Waukegan Illinois) United States March 13th 2007 15:14:00 (Longwood Medical Area Network lmanet Mass. (or Boston Massachusetts) United States March 13th 2007 15:04:38 Xo Communications New York, Bronx, United States March 13th 2007 15:12:17 Verizon Internet Services Inc March 13th 200715:02:37 (Cox Communications Inc) California, San Diego, United States, March 13th 2007 ( Charlotte Public Schools Michigan Mar 13th 2007 12:28:34

Charlotte Michigan United States (

Pensacola Florida United States (

Atlanta Georgia United States (

20th March 2007 16:52:10 Potterville Michigan United States (

29th March 2007 07:36:42 Hong Kong Hong Kong (sar) Hong Kong

Bremerton Washington United States (

Westfield Massachusetts United States (

Livingston New Jersey United States (

Maribor Slovenia

Southold New York United States

Cologne Nordrhein-westfalen Germany

18th March 2007 02:07:45
Bear Delaware United States (

15 April 2007
Texas United States

Thailand (

Toronto Ontario Canada ( (Xo Communications) New York, Bronx, (Verizon Internet Services Inc) United States, (Cox Communications Inc) California, San Diego (Earthlink Inc) California, Anaheim, Verizon Internet Services Inc “United States” New West Consumer Adsl British Columbia, Maple Ridge, Canada Courtyard Athens Georgia Rcn Corporation District Of Columbia, Washington Comcast Cable Communications Inc Washington, Spokane, Ira Ren. Middle East Television Network Virginia, Springfield Centex Tv Ltd Partners Texas, Plano Nazi

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