Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Pentagon Motherload Shot

That's what I call this officially released Department of Defense high-resolution aerial image taken by Tech Sgt. Cedric H Rudsell, of the United States Air Force, on September 14, 2001. It can be found here, with the high-resolution here.

The military caption writers describe it thusly:
An aerial view, from the southeast, showing the level of the destruction at the Pentagon caused by a terrorist attack. The morning of September 11th, in an attempt to frighten the American people, five members of Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims, hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, then deliberately impacted the Pentagon killing all 64 passengers onboard and 125 people on the ground. The impact destroyed or damaged four of the five rings in that section of the building. Firefighters fought the fire through the night. The Pentagon was the third target by four hijacked aircraft, the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) were the other targets, and one unknown when the passengers brought the aircraft down in a Pennsylvania field. (Released to Public)
Which is pretty standard issue, although they left off the word "suicidal," and not meaning to quibble, but it was three rings out of five, not four, and it was shot from the southwest, not the southeast.

But in such an enormous file size, and with such sharp focus, it provides the sort of information found lacking in almost every other government-sourced image taken after the attack. It's less about building damage and more about the human response to it, which coming approximately 72 hours after touchdown, could be described as at its full-flower. It is a "Where's Waldo" of military and law enforcement activity, and I expect it is filled with much more we leave as yet to be decoded.

But I spotted a very important signal it intends to send--maybe even the most important message sent out to those in-the-know, if that isn't both too dramatic and obscure a statement to make. Gathered in a clump are more than a score of white-Tyvec-suited responders. We are told at various points these men are from The Old Guard, a prestige regiment that normally works across the street in Arlington cemetery, doing the honors at funerals--like 21-gun salutes and riderless-horse drawn caissons. Even though these men had lots of extra work cut out for them, given the losses of 9-11, they were instead given the singular and highly privileged duty of guarding the destruction zone from all but who the FBI invited in, and they reportedly helped to do the ugly job of body and evidence recovery.

But of course, almost anybody could be dressed inside these Hazmat getups, with faces obscured by respirators. They appear to be worn almost interchangeably by anybody.

In a blow-up of a center section, just to the left of a prominently featured "Springfield" boom crane, meant to honor, no doubt, one of the key construction-company co-conspirators to the plot, and also just to the left of the metal debris piled high left by bulldozer, which threatens to block, or hide perhaps, the main access door to the damaged area, the men in white can be seen as intensely focused on some task, and it isn't hard to recognize such focus, swimming as it does in a sea made up of only a lack of it.

The men appear to be addressing an oddly shaped storage vessel of some kind. It appears to have a hatch door along its extended, triangularly shaped form, although that hatch looks photoshopped in--this would only add to the message if true. On top are two appendages, like cleats or pilings on a pier. This detail can be seen more clearly on a group of ten more of these devices seen waiting at the southern access gate area, next to where the port-a-potties where placed. All together, they look like cast-iron submarine vessels, like underwater jersey-barriers, or parts of an artificial reef.

I submit these devices are meant to serve as permanent underwater burial storage places. And what the Old Guard are doing is placing in them materials taken out from the Navy Command Center. In other words, they are burying the navy command's store of secrets forever into the briny deep, which is my definition of style at least: an idea carried through from beginning to end..
Several references describe Navy Intelligence as the senior division amongst all the federal intelligence agencies. One necessary function such agencies would need to serve is as a repository for evidence, archives documenting the history of covert activities. One might image the source of navy power to be its stash documenting the shameful national secrets going back beyond even the War of 1812--something J. Edgar and Clyde could only dream about. It seems likely that a balance of power would ensue, serving to keep the level of regrettable and unfortunate activities distributed between the various branches to some kind of manageable minimum. Some say this Navy group was never on board with the Bush administration's agenda. Now all the eggs are in one justice department basket and we can see where that's taking us.

Perhaps targeting this cache for destruction removed the last governors controlling the wanton and merciless clandestine rampages like those we saw following 9-11, by secret forces in the war on Afghanistan and Iraq, opening a veritable Pandora's Box of torture and secret, illegal imprisonment. Certainly all holds were off on the wholesale looting of the public coffers by administration degenerates over the past six years.

These men look like they know a secret or two.

One of the earliest and best 9-11 researchers was Carol Valentine, and she was within the month writing about the highly unusual lapses in normally secure military chains-of-command following 9-11, with FBI and Arlington fireman calling the shots. In this photograph, I submit, much pleasure is being had, by flaunting the neutralizing of the deepest and darkest of America's secrets right under the noses of a stupefied and unsuspecting media and public, as in increase in power begins to corrupt them absolutely. It is time for that dynamic to come to an end, and for a new balance of power to assert itself in its place. Are we ready?

Mark Hodgdon of Clarke Air Force Base, who is the weird source for a dozen images taken on 9/11 at the Pentagon, depicts in two of them these strange "underwater storage"-like objects kept by the back gate. They appear clearly to be some sort of electrical, or lighting devices, but that still would make no sense given the one appearing center stage. I will increase my normal five-percent "I may be wrong" humility allowance to ten percent in this case.

On Edit: May 12, 2009 I just spotted the discrete, thereby empowered, sign saying "AMEC," which I Googled. AMEC.com is a big time British player in the oil and gas industry. In 2004, AMEC was awarded a contract to assist in the rebuilding of Iraq. Clicking on their link made my browser crash lickety-split. AMEC.org is the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, and we have a history together. Hi show me state! You go first!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The FBI Meme : Anonymous, Incompetent, Criminal

Gathering together images of the FBI taken in the aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, especially those showing some variation of the persnickety "linked line" phalanx hunt for evidence--what we in an alternate lifestyle call a Rockette kick line--searching for bits of debris from an American Airlines 757 jet-airplane, is instructive. It tells us that, the anonymous FBI teams depicted are incompetent bad actors who have shed any vestige of plausible deniability that they weren't, in real life, key co-conspirators to the massive federal crime we call 9-11.

My favorite image maker, Luke Frazza, is one of only two professional news photographers who maintain a shred of credibility after photographing the amateur theatrics in Arlington. This Agence France-Presse image, found at the Getty archive, is the very definition of picturesque, meaning, according to Ruskin, I believe, "a pleasing variety, but not excessive dissimilarity," in the attitudes, from what we can discern by the kinesics of the butts. But as news, it is telling us only one thing: that they are finding nothing. It is a posed meme routine, a classic, but badly ham handled.

The following anonymous image, numbered 8324, is from a massive data base housed at HereisNewYork.org and it has everything going for it: a ridiculous, insensible use of yellow crime-scene tape, separating a closed highway from an exit ramp, a particularly amusing stream of hose water that appears to emanate from a sedan parked on the highway, a partially obscured man standing on a road divider who may be holding up a cue-card, and several men wearing FBI jackets carrying empty brown paper grocery bags. If they didn't know how to pantomime carrying an imaginary heavy load, why didn't someone just put lumps of coal in the bottom of each bag for verisimilitude?

As its name might suggest, the archive primarily concerns itself with events in New York City that same morning, but nonetheless, the Pentagon section has 402 images in it. It is delightful to find an archive maintained over time without government interference, even if the federal government was the original source for most of the Pentagon images. At least they haven't been picked over after-the-fact, as so many other archives have, narrowing the informational breadth into a blah uniformity.

The game, as it's played, when it comes to 9-11 image research, by the quite massive force set up by the perpetrators to monitor and direct the subsequent "9-11 truth movement," is as new issues arise and the collective consciousness is tapped, previously unreleased images will suddenly appear, to make a point, or perhaps to reinforce a new meme, while publicly available images that no longer serve their purpose, in fact, might have become counter-productive, are withdrawn from the internet, even from the personal hard drives of individuals who down loaded them.

A section there on firemen has 462 images and none are from Arlington, sending some sort of message of distinction between the two cities.

The following image, number 8083, looks like a scene from an Eugene Ionesco comedy, although all the blame can't be placed on the FBI, as they have been mixed with other uniformed-service members, who have all been surrealistically blocked and directed. Here, the FBI man looks particularly focused, or maybe it's just our sense of privilege, in that we see almost a full profile of a handsome face! But the bags remain empty.

"Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Arlington County and
Virginia State Police search for evidence and personal effects outside the Pentagon."
Photo by Michael Garcia

A particularly galling photographer was 23-year-old amateur, Michael Kleinfeld, who took a score of images that went out on the UPI wire. It stinks that someone with no credentials received such highly privileged access while actual news professionals were being placed in handcuffs by the FBI. The following image has a caption at odds with a verdant lawn--and with the truth about causalities.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA: An FBI agent walks amongst the rubble of the Pentagon the morning after a plane hit the side of the building in a terrorist attack September 12, 2001 in Arlington, Virginia. Official fear that some 800 people have been killed in the attack. cc/cc/Michael Kleinfeld UPI

But Kleinfeld got one good shot--of a dowsing rod! Maybe it's to beat back garden snakes. This team is apparently moving at quite a clip. No time for bagging at all. All it took was an orange-capped star with a bit of business! Viva star power!

The following image is from a different source, which gave it only three numbers: 050 is all my file says. In it, there's a jungle-fatigued military man, and someone with a blond ponytail in a copycat law-enforcement jacket to confuse matters. No plane debris, it seems.

The history of the following image is also unknown to me. What could have been a standout shot of three men in a huddle over something, is spoiled by a young man in the foreground whose mother forgot to teach him not to stand with his mouth hanging open like a dumb Kennedy. Boooooo. Back to the academy for him!

If we just changed the foundational context a bit, the following image could just as easily be of an Easter egg hunt, given the mix of earnest effort with maximum repose. The young man in shades looks ambitious opening such a big paper bag. He's in it to win, we can tell.

Ron Edmonds, working for the AP, and published in USAToday, captures an action moment, with one man in a jackknife lunge that even the East German judge would award a score of 9.9 to. As for the rest, well, it isn't easy looking dignified when you're hunched shouldered and prominently featuring your big ass.

Luke Frazza captures a couple of downward-cast gazes and some bending, if not a lot else.

The Baltimore Sun gave us the following shot, with a tag team of beefy butts front and center, just the way the home market likes them. A women agent carries what looks to be a brown paper Jiffy mailer. Empty, of course.

Which is not to say they didn't find something, on occasion. This crew is struggling to carry a heavy load of something.

And of course, if you just knew where to look, bright shiny aluminum, painted with letters, so you can play Wheel of Fortune, were right there, just waiting to be discovered.

This pair of glabrous Mormon missionaries are busy, but they forgot to wear their gloves. In Lithuanian, to be balding is called plinkantis, and in ancient Greek, it's called φαλακρός

I tried to figure out the color coordination worn by the different branches of law enforcement and disaster management teams but I gave up. If the FBI was wearing white with yellow booties...

...does that make these men FBI? Even with a black-shirted National Emergency Response Team member interjecting himself? But isn't that a black guy in white with yellow booties over at the fry tent? He must be wanting some of that good fried funnel cake the ladies are serving up for noon-day lunch on 9-12.

The men sitting in the shade may be guarding the contents of the blue-plastic hoop-house. The FBI is good at getting the other guys to do all the heavy lifting. The guy carrying something at center looks extremely harried.

Which finally brings me to the point of my silly blog. My mother tells me, that from her perspective as a former journalist, we are still nowhere near the level of extreme upset and fear that permeated the culture in the revolutionary year of 1968. Somehow I doubt her comparison--she being a relatively innocent 31-year-old then and a jaded old know-it-all now (you can do the math.)

But the following series of three images put me in mind of that year in a funny way. As society was becoming undone with revolutionary fervor, sweeping conservatives, at least, off their feet, popular culture responded by dumbing down, becoming more inane and zany than ever. That was the year that Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl had to share the Best-Actress Oscar with Katherine Hepburn in A Lion In Winter. Think of it!

But the real kicker was Rod McKuen, who won Best Song for Jean, from the great film, The Prime of Miss Jean Brody. He both wrote it, and sang it.

In the following sequence, I couldn't help but view these two young women, caught up in the drama of that day, as perhaps falling in love with one another. Starting slowly, paired in tender hindsight...

Moving on to the over-reacting pose of "Wow," as a shapely buttocks works its quiet magic.

Finally to end up walking a tad too close, if you know what I mean. Love blossoms in the most unlikely setting. Clipboards mean nothing.

And I'm singing all the words to... "Jean....Jean....you're young and alive....come out of your half-shell....Jean!" Things could be worse.

On edit Dec. 19, 2007: My homo credibility is shot. Jean was nominated in 1969, and lost to "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) - Burt Bacharach (music); Hal David (II) (lyrics) I am crushed. Desolate. Maybe the FBI man in the polo shirt in the following shot can expiate my sins for me.

I have to close with the following shot, mostly because Flickr! wouldn't upload it--because, it said, it wasn't a JPEG, although I knew it was--a clean JPEG at that! But a lot of powerful dynamics are going on here. From the prissy suit, without a drop of perspiration or a smudge of soot on him, being debriefed, to the guy with the high-and-tight being manhandled, to the piercing stare of at least one FBI agent who looks like he could get to the bottom of things quickly. That agent is also the spitting image of one young sexy billionaire I once worked for. The man was so handsome and dynamic, and so very, very rich, that it was said, even the straight boys on staff fell in love with him. The association leaves me feeling overwrought. So, come and get me G-man! I'm ready for you copper!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bernard Brown as Isaac--Who as Esau?

The passenger manifest for American Airlines Flight 77, the plane which supposedly impacted the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, contains a number of anomalies and some serious ironies. Chief among them is the story of the 3 District of Columbia 11-year-olds and their public-school teachers who were flying to Santa Barbara, California on an educational trip sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

Flight 77 carried 58 passengers with approximately 75 percent of its seats empty. The roster was top heavy with senior corporate executives tied to the military industrial complex, and/or retired military men. The 3 student/teacher pairings provided a necessary component of human-interest pathos to the mix.

Bernard Brown, age 11

I submit that the trip was contrived to serve the agenda of the organizers of the false-flag attack on the Pentagon, and that the six were deliberately chosen as necessary sacrificial victims. A number of irregularities exist for the excursion and its itinerary with which to make this point.

The National Geographic Society was chosen as sponsor because of its outstanding international reputation. What news accounts failed to mention however, was the government entity which partnered with the Society to play the host role--the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA also administers the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, which was the group’s destination.

Not revealed in news accounts also was the added irony of two employees of NOAA who died in the attack on the Pentagon. They worked in the National Ice Center, a meteorological operation run jointly with the Departments of Defense and Transportation.

Two staff members of the National Geographic Society were chaperoning the group. One, Ann Judge, was the director of the Society’s travel office, arraigning travel, not engaging in travel, being her normal duty.

The Marlboro puffing and Diet-Coke swigging Ann Judge

John Fahey Jr., the Society’s president and CEO said in a press release on September 12, 2001,

“Through our educational outreach program, Ann and Joe were going to make geography and the environment come alive for these committed, talented teachers and their star students by putting them into the field with scientists and researchers.”
Apparently, the Society takes its work so seriously that Judge was expected to play a professional pedagogic role.

The other staff member, Joe Fergusen, was director of the Geography Education Outreach Program. The press release said Fergusen had,
“won the affection of many of the thousands of teachers who have participated in a wide range of professional development activities sponsored by the Society.”

Viewing the trip as primarily a professional development opportunity for the teachers is the only way to make sense of pairing them with a single student. But it then makes questionable the scheduling of the four-day, Tuesday-through-Friday excursion in the first two weeks of a new school calendar year. Also suspect is the bestowing of the Society’s largess onto just one of approximately 30 students, which is disruptive of an essential parity in the classroom.

Young Bernard Brown's athletic trophy

A chief ironista is Bernard Brown II, whose father, Chief Petty Officer Bernard Brown, worked in the Naval Command Center at the Pentagon, the department that suffered the greatest proportional loss of life in the attack. Petty Officer Brown was safely out of the office playing golf on September 11. How his son came to be chosen for this trip is instructive.

The operative word is “selected,” and the Society is careful to distance itself from the process, stating in the press release that the six

“had been selected for the program by local coordinators of a Society-sponsored network of educators known as the National Geographic Alliance.”

Hilda Taylor

Hilda Taylor, the teacher who accompanied Brown, had a history going back some years of availing her classes of the resources offered by the Society. She apparently was a committed and enthusiastic teacher, so she may have been only a patsy to the plan. Inner-city institutions have little bargaining power when benefactors like “the Society” lay out such a plan, even one with errant timing.

The Washington Post reported that Hilda Taylor’s best friend was Brown’s fifth-grade teacher, Estella Cleveland, who recommended him when Taylor asked whom she should take on the trip. Young Brown had been a behavior problem, but had “turned it around last year,” according to Cleveland, and warranted "encouragement."

An insight into the non-reality of Brown’s selection can be inferred from a scholarship that was named in his honor in the aftermath of 9-11, which gives an opportunity for children to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. The young people have to have

“demonstrated a commitment to community service”
and written an essay to prove it. Although Brown is credited with a “special interest in science” his selection has all the hallmarks of a lottery winner—or loser, as it turns out. And it’s too bad a scholarship related to marine biology or the environment couldn’t be had to memorialize Brown.

Kathleen Rogers of the Military Child Education Coalition introduces Bernard Brown

The program the six were to have attended in Santa Barbara was called “Sustainable Seas Expeditions,” a five-year effort started in 1999, which was funded to the tune of $5 million by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, a San Francisco-based foundation. The project was apparently the personal bailiwick of Dr. Sylvia Earle, scholar and "Explorer-In-Residence" of the Society, as well as general-purpose overclass luminary. A web archive hosts a 2025-page compendium of the scientific work accomplished during the four years (it quit inexplicably a year short, in 2003.) Although educational materials were created in concert with the program, my cursory reading of the archive revealed nothing at all like the elementary-education effort planned for September 11, 2001. In fact, the Expedition had been centered at the Channel Islands Sanctuary in the summer months but had moved on by September. Why was July or August not the optimal time for a visit from the D.C. group?

In a personal reminiscence in the September 12, Society press release, John Fahey says of a voice message he received that Ann Judge and Sylvia Earle

“sounded like young schoolgirls, clearly enjoying themselves rafting the Monkey River in Belize,”
so Dr. Earle had an established relationship with Ann Judge, for what it's worth.

Chief Petty Officer and Olympic Torch Bearer Bernard Brown

The implications of Bernard Brown’s “selection” are twofold. Either he was killed outright with the others someplace far away from the Pentagon as part of the plan, which would have his father playing a modern version of the Abraham and Isaac story—with a trick ending, of course—or alternately, all, or some, of the passengers on the planes are still alive, living somewhere in a secret rendition awaiting some unrevealed plot development. Both are plausible and have evidence to support the conclusion.

Although all the players from Leckie Elementary School appear deeply religious (young Brown was memorialized at the Ark of Safety Christian Church in Oxan Hill, Maryland) I don’t get the same sense of extreme Christian militancy rising off of either Mr. or Mrs. Brown, as I do with several of the other players in the Pentagon drama, men like Brian Birdwell, whose motivation and justification are only too clear. Skeptics early on began to allude to the possibility that Chief Petty Officer Brown volunteered his son for service, and Brown didn’t help matters in his early interviews either.

Brown gave an interview to NBC News, which has long been unavailable. However the useful and credible WorldNetDaily.com, in an article, Littlest victims largely overlooked, posted on December 21, 2001, records a piece of the NBC interview. Brown told NBC that he had a serious heart-to-heart conversation with his son the night before the trip. Brown said, “To be honest, we talked about death. And I just told him, ‘Don’t be afraid…Just listen to what the people tell you, and the instructions. You’ll be all right; you’ll be fine.’ He said, Daddy, I’m scared,’ and I said, Hey, don’t be scared; don’t be afraid to die. Because we are all going to die some day.”

Chief Petty Officer and Olympic Torch Bearer Bernard Brown
If this staged, contrived and synthetic photograph doesn't wag your dog, nothing will.

Mr. Brown's quote may have inspired Mrs. Brown to make a rebuttal on the 2003 anniversary of the September attack. Josh Getlin and Faye Fiore writing originally in the Los Angeles Times (but found here at BaltimoreSun.com) in an article, A day of grief, echoed in young voices, writes

"He wasn't afraid to fly. His thing was, 'Are we going first class?'" Sinita Brown said of her son Bernard. His teacher had promised to take good care of him on the flight. "I know she's holding him," Sinita Brown said.

But the plot gets even thicker. In a September 6, 2006 article by Lynette Clemetson in the New York Times, Washington School Still Feels Pain of 9/11, all the connections are made. Leckie Elementary School, which young Bernard Brown attended, and where Taylor taught, also had two students whose parents died in the Pentagon attack. The parental victims were Johnnie Doctor Jr. and Marsha D. Ratchford, and both were employed alongside Chief Petty Officer Brown in the Navy Command Center and lived near the Browns in a military housing complex at the Bolling Air Force Base in Washington D.C. The home of Andrea and Johnnie Doctor was close by and Ms. Ratchford lived with her family in an adjacent compound. The senior Brown and Mr. Doctor were basketball coaches on the base and "best friends."

Clemetson records even the teacher was in on the act:

“Ms. Taylor was as much a friend as teacher. She helped Ms. Doctor, who was working to advance her nursing degree, with her college papers. She left her car at the Browns’ house the morning of the trip so she and Bernard could go to the airport together. ‘We were all family before Sept. 11,’ Ms. Doctor said. ‘And we are family now, for life.’”

Andrea Doctor in the memorial garden at Leckie Elementary School

One unfortunate connotation of the word “family” is as a mafia family, or organized crime syndicate. That is what the orchestrators of the September 11 attacks most closely resemble: an organized group of criminals who have taken over the functioning of the United States government. They are less a “shadow government” as much as they have brazenly co-opted the political process.

The central nexus around which this supra-governmental conspiracy revolves is unknown, but does it matter? We know who the players are. Neo-cons, Zionists, Millennial Christians, crooked corporate fatcats, political honchos, government and military lifers, and lots and lots of Texans.

The Washington Post has this quote from Andrea Doctor, “widow” of Information Systems Technician First Class Johnnie Doctor:
“This pendant is the only jewelry he ever wore. He wore it around his neck. It signifies brotherhood, but it has a whole lot of other meanings as well, like courage. This pendant was the most important thing to him. The Navy said the chain was gone but they found the pendant on his body. When we laid him to rest, it was my confirmation that I was truly burying my husband.”

Ms. Doctor’s sentiments pass my sincerity test. She seems an unwitting participant in her synthetic reality of widowhood.

Gordon England,President Bush's recess appointeee for United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, former President of Lockheed.
He can sure keep a straight face. What's wrong with those kids??!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Good Men at Citizen Investigation Team

It must be said, the boys do deliver, albeit, perhaps, unintentionally.

But where do they come up with this stuff? They must have befriended le frère Montgolfier, the Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins of the 18th century, in order to provide us with this bird's-eye view from an unusual angle. It is evidence, in my opinion, that the Pentagon exerts complete dictatorial hegemony over its surroundings. How else to interpret those enormous rectilinear plots of prime undeveloped land? Although I usually self-identify as an anti-development activist, even I am salivating at their prospects!

Although this open space has since been carefully developed, one legitimate reason to hold such valuable land would be to safeguard it for future needs. That doesn't appear to be the case with the Pentagon, which is well along in a multi-year renovation plan that doesn't mention additional space requirements. The real growth industry, the place bursting at the seams, is Arlington National Cemetery, so it's too bad planners didn't avail themselves of the opportunity to straighten out that wild jog in I-395 and provide some contiguous land for headstones.

Maybe one day, when the automobile has become outmoded and we travel through ectoplasm by Vedic means , those unsightly parking lots will be dug up to provide permanent resting places for the war worthy. That would make a better symbolic surround than the landscape of Masonic geometry done in clipped yew and Belgian block currently underway. But in typical DoD fashion, rather than taking out a jog, they are putting one in, on the already-completed river side of the Pentagon, justified, they say, by increased post-9/11 security issues.

As land use goes, the Pentagon came first and anything subsequent, like the Sheraton Hotel, which backs up to and towers over the the Navy Annex, wouldn't have been built without specific contractual control by the military, if only to prevent a safe haven for snipers. To my knowledge, only one eyewitness from an upper story, east-facing room in the Sheraton claims to have seen a 757 jetliner crash into the Pentagon, but quelle eyewitness! She is the first lady of BP Amoco, the mysterious Deb Anlauf, wife of Jeff Anlauf, the Colfax, Wisconsin owner of BP Amoco, if we are to trust the single source but otherwise trustworthy www.911review.com

In this Luke Frazza image we see some sort of commercial building that has an entire blind facade facing the Pentagon, although some fancy brick work makes it appear to have windows. This freakish requirement for privacy means that attack plans utilizing this western side of the Pentagon could go back decades.

Likewise, the apartment block development appears designed to minimize any oversight on the Pentagon, at least onto its "Western Wall," the facade that is simultaneously an overt "front door" (the facade visible to passing motorists,) covert "back door," and pigeon coop for airborne access and egress, not to mention a good place to store propane, diesel fuel and large, leftover spools of high-tech cable wire.

My point is, if the Department of Defense wants to shut down an Interstate highway, at any hour, for any made-up pretext, they do so, without bothering to offer disgruntled motorists a reason. This means that any of the eyewitnesses who state they were on either Route 27 or I-395, were in fact, inside a cordone sanitaire, and their testimony must be viewed in that light.

So the CIT guys aren't half bad, in a half-hearted, limited-hangout sort of way. But they'll never take us to where Dr. Judy Wood will, and since I was looking for an explanation as to what fried that green Jeep next to the heliport, I think I'll go along with Dr. Judy. Now I think I know, no?

De-fragmenting the beginning takes a long time, but by the final part, it goes much more quickly.

Dustification Bobeche?

When we speak of these things (and we will,) we call them "wheatchex."

Those terrorists had better think twice before they try anything again. Pop open this biggie to see the DoD in the process of burying missile defense in the cloverleaf of Route 27/Columbia Pike, next to the South parking lot. This defensive system closely resembles the buried missile "silos" beside the helipad, but are twice as big. Maybe they're homes for Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs) of the sort which likely destroyed the World Trade Towers on 9/11/01.