Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why is the Jeep Burned to a Crisp in the Opening Moments of the Pentagon Attack?

On July 3rd I asked what must have been the $100,000 question, because by July 12th I’d gotten the jackpot answer.

By some trick of fate, I was led to the work of Dr. Judy Wood, an iconoclastic 9-11 researcher who has arrived at the most quintessentially conspiratorial of all possible theories regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001 short of Big Foot. She has inferred from the available evidence that a Directed Energy Weapon, or DEW, of unknown attributes, but of clear American utilitarianism, was used to destroy the World Trade Center towers.

I knew nothing of Dr. Woods work until now, so I had no idea how she fit into the cacophony of claims and counter-claims. I did know that an enormous effort was underway to keep the truth a secret, and I imagined it as powerful stuff. Since I feel I've come up with convincing proof that officials in the federal government have engaged in a cover-up, it’s likely they also had some hand in perpetrating the crime.
While Dr. Wood’s work is still theoretical, in that the causative agent is not understood by her or the rest of the public, a precedent exists to explain the moment, and that is the advent of the nuclear bomb, which the United States dropped with, what must have seemed then, to the Japanese at least, the same startling destructiveness as we experienced in New York on 9-11.
The work consists of an analysis of several categories of evidence, mostly gleaned from the photographic record of the event, as the physical evidence was suppressed in a rather obvious fashion by the city and state officials in charge. A unique aspect of the buildings’ demise consists of what Dr. Wood calls Dustification, which was the pulverization of the concrete and building contents, as well as, she submits, much of the structural steel, into a very fine powdery dust, unexplainable by either a progressive building collapse (the official “pancake” theory,) or by a controlled demolition resulting from pre-placed explosives (such as a competing conspiracy theory, like “thermite.”)

This leads to a secondary result, what Dr. Wood calls evidence of a Lack-of-sufficient debris. While I was able to quickly work through my resistance to the concept of dustification—and already I can look at those images of pyroclastic mushrooming clouds of ultra-fine talc and see nothing else—through constant repetition “the pile” became a component of “the myth” and her point is less clear to me, but it should be a simple matter of comparing the receipts for the steel salvaged with the construction records, rather than fighting over the truth.

Also related, is a category I composited to call Six Types of Dirt for simplicity’s sake, which refer to special steps taken to tamp down the dust. It is upsetting to move through the extensive photo archive assembled on Dr. Wood’s web site and see so many responders not wearing respirator protection, which was universally worn by responders in Arlington. It would be especially heinous if officials knew of the special danger posed by a new kind of dust and took some, but not all, of the steps to mitigate it.
There are several other categories, such as Holes, which refer to odd collateral damage that could be the result of an exotic weapon system, but I don’t intend this to be a comprehensive review, as I’d like to get to the section which provided the answer to my question about the damaged vehicles at the Pentagon, and which, to my way of thinking, provides a smoking gun of sorts, what Dr. Wood calls Toasted cars.
It comes as a revelation to me that 1400 vehicles--cars, buses, vans and private automobiles—were destroyed along with the buildings in New York on 9-11, with many displaying an abnormal and inexplicable pattern of damage that replicates what we see in Arlington, except on a massive scale. I was mostly familiar with the destruction of emergency responder's vehicles in close proximity to the towers, but the strange energetics displayed on the majority of hulks, many far removed from the scene, but still surreally surrounded by unburned, fluttering paper, are as alarming as shots of war crimes in Falluga, like the partial desecration of human bodies by white phosphorus.
So when I asked, "why is the Jeep burned to a crisp in the opening moments of the Pentagon attack?" I was wondering how we got from here,
to here,
having passed only through here,

without asking the obvious question of, what the hell happened?!

But the missing door handles, head-and taillights, and window glass, the consumed tires, the deformations and delaminations, the instantaneous rusting, the gash across the hood of the sedan, especially the melted backside to the fire truck, all have counterparts in New York, in a pattern that must represent a new system of weaponry.

That it was utilized on a few vehicles that happened to be parked out front at the Pentagon, must not represent a silly prank, although I wonder if that isn’t behind some of the destruction in New York. Everything is a symbol at the Pentagon, and this smacks of advertising to me.

Whether you choose to examine any of Judy Wood’s theory with an open mind or not is one thing, but let’s stop suspending our critical thinking to such a degree we give a pass to such inconsistencies and abnormalities. It is what it is so let’s call it by its name
For me, the most convincing argument in support of this theory is, it gives us something finally as a secret worthy of all the enormous effort being spent on keeping it. A powerful new weapon that takes us out of the atomic age and into the…well, we don’t know yet, but it isn’t a secret either. I'm definitely throwing my hat into the ring with Dr. Judy Woods.

Several of the destroyed vehicles sit just outside the destruction zone of the Pentagon, September 12, 2001. Rescue workers are attempting to clear debris away from the crash site to aid search and rescue efforts. The morning before, in an attempt to frighten the American people, five members of Al-Qaida, a terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims, hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, then flew a circuitous route returning to Washington and impacting the Pentagon killing all 64 passengers onboard and 125 people on the ground. The impact destroyed or damaged four of the five rings in that section of the building. Firefighters fought the fire through the night. (Released to Public)

DoD photo by: PH1 MICHAEL PENDERGRASS, USN Date Shot: 12 Sept. 2001

Let me see if I got this straight.

Captain Michael Defina was acting shift commander of National Airport's Aircraft Rescue fire fighters (ARFF) on September 11, 2001. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) operates National Airport

Normally, the battalion chief is shift commander, but he (name?) was across the river in Washington for a security briefing.

Defina responded to a motor vehicle accident on the upper level of the airport's Terminal B in the battalion chief's van, along with Rescue Engine 335, under the command of Captain John Durrer, and a medic unit.
He arrived within two to three minutes at the Pentagon's south parking lot

He drove onto the heliport and directed Foam Unit 331 to set up there, where Fort Myer Rescue Engine161 had established a hydrant water supply.

While Foam Unit 331 hit the fire with foam from its roof and bumper turrets, Rescue Engine 335's four-person crew used hand lines in an attempt to control the fires from several vehicles and adjacent diesel fuel and propane tanks.

The only other firefighting apparatus Delfina says he saw on the west side of the Pentagon building was Arlington County's Engine and Truck 105 on the far north end. Their crews went into the building to conduct search and rescue.

ARFF foam units knocked down the bulk of the fire in the first seven minutes after their arrival, according to Delfina

"Normally, the shift commander doesn't respond to motor vehicle accidents,'' Delfina said. "But something didn't sound right about it."

While attending to the vehicular accident Delfina heard a crash and saw a plume of smoke. He and Rescue Engine 335 self-dispatched toward the Pentagon. While on the way Captain Defina ordered a further response by one of National's crash rigs, Foam Unit 331, (commanded by?) and SERV-329, the mass casualty/disaster unit (commanded by?)

Prior to Foam Unit 331 running low on foam, National's Foam Unit 345 was called to respond.

EMS Battalion Chief E. Glenn Butler, the initial treatment and transportation officer, requested that SERV-362, the mass casualty unit from Dulles Airport, in Chantilly, Virginia, respond.

Captain Defina also called for a 1,000-gallon (3.7-kiloliter) foam trailer to respond from Dulles.


ARFF Crews Respond to the Front Lines



  1. Excellent post on Dr. Judy Wood and the evidence she presents! I did the same thing -- I looked for some answers online, and after much more effort than it should have been, I finally came across Dr. Wood's web site where I was just blown away by the evidence. And yes, after seeing her site and then revisiting other "Truth Movement" sites, it is quite obvious there is a concerted effort to silence this iconoclastic genius of evidence gathering and truth. Steven Jones himself is the biggest anti-Wood blowhard of all! There is no doubt in my mind that he and others, like this sorry little creep Greg Jenkins, are on somebody's payroll to cover up the truth and go after Wood with a vengeance.

  2. Dear H. Nicole-- Thank you for being my blog's first legitimate comment leaver--leaving aside the compliments. Yes, I've been letting time season my enthusiasm for Dr. Judy Wood, but like a fine wine, her theory just keeps getting better and more conclusive.

    I just wanted to concur about pretty-boy Greg Jenkins--so very old paradigm. He was left to whine at the end of his video "interview" slash lynching of Dr. Wood, "I didn't have an agenda!" She deftly sidestepped his traps. The science will be the easy part. Piecing together the disparate but verifiable bits of evidence to arrive at some foundational categories of conclusions was Wood's genius.

    We're pretty smart too, to have gotten on to her so early! Let the inevitable play catch up, while we go to the beach!

  3. You're welcome! Here is the latest effort to block Dr. Judy Wood and one of her strongest supporters, Andrew Johnson...


    They were both scheduled to appear on a talk show hosted by Ambrose Lane last week, but Ambrose Lane was inexplicably fired the night before. What is most alarming is the specific subject matter that was going to be discussed: signs that a false flag attack on US soil is near, one that could obviously use the same weaponry that was introduced to the world on 9/11/01.

    I guess thanking each other and back-patting can go on forever here, but thanks for having a place where these things can be discussed openly.

  4. Dear H Nicole-- "Thanking each other and back-patting?" I was a virgin until I met you!

    Seriously, thank you very much for the Judy Wood update. There is so much to digest I'm left to assume a higher power calls my shots--now He's utilizing you!

    Beyond the beyond, is my only reaction to another US attack, followed by further war with Iran, but it has an air of inevitability about it, with some unfortunate consequences for people like us. Rev. Pat Robertson predicted a major American city would go by September, with losses in the millions. This would result in immediate marshal law, even the shutting down of the internet.

    The only hope lies in the law of unintended consequences. The planners of 9-11 had logic on their side but they had no way to predict emotion. Logically, people would do everything in their power to AVOID the truth--it being too painful to accept. An attack could lead to revolution against the ruling elites, terror against illegal immigrants, race war, Wars of Christian Succession, ideologically driven violence--just imagine anything Pandora, along any fault line. The big one is between the haves and the have-nots though.

    Absolutely amazing about Ambrose Lane, but yet another Judy Wood bona fide. I'm not against letting the pressure cooker steam more. I was chilled by the details of the murder of her student, Michael Zebuhr's murderhttp://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iamthewitness.com%2FMoreOnMichaelZebuhr.html&ei=BL-tRtTUN4biggLQ19WZBg&usg=AFQjCNHLeq37Dk4xX_ooCpYa7cMcBqUIWA&sig2=WuiS-wZOfpc2KaZoWz27fg

    This feels very, very real to me. I only hope getting this information out in advance of the heinous plans might moderate them somehow.

    Keep me updated on anything you think important and can spare the time to pass on.

    Best to you! Steven W.

  5. Hi, Steven,

    Just letting you know I don't have my own blog, but I have been doing a lot of posting at a place called http://shoes4industry.blogspot.com

    I was originally guided there by Rosie O'Donnell when reading her blog posts on the subject, and hence all my "Peace Out" salutations at the ends of some of my posts -- in honor of Rosie.

    I never would have looked into this on my own until I read in the news that Rosie was making a stink about it and asking "scientists from Harvard and Yale" to look into 9/11. I had to laugh -- as if your average scientist from Harvard and Yale was cut out for this kind of scrappy, independent-minded truth-seeking stuff -- but I took the bait anyway (being a mere graduate of UCI and UCSD in California) and have never looked back since.

    Glad to find yet another independent-minded truth seeker out there other than Dr. Judy Wood. Your blog is AMAZING.

    - Nicole