Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Good Men at Citizen Investigation Team

It must be said, the boys do deliver, albeit, perhaps, unintentionally.

But where do they come up with this stuff? They must have befriended le frère Montgolfier, the Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins of the 18th century, in order to provide us with this bird's-eye view from an unusual angle. It is evidence, in my opinion, that the Pentagon exerts complete dictatorial hegemony over its surroundings. How else to interpret those enormous rectilinear plots of prime undeveloped land? Although I usually self-identify as an anti-development activist, even I am salivating at their prospects!

Although this open space has since been carefully developed, one legitimate reason to hold such valuable land would be to safeguard it for future needs. That doesn't appear to be the case with the Pentagon, which is well along in a multi-year renovation plan that doesn't mention additional space requirements. The real growth industry, the place bursting at the seams, is Arlington National Cemetery, so it's too bad planners didn't avail themselves of the opportunity to straighten out that wild jog in I-395 and provide some contiguous land for headstones.

Maybe one day, when the automobile has become outmoded and we travel through ectoplasm by Vedic means , those unsightly parking lots will be dug up to provide permanent resting places for the war worthy. That would make a better symbolic surround than the landscape of Masonic geometry done in clipped yew and Belgian block currently underway. But in typical DoD fashion, rather than taking out a jog, they are putting one in, on the already-completed river side of the Pentagon, justified, they say, by increased post-9/11 security issues.

As land use goes, the Pentagon came first and anything subsequent, like the Sheraton Hotel, which backs up to and towers over the the Navy Annex, wouldn't have been built without specific contractual control by the military, if only to prevent a safe haven for snipers. To my knowledge, only one eyewitness from an upper story, east-facing room in the Sheraton claims to have seen a 757 jetliner crash into the Pentagon, but quelle eyewitness! She is the first lady of BP Amoco, the mysterious Deb Anlauf, wife of Jeff Anlauf, the Colfax, Wisconsin owner of BP Amoco, if we are to trust the single source but otherwise trustworthy

In this Luke Frazza image we see some sort of commercial building that has an entire blind facade facing the Pentagon, although some fancy brick work makes it appear to have windows. This freakish requirement for privacy means that attack plans utilizing this western side of the Pentagon could go back decades.

Likewise, the apartment block development appears designed to minimize any oversight on the Pentagon, at least onto its "Western Wall," the facade that is simultaneously an overt "front door" (the facade visible to passing motorists,) covert "back door," and pigeon coop for airborne access and egress, not to mention a good place to store propane, diesel fuel and large, leftover spools of high-tech cable wire.

My point is, if the Department of Defense wants to shut down an Interstate highway, at any hour, for any made-up pretext, they do so, without bothering to offer disgruntled motorists a reason. This means that any of the eyewitnesses who state they were on either Route 27 or I-395, were in fact, inside a cordone sanitaire, and their testimony must be viewed in that light.

So the CIT guys aren't half bad, in a half-hearted, limited-hangout sort of way. But they'll never take us to where Dr. Judy Wood will, and since I was looking for an explanation as to what fried that green Jeep next to the heliport, I think I'll go along with Dr. Judy. Now I think I know, no?

De-fragmenting the beginning takes a long time, but by the final part, it goes much more quickly.

Dustification Bobeche?

When we speak of these things (and we will,) we call them "wheatchex."

Those terrorists had better think twice before they try anything again. Pop open this biggie to see the DoD in the process of burying missile defense in the cloverleaf of Route 27/Columbia Pike, next to the South parking lot. This defensive system closely resembles the buried missile "silos" beside the helipad, but are twice as big. Maybe they're homes for Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs) of the sort which likely destroyed the World Trade Towers on 9/11/01.

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