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Bernard Brown as Isaac--Who as Esau?

The passenger manifest for American Airlines Flight 77, the plane which supposedly impacted the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, contains a number of anomalies and some serious ironies. Chief among them is the story of the 3 District of Columbia 11-year-olds and their public-school teachers who were flying to Santa Barbara, California on an educational trip sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

Flight 77 carried 58 passengers with approximately 75 percent of its seats empty. The roster was top heavy with senior corporate executives tied to the military industrial complex, and/or retired military men. The 3 student/teacher pairings provided a necessary component of human-interest pathos to the mix.

Bernard Brown, age 11

I submit that the trip was contrived to serve the agenda of the organizers of the false-flag attack on the Pentagon, and that the six were deliberately chosen as necessary sacrificial victims. A number of irregularities exist for the excursion and its itinerary with which to make this point.

The National Geographic Society was chosen as sponsor because of its outstanding international reputation. What news accounts failed to mention however, was the government entity which partnered with the Society to play the host role--the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA also administers the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, which was the group’s destination.

Not revealed in news accounts also was the added irony of two employees of NOAA who died in the attack on the Pentagon. They worked in the National Ice Center, a meteorological operation run jointly with the Departments of Defense and Transportation.

Two staff members of the National Geographic Society were chaperoning the group. One, Ann Judge, was the director of the Society’s travel office, arraigning travel, not engaging in travel, being her normal duty.

The Marlboro puffing and Diet-Coke swigging Ann Judge

John Fahey Jr., the Society’s president and CEO said in a press release on September 12, 2001,

“Through our educational outreach program, Ann and Joe were going to make geography and the environment come alive for these committed, talented teachers and their star students by putting them into the field with scientists and researchers.”
Apparently, the Society takes its work so seriously that Judge was expected to play a professional pedagogic role.

The other staff member, Joe Fergusen, was director of the Geography Education Outreach Program. The press release said Fergusen had,
“won the affection of many of the thousands of teachers who have participated in a wide range of professional development activities sponsored by the Society.”

Viewing the trip as primarily a professional development opportunity for the teachers is the only way to make sense of pairing them with a single student. But it then makes questionable the scheduling of the four-day, Tuesday-through-Friday excursion in the first two weeks of a new school calendar year. Also suspect is the bestowing of the Society’s largess onto just one of approximately 30 students, which is disruptive of an essential parity in the classroom.

Young Bernard Brown's athletic trophy

A chief ironista is Bernard Brown II, whose father, Chief Petty Officer Bernard Brown, worked in the Naval Command Center at the Pentagon, the department that suffered the greatest proportional loss of life in the attack. Petty Officer Brown was safely out of the office playing golf on September 11. How his son came to be chosen for this trip is instructive.

The operative word is “selected,” and the Society is careful to distance itself from the process, stating in the press release that the six

“had been selected for the program by local coordinators of a Society-sponsored network of educators known as the National Geographic Alliance.”

Hilda Taylor

Hilda Taylor, the teacher who accompanied Brown, had a history going back some years of availing her classes of the resources offered by the Society. She apparently was a committed and enthusiastic teacher, so she may have been only a patsy to the plan. Inner-city institutions have little bargaining power when benefactors like “the Society” lay out such a plan, even one with errant timing.

The Washington Post reported that Hilda Taylor’s best friend was Brown’s fifth-grade teacher, Estella Cleveland, who recommended him when Taylor asked whom she should take on the trip. Young Brown had been a behavior problem, but had “turned it around last year,” according to Cleveland, and warranted "encouragement."

An insight into the non-reality of Brown’s selection can be inferred from a scholarship that was named in his honor in the aftermath of 9-11, which gives an opportunity for children to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. The young people have to have

“demonstrated a commitment to community service”
and written an essay to prove it. Although Brown is credited with a “special interest in science” his selection has all the hallmarks of a lottery winner—or loser, as it turns out. And it’s too bad a scholarship related to marine biology or the environment couldn’t be had to memorialize Brown.

Kathleen Rogers of the Military Child Education Coalition introduces Bernard Brown

The program the six were to have attended in Santa Barbara was called “Sustainable Seas Expeditions,” a five-year effort started in 1999, which was funded to the tune of $5 million by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, a San Francisco-based foundation. The project was apparently the personal bailiwick of Dr. Sylvia Earle, scholar and "Explorer-In-Residence" of the Society, as well as general-purpose overclass luminary. A web archive hosts a 2025-page compendium of the scientific work accomplished during the four years (it quit inexplicably a year short, in 2003.) Although educational materials were created in concert with the program, my cursory reading of the archive revealed nothing at all like the elementary-education effort planned for September 11, 2001. In fact, the Expedition had been centered at the Channel Islands Sanctuary in the summer months but had moved on by September. Why was July or August not the optimal time for a visit from the D.C. group?

In a personal reminiscence in the September 12, Society press release, John Fahey says of a voice message he received that Ann Judge and Sylvia Earle

“sounded like young schoolgirls, clearly enjoying themselves rafting the Monkey River in Belize,”
so Dr. Earle had an established relationship with Ann Judge, for what it's worth.

Chief Petty Officer and Olympic Torch Bearer Bernard Brown

The implications of Bernard Brown’s “selection” are twofold. Either he was killed outright with the others someplace far away from the Pentagon as part of the plan, which would have his father playing a modern version of the Abraham and Isaac story—with a trick ending, of course—or alternately, all, or some, of the passengers on the planes are still alive, living somewhere in a secret rendition awaiting some unrevealed plot development. Both are plausible and have evidence to support the conclusion.

Although all the players from Leckie Elementary School appear deeply religious (young Brown was memorialized at the Ark of Safety Christian Church in Oxan Hill, Maryland) I don’t get the same sense of extreme Christian militancy rising off of either Mr. or Mrs. Brown, as I do with several of the other players in the Pentagon drama, men like Brian Birdwell, whose motivation and justification are only too clear. Skeptics early on began to allude to the possibility that Chief Petty Officer Brown volunteered his son for service, and Brown didn’t help matters in his early interviews either.

Brown gave an interview to NBC News, which has long been unavailable. However the useful and credible, in an article, Littlest victims largely overlooked, posted on December 21, 2001, records a piece of the NBC interview. Brown told NBC that he had a serious heart-to-heart conversation with his son the night before the trip. Brown said, “To be honest, we talked about death. And I just told him, ‘Don’t be afraid…Just listen to what the people tell you, and the instructions. You’ll be all right; you’ll be fine.’ He said, Daddy, I’m scared,’ and I said, Hey, don’t be scared; don’t be afraid to die. Because we are all going to die some day.”

Chief Petty Officer and Olympic Torch Bearer Bernard Brown
If this staged, contrived and synthetic photograph doesn't wag your dog, nothing will.

Mr. Brown's quote may have inspired Mrs. Brown to make a rebuttal on the 2003 anniversary of the September attack. Josh Getlin and Faye Fiore writing originally in the Los Angeles Times (but found here at in an article, A day of grief, echoed in young voices, writes

"He wasn't afraid to fly. His thing was, 'Are we going first class?'" Sinita Brown said of her son Bernard. His teacher had promised to take good care of him on the flight. "I know she's holding him," Sinita Brown said.

But the plot gets even thicker. In a September 6, 2006 article by Lynette Clemetson in the New York Times, Washington School Still Feels Pain of 9/11, all the connections are made. Leckie Elementary School, which young Bernard Brown attended, and where Taylor taught, also had two students whose parents died in the Pentagon attack. The parental victims were Johnnie Doctor Jr. and Marsha D. Ratchford, and both were employed alongside Chief Petty Officer Brown in the Navy Command Center and lived near the Browns in a military housing complex at the Bolling Air Force Base in Washington D.C. The home of Andrea and Johnnie Doctor was close by and Ms. Ratchford lived with her family in an adjacent compound. The senior Brown and Mr. Doctor were basketball coaches on the base and "best friends."

Clemetson records even the teacher was in on the act:

“Ms. Taylor was as much a friend as teacher. She helped Ms. Doctor, who was working to advance her nursing degree, with her college papers. She left her car at the Browns’ house the morning of the trip so she and Bernard could go to the airport together. ‘We were all family before Sept. 11,’ Ms. Doctor said. ‘And we are family now, for life.’”

Andrea Doctor in the memorial garden at Leckie Elementary School

One unfortunate connotation of the word “family” is as a mafia family, or organized crime syndicate. That is what the orchestrators of the September 11 attacks most closely resemble: an organized group of criminals who have taken over the functioning of the United States government. They are less a “shadow government” as much as they have brazenly co-opted the political process.

The central nexus around which this supra-governmental conspiracy revolves is unknown, but does it matter? We know who the players are. Neo-cons, Zionists, Millennial Christians, crooked corporate fatcats, political honchos, government and military lifers, and lots and lots of Texans.

The Washington Post has this quote from Andrea Doctor, “widow” of Information Systems Technician First Class Johnnie Doctor:
“This pendant is the only jewelry he ever wore. He wore it around his neck. It signifies brotherhood, but it has a whole lot of other meanings as well, like courage. This pendant was the most important thing to him. The Navy said the chain was gone but they found the pendant on his body. When we laid him to rest, it was my confirmation that I was truly burying my husband.”

Ms. Doctor’s sentiments pass my sincerity test. She seems an unwitting participant in her synthetic reality of widowhood.

Gordon England,President Bush's recess appointeee for United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, former President of Lockheed.
He can sure keep a straight face. What's wrong with those kids??!


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