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Eric Gundersen

Russell Pickering's list of 49 photographers whose work at the Pentagon on 9/11 can be found in the public record, includes this name, along with an obscure credential, the National Security News Service. A two-step Google established that to be an offshoot of the Public Education Center, a District of Columbia public interest not-for-profit, whose web publication is called storiesthatmatter.org

The single image in the public record attributed to Gundersen was published on 9/12/01 on A M Costa Rico, an English language daily carrying a strong retired-services and ex-pat American flavor. The picture is especially narratively rich compared with the rest of the record. We see a Bobcat at work demolishing guard rails and safety barriers. The mixed-dress crew is variously seen talking on cell phones, holding crime-scene tape aloft or putting their hands on their hips in an expression of concern. No firemen can be seen in the picture, or fire for that matter, but a roof turret spray appears to be drenching everyone in Whiteout.

Establishing on Google a legitimate public profile for a professional with credibility and cause to come away from the Pentagon that morning with a single snap isn't possible. However, it is the news aggregator/generator/diseminator service that is revealing. Active in the areas of
  • weapons of mass destruction
  • nuclear issues
  • conventional arms
  • intelligence community
  • government waste, fraud, and secrecy
  • terrorism
they have this to say about their own work

"Our reporters work relatively far “upstream” in the news business. We locate and interview sources, find relevant scientific and government information, and piece together ground-breaking public interest stories. Then, we offer our work on an exclusive basis to the commercial media’s best reporters and producers, who shepherd the stories through their own organizations’ production processes. These reporters write and produce the final stories themselves, but without our help, they may never have reached the public."
The wonderful---and potentially hangout-limited---Greg Palast, puts that in a slightly different way:
"On November 9, 2001, BBC Television Centre in London received a call from a phone booth just outside Washington. The call to our Newsnight team was part of a complex prearranged dance coordinated with the National Security News Service a conduit for unhappy spooks at the CIA and FBI to unburden themselves of disturbing information and documents. The top-level U.S. intelligence agent on the line had much to be unhappy and disturbed about: a "back-off" directive."
while Warran Ellis calls them "a steam vent for pissed-off spooks."

What role exactly this organization plays in the balance of power known as the United States system of government, isn't clear to me. Taking them at face value as good-government advocates (they certainly know how to write a great FOIL,) might explain the photograph's intent, as being a coded breadcrumb left for some future Hansel or Gretel on a trek back the path of truth. Conversely, perhaps it was meant to say to a foreign readership heavy on retired Company employees and insiders---here's our calling card. Yeats would ask of them: are they the dancer or the dance?

Whichever way the inside turns, it implicates CIA involvement, in ways heretofore only known of the FBI and DoD, in the active participation, or at minimum the passive dereliction of duty, we saw of Americans on September 11th, 2001.

Is it me, or does StoriesThatMatter remind you of GirlsWithWings?

Gunderson's Flickr and his Twitter.

The man in the short-sleeved, white knit shirt and black pants is the same in both of these pictures.

Warran Ellis2

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91 Photographers Working at the Pentagon on 9/11

In a synthetic and phony event like the staged attack on the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001, the manipulation and control of the media product required that all of the professional news photographers there that day, whose work can be said to carry water for the official narrative, be in fact, key co-conspirators before the fact---part and parcel of the military manufactured hagiographic storyboard, a brilliantly conceived and executed psyop, which America was force fed, as cause for her to vomit out the madness of the immoral wars which followed.

Well known professional news photographers, like Will Morris and Hillery Smith Garrison of the AP, epitomize such corrupt foreknowledge, as they used their professional credibility to enhance the telling.

Two other well-known professionals though, Ron Sachs and Luke Frazza, both played the game and contradicted it. Essentially, their work is as banal as the rest, but it sometimes fights the narrative, revealing that they may have been "handled" by their military masters in unprofessional ways, but not shamefully so. Their wit and stealthy subversion redeems them.

On middle ground sits the grand dame of D.C. journalism---the Washington Post, whose employees, like James A. Parcell and Juana Arias, were perhaps unknowingly corrupted by the embedding authorities, turning their work as published into powerful coded inside jokes rather than truth telling.

The many employees of the Gannett newspaper and broadcasting chain who participated in aspects of 9/11, (they are legion,) represent a class of corruption and depravity in a league all by itself.

Likewise, the fireman who did some real work that day in taking photographs, were also painfully corrupted---just like the FBI, and FEMA workers who participated.

(I shouldn't forget to mention James Nachtway and Thomas E. Franklin, whose photographic work at ground zero in New York City on 9/11 was as illegitimate and deceitful as Arlington---all the significant photographic record was a planned and controlled lie.)

This list is a work in progress, and doesn't claim to be comprehensive. Just a way I can organize some thoughts as I recover from the destruction of my study account by Flickr. (I'm actually up to 116 photographers!)

Alex Wong (Getty Staff) Took 17 repetitive variations of the same view from an elevated perch from across I-395, hence, he's safe from my accusations. At the Getty archive See my blog: Traffic Conditions Surrounding the Pentagon on 9/11.

Amy Davis 2001 Editorial Contest Winner in Division A: Dailies over 75,000, for Spot News photo in The Baltimore Sun, called “Pentagon Attacked.” Found 2 reposted here

Andrea Booher FEMA AP Photo NIST Draft Summary, according to Russell Pickering. I can only place Booher in New York, working for FEMA after 9/18. I'll leave her name here as an errant Pick-of-ering's, but she won't be counted any longer. I'm taking away her /bold>!

Bill Vaughn I can't imagine where this name came from--I note it was not on Russell Pickerings' page, which I inadvertently plagiarized when I began this. Google hates this name as much as Google loves the name stevenwarran. (Just found a file with 5 Corbis-sourced images, four of which depicted "night rescue on 9-12," and all of which seemed much dicked with by colored lens. View them here.

Bob Houlihan- See my U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Bob Houlihan. for three good night arson shots from a distance, one image from midday on the 11th, and a pair of shots from the Rumsfeld, Levin, Warner, Shelton, White press conference on the evening of the 11th.

Bob Pugh- “Spot news video overnight freelance videographer." Made a 12-minute video in the first half-hour that exactly duplicates the official storyline as told in photographs. A co-conspirator. Moved to secure press area after initial up close video. Still available (9-26-10) at archive.org http://web.archive.org/web/20050204092610/http://www.pentagonresearch.com/bob.html

Brian Boisvert- a U.S. Air Force photographer. The name found at the Smithsonian Institution, where they say in September 11th: Bearing Witness to History: "This collection of approximately 1,600 images taken by Michael Garcia, Sgt. Brian Boisvert, and Cpl. Jason Ingersoll show the Pentagon immediately after the September 11 attack and during the following week.

They go on: "Context: As a member of the Pentagon’s Defense Protective Service, Michael Garcia, along with Sgt. Brian Boisvert, a U.S. Air Force photographer, and Marine Corps photographer Cpl. Jason Ingersoll had broad access to secure areas. Their images show firefighters battling the flames, destroyed offices, the cleanup, and aerial shots of the Pentagon."

His single image in the record that I can find can be viewed here. (Copy here.)

1600 images my ass. I count less than ten by Boisvert and Garcia.

Brian Frantz Fort Myer Firefighter, whose 3 images of yellow jacketed firemen can be found at Fire Engineering Magazine. (On edit: Now unavailable, even at archive.org, where the issue is locked by a Robots.txt Query Exclusion. Copies here.)

Carmen Burgess, Sgt. A Heavy narrative worker. Took shots likely in advance of 9/11. One shot is of Rumsfeld returning to his office after grandstanding outside. Another is April Gallop and her baby, I believe. All utterly disconnected from anything remotely real. My blog about Burgess.

Cedric H. Rudisill - Tech. Sgt., US Department of Defense (Some of the highest resolution aerial shots in the record. Incredibly detailed. 9/14/01, and later days.) Tet Hut Sargent! (Some copies here.)

Charles Burroughs Assist. Fire Marshal, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) up close. 6 images published in NFPA Journal Two great articles NFPA and Newsfollowup, does not a public profile make. (Copies here.)

Christine R Willet- Private citizen (from secured press area) Or so Russell Pickering tells us. She Googles a big fat zero.

Courtney Platt One image published online by The Washington Post.
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/8.htm Platt has a new Flickr site, which inspired a great new Courtney Platt blog. I parked my former commentary over at Google docs. And in another stunning coincidence, the second photographer WAPO published special is also a Christian fundamentalist wedding photographer like Platt! Infra dig!

Dan Bieleford http://danbielefeld.com/pentagonattack.asp semi-professional type from the Citgo area, with some access and action shots. An online album with about 20 shots of the aftermath. He lives in the same building as Dawn Vignola and Tim Timmerman, apparently---1600 S. Joyce! P.S. Dan and Courtney: what is all that burnt grass doing on the highways? It looks interesting. Dan's work is so generic and poor, especially when telling us about all those silly memorials, where the emotion I feel is anger! YOU HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH WHEN YOU MEMORIALIZE! LIKE 189 SHITTY TOILETS STRUNG UP IN STRINGS AND SUITABLE FOR NIGHT USE REMINDS ME OF THE TRUTH! HOW UGLY! AND WHO PICKED OUT THOSE TINY, CHEAP, DYING TREES?

Dan Lopez AP Photo/The Daily Progress, Put all of those words into Google and the first two images are shadows from my former Flickr account. They just look so damn generic and uninteresting. Wait a minute gang, we have a problem...put "Dan Lopez" "Daily Progress" in Google and only 49 hits return, mostly relating to 9/11. The other stuff (nice effort at credibility, I guess,) only goes up to 2003, 2004. So Danny boy isn't a real person, either? Even if Time Magazine publishes a credit, they're all anonymous shots and he makes a few bucks in the aftermath. He isn't another one of those Charlottesville VA Christian freaks too, is he? Well, I know the tune to this party song. One image stored here.

Daryl Donley - Private citizen who took four famous shots. (The fireball, the rear-view mirror "Man in the Median," the lamp pole, and the…the...) Assistant Director of Operations for the National Symphony Orchestra, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington, DC 20566-0001 (202) 416-8120 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (202) 416-8120      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (202) 416-8120      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; fax: (202) In an interview says fireball was secondary, 3-4 minutes afterwards, as "rear" gas tanks exploded. My First, Second, and Third, Daryl Donley blogs have fully explicated the matter.

David Holloway The Potomac News, /AP Photo. Well I found the David Holloway page. It's neat to see 15 mostly new-to-me images, even if they're the same old boring/generic. So David Holloway is an Arkansas native, who works as a staff photographer for the Potomac News in Woodbridge, Virginia, is it? Why don't I believe you? Google "David Holloway" + "Potomac News" but he gets only 9 hits! His page is good, except: more of those odd memorializations! (You people are so LOW BROW!) But at least I did learn what Arlington Fire Captain Scott McKay looks like, (you know, for the tribunals,) and I was glad to learn "Roosevelt Bridge was the only way across the Potomac river for hours after the attack on the Pentagon." So, thank you. I archive.org-ed this site to see when these shots went up: May 19, 2003. So, look like generic news pictures, posted to a vanity web site, as we ramped up to war in Iraq. Got it, David. I did a little exploring over at David's Newsium page, following links to sites like the aggregator, World Tribune, and I must say, I don't think I have ever found myself in such an ideologically fixed and relentless world before. Much of it was stimulating, as it seems to attract high-functioning types, but after a bit, all the war mongering just seemed forlorn.

Dean Tills Along with Paul Marshall, unheard of before the publication in 2008 of Patrick Creed and Rick Newman's book, Firefight, Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11, on one of the 16 pages of extremely low-resolution black-and-white images is a single image with this attribution: "Structural engineer Dean Tills snapped this picture of the surreal gray smoke that spewed from beneath the roof. To the left, firefighters are making a "trench cut" to stop the fire's spread. Photo: Dean Tills"

Declan McCullagh http://www.mccullagh.org/cgi-bin/search.cgi?name=pentagon 2 of 9 interesting angle

Dennis Ryan - MDW News Service (Military District of Washington - up close - famous debris in hand photo). Pentagram Staff Writer Finally! A real dude of quality! I was getting so bitter and caustic I didn't think I could ever feel pride or joy again, but Dennis is an obviously good guy. He even led me to this wonderful Paul Thompson page, http://political-resources.com/911/exercisetimeline.htm, because Dennis took the photos of the tabletop jetliner crash mock up Pentagon practice. And God bless the Washington Times while we are at it here. Photos posted at Military District of Washington page.

Dennis Whitefield

Dewitt D Roseborough, Photographers Mate 2nd Class, was a 20-year veteran of the U.S. navy on 9/11, 2002 and a supposed eyewitness, but with only a single image in the public record, his story was told in the Sept. 2002 issue of All Hands magazine, (available at FindArticles) A new blog about Dewitt.

Doug Brisson An early photographer who was teamed up with Glenn Snodgrass to take three early shots of the firefighting and rescue response. Their work was maintained at old911digitalarchive.org, with their 3 images re-upped at stevenwarranbackstage

Doug Kanter AFP attribution. An indeterminate helicopter/smoke shot, perhaps taken from the highway or beyond, found at boston.com

Dylan Moore AP Photo/The Daily Journal, his work can be found at site called interestingly, www.timeforkids.com

Eduardo Torre - Affiliation unknown- two photos taken quite close at impact site and then posted on The September 11 Digital Archive, Donated 15 March 2002, which seems like a vanity web project where amateurs can post their reminiscences.

Eric Gundersen - National Security News Service In the manner of Ingersoll. Self-disclosed CIA connection. Read: Eric Gundersen!

Eugene Chang Metro Train rider took one photo posted on The September 11 Digital Archive. “Donated” 15 March 2002

Frank Zipperer - Senior Correspondent Photographer, with the made up credential, AI News Service, (he took 54 images centered around the secured press area at the Citgo. He liked to take pictures of other people in the media.) Frank's other photos. Frank is an excellent nature photographer with some semi-professional news photography. I can’t make out his level of participation other than he’s sycophantic by a mile.

Gary Coppage - Staff Sgt., U.S. Air Force (from secured press area at the Citgo). I know of three images by Coppage, all high resolution of of use to research. He gives us a great downed lamp pole a la Lloyd England, (impossible to jibe with other images of the taxi,) and he shows us heavy earth moving machinery on the scene at 12:46pm, but then the little Bobcat arriving at 12:57. Go figure.

Gerry J. Gilmore http://www.defendamerica.mil/photoessays/sep2003/p090803b3.html My blog about Gary.

Glenn Snodgrass An early photographer who was teamed up with Doug Brisson to take three early shots of the firefighting and rescue response. Their work was maintained at old911digitalarchive.org, and their images are re-upped at stevenwarranbackstage

Greg Fiume SIPA 2pics I can't retrace why I put Fiume's name on this list. He is a sports photographer in general, and Getty has a series of images of Rumsfeld greeting sports players in the Pentagon. Unconfirmed at this point whether my reference to "SIPA 2pics" places Fiume at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Greg Whitesell - USA Today from secured press area, Getty Images (stringer) 5 overview shots from elevated I-395, and six colorful medical triage scenes from North Parking. gettyimages.com

Greg Mathieson for
MaiMai. Getty Archives has one image from Sept 11th by Mathieson, so, HE WAS THERE. His work looks reprehensible to me off-hand. A consummate suck-up. Thumbs down Nero.

H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY Boy, I can tell you, I'm really proud of this one. A single shot of men in buff running along Route 27, see it here.

Heesoon Yim - Associated Press, published in Time magazine. Amid fierce competition, Heesoon got one of the best "helicopters hovering in smoke" shots, as his smoke curls almost into devil's faces like New York, and he has one of the best bright yellow choppers in the oeuvre!

Helene C. Stikkel For the DoD. Took the late-day shot of Rumsfeld and Carl Levin et al walking the tour.

Hillery Smith Garrison - Associated Press, Washington, sidekick to the senior Will Morris. Corrupt Christo-fascist Color Terrorist from Texas. My blog about HSG.

Hyungwon Kang - Reuters (from secured press area). Hyungwon Kang © Reuters/CORBIS A half dozen shots found over at Corbis Archive

Jacqueline Gopie Master Sergeant, Office, Chief Army Reserve (OCAR) An image dated September 11th, of Master Sergeant Major Alex Lackey, Command Sergeant Major of the Army Reserve, talking on his cell phone in front of the wounded Pentagon, found here: The Role of the Army Reserve in the 11 September Attacks: The Pentagon

James A. Parcell - The Washington Post's 3 indispensable pics to decoding the meaning behind 9/11; of 3blacks2men1woman, 3men’s backs, and "the great walking wounded retreat," can be found here http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/3.htm
here, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/7.htm and here, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/9.htm along with my seminal blog about James.

Janet Clements Is the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) photographer who seeks "interoperability strategy using a comprehensive approach" to "facilitate interdepartmental communications," in other words: crime family, I mean, taking orders and keeping secrets---two of my worst human failings. In my hometown of Southampton, New York, a similar initiative was successfully undertaken post 9/11, which resulted in getting the town police, its code enforcement officers, and the various volunteer fire departments onto the same, one "team." This was accomplished by elevating the former dog catcher...I mean, animal control officer, to a new $200,000 a year position supervising the whole cabal...I mean...shebang, including the chief of police who has an office safe filled with the most amazing local stories. This way, our public safety officers can "work together," or "pull together,unlike what occurred in New York City on 9/11, when every police officer was able to make it out of Tower 1 alive, but over 100 firemen didn't.

Jason Ingersoll (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl.) (Released) Ingersoll was an official player who took approximately 200 images available in the public record. Supposedly, he walked down from the Navy Annex, was on the scene shooting in the critical first half-hour. He captured the high-resolution shots of The Lloyd England Hour on the highway. His is the only record of the MWAA foam application. (Needs citation.) He is my personal hero for snapping Will Morris in action amongst other sterling results, as well as capturing without recognition, the shells of spent munitions seen in the foreground of a damaged Pentagon. My blog about Jason.

Jay Mallin – 17 shots on the 11th, a few more on subsequent days, some quite close up, all found at Picture Desk International Seen at the Virginian Pilot. Mr. Mallin is a very talented photographer. On one level, his shots are just like everybody elses, however his live and breathe a rarer atmosphere. He gets his humans to kinetically express themselves before he snaps the shutter, while most of the rest wait until their backs are turned and faces obscured by apparatus. His FBI agents are in a class by themselves. He even gathers a small medical triage vignette successfully in his lens. His stretcher bearers look more like Irish step dancers, and nary a hand is seen on a hip anywhere. Very clever.

Jeff Aitken Somewhere along the line I copied the following but no longer have a file of the pictures: [These photos were taken by Jeff Aitken - SRA International's Membership, Finance and Web Site Coordinator - soon after American Airlines Flight 77 out of Dulles International crashed into the Pentagon. Jeff is the proprietor of Available Light Photography. Please contact Jeff if you are interested in using any of the photos.] SRA is the Society of Research Administrators. However, a Mickey Adai would appear to be the proprietor of ALP.
This one smells fishy folks.

Jeff Franko -One aerial shot published in "The Terror Edition" of Gannett-owned The Manassas News & Messenger and The Potomac News. Three images attributed to Jeff can be found at his commercial photography web site. The images appear on a page where he says he was on staff at the Gannett News Service, and they appear to have been taken from the Gannett tower in Roslyn. Although, the interestingly named Franko has been to Iraq for Gannett in 2004, and the Athens Olympics, these images, dated only between April 2003 and March 2005, along with a further Google search, don't appear to construct a legitimate professional photojournalism context.

Jim Garamone - American Forces Press Service. Both writer and photographer. Eight of his best 9/11 shots are found here, along with four from October 12, 2001 here.

Jim LoScalzo U.S. News & World Report One image from the afternoon of 9/11

Jim Varhegyi - Tech. Sgt., U.S. Air Force (up close, high-resolution). Big Box under Blue Tarp held high

Jim Watson one image evening of the 11th, another at the Pentagon press conference on the 11th, with Rumsfeld, Levin, Warner

Jocelyn Augustino - FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) - almost all of the interior shots and the famous outside engine compressor shot. The Work Horse. Was she there on the 11th? Do I take away her bold>?

John Valceanu - SSGT. U.S. Army (from secured press area).

Jon Culberson - Firefighter (early and up close).

Juana Arias The Washington Post 2 pics of medical, 2woman, 3men http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/6.htm http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/11.htm My blog about Juana.

Jud McCrehin AP Photo/Army Times Publishing Company, Found one! Ca-ching!

Kamneko Pajic - AP photo (across the highway).

Kenneth Lambert AP Photographer 9-10-01 (Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declares a new war on Pentagon bureaucracy during a speech at the Pentagon, Monday, Sept. 10, 2001, in Arlington, Va. Rumsfeld declared a war on bureaucracy in the Pentagon, saying he wants to combine some civilian and military staffs, cut duplicate positions in the military services and shift some jobs to the private sector. He gave few specifics but said the changes are vital to saving every penny for modernizing the nation's military.)

Kevin Lamarque http://www.senate.gov/galleries/photo/members.htmlSenate Press PhotographerWhite House News Photo. Assoc. 2003 Sports: Award of Excellence; Presidential: Second Place

Kevin Rimrodt I used to have a Rimrodt file with something in it. His photographs are extremely rare and special. (See this Pilots for 9/11 Truth thread for some background discussion. Rimrodt was a Marine photographer who was teamed up with Jason Ingersoll that day, perhaps Robin to Jason's Batman.

K McSorley is either a photographer or an image organizer who had a web page online from February 11th, 2004 through February 4rth 2005, with 46 images on it, but even archive.org has been tampered with in order to hide them. Go to my kmcsorley blog to see two interesting images that have been revealed, and help in the search for the other pictures.

Lana Lawrence 14 images from her Pentagon 9/11 work can be found on her personal photo blog www.blogphotog.com (Careful! Rights Restricted and a no-candy mom type to boot!) Two unusual images by LL can additionally be found at The Library of Congress

Larry Downing - Reuters (from secure press area). WAPO published helicopter & smoke, fire trucks http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/1.htm He took pictures in the immediate aftermath, and was also present in the Oval Office that evening photographing Bush. Has worked at the White House since the Carter administration; covered the White House for Newsweek; winner of the 1989 Milo Award from the Photographers Association Dinner; Award of Excellence for 9-11 REUTERS/Larry Downing

Larry A. Simmons - Staff Sgt.U.S.Air Force, DoD Released. Recorder of burned interiors with one shot which could be construed as one of the most significant images in the record: a view of altered damage in the air shaft between E&D rings, encoding the power of manifest destiny. Found over at Steven War Ran, in Spray Painting Over Blast Damage, (although, there we see Getty crediting Ron Sachs as auteur!) And at stevenwarran.blogspot, in a slight variation on the theme, Oh Dear God...Dick Eastman Was Right.

Linda Spillers - AP Photo (from distant elevation). Knoxnews.com

Lisa Borges - Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class, U.S. Navy (from secure press area).

Louis Briscese - USAF Tech Sgt, Forensic Photography, Office of the Armed Forces medical examiner, AFIP (up close). Two images, can be seen on my accusatory blog about Louis.
I must say, Sgt Briscese responded to my blog posting like a gentleman. I'm not sure if I could handle such an encounter with myself, myself. Kudos to his training in self-restraint.

Luke Frazza, Agence France Presse Photos published in the New York Times. My all time favorite for his honesty and integrity and just plain sexiness and "fun."

Marc Hodgdon Clarke Air force Base, 12 images taken “by friends”, posted on specious web page, one important lamp pole shot, the rest filler to “release” the one around. Pentagon Employee (photos taken 9/12/04 outside perimeter.) Find them here.

Mark D. Faram - Journalist 1st Class, U.S. Navy (up close). A key conspirator and heavy narrative water carrier. My blog about Mark.

Mark Wilson (Staff?) Getty

Martin H. Simon Corbus. In honor of a visitor who Googled Mr. Simon's name today, I have constructed a new snarky blog---Mr. Martin H. Simon's snarky blog--- over at a newly constructed blog home---"StevenWarRan Backstage." A place to deposit the minutia, the ministerial, and the too mundane. Mr. Simon is too dumb to be a conspirator. He is nonetheless a suck up par excellence. You may read about the seven images Mr. Simon took at the Pentagon on 9/11 there, but be warned: I am at my worst, most inhumane, caustic self.

Martin Smith-Rodden The Virginian-Pilot.

Mary Ann Owens - Journalist with Gannett News. One of eight direct Gannett employees who were stuck in traffic directly in front of the Pentagon and were eyewitness to a jet aircraft's descent and crash into the Pentagon One color “art” shot across roadway with "box" camera. Works in London, Interview with English Press only. http://kmcsorley.com/Pentagon%20Sept%2011%20026.jpg

Michael Defina - Fire Captain, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) C

Michael Garcia - Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) (up close)One of the only participants in the Pentagon 9/11 event for whom we have photograph of himself in the record. He has a statement on September 11th over at the Smithsonian Museum in case you're interested.

Michael Kleinfeld Michael Kleinfeld was a 24-year-old photojournalism student in 2001. He took 13 images, which are handled by UPI. How and why he was provided access is unknown, and suspect. He had access to the inner-court, or North Parking triage area, and he did some maudlin narrative work that misfired, like the 3 images of a father rescuing his toddlers, for instance. One of only a few people on this list to contact me via email with complaints.

Michael Lutzky -Washington Post (an up close debris piece). Here.

Michael Pierce - Private citizen (from secure press area- captured photo of lamp pole 2).

Michael W. Pendergrass - Photographer’s Mate 1st Class, U.S. Navy (lots of the A&E drive photos).

Mike Trammel was the supposed videographer for Dave Slatter, the Gannett USA News 9 local CBS reporter who was the single outlet to gain access for 30 minutes to the front of the Pentagon on 9/11. I am convinced that the camera he claims was in fact, a Pentagon controlled feed, making Trammel guilty of covering up at minimum.

Molly Riley Corbus 3 views, helicopter, nighttime flames, from the Citgo.

Nathaniel Penn, MD, United States Marine Corp. One black-and-white night shot dated September 11, 2001, found here: The Role of the Army Reserve in the 11 September Attacks: The Pentagon

Paul Disney - U.S. Army (up close initially then further back) unlike the rest of the military issue, he shares a privileged web page with Carmen Burgess.

Paul Haring -WAPO published one of his images, along with a Courtney Platt image, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/10.htm and they are both labeled to "washingtonpost.com" rather than "The Washington Post." Platt and Haring have something else in common too, in addition to both being wedding photographers---along with scores of others involved in the plots, they self-identity as proclaimed fundamentalist or evangelical Christians---a unifying and corrupting "team building" attribute and organizing principle for the working class participants if ever I saw one--especially since the goal became to blame extremist Muslims for the crime. A thread at Progressive Independent, Fundie Xians and 9/11 lists over 50 such individuals at just the Pentagon alone. Washington sure is a company town. The Military district of Washington posted eight Haring images.

Haring took 16 images, which can be found at his commercial web site. His bio says he works as a photo editor and photographer for Catholic News Service in Washington, but prior to this gig he "spent almost five years as a photographer covering the U.S. military." It is unclear if Haring was with CNS at the time of the 9/11 attack, but we are told "he was one of the first photographers on the scene of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the Pentagon." His "background in photojournalism, especially covering religion" sounds as loose a credential as "covering the U.S. military."

Now this would make Russell Pickering's page, where he describes Paul Haring as a "Pentagon Staff Photographer," as possibly constituting a dissembling feint. The title seems as made-up as the other two. I am glad Haring is successful at "capturing dynamic images from ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and other sacred events," however, 9/11 at the Pentagon was not a sacred event, in my opinion.

Paul Hosefros of The New York Times. A generic photo from the Citgo published on the front page of the NYT, and one of the last names to make it on the list, proving something---what?

Paul Marshall Unheard of before the publication of Patrick Creed and Rick Newman's book, Firefight, Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11, one of the 16 pages of extremely low-resolution black-and-white images is attributed to an Arlington County firefighter by this name. The caption reads, "Denis Griffin (kneeling) directs a stream of water into the blaze from the open-air service road that runs through the building. Photo: Paul Marshall"

Penren -- No bold. Short for Pentagon Renovation. A generic label on many images released to third parties, and used in in-house publications.

Randy Pullen, Lieutenant Colonel, OCAR (Office, Chief Army Reserve) Public Affairs Office "rushed to the Pentagon to record the results of the terrorist attack. The results can be found here: The Role of the Army Reserve in the 11 September Attacks: The Pentagon

R. D. Ward. (Released) DoD photo by

Reza A Marvashti -Staff Photographer/Photography Editor
The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Va. He sure takes a lot of pictures of people praying. Just saying. PittsburgLive is a great source for images by these junior members of the press corps.

Rich Lipski - The Washington Post Zoom shot just after collapse http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/5.htm

Rick Kintzel AP Photo/The Daily Journal, (see PittsburgLive above.)

Rob Curtis - Army Times Publishing Company (from secure press area).

Robert Cantrell - Private Citizen (from numerous distant locations).

Robert Trippett SIPA Press Photo by [sipausa.com/HighlightedImages/9-11_images/large/SIPA-N0115900.jpg] (No longer posted online, not available from the Wayback Machine.)

Ron Edmonds AP photographer took at least four photos of little interest.

Ron Sachs Ron Sachs was also in the Oval Office the evening of 9-11-01.Was at the pentagon at what time that morning? CORBIS My second favorite Pentagon photographer and essentially guiltless. My blog about Ron.

Rudi Williams Link Department of Defense civilian employee. Single image taken on THE day of 9/11, "National Guard military policeman stands guard in a Pentagon hallway to prevent people from entering the darkened area behind him that leads to the site where a hijacked airliner crashed into the building, Sept. 11, 2001. Defense Dept. photo by Rudi Williams

Shawn Thewn Photo references from the 13th, 15th till the 19th, but most famously, from the evening of the 11th, when the roof fires doth glare.

Stephen Crowley One shot for the N.Y. Times

Stephen Jaffe /AFP/CORBIS Photograph by

Steve Helber AP Photo/ (see USAR Teams Search For Survivors in Smoldering Pentagon Ruins, AP 9-12-01 AP Photo by Steve Helber

Susanna M. Schafer Two images.

Steve Riskus - Private citizen (known for the five earliest and best up-close photographs, plus another in the ASCE Report). Least said, soonest mended.

Steven Ross steven.ross@lvvwd.com I plan on doing a big blog about Steve soon.

Stuart Snyder Someone named 22205 left me a comment over at the Courtney Platt blog informing me of Stuart (or Stewart) Snyder, a sleazy renter of yacht vacations and resident of the isle of the Bahamas. He wound his way down from the Navy Annex on 9/11, and got right down into the action. He appeared on the news station FOX5 on September 11, 2001 during the 7:38 pm - 8:19 pm segment, which is still available at archive.org. He comes on near the end, about the 39:34 mark, which would be about 8:18pm in real EDT.. It is well worth the visit if this sort of thing is your bag. About a dozen stereotypical views and then some fresh material. I think all the pictures were taken by a committee of robots actually. Just kidding.

Telfair H. Brown, U.S.C.G. 9/11 one image

Tim Sloan, Pool AP Photo/

Tom Horan - AP Photo (from a distant elevation). Taken from the Riverhouse Apartments and widely distributed.

Tom Watson Remember Page

Thomas Orme

Tony R. Knouf - Spc., 16 images posted at a Military District of Washington page, (no longer available) along with a few by Paul Haring and two by Dennis Ryan. Reposted here. In mid-January 2010, a resource appeared with 362 high-resolution images attributed to Knouf

Trent Munson from a helicopter

Troy Gibb One photo found at Firehouse.com, (see the blog) of two firefighters, gratuitously raising a flag. Names them even: Firefighter William Dunleavy and Captain Donovan Upchurch.

Will Morris - AP Photo (up close). WAPO published ambulance victim & car fires http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/2.htm

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/attack/pentagon/4.htm My blog about Will.

William Philpot Soccer PhotographsSenate Press Photographer

Win McNamee: Absolutely magnificent interview and gallery: GenerationsWhite House News Photo. Assoc.

I realized I originally stole this page from Russell Pickering, but he only had 43 photographers and I'm up to 109 (114 as of May 27, "09!) doing a clean count. The greatest present anybody could ever give me is a new name for my list---with juicy authentication, and some nasty details would be nice too. I dare say, I am providing some clarity in a sorely troubled world with this work. Kudos to you Steven!

What great luck! I stumbled into http://web.archive.org/web/*sr_1nr_10/http://jccc.afis.osd.mil/* where I found the original source for about 100 of the more famous, high-resolution images taken on 9/11, which were originally posted on September 18, 2001, at the jccc.afis.osd.mil website, which I do believe, stands for the Joint Combat Camera Center, American Forces Information Service, Office of the Secretary of Defense. How ya doin guys? Ya votin for Palin?

The FEMA.gov page with 967 Arlington images.

Moussaoui Trial Exhibits

George Metcalf's Page

U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley Pentagon Photo Web Page

Funny date.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally, A F*cking Building 7 Smoking Gun

This photograph of downtown Manhattan, taken between 9:59 a.m. and 10:28 a.m. on September 11th, 2001, by a private citizen shooting from his apartment window in New Jersey, displays a distinct pattern of light-colored smoke emanating from fires or explosions which appear to be occurring in the south face of Building 7 at approximately the level of the 28 and 27 floor, in advance of the fall of the north tower. That is significant because it was supposedly that disaster which caused the fires in Building 7 that for the first and only time in history brought down a steel-framed, high-rise building due to fire alone.

Trying to determine exactly what floors are involved is problematic, although there is no explanation for the smoke other than from an internal source in Building 7. The public record of the fires in Building 7 is scant, and what there is of it is a hopelessly muddled affair. Contained primarily in two early official reports, Chapter 5 WTC7, from May 2002, and the Appendex L Interim Report on Building 7, from June 2004, they contain contradictory and mutually exclusive information.

The 2004 report says that "Photographs and videos were used to determine fire locations and movement within WTC 7. Most of the available information is for the north and east faces of WTC 7. Information about fires in other areas of the building was obtained from interviews..."

In fact, only a half-dozen or so images exist in the public record of fire in Building 7, and they only show fire in the east and north facades; on the 7th floor, home the U.S. Secret Service, and on 11 and 12, floors home to the Securities & Exchange Commission, according to a chart in Chapter 5

Does anyone think it logical that not a single image exists publically of the heavily impacted south face of Building 7, showing any damage or fire? (Although contradictorily, several images in various resolutions, exist from that day showing the south face without any damage or fire at all.) One NIST study, World Trade Center Investigation Status and First-Person Data Collection September 17, 2003, even asked plaintively that, "NIST continues to seek photos and videos from the south face of WTC7," to no avail.

Since not a single piece of steel from Building 7 was salvaged or examined in the aftermath of 9/11, when the entire collapse mechanism could have been reconstructed from that evidence alone, then the absence of other evidence of how fire originated, spread, then brought down this 47-story building remains elusive to understand.

Many photographs of the southwestern corner of Building 7 exist and they can be cross referenced to indicate that the two major floors seen as burned along the visible west face at the southwest corner, are floors 29 and 30. The 2004 report says:

• From West and Vesey Streets near the Verizon Building, fires were observed in
floors estimated to be numbered in the 20s and 30s.

Looking from the southwest corner at the south face:
• Fire was seen in the southwest corner near Floor 10 or 11
• Fire was seen on Floors 6, 7, 8, 21, and 30
• Heavy black smoke came out of a large, multi-story gash in the south face

Before 2:00 p.m.
• Figures L–22a shows fires that had burned out by early afternoon on Floors 19, 21,
22, 29, and 30 along the west face near the southwest corner.

This constitutes floor salad, especially since the earlier 2002 report said:
"It does not appear that the collapse of WTC 1 affected the roof, or the east, west, and north elevations of WTC 7 in any significant way. However, there was damage to the southwest corner of WTC 7 at approximately floors 8 to 20, 24, 25, and 39 to 46, as shown in Figure 5-16, a photograph taken from West Street."
This is significant, in as much as the two paired and segregated floors noted as damaged, 24 and 25, would appear to correlate with only this image evidence---especially interesting, since those floors housed the the CIA, the DoD, and the IRS.

RUMSFELD ON 9/11: In his private dining room to U.S. Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif minutes before the attack.

"He said, 'Let me tell ya, I've been around the block a few times. There will be another event.' And he repeated it for emphasis," Cox said. "And within minutes of saying that, his words proved tragically prophetic."
CJ Online (free registration to see article).
After this, Rumsfeld went out onto the Pentagon lawn to make an appearance (Article text and photo). How did he predict the third attack? Why did he feel safe to go out? What is the Secretary of Defense doing taking chances with our national security by risking his life outside while we're under attack? What if there had been a fourth attack (there was a fourth plane)? What if he'd been killed? Or did he know the attacks were over? Following is a second version of the story where he even suggested the attack might be on the Pentagon.
"Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense, was in his office on the eastern side of the building, in a meeting with Christopher Cox, the defence policy committee chairman of the House of Representatives. Mr Rumsfeld, recalls Mr Cox, watched the TV coverage from New York and said: 'Believe me, this isn't over yet. There's going to be another attack, and it could be us.'

Moments later, the plane hit. Mr Rumsfeld ran to the point of impact and helped load the wounded on to stretchers before retreating to the secure National Military Command Centre, beneath the building. There, he refused entreaties to evacuate even as the Centre filled with smoke." (Source).

Recent events on Wall Street would also make the impacted 19th-floor tenet, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Securities Valuation Office, of some potential interest. I'd bet this Christopher Cox is the same Chris Cox who heads the Security & Exchange Commission in the present crisis. Image that---he was breakfasting with Rumsfeld in the Pentagon on September 11th,