Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh dear God, Dick Eastman was right

they were blasting out the exit hallways to prevent the escape of our own people

a few weeks ago I wrote of the picture above

One of the radial tunnels extends out underground to a subterranean structure in the lawn, called on the plan, the heliport vault, which is an element visible in some exterior shots as metal-lidded series of coffin shaped structures buried within a mounded area. In some shots we see what are likely to be their metal lids flung aside. In some of the high-resolution Ingersall shots, we even see the scattered casings of used high-explosive shells that may have been ejected from these housings--missile self-defense being the strategy and offense, the tactic.

That would explain the blast residue captured in the upper corners of these lateral hallways, which would indicate some upward blast energy, entirely inconsistent with a jetliner diving at any angle into the building.

I was wrong about the direction of the fire however. I could never reconcile this picture with the one below, because I never could have imagined the technique of spraying gold paint over soot and fire damage as a fabrication, leaving aside the motivation for it. But like certain color characteristics running through a series of medical response photographs, the use of the gold obviously deflects attention, and while pastels are merely useful for scenes of triage, gold is reserved for the special places of carnage.

In the vertical row on the right, the middle window is the fourth floor of the D-ring, and it has been deflected outward into the air shaft facing the E ring, blown by a force working two floors above, and opposite from, the direction of the path an aircraft took into the first and second floors of the Pentagon through its limestone exterior. This interior corner of the building can be seen as fiercely singed and coated in soot in a high-resolution aerial view. It appears that after the fact, a coating of gold spray paint has been applied judiciously in order to disguise the effects of detonations for the purpose of creating the image.

The staircases rising in these two short lateral hallways would have been the escape routes for those in the Navy Command Center, and other targeted offices, like those army accountants had recently occupied. Rumsfeld had announced just the day before, that $2.7 trillion in spending was unaccounted for.

The two men below can be seen in the photo above.

On March 14, 2001, a key turn over ceremony was held
to commemorate the first Navy tenants to move into Wedge 1.

Was the DLHC center-court image produced and disseminated in order to show those who thought they were "in-the-know," but who didn't know what they didn't know, that the highest levels of the Navy Command were "in-on-it?"

Seven members of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the agency that had warned about the recruitment of American Jews by the Israeli spy networks, also died. According to the Washington Post, the entire chain of command of the super secret "Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Plot" were killed on September 11.

What could be greater than the sin of killing a million innocent people in two of the poorest countries on the globe in order to steal their oil resources and land, based on an original lie so repellent that our minds simply rebel?

When two of the West's religions sin by ganging up on the third, as rationalization and justification, the moral failing becomes infinitely graver.

In not a single image taken of the "hero rescuers" at the Pentagon on September 11, has any one of them gotten soot on their faces or hands or clothing. But the burnt wall gets painted gold in imitation of the gilded planks of fir that once made up the flooring of Solomon's Temple.

God forgive us all.

Sow the Wind: Reap the Whirlwind!

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