Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Telling the Truth from the Lie

This embedded 7-minute-and-54-second You Tube clip captures some decisive moments in Craig Ranke's and Aldo Marquis' new 1-hour, 20-minute, and 38-second film, the PentaCon Smoking Gun, the short version of a threatened multi-hour Researcher's Edition, yet to be released.

In a film constructed with little technical savvy and almost no artistry, whatever special effects that are sprung for stand out like sore thumbs. This clip seems cut to highlight its opening exchange, as an off-camera Ranke grills a gum-chewing police officer, Sgt. William Lagasse, asking him the pivotal question,

"Now how sure are you that the plane was to the north, was coming from the north side of the Navy Annex--you were saying that it was pretty much between the Navy Annex and Arlington cemetery, how certain are you of that?

Sgt. Lagasse answers clearly: "100 percent, I'd bet my life on it." Apparently, this doesn't drive a stake all the way through the heart of the matter, as the film makers immediately cut to a close up of Lagasse repeating the same line, but this time channeling Linda Blair of The Exorcist. He might as well have said, "your mother sucks cocks in hell," as gas hoses fly off pumps, the effect is so startling given the grave documentary context.

As if that weren't enough to pound get it? into our skulls, Ranke gives the OK, then pauses for a full 8 seconds of silence to collect himself, before moving on.

The devil on the Pentagon stage, September 11, 2001, was once satisfied with inside jokes and bright shiny fire trucks and ambulances--now he wants speaking roles! What's next? His name on the Marquis?

But competition comes from up above, arriving 30 seconds into the clip, as a low-altitude jet-liner flies overhead, making such a racket that the men's small talk is completely drowned out. They, however, remain oblivious. Since jet traffic is constant throughout the longer version of the film, often with the metronome of criss-crossing helicopters as an accompaniment, it's obvious one gets used to the steady noise in Arlington, and pays it little mind.

This stands in marked juxtaposition to the meme of September 11: eyewitnesses expressing shock at hearing a low altitude jet-liner flying in "unused" or "closed" airspace. Whatever flew into, over, or around the Pentagon that morning, came in at extremely high rate of speed, descending into a bowl whose perimeters were entirely controlled by the Department of Defense, passing a population customarily inured to the constant low-level air-traffic noise of a nearby airport, crashing in fact, at the exact spot where other air traffic regularly lands, which could explain why some people witnessed a helicopter as involved.

And what precision, for a suicidal Muslim ideologue who probably didn't intend to leave the world a single message: that he was a terrific pilot.

The vast majority of eyewitness statements will be judged as false, based on the physical science of vortex and lamp pole, as inconsistent with one or more aspects of the results of a computer modeling of events. But our government refuses to undertake a science in the service of truth. Determining motive will be a little harder but not much.

I spoke with Craig Ranke about the route his research took, how he got in touch with the police officers for instance. He came right out and said he called the Pentagon Police Department, with Officer Brooks eyewitness report was contained in the Smithsonian Museum archive. No prouder American institution took a dive for 9-11 more than castle on the Mall. I'm sure it pained curators to mount exhibitions of historical artifacts like the following

The Smithsonian would be the last place I'd look for truth under the circumstances, especially from a couple of cops, who are forced to lie as a primary function of their jobs, as muscle for our long established system of creating reality.

Where I live, a rare breach in the blue wall of silence occurred several years back and it had to do with lies. A high-level officer, who spent most of his six-figure professional life in service to his benevolent union business, was also running for local elected political office. In the middle of the campaign however, he was forced to step down, rumor and editorial having it, the expense of keeping some scandal quiet. Several months later, he did the unthinkable, surely as revenge, when he came out in letters-to-the-editor accusing a fellow officer of lying on the stand in a manslaughter case. In that case, the testifying officer had been off-duty without leave the night in question, but that didn't stop him from giving a soup-to-nuts report in a hit-and-run case, when he had never actual been on the scene. Winding them up and telling them what to say, being the operative details in jury trials. Neither received any consequence for the actions other than eventual retirement. And the rumored scandal that started the whole affair? The first officer was implicated in a matter of a theft from the police Chief's locked safe, where evidence of other scandals was held.

Officer Lagasse, who is given too much time to talk in this film relative to his contribution, argues away inconvenient facts by saying "What official story? The only official story would have been the Arlington County Police report done after the event. There's no official story other than that, that's the After-Action Report, that was written by the Arlington County, the Fire Department, along with the police agencies and the Pentagon police, at the time, the Defense Protective Services," and it's just too damn bad if the report is silent on the issue at question.
Facts not existing if they don't make it into the report.


  1. Yes there is constant air traffic to and from Reagan. Yes this would help to conceal the real origin of the plane flying away from/near the Pentagon after a massive explosion and fireball.

    How the fact that people are oblivious to hearing the constant regular air traffic of planes flying in the normal arrival and departure route of Reagan has anything to do with the fact that they saw an extremely low flying jet completely off the normal course as it flew by the north side of the citgo at tree top level timed perfectly with the explosion on 9/11 I do not know.

    And what is this crap about the "Smithsonian"? When did I ever say that?

    Just because you haven't come across this page:
    in your quest (what not enough pictures for you to stare at?) doesn't mean it hasn't been referenced numerous times in virtually every 9/11 discussion forum that exists.

    And why are you deceptively suggesting that you "spoke" with me about this when it was within the last response I have publicly posted on your blog? And why would you change "library of congress interviews" to "Smithsonian"? Does that really make it easier to further insinuate that we are complicit operatives?

    Does the fact that you so frequently and thoroughly search for "truth" at defenselink.mil indicate that YOU are the operative?

    It's clear you find it hard to deviate from staring at images at all in your quest so I am not surprised that you haven't come across these interviews.

    I know that people using the web for pornography is common but this is by far the strangest fetish I have ever heard of.

  2. No, you silly twit. I didn't deliberately exchange "The Smithsonian" for "Library of Congress" because I thought it implicated you in deeper levels of government malfeasance. I made a simple mistake by confounding two equally diminished American public institutions, the Library being sullied, I only knew, by its hosting of a "symposium" meant to generate credibility for the "eyewitness" and photographer Daryl Donley. Thanks for making my day by clarifying their fuller role as keeper of the unholy witness logs, but since I haven't been at this since 9-11-01, unlike some full-time paid "truth" advocates, I have more than a few gaps in my understanding of the record. "Not knowing" sometimes can be more empowering than knowing, and the combination hasn't hurt me much.

    I especially turn my mistakes over to the service of my higher power and he never fails to use them. For instance, for some reason the images of a mop bucket, a tooth brush, and a package of wet-wipes, which the museum hosts as exhibition material explicating the history of 9-11 and which I downloaded to this blog, have been...and what's the word for technically fiddled with...alternately coded so that they only appear as small square dots on my screen. I'll leave it alone. This adds to the intended effect.

  3. My introduction to the 9/11 lie came after my exasperation with the 2004 stolen elections and subsequent research as a result so not until January 2005.

    When did you start getting into it?

    You have failed to address the fact that you lied about "speaking" with me.

    It's rather telling the way you felt so compelled to completely misrepresent our communication of the details that you are insisting have such serious implications. (i.e that I am an operative).

    Especially when you could have quite easily picked up the phone and called me to ask.

    Fucking liar.

  4. Fucking nitpicker!

    If the point is that important to you, I will concede. I made a stupid, clumsy mistake in saying I "spoke" with you concerning the particular detail of how you initiated contact with Sgt Lagasse.

    We "spoke" once, when "you" called "me." This is after your partner emailed me requesting we begin a dialog. I deliberately waited two weeks before I emailed back but I included a wrong telephone number when I did. He called anyway, having gotten my number from somewhere. I was busy when he called but I told him I would return his call later that evening. I did call, about 10pm EST and we spoke for over 3 hours. I emailed him. He emailed me. You called and I picked up on the first ring. I began to post our exchanges in the comments section of my blog and you began to post replies there directly. I would get copies of your comments sent to me by blogger at my email address, which is almost too much to handle.

    I'll be more careful not to say "spoke," when I mean "dialogged," especially when it is obvious to onlookers (or do I mean "onreaders?") that we publicly undertook our exchange in a posted forum. I wouldn't want anybody to assume we "underwent communications" twice to cover the same ground.

    You sound like you're really under the gun dude, and I'm sorry. But I'm an open book and I'm used to a more casual approach to truth seeking and I don't want to tighten up. Maybe we should just end it here.

  5. He got your correct number the same way we got so many witness numbers.

    A simple search for Steven Welch in Southhampton, New York on zaba search.

    But as usual you have no problem vaguely insinuating that he had privileged information even though you are fucking listed! THIS is dishonesty and this is exactly your continuously deceptive M.O. throughout your blog.

    In fact now you have fully admitted you are "casually" accusing us of mass murder. Although it is quite obvious the nature of your tone and delivery isn't so casual when you are making the accusations. (more lies)

    What you are doing is "casually" making shit up and then "casually" lying about how you obtained the completely incorrect facts that you cite as the very basis for your bullshit accusations against us and then acting like it's no big deal when you are called out in your lies.

    I am "under the gun" because you are a selfish murderous scumbag that is unjustly holding one to my head in an obvious attempt to launch your disinfo campaign or to raise the intrigue level of your blog.

    Sorry motherfucker but as long as you continue to "casually" attack us personally and the groundbreaking information we have obtained the blood of the 9/11 victims and the people dying every day because of this fraudulent war on terror is on YOUR hands.

    You are serving as "one of them" whether you believe it or not.

    I will NOT end this right here. As long as you continue on your murderous rampage of disinfo I will continue to expose you for what you really are.

    An egotistical deceptive disinfo blogger.

  6. Sorry Craig, given the fact I'm listed in the telephone book, my saying "somewhere," implies he got my number either from directory assistance or its modern online equivalent, not off a spy satellite. But I was unhappy with that sentence myself. I wished I could have edited it from "He called anyway," to "He called immediately." My point being you were earnest, and now you're responsible. If you had asked me to review your work under the stipulation I was not to share any negative opinion I formed of it, I would have said no thanks.

    But this detail highlights the differences between us. You have been out as "Craig Ranke" for less than a month now, as I understand it, and I don't know if you're from the Laguna Beach Rankes, the San Juan Capistrano Rankes, or the Dana Point Rankes, but my--you all live in such close proximity! Do you marry first cousins like the Rothschilds?

    Yes, I think you are a co-conspirator, as is your partner, and Lagasse and Brooks. Whoever Tercios glanced up at quickly over your shoulder is also a conspirator. There are thousands of you, including most of the eyewitnesses and media types who supported your narrative, most of the FBI, most of FEMA, most of the firemen, all of the identifiable uniformed service members, and many, many people in the "9-11 truth" movement, although Russell Pickering and the Loose Change guys were perhaps sullied after the fact, they still are damned by their association with you. You won the 15-minute Battle of Arlington and now you have to fight the 21rst-century American Revolutionary War. You will lose.

    I deplore your arrogant attitudes ill-fitting a 26-year-old, which blinds you to the counter-productiveness of your work. Your bullying and threatening tone implies extra-judicial consequences might befall me "as long as I continue on," to which I say, "You haven't seen nothing yet, light-weight government worker!"

    Do you get the following exchange?

    Now, from, the other thing, points I noticed from the video, is that you pulled up and, ah walked over to an SUV parked right over there and talked to somebody
    Yah, it was, I think it was ERT guys
    ERT guys?
    SWAT guys.
    SWAT guys? So they were already over there?
    No, they were just over there, doing whatever…
    Yes, just getting something.

    Busted asshole.

    Do I need to name this neuro-linguistically challenged officer?

    typically we had a briefing or a meeting as you would call it about 8:30 I believe I don’t know the exact time halfway through the meeting I was interrupted couple of the supervisors came in and said turn on the TV and we turned on the TV and they said it appeared to be an accident in New York City at the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane the meeting continued on and we really didn’t think too much of it one of our assignments for that day was at 11 o’clock we were supposed to be at the heliport the actual crash site for dignitaries coming in about 15 minutes later again they said a second plane had hit at this time they just cancelled the meeting and just gave everybody assignments Um what I remember vaguely was ah stopped and got some breakfast and I was doing my paperwork in the car and where I was located was right across the street from a gas station which is adjacent from the Pentagon how many yards I don’t know it’s actually pretty close by it’s just across the street I happened to be sitting there and at this time it was a little bit before 9:30 a little bit after 9:30 ah I just happened to look up to my left up in the air and I just seen a plane um a few seconds shortly after that I hears what seemed to be a tracker trailer or something coming up behind me well felt like it coming behind me and I looked again but by this time I looked I didn’t see a truck I looked to my left and lo and behold I noticed that the plane was just going awfully low now granted at this time I hadn’t registered the two incidents that happened in New York I really just thought the plane was flying awfully low a few seconds less a few seconds later out of nowhere um I literally it’s hard to explain but just seen the nose of the plane it looked like it was going straight down at this time I got out of my car because I knew something was wrong and again it still hadn’t registered the two events in New York a few seconds after that I literally seen the plane just go nose dive into the Pentagon um very awful sight cause at the very end the plane literally just full throttle and to this day I don’t know if I was able to watch it or not but just to be frozen in time like that and see that plane just literally clip the lamp poles ah the closest that people were asking me how close it felt of almost if I had a rock I felt like I could have hit it just just an incident a moment in time really just it just was like being in a movie um unbelievable as soon as the impact there was a loud thump there was a loud boom and it was just chaos there were screams there were people literally running into the highway there were police cars there were rescues, there were people yelling into their radios now granted still nobody has really registered what has really happened yet until the plane has actually hit the building and by then it was actually too late we knew we were in trouble by then by that time I had gotten in to my police car and actually I was heading toward the the in front of the crash site Route 27 which is actually a road in front of the Pentagon there were people literally jumping over the barriers there were cars literally going 50 60 miles per hour there were people literally running down the road there were people literally jumping on my car asking for my cell phone I literally felt like I was in a movie I really didn’t know which way to turn ah what I did then is I tried to get close to the building as I can because there were still people coming out people literally just laying on the ground we were trying to move these people to safety at it felt like a lifetime I don’t reca…recollect how much time from the time I actually seen the plane till the time the plane actually hit the building how much time had elapsed but it just felt like everything was in slow motion I didn’t believe my mind just didn’t register because again I really didn’t realize at the time what had happened in New York City I was still in kind of a daze the whole time I’m thinking this plane is awfully low whats going on but after that I think that event has really actually changed my life if I to this day I just see a plane and I’m literally looking up into the air now seeing if it is alright or flying too low or not I don’t know if by me watching it something has happened to me traumatically but I’m a I really don’t want to fly on a plane again if it was up to me um I guess knowing that there were people on the plane literally flying over me what were they thinking I know they had to see us and literally just go into the building like that literally full of speed like knock a lamp pole over like it was a tooth pick just the sheer impact it was a very long day for us I went in about 5:30 I don’t believe I left until late that evening you know help people and help secure the scene and that was my September 11

    Do you realize the consequences of this testimony? It means that a federal police officer for the Defense Protective Services at the Pentagon is telling us that his unit was briefed on the terrorist attack on America but "it didn't register," and instead of defending our country, his supervisors gave him an assignment to go get breakfast and to sit in his car and do paperwork until "a little bit before 9:30 a little bit after 9:30." Then he jumped around like the half-child, half lemming that he is, and like most of the rest of you are (you're a moppy headed little billy goat Craig) giving testimony of his experience so untethered and insensible that words simply mean nothing here. You are unshocked, unchanged, and unmistakable.

    This is your life, your mind, your madness:

    It’s hard to explain what was it like to see the plane hit it’s hard to explain How do you explain something of that magnitude hitting hitting something so innocent like that a building the structure is not made for an impact like that, but just the worst part I think was me just standing out there and wondering what those people were thinking and just seeing me standing there right beside my car knowing that they were in the impact um there was was really late by then cause by the time it was hit people were you know saying attack I just remember that day vividly was a dark cloud smoke and there were sirens and when I came home just my ears were just popping and ringing from people just literally screaming, screaming in my ear just the rescue squads and the sirens it was a long day actually I don’t know how long of a day it was just literally I didn’t know if I was going deaf or not just by the sheer sheer terror that everybody felt everybody felt that because we didn’t know what to expect I didn’t know if there were people coming in convoys and just start shooting people I didn’t know if stuff was going to start falling from the sky just sheer terror and like I said we me and another guy actually another officer there were literally people just trampling over people people just literally just jumping….out the road and everything I happened to be one elderly lady who literally got knocked to the ground she had a cane she must have been in her mid sixties I didn’t see her but I noticed one of my officers my counterparts actually picked her up we were literally going up one way on the interstate just to try and get her to safety we didn’t know if she had broken her leg or just what but we were able to take her to the nearest hotel and they put her in a wheelchair and we hadn’t heard from her so since we were hoping that she was OK.

    All of you live in a fantasy from where you project your evil into my world and it is going to stop now. Nothing you do will work, everything you touch will turn to shit, on that you can be sure.

    Here's more:

    I just…that day actually I knew it took probably just a couple of minutes but it was I guess my mind was not really trying to register another part of me was saying Ok this is what happened another part of me was saying No this is not real so I was actually just walking around like in a daze it actually is like a movie set cut you know lets start over again it was something you actually people were asking me what was it like it was like being on the set of a motion picture some action packed picture there was explosions there was heat the smoke the sirens and all the ingredients of a huge motion picture but kt was real and there were a lot of heroes there were a lot of people that came together that day unfortunately an act of terror had to occur at the Pentagon.

    We've got five more minutes of it, You ready?

  7. Billy goat? That is definitely a new one. But since you have decided to lower the discourse of our conversation to included personal jabs at physical appearance so be it. You make that real easy! From now on your new name is Turtle.

    I have already proven to you that I announced my real name as soon as we got the footage in November 2006 you lying turtle faced piece of shit. In fact, if you do a google search for my name THE VERY FIRST link that comes up is a link to the scumbag jref skeptic forum in November where they quoted me as ridicule from the Loose Change forum announcing my name for protection.

    More LIES and horrible spin on your part in your pathetic attempts to cast doubt on me.

    Real neat how you were able to figure out the 3 southern California cities where I have lived in the past 11 years. Good job Colombo!

    Not surprisingly this miraculously translates to you as me being part of the inbred elite. Of course as usual it's just you spewing SHIT and hoping people will lap it up. I already told you I was born and raised in Michigan you fuck and that is where almost my entire family still lives. I'm not 26. Consult your local Chinese restaurant place mat to figure out my real age.

    As far as Robert Turcios looking at anyone over my shoulder you are once again making shit up out of nothing. Although I have no idea exactly what part you are talking about he is clearly nervous to be on camera at all and got distracted very easily throughout the interview if a car drove by or somebody walked by or whatever. You have nothing against us so are forced to reach as far as you can and it's transparent.

    Now as far as my supposing the swat guys were just "getting something" being the be all end all proof that "busts" me is beyond laughable and simply idiotic.

    I KNEW he walked over to them before the plane flew over and if you listen to the TONE and pitch waver of my delivery of that line (which obviously can't be portrayed in your transcript but was conveniently ignored by you in your "analysis") you can tell that I was merely SUPPOSING this insignificant information and simultaneously trying to let Lagasse know that I didn't believe that the fact that he walked over and talked to the SWAT guys BEFORE the plane flew over was indicting of anything (because it is not). At this point Lagasse was clearly and visibly surprised and a bit blown away that I knew about things he did that even HE didn't remember so I was trying to put him at ease so he wouldn't get unnecessarily defensive. At this point, since I had his north side testimony that was already corroborated from Paik, Turcios, and Brooks I fully believed he was a legitimate witness and I had no reason to think there was anything nefarious about the swat guy thing. The fact that I assumed the cops were "just getting something" was my basic train of thought. Not more of your bullshit PROOF that I had inside knowledge.

    You are one dumb ass clairvoyant. Your 6th sense is a lot more than cracked. You really should have that checked Turtle.

    Now.........repeating Brooks' library of congress interview without clarifying what or who it is serves nothing but to confuse the one or two people who might read this. I have no idea what the cops SHOULD have been doing in your twisted mind to "defend" us and our nation before the attack in Arlington happened.

    Should every cop in the defense protective services been standing outside looking at the sky in random areas with guns drawn? Would that have satisfied you into believing that they aren't all complicit? Somehow I doubt it.

    The fact that Brooks didn't instantly put everything together isn't that incredible. It would be a mind blowing experience for anyone. Brooks is obviously a very simple man. Lagasse confidently says how he got it instantly. Regardless this is more of your utter insane NONSENSE that you cite as proof that everyone and his grandmother are complicit operatives.

    We know there were problems with Brook's initial account and that's why we were skeptical of him at first. The light pole thing in particular was a big red flag. But he clarified it. He did not see the light poles get hit. He deduced it. Big deal.

    The more I expose you for the lying sack of shit that you are the more butt hurt you get the further you reach to make me out to be an operative.

    Poooooor wittle turtle faced egomaniac!

    Feel free and continue as every word you type exposes your paranoid, idiotic, ego driven existence.

  8. Ok I just re-watched the swat team part. The pitch waver I was referring to was actually when I said "it was 5 years ago" which was also to let him know that I wasn't him indicting him over that mistake.

    But when I said "yeah just getting something" it was in response to the fact that he already said they were just over there "doing whatever". "Just getting something" is a simple example of "doing whatever" at a convenience store. It would have been more clever and funny if I had said "yeah just getting doughnuts" but I thought better of it.

    The notion that this could possibly be considered proof or even slightly indicate that the entire thing was staged is simply ignorant.

  9. Craig: we live in separate worlds. The actionable lines were

    SWAT guys? So they were already over there?
    No, they were just over there,

    Translation: SWAT guys? They were already prepositioned?
    No! They just happened to be there.

    Why don't we leave it to the professionals for an analysis of the dereliction in duty by members of the so-called DEFENSE PROTECTIVE SERVICES, who are assembled in a briefing underway as the second plane strikes, when at least somebody, a supervisor, if not a simpleton, should have recognized the unfolding event as a terroristic attack on America and their own responsibility for a heightened color terror, and given out special assignments, if not "watch the sky," perhaps to secure major facilities like maybe the air-traffic tower? or critical infrastructure like the highways. Short of being given an instruction--and that was Bush's excuse too, wasn't it? Nobody was telling him what to do, so he just sat there--Brooks might have bent his instructed "assignment" of sitting alone in his car eating doughnuts while catching up on early-morning paperwork, and stayed near his colleagues, or a television at least. Do you remember where you were on 9-11? Would you exchange that for a chance to go eat breakfast alone in a car?

    With all those words he uses (and I most fully expressed his meaning by transcribing with a total absence of punctuation.) does he mention listening to the news radio? Nope.

    You excuse his errant eyewitness that he saw light poles getting clipped as a "deduction." Well, did he deduce a "nosedive." Did he deduce carnage and mayhem, screaming and carrying on?

    This evil administration, in addition to spending untold billions on this plot, directed the agencies under its control to lend whatever support they could to it. But not everybody in government is corrupt, at least not at the libraries and museums. So employees wrongly under the gun can be very subtle in transgressing their work. The young female college student who turned on the tape recorder and Officer Brooks seemed to have got down quick with the grove, his dreamy "literally" and "actually" punctuated by her breathless "Wow's."

    "Deducing" is what all the eyewitnesses who report light poles getting clipped did, and it is our first shibboleth. We start from there and peel back until we start getting into some healthy tissue. I use as a bench mark Patterson, on the front page of the earliest edition of the local paper of record, the Washington Post. He saw a commuter jet that sat 12 to 14 people screaming over the cemetery. This is not an anomaly, silence the liars and the disparate reports will surface.

    At least it supports your north of the Citgo flight path.

    That you would have shown any light on this lite-weight nonsense, let alone think you were creating a thing of value out of it, means one of two things: either you're stupid or diabolically blinded, and I don't think you're stupid. You can take comfort in the fact it isn't personal. I also think so many other thousands of the Pentagon-shadowed Arlingtonians are as blindly lost and corrupt as you.

    Enough for a class action civil suit against me for defamation. Because...


    Fucking mass murderers! I hope you rot in hell!

  10. You are fast passing from the realm of paranoid idiot into cointelpro operative. The fact that you claim you had to look that word up convinces of me of this all the more.

    You are FAAAAR too stupid to be genuine. You can only exist to deliberately put out disinfo and make the truth movement look looney.

    Who are you to say what swat guys or cops would or should be doing and whether or not they would have ended up at a military exchange gas station just before the Pentagon attack? Maybe they WERE instructed to look at the sky but decided to grab a quick doughnut first.

    There are A LOT of cops and there is no telling what every single one of them would or SHOULD have done before they were aware of the Pentagon attack.

    You have no idea what they were doing, had done, or planned to do besides the fact that they talked about the New York attacks for a couple of minutes with Lagasse while they stopped at a gas station.

    I'm sorry but I am still completely failing to see your point.

    Are you suggesting that if there is a single cop in the entire force that wasn't standing in open air staring at the sky that they should be considered complicit operatives?

    Because if not you really haven't been able to find a single relevant or significant questionable in the footage we have presented.

    Why would the perps pre-position swat guys at all if the goal was to NOT save the victims?

  11. You are an ass to have brought forth Brooks ramblings. I suggest that police officers gathered for a morning muster, who shared in our collective experience of shock and disbelief as events unfolded in that first hour of September 11, would have operated in a more becoming manner, if not more professionally. But trickling down from the top was Donald Rumsfeld, who knew this nation was under terrorist attack for over 30 minutes without ordering up stand-by protective air-fighter coverage. Instead, on the 60th anniversary of the building's groundbreaking, after an attack by an unknown force, utilizing an unknown method, Rumsfeld goes missing from the national chain of command for over an hour, in order to prance around outside and inappropriately insert himself into s six-man litter-bearer team for the misbegotten benefit of video cameras. There is only one word for Rumsfeld's and Brooks's behavior, the dreaded insult, poseur.

    Because foreknowledge doesn't make you smarter. None of you seems able to cognitively anticipate normal reactions to a cataclysmic, event--a "what would Jesus do if a 757 slammed into the Temple" hypothesis. On top of that you're bad actors, you lack the gene. Being uniformly bad in Arlington shielded you at first, but as the shock wore off, contrasts began to emerge, with New York City, with other disasters, even with the very bad among you. With the bar set so low, some of you really start to look like knuckle draggers.

    Because on top of everything else you're soft and spoiled. You compete in a closed circular world, practicing the unthinkable while dreaming of it. You stopped asking "is this real world, is this exercise" on a very specific date. Arrogant with the attitude that your side has all the guns, your only option now is to nuke Baghdad or have your legs blown off. Well, you can't SWAT your way out of this one.

    Do you know what absolutely shocked me? Reading Tercios quote in that Washington Post article, the one that got him in trouble. He said the Citgo had been shut down for the past 3 days for "pump maintenance." My father and grandfather kept a service station for over 50 years. Hell, if you had to replace the pumps, you'd do them one at a time in order to keep the drive open. Not only is violence your downfall, so is socialism.

    There is a lot of weird stuff coming out. Did you know that Master Sergeant Max Beilke, perhaps the oldest victim of 77 on 11, was "recognized as the last combat soldier to leave Vietnam in 1973?" according to Freedom Files, which doesn't report whether or not the door hit him in the ass. Beilke was meeting with Lieutenent General Timothy Maude, the deputy chief of staff for personnel, who was the highest ranking victim that day, but according to Freedom Files "was one of the highest-ranking U.S. officers ever killed in an attack."

    "Who are you to say what swat guys or cops would or should be doing?" Well, excuse me! I forgot who I was talking to! Although, the perps I imagine would preposition SWAT guys so they could have some fun. They wouldn't have to do any work. And Lagasse wouldn't go say hi to any old stranger SWAT guys, would he?

  12. Ok so let me get this straight.....your reason for suggesting that Brooks is an operative is because you have determined that he was "unbecoming" and not very eloquent in an interview? Certainly anyone who isn't as gifted with their command of the English language as you MUST be a mass murderer.

    And how does Rumsfeld's behavior have anything to do with Brooks?

    So because of this, and because a couple swat guys were at a military convenience store, and because these cops weren't all staring at the sky with guns drawn, and because we were dogged enough to get them on camera during our investigation.....you have definitively concluded that we all MUST be in on it!

    Brilliant work there Sherlock.

    Oh and because we aren't actors.

    That's right dumbfuck....we are not actors and we are not film makers. We are regular citizens conducting an investigation and the witnesses are regular people that are uncomfortable on camera as most ALL regular people are. But to you it translates to us all being operatives just like every other little insignificant, irrelevant, and incorrect detail that you ejaculate over while fantasizing that we're secret agents and that you're the brilliant, sensitive, all knowing, sleuth who figured it all out.

    Actually I do not believe you are really that stupid although I don't doubt that this is really your fetish. At this point though it's 100% clear to me your entire purpose is to make people who question the official story look like nut-cases while simultaneously casting doubt on the REAL evidence that will SOLVE this heinous crime.

    Any questions over whether or not you are cointelpro have been lifted by YOUR suspicious and sickening behavior.

    You disgust me you fucking sick pig.

    Now it's obvious how you got your house in the Hamptons.

    I hope you die of ball cancer you murderous fuck.

  13. Don't get your knickers in a twist big guy. Ogrish is not my fetish. Violence sickens me. I see dead people when I think of you.

    It is too much of a coincidence for you and Aldo not to work at Melissadata in Dana Point and what a perfect day job to keep you busy on those rainy Mondays, not that you're likely to see any of them from now on. How is it arraigned? Along with the fattened contract comes a gentleman's agreement? Provide the kids with a cover reality, and the bonuses will flow? Like the way the gold cleaves out of the Pentagon in the back there, hidden, sort of like a sweetened ass crack for insiders? Enough to shake the shekels in our Egyptian coin bras?

    Why the fuck does the FBI give out cash bonuses like they do, to people like Van A. Harp? But you're more CIA with your brunette Valerie Plame hairdo (sorry WillyG.) Reminds me of spotting the number of CT and ECRW guys perched over at Goodwill, until I noticed the general with the seat on Goodwill's board and it made sense.

    All this faux shit has to stop. America won't be able to compete with the rest of the world.

    O.K. So I don't like your work. I think it utterly vapid and vacuous and hollow. Your presentation of self, branded as the "Citizens Investigation Team" is huckstering like a carny bum, even with some Capistrano class. Intellectually, there is nothing there!!! You pimp pseudo reality! You can keep talking but nobody's buying anymore.

    In spite of yourself you are co-creating with God. In fact, you can't open your mouth now without telegraphing the exact opposite of the message you intend, which of course, is the real truth.

    I will give you credit...now, how can I say this best?...you were right and I was wrong... for mentioning first the prospect of preplanted explosives within the Pentagon building (and where else does that come up? Oh yes! In the Trade Towers!) You were already far beyond me, dealing with the normal everyday carnage of murder--just get the mop. Whether intended or not, you fed me an essential ingredient, as I began to get sick one night, "literally" in a Chadwickian or Brooksonian sense, for hours, late into the night, I began to worry about my heart even, until finally, after enough no-mind concentration it came to me, I could actually see true heroics as men dashed to save their lives, and save their secrets, secrets meant to balance out other service member secrets, and I sobbed and bawled for hours. Now I've moved on.

    Go look at the high-resolution aerial shot to see all the MDW clones in their white jumpsuits clumped together. They're placing a lot of material in those funny containers, ready to fill a bunch more stored down at the south gate.

    But I can still top you butch after a fair wrestle! They were firing rockets out of that pile of dirt in the cloverleaf! How's that for mound theory?

    Now if you guys aren't willing to help rescue America, then get the fuck out of the way. And if you don't believe me, then just wait.

    Apres moi, le deluge

  14. I have no idea what you are even saying half the time.

    You are in your own little fantasy land.

    Obviously you MUCH prefer that over legitimate research and uncovering actual EVIDENCE.

    Funny how you actually suggest that blogging your delusions could possibly implement change or expose anything whatsoever as if you are DOING SOMETHING. Hell I even doubt that you convince a random reader or two that you might have a point.

    What you do will always be relegated to conjecture because that is all it is.

    Sure you get some things right but that hardly matters because you deliberately present yourself as a lunatic so people will be turned off to 9/11 truth completely.

    That is your entire purpose and your sole existence and livelihood.

    This becomes particularly obvious when you attack information as critical and important as what we present and of course us personally.

    Then you act incredulous with my harsh response as if I'm supposed to greet your accusations politely.

    Not willing to help rescue America? Ha! What have YOU done lately?

    Blog away into oblivion while feeling all warm and fuzzy inside for helping yourself and your masters at the expense of countless innocent lives.

    Goodbye Agent Welch.

    You will be exposed.

  15. Craig, Apres moi, le deluge means, "After me comes the flood," and of course I mean it entirely different than Louis XIV who said it first and best. I mean it as fair warning, head's up, get while the getting is good, take what you want and leave the rest, you spot it you got it, and the second law of thermonuclear dynamics, which states there's a cold rain a coming, better put on your rubbers.

    I mean, I look back over our thread and I seem perfectly sane, fact-based, reality grounded, cognitively organized, or, as my favorite tidbit of Walt Whitman describing a man puts it: "plumb in the uprights and braced in the beam."

    You, on the other hand, sound like George Bush propelling the propaganda, as you dare not stray off message that CIT is great, and a couple of screwy witnesses to yet another hole in the official story becomes the end all be all. Which reminds me, there's a criticism I've not yet leveled against your film.

    (not you toe, wittle turtle stick his head out, say I wuv you.)

    How dare you promote your film as "the smoking gun" (and of course, what you really mean is "the navy blue Gap dress with the dried do stain on it," you know, something that would hold up in court,) evidence to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the "official story is a lie!" when you allow Lagasse go into that energetic dissertation, "Official story? What official story? If it isn't in the Arlington County After-Action Report, it isn't official," which is weaselly cop shop talk, sub-bureaucratic and nitpicky-lawyerese. Then you hold up a copy of the ASCE report, which I took as a kind of ridicule (not remembering specifically if the report addresses the lamp poles, and even if it does, what does that mean, as the report neglects to mention other physical evidence, of all of that extraordinarily ferocious blast damage in the A & E Drive.)

    You are passive/aggressive like that with Brooks too, with that weird, weird, weird thing of the Motown soundtrack playing behind his slow moving indecision to put pen to paper. And why did you have him drawing it in the Citgo gas station. He wasn't in the Citgo when he supposedly saw the plane! You have him strangely at the Citgo for the opening of his video segment (I never have figured out why) only to move, only to move back. Why? In his oral history he only mentions the gas station as across the street.

    And in Lagasse's reply to Dick Eastman (where he sounds so paid, just like Riskus) he also says he saw the lamp poles getting clipped (by cutter charge?) Did he "deduce" dat too? Elsewhere in the film he riffs on the difference between "detonation" and "deflagration," saying he is an expert munitions handler, but carbon fires did not deflagrate those thick bomb-proof windows into dried molten lava flows.

    The psychic, energetic, traumatic and concussive after effects lingers in the physical environment while everybody on the scene look like pod people on hologramatic holiday and I don't think it takes a Madame Minerva, the Seer of the Sixth Fleet, to see it and say it..

    Well, more to come I'm sure. Chin up!