Monday, September 03, 2007

Idaho Senator Larry Craig & Depleted Uranium

The photographic record of the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon in Arlington Virginia is notable for depicting precautionary safety measures taken by the responders. From the military folk, who in the earliest minutes of rescuing casualties are universally shown wearing disposable plastic gloves, to the literally hundreds of images of FEMA and Urban Search & Rescue workers depicted wearing respirators and full protective suits, it is clear, a disciplined rule was in effect from the beginning that no one entered the damaged portion of the building without full protection from contamination.

But what were the contaminants officials feared? The plane crashed into a renovated section of the building, fully remediated of lead, asbestos, and other toxins, with only a small portion of unrenovated section involved. Beyond unburnt jet fuel and some residual chemical suppression foam perhaps, and the unfortunate reality of human remains, a jetliner crashing into the building wouldn't introduce any additional chemical or biological elements to a hazardous condition.

This stands in high contrast to the disaster which befell the World Trade Center in New York, where 110 stories of asbestos-laden structure with a wide variety of organic and inorganic contents were pulverized into extremely fine dust. In the overwhelming human response to the collapses, little effort was made in even rudimentary breathing precautions, let alone trans-dermal or eye protection.

A series of official FEMA-released photographs depict an even greater attention to detail in preventing contamination to workers responding to the disaster at the Pentagon however. In several images taken on September 17, 2001, different Urban Search and Rescue team members are pictured at the Pentagon crash site being decontaminated following their duty shifts inside the damaged building. .

The above photograph carries a caption that says, "A decontamination worker sprays the boots of a rescue team member who has just come out of the rubble of the destroyed section of the Pentagon." Extraordinary attention was paid to decontaminating footgear.

In fact, special trained workers were employed to undertake the decontaminating process. The above photograph is captioned, "Team members wait at the decontamination station for workers to exit the building at the Pentagon crash site."

Even FEMA Director Joe M. Allbaugh went through the decontamination process after touring the Pentagon crash site on September 15, 2001, again with special attention applied to his foot gear.

The above photograph is captioned, "A FEMA Urban Search and Rescue worker and her dog from New Mexico Task Force One go through the decontamination process after doing work inside of the Pentagon."

The rescue dogs probably had to endure more bath time in two weeks then they were accustomed to in a year. Above is compliant Gus, a rescue dog from Tennessee Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue team, going through decontamination after searching in the crash site at the Pentagon.

Some sources state that such a precise decontamination process involving specially trained workers, especially with such special attention focused on the foot gear of workers, is evidence of exposure to radioactive contamination. Since nothing in the Pentagon or on Flight 77 has been revealed as a likely source of radioactivity, these images may point to alternate theories about what may have impacted the Pentagon. A source of contamination could come from a missile with a depleted uranium warhead. Such "bunker-buster" munitions are used to pierce hardened structures to deliver the explosive blasts to targets deep within. That seems to be the case at the Pentagon, as evidenced by the ASCE building study, which reports on extreme column damage, with even a section of the second-floor concrete slab deflected upward several feet. This is hard to reconcile with the crash of a light-weight aluminum airplane and the resulting carbon fires.

The United States has been accused of using depleted uranium munitions as a matter of course in Iraq, starting with the first Gulf War in 1991, and beginning again in 2003. Such wanton use of recycled radioactive waste carries with it grave implications for the land and its people, including American soldiers presently stationed there. Attempts are being made to blame Saddam Hussein for using biological and chemical weapons in 1991 as a likely cause of the recognizable "Gulf War Syndrome" affecting American veterans of that war, although there is more evidence the United States is responsible.

Furthermore, the fruits of such actions are being manifested in Iraq as we speak. In addition to the estimated 600,000 Iraqi children who died as a result of the American-led sanctions against Iraq, which impoverished all of Iraq between the wars but for a tiny ruling elite, a web site, appropriately named Answering Christianity, lists birth defects resulting from the poisoning of vast stretches of Iraq with spent depleted uranium munitions. Such an attribution will have to remain anecdotal for now, as I'm sure the scientific studies necessary to prove causality are way down the list of pressing needs.

This is but one aspect of the moral failure of the United States in illegally invading Iraq, unleashing a war of aggression against an innocent people, which has resulted in horrific crimes and untold loss. That Christians and Jews ganged up on their Abrahamic co-religionists, the Muslims, is a stain that never can be lifted.

I ask that you witness the score of images that follow, that you

(I have) Do Not Look Away!

Every citizen of the United States shares in the responsibility for what our nation has done. Accepting that responsibility is the only way to salvation.

When men give or receive blow jobs in the limited privacy of a stall in a public restroom it is many things. An affront to civic order perhaps, an imposition to our mores certainly, but one thing it is not is sin. To cast it as such is to lie, because

This is sin. A breathing devil of evil intent lives in every one of these images. And this is but a fraction of what we have done. Where are our churches and synagogues?


Do Not Look Away!

I did


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