Tuesday, September 25, 2007

$250 Million Wedge 1 Pentagon Renovation

Plausible Deniability
Has Got Me In It's Spell

The single image, to my knowledge, in the record, that depicts the new system in the supposedly renovated section being demolished after damage from whatever.

How did this window glass (even the previous window glass installed before the recent renovations was "bullet-proof," high-quality stuff,) melt from a fire OUTSIDE of the building? Just asking.

The first and second story windows of the renovated Wedge 1, as seen in the following shot , weren't replaced as per contract, it's quite obvious. Were the contractors trying to steal that next extra million by neglecting the work they knew would be done over under a new no-bid contract?

What was so fishy about the damaged column at line 11 that it was boxed out to hide it?

The very bad and tasteless Helen Keller joke which I never outgrew: (with apologies in advance to the alternately abled and disabilities-rights communities for my offense.) What's wrong with this picture.

Finger signing into palm:

Well, the box hides nothing. We can see the bent and curving rebar that once was a ground-level column behind it, completely denuded of its concrete encasement, or as the French would say, enrobé. Now I know I know nothing of materials science, and even less about the quantum matter-churning effects of certain "high" explosives, but I must say, and I do so only in my gentlest, most humble, and most becoming manner; my tone of voice apologetic, begging forgiveness from those who must forbear this; my head bowed, cap clutched between my palms pressed against my chest, the toe of my shoe sheepishly kicking random patterns into the dust underfoot.....

No Fucking way a 757 American Airlines jetplane, left wing dipping ,wobbling, scraping, or holy rollering, with its throttles going full on doing fuck-shit, it's turbo loaded fuel tanks welter-weighing in, did this goddamn damage to this building this way. The provable scientific evidence is here in high resolution and nearly Technicolor, governmentally sourced for what that's worth, with the added bonus of a plywood cover up, because it's not the crime, it's the cover up.

On edit: May 5th, 2008. I need to lighten up big time. This is all a dance! An experiment! I'm dancing! I'm experimenting!

So I'll post here now a fun picture that fits in with this blog's general theme. I was waiting to rediscover a hi-res version of it to post, because popping it open is even more fun then, but you'll have to wait, take my word. So pop it open and see if you catch my drift. Do you see the fresh plywood screening that has been constructed to block the view in from the second-story windows? What possibly could have given rise to this? Like the one box column at the corner next to the collapsed portion, which was given a plywood sheathing, such work is intriguing because it is so beyond explanation.

Whatever the cause, all I know is the Pentagon is big on keeping secrets and I'm really into it! And since it is so rare to find any images in the record with any anomalous details at all, which potentially might carry some--currently unknown--meaning, I 'll take this opportunity to praise the eagle-eyed censors who release these things. I don't know what this means but I now it means something!

Now motherfucking deal with it you big strong fighting men and get real! If we keep going based on a lie of this magnitude we are very soon going to be completely fucked!


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