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The Port Authority Leased Space on the 22nd Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, in Advance of You-Know-When

A fresh World Trade Center tenant's list, newly requested by the bunch over at Let's Roll, then released by the responding Port Authority for us to be the recipients, does make some pretty impressive demands on our attention. I don't know what set me off on this present tangent, but here it is.

The color key that follows isn't really necessary for this blog, so don't get alarmed---but I'm planning on using it regularly in the near future and I wanted us both to start getting used to it. It attempts to organize the past in a way the past never anticipated it would get itself organized into, and as such it's future as a way is already doomed.

This attempt at building a foundation was made several years ago by someone who named his work Gary Stock: UnBlinking, but the effort didn't keep up with the times. I remember reading once that Stock was a reverse cryptographer who worked with the NSA, so maybe deciphering wasn't his real intent.

Stock addressed the fact that "several news sources" had "echoed" a list of World Trade Center tenants "provided" online by the "CoStar Group," but in doing so, he utilized such a narrow sampling of results that he wound up skirting the fundamental questions raised by the sequence described in this sentence. Why for instance, was a for-profit corporation that normally provided password-protected information and analytics to the commercial real estate industry being used as the sole source of information concerning the wide-ranging occupancy of a private urban complex? Wouldn't the hybrid semi-public agency which had created and "owned" the enterprise until only a few weeks prior to its destruction, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, be the logical organization to know the facts best? And since it came ready equipped with public relations professionals experienced in dissemination information to the public through the press, this would place them on which side of what issues?

Since there were conflicts, and alterations in the information over time, who are we now supposed to hold accountable? Do we ask CoStar for our money back?

I've organized many of the various lists along a timeline with some success: All of the lists put out during the first three days were sourced exclusively to CoStar.

But by the time of the first anniversary in September 2002, the BBC's online posting of a ruled diagram of the towers' silhouette contains a little button, which makes the record almost an interactive event. It says: Click here to send any information which amends or updates this table.

However, a certain unambiguity exists in the record for those who are waiting to awaken to it. It's constructed from five of America's most respected mainstream news outlets and august business journals, with a glue-pot binding them together called the CoStar Group
The Associated Press, on Sept. 11, at 9:34 pm EDT;
Wall Street Journal, on Sept. 12;
USA Today, on Sept. 13, at 8:51 am ET;
CNN News, on Sept. 13;
Forbes Magazine, on Sept. 14, at 6:49 pm ET;
For today we are only concerning ourselves with an undifferentiated CoStar list, and a slightly later evil twin called, in a twist of disinformation, she bears the date "February 2, 2001," which likely was dissembled from a more logical, if not precisely truthful, February 2, 2002. Wherever you are Karen Hughes---go to hell.

Missing from CNN CoStar list, but on the CoStar.pdf
On CNN CoStar list, but missing from the CoStar.pdf
On the WSJ list, but not on the CoStar.pdf or CNN CoStar
Unique to the BBC list, Sept. 2002
Unique to "February 2, 2001"
Unique to the REVISED JANUARY 27, 2003 List
Unique to FOIA Request Occupancy WTC, Jan. 14, 2011
FOIA Request Occupancy WTC 1972-2001 Expired Leases
FOIA Request Occupancy WTC 1972-2001 Interesting Leases
No Leases

So we'll only need as our references a few soft pastel shades---the dusty rose; a faded verdigris, some pale yolk, and a kind of washed out Robin's egg blue.

We can collect and collate our various CoStar lists, since no issues arise between them here on the 22nd floor of Tower 1, which would require us to mediate by footnotes. Some CoStars are alphabetized, but some lists run up or down the tower, making our work easier in extracting out the names of tenants on this floor. We'll consider this our foundational text, and give it no color.

These names can be contrasted with the names ascribes to tenant's on the 22nd floor---which we color rose. In doing so, we basically discover two separate lists of names, with some overlapping, but no specific conflicts between them. Each list appears to have been pulled out of some master document using a governing agenda. It's easy to call one list "good" and the other one "bad." Good is the datable CoStar list, more finely edited so that its names never come back to haunt us when another level of information onto the internet nine years later.

Bad is the E-expedient list, whose names are suddenly seen in numerous conflicts with the new information just making the scene. This makes it clear to me that the E-expedient list came later, data dumped under duress to the information marketplace at about the four-month mark, with the purpose of diluting muddy water, in a baffling move that could cloud the issues with grains of truth, utilizing components which were previously segregated out from a manipulated presentation of a synthetic "truth."

Plan A blending into Plan B, shifting into Plan C, while always moving to constantly address whatever opposition arises, till it becomes a blur, and living memory passes away, and the serious rewrite guys can get down to work.

The first set of names stand alone, their job finished. I like how when assembling a list of tenants who might possibly have been  in the building on 9/11, no heed is paid whatsoever to whether a lease had expired---but at the same token, no one side hogged these names. A point is made that truth be not a requirement for constructing a reality

Chicago Options Exchange Corp. 3,608s.f. 2243
Gold Sky Inc. 421s.f. Manufacturing 2287
Kaiser Overseas Inc. 265s.f Manufacturing 2283
MLU Investment Group 1,175s.f. 2271
P. Wolfe Consultants 2,165s.f. Business Services 2221
Cheng Xiang Trading USA Inc. 1,900s.f. Computers 2201
G C Services Limited Partnership 2,561s.f. 2209 Expired Lease
Karoon Capital Management Inc. 991s.f. 2227 Expired Lease
CCCH Rainer Enterprises (USA)Corp. 2291Expired Lease
Market Research Group 2295 Expired Lease
Mc Carter & English 2247, 2289
Expired Lease
Ferromin International Trade 2253
New Kooling (USA) Inc 2285
Wolfe P. Consultants, Inc 2221
Farenco Usa Inc 2207
Global Control Systems 2203
Gold Sky Inc 2287
ICZ Inc 2225

The next set contrasts four names originally disclosed on E-expedient with the legal names now revealed to be on the leases. They public relations differs pretty significantly from the contractual.
The first one credits suite #2223 to a semi-public planning group with a laudable mission statement, rather than the deep avariciousness of a New World Order something-or-other software-thingy.

NY Metropolitan Transportation Council 2223 2223 leased to NEW YORK TELECOM PARTNERS, LLC 1WTC
Infotech Commercial Systems Inc 2263 2263 leased as TELEGLOBE
The SCPIE Companies 2,582s.f. 2269 [leased as Scpie Holdings Inc]
Tai Fook Securities 1,500s.f. Financial 22 [Only possibility to match is is SINOCHEM (USA) INC 1WTC 2224]

The first three pairs record directly oppositional suite numbers, but I can't determine with assurance if Tai Fook took suite 2224, just that these two members were the sole remaining elements after the rest of the list had been matched up. But the darkness that arises from a name like SinoChem, when that which is hidden is revealed, would only diverge more pronouncedly from a public mate named Egg Foo Young Securities INC.

The next two leases were both active on Sept. 11th, although they were written for the same suite #, but no real attempt was made to deceive the public, since it was self-disclosed in an act of incompetence on the E-expedient list. It is our fault if it was always there starring us in the face.

J.P.TRADING USA INC. 1WTC 2273 2/10/1997 2/9/2002
J.P. Trading USA 2273
Sino Lion Usa Ltd 2273
SINO LION (USA), LTD. 1WTC 2273 2/11/2000 2/10/2003

Coming as it did during a second disclosure,round this may even be a deliberate attempt at a subconscious mushiness in support of the canard "the government is too stupid to succeed at a conspiracy." True, sometimes the government is stupid, but at other times it is venal.

One lease "wrongly" was attributed to a suite # disclosed in public, while behind-the-scenes the reality was the lease to that suite actually was made to a Port Authority department specific to work inside the WTC---and the only office space the PA took on this floor. So publicly, Sysoft Inc. paid for, and occupied suite 2265, but the FOIL release reveals they actually leased suite #2267. So whose toilet did they use do you think? Sysoft seems to be taking "credit," or maybe, "the rap" for something here. But if the job of the Authority is to lease office space to both itself and outside commercial interests, then if it's not an "arms-length away," it's corporate Fascism at work.

One lease, for "Unicom Capital Advisors LLP 5,483s.f. 22, 84" was split between the 22nd and 84th floors; but nothing matched it here; while it has two active leases on 84th floor to account for a double number, so we'll consider this a typo. But a lot of other leases split between floors appear to have no rational basis in fact, and I suspect this is evidence of a deliberate social engineering at work---part of the "added value" originally envisioned by the creators of the center to control and manipulate the social interactions of people during the most powerless part of most individual's lives.

There was only one lease which had not previously been known from being one of the earlier lists, and represents a new disclosure by the recent FOIL: AMERINET TELECOM GROUP, INC 1WTC 2297 As a paranoid conspiracy theorist I know this must be significant. (Not beating around the bush, but it's "a leading national healthcare group purchasing organization." What do you do for a living? I am a capitalist!)

On our new list we find four leases which had expired, with their suites remaining empty. In fact, there isn't a single example on this floor in which a suite had been relinquished and then retenanted by a different firm. As I research the other floors I'll let you know if this represents a "suites for life," program, or an in-suite/out-of-suite fascist methodology


P.A.(WORLD TRADE DEPT.) 1WTC 2265 8/1/1999 12/31/2010
This is that odd 10-year-term lease, which the Port Authority self-dealt itself, "isolated" alone here on this floor, as part of the "mix;" as well as the conflicting lease to "Sysoft." We don't know the suite's square footage, but I want you to get a feel for the lengths these leases were written for.
SYSOFT, INC. 1WTC 2267 1/1/2000 1/2/2003
The following lease has just about the oldest starting date of any lease on this floor, although it's still well after the first trade center bombing; but at a 10-year term, it matches the only other [PA] long-term lease, and this one is almost exactly in the middle of its run, which represents a benchmark for a legitimate lease found on this floor. Say bye-bye. You won't see another.

CHICAGO OPTIONS EXCHANGE BUILD 1WTC 22 2243 10/2/1995 9/30/2005
Chicago Options Exchange Corp. 3,608s.f. 2243

Except why do they call it "Chicago Options Exchange Build" in private, and "Chicago Options Exchange Corp." in public? She's a tiny little thing too. You could have fitted 15 corn exchanges like it up on one of Cantor's mothballed voice-brokerage floors

Sorry about the bright canary yellow! I lied for the shock value! Sinochem, suck my dick!

SINOCHEM (USA) INC 1WTC 22 2224 9/1/2000 8/31/2003[3-year, active, with great dates]

SINO LION (USA), LTD. 1WTC 22 2273 2/11/2000 2/10/2003 [3-year, active]

J.P.TRADING USA INC. 1WTC 22 2273 2/10/1997 2/9/2002 [5-year, active]

CHINA MALL INC. CHENG XIANG 1WTC 22 2201 9/1/1999 8/31/2002 [3-year, active]

WOLFE CONSULTANTS, INC. 1WTC 22 2221 3/1/1999 2/28/2002 [3-year, active]

ICZ, INC. 1WTC 22 2225 6/23/1997 6/12/2002 [5-year, active]

KAISER OVERSEAS, INC. 1WTC 22 2283 4/1/2000 3/31/2002
[4-year expired, renewed for 2-year, active]
KAISER OVERSEAS, INC. 1WTC 22 2283 4/1/1996 3/31/2000

NORTHAMERICAN RESEARCH INC. 1WTC 22 2297 11/1/1999 10/31/2000
[1-year, renewed 1-year, expired]
NORTHAMERICAN RESEARCH INC. 1WTC 22 2297 11/1/1998 10/31/1999

FARENCO (U.S.A.) INC. 1WTC 22 2207 10/1/1999 9/30/2001
[expired 3-year, renewed 1-year, active]
FARENCO (U.S.A.) INC. 1WTC 2207 10/21/1996 9/20/1999

MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 2247 12/1/1997 11/30/2000
MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 2247 10/17/1995 11/30/1997

[2-year, 3-year renewal, expired, with concurrent]
MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 255 10/1/1998 11/30/2000MCCARTER & ENGLISH 1WTC 22 2289 6/1/1998 11/30/2000
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERV. 1WTC 22 2269 10/23/1995 11/30/199
[4-year expired, along with a concurrent 39-month, expired]
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERV. 1WTC 22 183 5/10/1996 8/31/1999

GC SERVICES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 1WTC 22 2209 3/1/2000 2/28/2001
[3-year, renewed 1-year, expired]
GC SERVICES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 1WTC 22 2209 3/1/1997 2/29/2000

NEW KOOLING (USA), INC. 1WTC 22 2285 7/1/2000 6/30/2002[3-year expired, renewed 1-year, active]
NEW KOOLING (USA), INC. 1WTC 22 2285 7/1/1997 6/30/2000

MLU INVESTMENT GROUP 1WTC 22 2271 12/1/1999 11/30/2001
[expired 2-year renewed 1-year active]
MLU INVESTMENT GROUP 1WTC 22 2271 12/1/1997 11/30/1999

GOLD SKY INC. 1WTC 22 2287 4/1/2001 3/31/2003
[expired 3-year, 2-year renewal, active]
GOLD SKY INC. 1WTC 22 2287 4/1/1998 3/31/2001

OPEN SYSTEMS INTERFACE SOLUTION 1WTC 22 2281 1/1/2001 12/31/2003
[2-year, 3-year renewal active]
OPEN SYSTEMS INTERFACE SOLUTION 1WTC 22 2281 1/29/1999 1/28/2001

CHINA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGE 1WTC 22 2205 12/15/1997 4/30/2001
[40-month lease, expired]

FERROMIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE 1WTC 22 2253 1/1/1998 12/31/1998
[1-year lease, expired]

WRC USA ENTERPRISES, INC. 1WTC 22 2293 11/1/1998 10/31/2000
[2-year, expired]

CCCH RAINIER ENTERPRISES (USA) 1WTC 22 2291 7/1/1997 6/30/1999
[2-year, expired]

MARKET RESEARCH GROUP 1WTC 22 2295 2/15/1998 2/28/2001
[3-year, expired]

KAROON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 1WTC 22 2227 1/5/1999 1/4/2001
[2-year, expired]

GLOBAL CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. 1WTC 22 2203 1/4/1999 1/3/2002
[active 3-year. Spooky name?]

SCPIE HOLDINGS, INC. 1WTC 22 2269 3/15/2000 3/31/2005
[5-year, active]

Well, I have no words of wisdom to leave you with, just my resolution to continue this long slog.

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