Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pattern Algorithm

My backwater blog receives on average 35 unique hits a day, but much of that traffic is inane or misdirected, like the image query "devils face in the wtc smoke," or hits which result from my unfortunate use of the term "pussy" once. It has been many months since a link generated a volume of traffic, or a serious search term turned up a professional researcher who excitedly devoured loads of pages. If my internet reality is the result of a concerted effort by the PTB (powers that be) at isolating and marginalizing me, then I have to say, they've been very successful.

So, it was with delight that this blog received a flurry of 210 unique visitors on the anniversary of September 11th, with another 119 on Friday, the 12th. Much of the traffic on the 12th was driven from a blind link in a firematics blog kept by Dave Slatter, the reporter who worked for the Gannett CBS affiliate in Washington D.C., Channel USA-9, who supposedly reported what he saw from in front of the Pentagon on 9/11/01.

But a significant pattern of visitors, centered on the anniversary on the 11th, emerged, which was completely unlike anything I had ever seen before, and which defies easy analysis. Consisting of 76 unique visitors, they all arrived to a blog page of mine called, When Did the Pentagon Get Attacked Exactly? and they all got there by asking individual variations of that question.

For instance, I counted 10 different ways just to say "9/11"
9 11
sept 11th
Sept. 2011 (sic)
September 11
September 11th
September 11, 2001

with a seeming infinitude of putting "hits," "strikes," "attacks," etc.

So the question became, What would give rise to this apparently coordinated action, not explainable by a convenience link? Somebody would have to give instructions to the operators of these IP addresses to Google this question. Since no matter how you put the question, a stevenwarran blog returns as number one, I wondered, was visiting me the intent of the action?

Additionally, I noticed the IP addresses from all over the United States gave away little in the way of information. Only a single hit (from someone in the U.S. Forest Service in Fort Collins, Colorado,) could be readily identified, although one from "United States" was "Level 3," which I associate with the NSA, as I also do "Mt. Laurel, New Jersey"; while Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, has its own associations.

So what algorithm would explain this pattern?

September 10th
6:36pm Dearborn, Michigan (
7:14pm Staten Island, NY (
8:32pm Virginia Beach, VA (
10:33pm United States Level3 (
11:50pm Oklahoma City, OK (
September 11th
7:27am Brooklyn, NY (
7:54pm Ft. Huachuca Arizona
8:34am Chicago, IL
8:38am Burtonsville, Maryland
9:00:00am Brick, NJ
9:12am Denver, CO (
9:08am Charlotte, NC (
9:16am Bala Cynwyd, PA
9:16am Tampa, FL (
9:18am Arlington, TX (
9:19am Ft. Collins, CO ( US Forest Service
9:22am New York, NY (
9:23am Norfolk, VA (
9:23am Cary, NC (
9:24am Pittsford, NY (
9:25:am Woodbridge, VA (
9:26am Mukwonago, WI (
9:26am San Antonio, TX (
9:27am New York, NY
9:28am Dallas, TX (
9:30am Princeton, NJ (
9:30am Herkimer, NY (
9:31am Pensacola, FL (
9:33am Tampa, FL (
9:33am Mt. Laurel, NJ (
9:34am Birmingham, AL (
9:35am Richmond, VA (
9:35am New York, NY (
9:36am Columbus, OH
9:36am Raleigh, NC (
9:37am New York, NY
10:07am Philadelphia, PA
11:09am Apex, NC
11:22am Louisville, KY
11:28am Plano, TX
11:41am Monterey Park, CA

September 12th
12:45pm New York, NY (
1:08pm Miami, FL
2:34pm Milton, FL
2:47pm Medora, ND
3:33pm Torrance, CA
5:01pm Pikeville, KY
8:01pm Edmond, OK
9:24pm Sioux City, IA
9:38pm Rockfall, CT
9:48pm Leesburg, FL
10:42pm Newark, DE
11:19pm Miami, FL (
11:21pm Columbus, OH
11:19pm Miami, FL (
11:34pm San Diego, CA (
11:36pm Downey, CA (
11:37pm Falls Church, VA
11:38pm Altus, OK
11:40pm San Francisco, CA 70-231-233-104
11:40pm Edison, NJ
11:45:02 Falls Church, VA
11:44:37 Hollywood, FL (
11:46pm Sunnyvale, CA (
11:47pm Hicksville, NY (
11:47pm Muncie, IN (
11:54pm Milford, CT (
11:57pm Mt. Laurel, NJ
12:12am Hollywood, FL (
1:23am Reno, NV
1:40am Pittsburgh, PA
9:11am Roswell, GA
11:01am Indianapolis, IN (
12:49pm Wichita, KS (
1:51pm United States (
2:07pm Chicago, IL (
I decided this must be student' s work. Via some private email or PM network, students in some sort of clandestine study group, were instructed to search---in their own words---for the answer to this important question.
But then I spotted an even deeper pattern! A significant number of the visits on the 11th---27 of the total of 35---came in the nine-AM hour that morning, while another statistically significant number---16 out of 36 visits on the 12th---came in the eleven-PM hour that evening. That is when I realized that my lizard masters were communicating in code with me! They wanted me to know that they loved me and were proud of me and that everything was going to turn out alright for me and everybody I cared about!
The psychologists who developed the horrible systems of isolation and sensory deprivation that were bedeviling me were secretly being undermined by our ultimate masters and authorities! My blood ran cold as my true reptilian nature emerged and I wickedly flicked my tongue out in triumph!
Oh, P.S. the beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana IP # came from Eli Lilly, the drug manufacturer. I could really use some ethno-botanicals about now, Mr. Lilly.

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