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Kawika Chetron Suzanne Calley

One of the most enjoyable aspects to being a walk-in sekret agent saving the planet earth from the forces of evildoers vis-a-vis September 11th, 2001, is an ability to follow serendipity wherever it might lead, without thought as to consequences to my reputation, or standing in the community. This has allowed me to make what seem at the time like very outré suggestions, but which in a great many cases, time has borne out a proposal as heading, if not arriving, at the truthful analysis of the events. If I had an alma mater to consider I would have frozen long before now.

Such was my sense when I stumbled upon the beautiful name of Kawika Chetron and then allowed Google to take me along for a ride. As in any fresh research that I do, I think, this time I have gone too far! But why worry about intellectual credibility when the opposition to my contentions is sourced at a much deeper, more primal level of revulsion and horror. We have gone to not so much a War on Terror, as a War on Horror.

Kawika Chetron was a Harvard and Stanford graduate working as a "software engineer" at Cisco Systems, in Silicon Valley, but his real passion was deep sea diving and underwater photography. March 17, at 32. On a solo diving trip off Cape Mendocino, CA, he went missing and was presumed drowned on March 17, 2007. He was 32.

For several reasons this set alarm bells off for me. Most importantly, he exited like a disappearing New York City fireman on 9/11, and I thought bodies floated when they bloated. Then there is something odd about the way he presents on Google, or should I say, is presented. An article about his disappearance in the Stanford Alumni Magazine is titled "Underwater Photographer Lost," going on to identify him as "an up-and-coming amateur underwater photographer," but without making mention of his day job at Cisco---ground zero for a Stanford electrical engineering degree.

His web site contains some very beautiful underwater images, but it doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up. It looks like a personal artistic expression posing as a commercial enterprise. I think the emails get sent to his mother in Hawaii even. I surmised the 133 images (plus 1 on dry land) we see are the sum totality of his exceedingly short career. So why do I get the impression that the deep sea photographer was a developing cover ruse for a planned covert career, but something intervened?

Well, it might be because this all played out before on September 11th, when another Cisco employee, Suzanne Calley, along with Barbara Olsen, supposedly went horizontally into the first story of the Pentagon on a suicidally steered American Airlines, Boeing 757, Flight 77. But by some miracle of coincidence, she too was a skilled scuba diver, who along with her husband taught diving, part "of the close-knit circle of Bay Area divers."

Chuck Tribolet, Stanford, ’72, ’73, working at IBM in Silicon Valley, also an experienced diver and underwater photographer.

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