Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jack White: Regent of the Rumsfeld Retouch

Jack White's 911 Photo Studies was the the first web site I accessed on the topic of digitally remastered images taken at the Pentagon on September 11, and it remains the last word. Apparently, long out of active hosting, the pages are maintained by the folks at as full-page "grabs," similar to pages of a published book, and although the individual photographs are not available for downloading, the whole page can be saved as a JPEG. But since such JPEG's come fully loaded with extensive stenography, along with the fact that I have noticed changes made to Jack's incorporated text relevant to new information I'd come up with, which would be impossible with dead "grabs," we can safely label as a governmentally sourced effort. These "middle ground" advocacy and skepticism efforts must have been started in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, as the conspirators realized the degree the public hadn't "bought" the narrative. Making sure that the unanswered questions remained just that, they "got out ahead" of the story, secretly working against their stated aim of truth, by "blending" realities, with canards and straw men, or sometimes just by shoddy work.

That would explain a problem I had with Jack from the very beginning. He makes quit a big case about a missing guard rail, which was supposedly photoshopped out of the Route 27 triage vignette shots, but he using as his evidence for the guardrail's existence only a small picture which is unclear and which may or may not support his thesis. Everything after this carried a burden of doubt in my book.

So to realize Jack's tiny cropping was in fact part of a large high-resolution aerial shot , one which provides a mother load of information relevant to the guardrail issue surely damns everybody connected to this effort to the eternal hells of disinformation.

In Jack's shot it is unclear what purpose the truncated guardrail served. In the overhead image it is clear the railing connected to an automated traffic arm controlling access to a secondary drive which skirts the front of the Pentagon. The guardrail crosses the lawn then wraps around a sidewalk until it terminates unseen beneath a tree. This served a purpose to keep vehicle traffic off the lawn.

However a gap in the railing occurs as it crosses the lawn. It would appear that a sidewalk fronts the railing as it extends between a door in the building to a painted pedestrian crosswalk, before both begin to curve around. However where the railing is missing so is the sidewalk, but a vague attempt at something that looks like yellow police crime-scene tape is strung in its place.

Although the meme-record mentions that rescuers cut through the steel guard rails at several points, in order to get stretchers into ambulances, that doesn't appear to be the intent here, which is far removed from the location depicted in the triage images. The absence of a corresponding sidewalk also suggests the use of digital image manipulation.

So it is unbelievable to have in the record the following image, supposedly of Donald Rumsfeld returning to his office after helping load wounded onto stretchers. I was utter convinced this picture was fake before I learned its source. The way the tall black man is picking his teeth like he was leaving a restaurant indicates he isn't watching where his foot is about to fall. But for some unknown surreal reason, not only is the missing guardrail present, it has achieved it's Platonic ideal as freshly silvered.

It would appear that the background scene depicting the firefighting response was taken on 9-11 and married to the view of the Rumsfeld triumvirate. Bit since the later aerial shot also has signs of manipulation it is impossible to figure out what the intent was, and what went wrong. At least tonight.

"Photo by U.S. Army, Staff Sgt. Carmen L. Burgess Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld returns to Pentagon inner offices Tuesday morning after surveying the damage from the hijacked plane which crashed into the building moments before." 45KB At first I had thought this picture must be fake. The man picking his teeth like he was exiting the Palm better look where he's stepping. So I was surprised to find it safely here among the orthodox, officially DoD "released."

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