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Steve Ross, Jeff & Deb Anlauf, and the Christian Majority

How extensive is the conspiracy that attacked the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? Well, if you were 19 senseless, disgruntled Saudi Arabian's looking to get your ass kicked, lap-dances, flying lessons, and gym workouts would have just about done it. But if your agenda were more serious, say, starting unending Global War On Terror® ? Well, then you would want to think a bit bigger.

And boy did we. Not only did the U.S. government exercises hit the closed-shop world of the military at the Pentagon, the expanded their sphere of influence by surrounding the area with ringers, then micro-managed the Careful to avoid collateral damage, at least when striking home base, even a 757 on remote control autopilot would be too crude a weapon to target effectively. Since, apparently, who was to die was as much a consideration as who not to hit, we were left with the unlikely scenario of a jet's terminal descent resemble the gliding of a radar-deflecting, surface-hugging missile. This lynch-pin component required a much more extensive design Since witnesses the plan is, we'll simply create the eyewitness record from scratch, in its entirety, that isn't grandiose! Then, when the unavoidable kook says I saw a missile! —well, it'll be a hundred to one against him, I hear martial music playing? Gitmo, Gitmo, Gitmo! I love that part! I can smell the sulpher! We'll rent out all the hotel rooms in the area, anything with a view, hell get everything, let's repopulate Arlington. And put people on the street, on every corner, we're putting them in cars, aren't we? Task them with being first to yell out " was a 757-300 jet-liner, flying with its flaps ups, I saw the windows!" The history books will write it up like "the British are coming, the British are coming." This part is cheap compared to some others. Like buying up the whole of the journalistic record wasn't so cheap, those bastards.

These amusing hair-tousles are my way of saying thank you to Councilman Steve Ross of the City of Las Vegas, Nevada, a Republican, no doubt, for his gifting first with an amusing musing, his context-free, free-floating, "what-I-did-after-summer-vacation," web diary My Experience in Arlington, Virginia during the Pentagon Terrorist Attack, which spells out in internets as, "

still available on*/

Read it and weep.

Steven Ross gives his email address as steven.ross@lvvwd.comdot If you do a Google on the part, you come to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, which I think, was probably Mr. Ross's day job before fabulous fortune came his way via hard work and the democratic political process. We'll skip all the references to the computer security stuff, My God, it's everywhere on the passenger lists! Is that all you people do? Fight? Besides, it's so over the head, (no, not you, me. I didn't think you were pumping the poop, pal. And my dog's name is my password: Pippa. Pippa Passes. So I rest in my defenselessness) I knew you were Executive material the moment I, read your prose... Executive Board, that is...and, whatever that is, (Chairman of Men's Masters? Men's Matters? Men Matter?) of the American Society of Safety Engineers - Southern Nevada Chapter Member-at-Large, (I like the sound of that! Glad it ain't Civil Engineer! Hips don't lie!) so I knew where you were, when you were
On September 11, 2001 I was attending the second day of the Environmental Innovations Summit at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington Virginia a few blocks from the Pentagon.
It's just that, well, I look at the pictures primarily, and your story was a little dry, so I didn't even really try to digest it. I didn't know you were
with everyone beginning the day in the banquet hall for breakfast and to listen to a keynote speaker from the Department of Energy.
So I completely missed the part about....the fire alarm in the hotel went off....and the bit about....the plane had just hit the Pentagon only a few blocks away....but, who said, what? you...could not actually see the pentagon at that time. A Navy office building was between us and the Pentagon which obscured the view.
I got it. I love short declarative paragraphs.
My Boss's girlfriend then showed up down stairs and said that she saw the airliner crash into the Pentagon. She had just turned on the TV when she heard a loud rumbling noise and looked out the window of her hotel room on the 7th floor. She said that she could see the airliner at eye level as it dove in at about a 45 degree angle. The plane then went behind the trees and the office building to the north of us, then a huge fire ball emerged behind them. She then quickly ran down stairs just as the fire alarm sounded.
So it was your boss's girlfriend who sounded the alarm. I thought it was Donald Rumsfeld who said it first.
We began watching the TV and saw the second World Trade Center tower collapse live. It was really terrifying to see such a massive building with so many people inside just completely crumble.
I know how you felt. Really bad.
Everyone in the hall was pretty shaken up over the events taking place around them. After about an hour the hotel began serving lunch.

During that time, many of the Pentagon employees entered the hotel to get off the street due to the threat. When I returned to my table with lunch, I noticed that one of the Pentagon employees had sat down at the same table. After a few minutes of watching the news broadcasts he asked very puzzled if something had happened to the World Trade Center towers. Apparently he had not heard that the World Trade Center towers had collapsed. It was truly amazing to see this man become completely and utterly stunned when he told the news. He remained completely still with his eyes fixed to the news broadcast for quite a while. Everyone at the table was moved by the sadness that he exhibited.
Yes, truly, truly amazing, with sadness, right yes.
I decided to see if we could get closer to the Pentagon. We then walked about a block north from the hotel then north a few blocks to a police barricade area. Along the way there were a couple Marine Corps barracks that were at high alert called Threat con Delta. Several marines with rifles were guarding the gates and cement barricades were placed at other entrances into the facility.
Thanks for sticking around afterwards for a couple of days to help out, Steve. I appreciate the seven pictures you put up on the web, even if they do look exactly like all the others, cummon, I'm joshing, I'm glad to have them. Thanks for taking the time to write down your experience so few people take the time. I've been looking to find information to help me understand, you know, the situation, and boy, your's is very good. Boy those Marines were fast with the concrete barriers weren't they, and putting a name to the threat. Delta....Delta Dawn....ConDelta Dawn... Hmm....I THINK WE HAVE A NEW DRAG NAME!

Oh..yes, before I forget, also thanks for not being the publicity hound like that Deb Anlauf, (of Colfax, Wisconsin, for heaven's sake,) who was in her 14th floor room of the Sheraton Hotel, (that's just west of the Navy Annex, your hotel, isn't it?) when she heard a "loud roar" and then "Suddenly I saw this plane right outside my window. You felt like you could touch it; it was that close.... Then it shot straight across from where we are and flew right into the Pentagon. ... When it hit, the whole hotel shook."

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(I haven't actually checked out that quote yet, cause it's getting late. But when I see Lexis Nexis I just surrender!)

Isn't that Deb the wife of Jeff Anlauf, the owner of BP Amoco? The Colfax, Wisconsin part is sheer genius, who would have thought, what a cover! What months? I'm glad there's stuff to do there for Christians. Christmas must be nice. And I guess you'll be glad for some upmarket company where you're going.

I want to meet that Pentagon worker, the stunned one at lunch, please, tell him it's OK, I just want to talk about some things.

Gotta go, but one thing I don't understand, why did the girlfriend put the 45 degree angle part in, it's wrong, the same way James S. Robbins got it wrong did? What changed in the story? It's not a little talking point I'm talking about, it's almost a meme!

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