Wednesday, July 23, 2014

StevenWarRan Turns Over A New Leaf: Promises Never To Post an IP Address Again

I have renounced the posting of others IP address' as an immature, passive/aggressive and un-web-skilled bit of Forsterian "Only Connect" nonsense. I've taken two blogs down already, one about a pattern of visitors from last September 11th, another about a Missouri electric cooperative. They didn't really get much traffic anyway so they can't vouchsafe my good faith yet, but I can assure everyone---there shall not be any more of that.

When and if I take down my blog with the unfortunate P-word in its title, or remove something distinctly bco-esque, then you will know without a shadow of a doubt I am on a new course of action and it is safe to visit my blog without my kissing and telling.

I think I may need a special exemption though, for web addresses like InfectiousCC as my steep learning curve precludes subtlety in some cases. However, I take correction well and willingly.

OK, Mr. mcduh? Alright, ctlaltdel? Say no, Plato? They're such little pictures. The leavings of my salted fields of Flickr.

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