Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Truther Movement Names

Ace Baker
Adam Larson / Caustic Logic The Frustrating Fraud
Alex Jones
Andrew Johnson
Barrie Zwicker
Bill Deagle
Bill Douglas
Brian J. Roberts Brian J. Roberts, The September 11th Attack on the Pentagon
Carol Valentine
Christopher Bollyn
Craig Hill
Dave Von Kleist
David Chandler, a physics teacher
David Ray Griffin
David Kubiak
David Rostcheck
Dick Eastman
Eric Hufschmid
Eric Salter
Gary North
Gerard Holmgren
Giulietto Chiesa, an Italian journalist and politician who made the documentary film on 9/11 titled Zero,
Ilarion Bykov, co-signed article at Prison Planet with Jared Israel, also, major analysis at
Jared Israel, see above
Jay McMichael
Jeff King
Jeff Rense
Jim Feltzer
Jim Hoffman
Jim Scott
Joe Quinn
John Bucannan
John Farmer, is the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission, he served as the Attorney
General of New Jersey, Chief Counsel to Governor Christine Todd Whitman, he’s now the
Dean of Rutgers University Law School
John Hutchison
John Judge
John Kaminski
Joyce Riley
Judy Wood
Kevin Ryan
Kyle Hense,
Leland Luhrman
Leonard Spencer, The Attack on the PentagonLes Raphael
Mark Ruppert
Max Kolskegg
Michael Shermer
Miranda Priestly
Morgan Reynolds
Nic Levis
Niels Harrit, a Professor from the University of Copenhagen
Paul Craig Roberts
Peter Meyer
Ray Ubinger
Richard Butler
Richard Gage
Rosalee Grable "The Web Fairy"
Russ Baker, Author of "Family of Secrets"
Scott Ritter
Simon Shack
Steven Jones
Steven Welch, StevenWarRan
Thierry Meyssun
Wayne Madsen,
Webster G. Tarpley


  1. Contrary to what is said here, Jared Israel and Illarion Bykov NEVER wrote for Conspiracy Plent. They wrote their articles on Emperor's Clothes.

  2. Oops I mean to write Jared Israel and Illarion Bykov NEVER wrote for Conspiracy Planet, not "Conspiracy Plent."

  3. How about Michael Rivero? (