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Building 7 was pulled in order to destroy the Secret Service's criminal files,
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The Meaning Behind the Pentagon Roof Fires,
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Debunker harasses 911 family member,
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I'm treated to violence about my latest posting,
It's Over,
Question: Is it true that William Rodriguez was a magician's assistant to James Randi?
Now that's some conspiracy theory!,
Why the need for a new investigation when you already know the "truth?",
June 5, "Was the Iraq war an inside job? Or is that affirming the consequent?",
Help Me Advocate A New 9/11 Investigation
Myriad proposes an amnesty program,
Space Ship Judy Wood leaves Earth orbit
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A little "lizard people" discussion with Ben Burch
Is the "Shock and Awe" Argument Hypocritical?
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Originally Posted by stevenwarran

"Let's Roll," like, Pat Robertson's "Bring It On," were clearly engineered slogans with which America leaped to war. We find it utilized as bomb-nose art, synchronized aircraft-carrier-deckhand spelling, and even tattooed on the arms of sailors and the asses of marines. America has abused her power and murdered over one million innocents across the globe based on these little words. It is hard for me to take the premise of this post seriously. This particular post of yours is a very good example of why nobody here takes you seriously.,
How long will the 9/11 lies last?,
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"Well, we could wait until that dang Building 7 report is out before tidying up.",
cyber-soldiers conspiring to steer public opinion,
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John Lovetro controversy,
Ask someone who is skeptic on skeptics and some CT'S,
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"pork eating controversy. Ben Burch flirting "let me get my bag of toys",
That's it for me,
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is an announce and flounce like a puff and huff?
a sing and fling?
a hurl and twirl?,
It doesn't make sense that most Holocaust deniers are anti-Semitic,
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antisemitism dershowitz jew hater etc.,
[Split]The official narrative - split from:Do JREFers accept that the appearance of w,
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CD of WTC 1 & 2 Blown out of the Water!!!!,
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about dustification with five photos,
If conspirators ruled the world.
1 post with a link to NSA/Disney connection,
This doesn't add up...,
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Van Romero. I get a warning,
Aren't there any exciting CTs out there,
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27th May 2008, 03:08 AM,
The Meaning Behind the Pentagon Roof Fires,

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