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Susan Morissette

Navy Marine Corps News - Jul 30, 2005

The "Heart Of America" Quilt

Navy Marine Corps News - Jul 30, 2005
The "Heart Of America" Quilt

Susan Morissette
President, Heart of America Quilt


And That Same Career Counselor Symposium Played Host To A Small Piece Of The 'Heart Of America Quilt'. The Idea For The Quilt Came About As A Result Of The Attacks Of September 11th. Petty Officer Duke Richardson Returns With This Report. The Small Piece Of The Heart Of America Quilt Made An Appearance In The Recent Navy Career Counselors' Symposium In San Diego. The Idea For The Qiult Came About As A Result Of The 9-11 Attacks.

"We Sat Down, My Husband And I With Our Children To Explain To Them In A Simple Manner What Was Going On And Why All The Grown Ups Were So Upset. And My Oldest Child, At Four Years Old, Took The Quilt That Covered Us And Pulled It Up To His Chin And Said 'Mommy I Wish We Could All Feel Like This And They Could All Feel Like This.' That Was How The Heart Of America Quilt Began And From That Moment On We Began A Small Quilt To Make The Local Children In Our Area In Maine Feel That Sense Of Helpfulness. But As Time Progressed Two Weeks Passed And We Became Actually A National Quilt With Fourteen Other States Involved."

The Quilt Is Nearly One Acre In Size.

"It Wouldn't Fit [Even] On A King Sized Bed. We're Lucky To Find A Park That Will Hold It Anymore. It Took Us Approximately Three Months To Create A Proportionate Sized Flag And From That We've Had To Double Up On Our Sizes And Continued As It Grew To The Point Now Where It's As Large As It Is."
Tens Of Thousands Of People Have Contributed To The Quilt Since Its Creation In 2001. And The Number Of Signatures Continues To Grow. For The Naval Media Center I'm Petty Officer Duke Richardson.

Sen. Tom Martin
1308 Clinton Avenue
Benton, ME 04901

Phone: (207) 453-2484
Email: Sen. Tom Martin

When the Legislature is in session, you can leave a message for Sen. Tom Martin by calling the State Senate Message Phone: (800) 423-6900 or by calling the office at: (207) 287-1505.

Legislative Aide
Jay Damon,_Jr.
Thomas Martin is a Republican member of the Maine State Senate. Martin was elected to represent District 2 on November 2, 2010.
Martin is the owner of Nitram Excavation & General Contractors, Inc. in Benton, Maine. Nitram was originally established in 1985 as T. H. Martin & Sons. Due of his vast experience in the construction arena, Martin serves as the Immediate Past President of the Maine Better Transportation Association. He served as their President in 2010. Other associations Thomas has been a part of include the American Public Works Association, serving as Chapter President, the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors, and the Waterville Rotary Club.
Martin graduated from Central Maine Technical College in 1986 where he studied Machine Tool Technology.

Martin defeated dem.
Pamela Trinward (b. February 28, 1954) was a Democratic member of the Maine House of Representatives. She represented the 77th District since 2006. In 2010, she ran for the Maine State Senate, losing in the November 2 general election.

In this photo: Jason Levesque, Susan Morissette, Thomas H. Martin Jr.
August 11, 2010

Nitram Excavation & General Contractors, Inc.
August 13, 2008, The Original Irregular
Wastewater lowbidder announced
Compiled by David Hart, Irregular Staff
The Kingfield Board of Selectmenmet in a regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 4.Administrative Assistant Greg Davis noted that no ADAProject Bids to rework the entrance ramp at Webster Hallwere received by the Aug. 4 deadline.The selectmen decided to re-advertise the project pos-sibly including work to address the issue of the deterio-rating condition of the back wall at Webster Hall.Davis stated that the board awarded St. Laurent & Sonof Lewiston, the low bidder, with the bid for theWastewater Subsurface Construction Project at$208,150. Other bidders included Jordan Excavation,Kingfield, $232,250; E.L. Vining & Son, WestFarmington, $246,195; and Nitram Excavation, Benton,$497,670

Owner, Nitram Excavation & General Contractors, Inc. Benton, Maine—Est. 1985 as T. H. Martin & Sons.
Central Maine Technical College
1986 Graduate, Machine Tool Technology
Town of Benton, Budget Committee

Susan and Senate Candidate Thomas H. Martin Jr.
Representative Elect Dist. 54
November 8, 2011 Referendum Election .

April 17, 2010
Morrissette seeks election for District 54
Morning Sentinel
WINSLOW -- Susan Morissette of Winslow has announced her candidacy for the Maine House of Representatives for District 54, consisting of Winslow and the southwest portion of Benton.

"I believe that Maine has great potential for the future, a future that creates prosperity for the people of central Maine," she said in a press release. "That potential can be achieved with common sense reform that supports a productive Maine utilizing its greatest asset; the people.

Morissette says there are many issues facing the state that must be addressed through common sense reformed to benefit the people of Maine.

Morissette, a native Mainer, has lived in Winslow for 22 years, the release states. She graduated from Bangor High School and is a certified education technician. She has served on the Winslow Board of Personnel Appeals and currently serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals for Winslow.

"The bottom line is that we need people in Augusta that are the voice of the people. Our country was founded on that basic principle and that coupled with a strong desire to ensure Maine is the way life should be for our future generations is my driving passion," she said.

and stonemason who helped rebuild the pentagon after 9 11

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