Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Page 120 - 121

Page 120

Putting the title of the book mentioned on page 120, The State Office Building in Albany, in quotation marks into Google returns only nine hits all of which are way off target. The author of this paragraph is being remarkably stingy with his or her reference data, which signals information of its own. So, avoiding the ellipsis, I tried again with "the Capitol standing above the city and facing the rising sun seemed to symbolize the State's majesty," and got zero hits. So I tacked on "Since then the many tall buildings constructed in Albany and forming a background for the Capitol," to the sentence but without quotation marks.

The first return was The Masonic New World Order, relative to the capitol in Washington, D.C. and probably the concept of "majesty."


1906, Hines's Annual: The west bank of the Hudson River, Albany to Tappan; by Charles Gilbert Hine, 1906, Notes on its History and Legends, its Ghost Stories and Romances. Gathered by a wayfaring man who may now and then have erred therein. Privately Printed, this edition is limited to 52 copies of which this is No. 2.


The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus,

Page 121

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