Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Morton Trust Company

Circa 1906,

Levi P. Morton, President
Thomas F. Ryan, Vice-President
Charles H. Allen, Vice-President
James K. Corbiere, Vice-President
H. M. Francis, Secretary
Charles A. Conant, Treasurer
Paul D. Cravath, Counsel
Edward J. Berwind, Executive Committee
G. G. Haven, Executive Committee
James N. Jarvie, Executive Committee
Jacob H. Schiff, Executive Committee
Harry Payne Whitney, Executive Committee
John Jacob Astor
George F. Baker
James B. Duke
Frederic Cromwell
Henry M. Flagler
Daniel Guggenheim
Richard A. McCurdy
James N. Jarvie
Walter S. Johnson
A. D. Juilliard
Joseph Larocque
D. O. Mills
W. G. Oakman
Samuel Rea
Valentine P. Snyder
Winthrop Rutherfurd

Winthrop Rutherfurd 's brother, Stuyvesant Rutherfurd, changed his name to Rutherfurd Stuyvesant, so that the fortune of Peter Gerard Stuyvesant, the "last Patroon," could be "transmitted" to him. It works just as well either way.

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