Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denis P. Germain - Ladder 2 - Tuxedo Park, NY
Dennis P. Germain
FDNY Ladder 2
Daniel Harlin - Ladder 2 - Kent, NY
Captain Fredrick Ill, Jr. - Ladder 2 - Pearl River, NY
Michael Clarke - Ladder 2 - Princess Bay, NJ
George DiPasquale - Ladder 2 - New York, NY
Carl Molinaro - Ladder 2 - New York, NY
Dennis Michael Mulligan - Ladder 2 - New York, NY
Battalion Commander Thomas P. Deangelis - Battalion 8 - Westbury, NY
Thomas McCann - Battalion 8 - Manalapan, NJ
Robert Parro - Engine 8 - Levittown, NY

Ill Jr. Frederick Captain FDNY Ladder 2 Missing
Harlin Daniel Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2 Missing
Clarke Michael Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2 Missing
Dipasquale George Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2 Missing
Germain Denis Firefighter FDNY Ladder 2 Missing

1) Flying Squadron
2) Eagle Lounge
3) APC
4) Express Jet forums
5) And a FDNY forum (I have not seen this one to verify it. Just heard about it)
6) Monday morning conference call with LGA Chief Pilot in about 8 hours from now.
7) Where's next?
You can add EDodo to the list, as well.
A Viking pilot I talk to from a Corvette forum passed this along to me
This story has now made the APA website. Allied Pilots Association

Jet Careers Forum
Embarasssing ALPA Magazine Blunder

Warbird Information Exchange
'Poser busted,'

Christine Negroni Blog
"ALPA and Airline Pilot Caught in a Whopper,"
March 31, 2010,

Christine Negroni Blog
"Pilot with embellished story flying armed? Who knows."
April 6, 2010,

Huffington Post
ALPA and Airline Pilot Caught in a Whopper thread
'NYFD Ladder Compnay 2: Pilot Falsely Posing As One Of Your Own,'

Airline Pilot Central forums
A Military Poser in the ALPA Magazine?

Martins, 24, did attend Dowling College
School of Aviation in Long Island, N.Y, but not in 2001 at the age of 16, as reported in the magazine, but 4 years later and he did not graduate.


Private Pilot license
35 Hours of Flight Training

'NY Post: 'American Eagle pilot appears to have falsified his past,'
The New York Post,

Air Line Pilots Association magazine's April 2010 issue.
The ALPA story begins: "F/O Timothy Martins (American Eagle) personifies pilot professionalism and living by the ALPA Code of Ethics."

Tim Martin's Facebook Page "Tim Martin is my hero,"

Live As If You’ll Be Found Out Because You Will! Don’t Lie About Your Career! by Kathy Sweeney, The Resume Writer

From: Jet Careers Forum

Society of Professional Journalists website: Code of ethics page

Seek Truth and Report It
Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.

SOCNET: The Special Operations Community Network

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