Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ashoka - Remembering the Good Guys

From the 9/11 TV archive The question asked is "What is Al...

Adm. Craig Quigley: "We have no information.."

Joel Sucherman interview (later on 9/11)
Joel Sucherman, an eyewitness of the attack on the Pentagon, interviewed by CBS later that day

Jamie McIntyre
On 9/11 Jamie McIntyre, CNN correspondent at the Pentagon reported that

Closest accident to Ua93
This is the simulation, provided by the NTSB, of the accident of Us Airways flight 427, a Boeing 737 that crashed near...

Pentagon eyewitness: Omar campos
Omar Campos saw a small white plane heading crashing to the Pentagon

Mark Eastman pentagon eyewitness
Another eyewitness of the plane

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