Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beamer's Call to Lisa Jefferson.

United Airlines Flight #93 Telephone Calls, September 11, 2001; Aircraft ID: 151721341;
11named individuals, plus five calls from unnamed Flight Attendant[s] on credit card AS 8914 8499 9999 9998
Thomas Burnett
Mark Bingham
Jeremy Glick
Lauren Grandcolas
Joseph Deluca
Todd Beamer
CeeCee Lyles
Marion Britton
Sandra Bradshaw
Honor Wainio
Edward Felt

Todd Beamer's Telephone Calls aboard Flight 93.

Instinct: The Man Who Stopped the 20th Hijacker, By Michael A. Smerconish, Kurt A. Schreyer, 2009,
page 78
Nichole Miller had been in New York and New Jersey sightseeing with her friends. She was supposed to head home to California on September 10 to start college, but thunderstorms forced that flight's cancellation, so she was rescheduled for Flight 93.

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