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There is someone that has a shockingly similar tale as John Giduck…counter-terrorism and explosives expert, emergency medicine guru, and expert in various law enforcement topics.  That person is William “Bill” Hillar who was convicted for fraud for claiming a false background with respect to teaching counter terrorism classes and seminars.
Equally important for understanding the context of this blog post is that John Giduck has been teaching counter terrorism, hostage rescue, and other homeland security seminars since 2005.  By 2008 when John Giduck started his latest doctoral study which (finally) provided him some measure of ACADEMIC credentials in terrorism, John Giduck had the following total military and law enforcement expertise relating to counter-terrorism/anti-terrorism
- 58 days of US Army basic training (washed out)
- A few one week to two week commercial military style adventure camps based on a Special Forces theme.  Think of these camps as the Disney version of Special Forces training that provided a vague anti terror “certification”
- Perhaps attending some seminars here and there at conferences
having a handful of friends that did real world stuff (when not sitting in the pen anyway)
This means John Giduck in essence had the following from 2005 through 2008:
- Zero real world tactical counter terrorism response or operational experience
- Zero credentials as a law enforcement officer (Citizens’ Academy? It’s like a field day in high school)
- Zero DEDICATED emergency medicine training or experience within the context of military or law enforcement environments (advanced red cross first aid does not count)
- Zero actual real world hostage rescue/negotiations experience
- No sort of real world application of operational tactics and strategy beyond the academic version of such topics
In short, John Giduck wasn’t qualified to be teaching anything concerning counter terrorism, anti-terrorism, CQB, or other topics that he was training police and military units in up through 2008..
John Giduck became a public figure by researching a few books involving a Russian Special Forces operation (the Beslan school siege) but had no real world experience to compare and contrast the actions of the operational participants he interviewed. He still has none.
Like Hillar, John Giduck seems to have produced a similar self-marketing campaign to overcome these serious gaps in actual experience. Let’s look at some of those.
Bill Hillar
Let’s look at Hillar’s bio:
“William G. Hillar is a retired Colonel of the U.S. Army Special Forces. He has served in Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America, where his diverse training and experiences included tactical counter-terrorism, explosive ordnance, emergency medicine and psychological warfare.”
John Giduck
[John Giduck] has traveled extensively throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union, training with Russia’s elite Special Forces units for more than 10 years. He is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations, and is a certified instructor in Russian Special Forces hand-to-hand combat.
Some must not realize that being an attorney and even speaking a language have little to do with the years of training required to become proficient in counter-terrorism/anti-terrorism.
Bill Hillar
According to the FBI affidavit, Hillar’s website, now taken down, claimed extensive experience with the U.S. Army in tactical counter-terrorism, explosive ordnance, emergency medicine, psychological warfare and law enforcement ethics.
The impressive résumé landed him several speaking engagements, training assignments for public and private workers, and a position teaching at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif.
John Giduck
Giduck has special training in many Homeland Security-related tactics, including hostage rescue, kidnapping negotiations, small unit tactics, surveillance, improvised explosives, interrogation and interrogation resistance, evasive driving, undercover protection techniques, and threat analysis. He regularly teaches in a wide variety of areas, including small unit tactics, CQB and hand-to-hand combat, improvised weapons, tactical underwater operations, emergency first responder tactics, cultural awareness and personal security for foreign operations, terrorism concerns in executive protection, first responder safety and tactics, kidnapping and ransom negotiations, special anti-terrorism survival training, mail and package delivery safety, surveillance/counter-surveillance, anti-terrorism and flight operations, global organized crime and terrorism, U.S. law and constitution in the war on terrorism, criminal law and procedure in anti-terrorist actions, U.S. immigration law in the war on terrorism, organized crime and global terrorism, and fundamentals of militant Islam and terrorism.
This list looks rather silly when shown in the light of Bill Hillar’s similar type of claims. John Giduck is one of the few people in the world to “out Hillar” Bill Hillar with his exprtise claims. A number of the items above require years of training for simple proficiency and an entire career of experience in which one may become an expert.
Also note that John Giduck no longer seems to include his counter terrorism/anti terrorism “credentials” on any of his personal or corporate websites. Why would that be?  Perhaps John Giduck’s clients are realizing that “certified in Vityaz anti-terror training and operations” is about as valid as being
an attorney with an organized crime background  certified in the use of a photocopier when it comes to real world anti-terrorism training.
Bill Hillar
William G. Hillar of Millersville said he is an Army Special Forces retired colonel who’s traveled the world fighting terrorism and advising foreign military organizations.
John Giduck
Side note: The above statement says 10 years…John Giduck claimed in a podcast dtaed from 2008 that John Giduck had spent 18 years in Russian uniforms training with Russian Special Forces.  Geez…if John Giduck cant keep the
tall tales statements straight, how can we?
Let’s look at some of the organizations that didn’t do proper due diligence on Bill Hillar’s background.  Amazingly enough, they are some of the same or similar organizations that John Giduck claims to have trained in his own
Bill Hillar
Hillar admitted that over 12 years, he accepted thousands of dollars in speaking fees from the likes of the FBI Command College and the Drug Enforcement Administration. He even took Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., for $3,635 after a 2007 speaking engagement.
Since the spring of 2005, Hillar taught at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, in California, including a workshop titled, “Tactical Counter Terrorism.” He was paid $32,000.
John Giduck
[John Giduck has]  lectured and consulted on Russian Organized Crime, and Terrorism and Global Organized Crime, to many law enforcement associations and agencies around the United States, including the F.B.I. National Academy Program, DEA, and Colorado Bureau of Investigation, as well as private security organizations.  He has also trained U.S. state and federal law enforcement officers and agents, including DEA, FBI, US Marshal’s Service, SWAT teams and countless police departments on various aspects of jihadist terrorism. 
from the John Giduck personal website
Bill Hillar
But authorities say they can find no evidence of a military background, other than a relatively tame stint with the Coast Guard in the 1960s, according to an FBI affidavit filed in Maryland U.S. District Court.
“He was never a colonel, never served in the U.S. Army, never was deployed to exotic locales and never received training in counter-terrorism and psychological warfare while in the armed forces,” Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a statement.
John Giduck
- if Hillar had a tame stint in the Coast Guard, John Giduck served an even tamer 58 day total stint in the US Army
- Never qualified in or assigned to Army Special Forces or Army Rangers as claimed
- Military training never consisted of in depth actual military training, applications, or real world operations. John Giduck’s “training” consisted of a number of one week and two week commercial Russian military style adventure camps.
- John Giduck has apparently traveled to exotic places on more of a non-committed vacation basis based on the following disclaimer posted by the site administrator in the comments section of the “Decent Men Attacked Unnecessarily” blog post and a reasonable person can assume with the approval of John Giduck
Bill Hillar
Hillar, 66, of Millersville, Md., pleaded guilty March 29 to a single count of wire fraud in a federal court in Baltimore. As part of his plea, Hillar agreed to pay back $171,000 he made by lecturing universities, soldiers, and federal and local law enforcement agencies while falsely claiming he was a counter-terrorism expert…
He also agreed to perform 500 hours of community service at the Maryland State Veterans Cemeteries.
Robert Craig, special agent in charge for the DCIS Mid-Atlantic Field Office, said in a statement that Hillar cheapened the sacrifice of Special Forces soldiers.
“To misuse their titles for personal gain is unconscionable and discredits those that served and continue to serve the United States of America,” he said.
“William G. Hillar lived a lie and based his teaching career on military experience he did not have and credentials that he did not earn,” U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a statement. “He was never a colonel, never served in the U.S. Army or the Special Forces, never was deployed to exotic locales and never received training in counter-terrorism and psychological warfare while in the armed forces.”
We’ll see…

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  1. terrorologist 
    Once again I am outraged, John Giduck is twice, maybe three times the fraud, I mean fake, I mean man Hillar was/is!!
    So when you go questioning our “Hero” you had better be sure about it, or our team of lawyers will hunt you down, publish your name and next of kin on our “You were mean to me” web site.
    Lastly, if you insist on maligning our “Hero” please have the human decency to email me so I can laugh along. I mean censure your thoughts.
    Love Dr T
  2. Tower Rat 
    So how does a weasel learn from Hillar?…. he parses, implies, and surrounds himself with with folks who’s self interest is aligned with the weasel….how can they not be aware that they will only lose respect at some point….
    • Steelbreeze 
      I’d definitely agree with you on the approach he took TR. His approach may be suited to a courtroom (though in that context I suspect that it points out a major flaw in the way that our court system works) it is not suitable for any type of training material.
      He appears to have started with his conclusions already made and carefully selected things to support them while completely ignoring anything that casts doubt upon them. This is pretty much the opposite of the scientific method.
      He takes kind of a similar tactic towards addressing matters of his own experience or even who paid for his trips overseas; passive voice and prose from which most of us would infer that, among other things, the government sent him and paid for his report. You can argue like this in a courtroom where procedures are based around the precision of language and the players pretend there is no such thing as implication. This doesn’t work without the structure and rules of a courtroom where people will question without decorum and won’t accept the argument that dishonesty was not intended because you only implied something and didn’t state it directly.
  3. Heywood Jablomi 
    I think that Hillar got off lightly.
    When you consider the conspiratorial activities that Giduck has engaged in, manipulating law enforcement agencies in an effort to pressure perceived enemies, he very well may be brought up on more charges than Hillar. I can think of a few, and I am not even a lawyer.
    One other question….I am hearing rumors that John Giduck is no longer house counsel for the Special Operations Association. Was he finally fired for lying about being a Green Beret? Or was it some other category of misconduct that forced the SOA to demand his resignation?
    Love your work.
    Yours in hate,

Supposedly: SOCnet attacks John Mason and others for defending John Giduck
In response, SOCNETLies sends John Mason to SOCNET to speak to John Giduck’s character
Here is the truth…I’m sure that he is a good guy in many other ways but is this *really* the person to send to speak about John Giduck’s character?
The government’s chief witness against Marcincko, John B. Mason, was another former SEAL Team Six member who was charged with numerous fraud charges in 1987. He pleaded guilty to reduced charges and agreed to testify against Marcincko and another former SEAL commando, Charles M. Byers, who was convicted last October of federal conspiracy and conflict of interest charges.
Mason testified that he and Marcincko conspired to overcharge the government $113,000 on a grenade contract and to use the money to set up a new weapons firm
as well as
A former member of the Navy’s elite hostage rescue team, Seal Team Six, has pleaded guilty to filing false travel claims totaling nearly $13,000 in 1983 and 1984 and has agreed to cooperate in a financial investigation of the secret unit.
John Mason, 33, of Phoenix, a one-time Seal Team Six medic and weapons specialist who took part in the U.S. invasion of Grenada in October 1983, entered the plea in U.S. district court in Norfolk Tuesday. Sentencing is scheduled Nov. 12; Mason faces up to five years in prison on each of the four counts to which he pleaded guilty.

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