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Laurence (Larry) Stern, co-author with Charles Krause, unusual death Aug, 11, 1979, diigo,


Truth about Jim Jones and Jonestown (Peoples Temple)
Layton's father was Dr Laurence Laird Layton who had been the chief of the army's Chemical Warfare Division during the 1950's.

Seductive Poison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She is the daughter of the late Laurence Laird Layton. Contents. 1 University text; 2 Media coverage; 3 See also; 4 References; 5 External links; University text.

Jonestown Massacre: A 'Reason' to Die — Sinister ...
Layton's father was Dr. Laurence Laird Layton who had been the chief of the army's Chemical Warfare Division during the 1950's.

January 13, 1999, San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Man Charged, by Gregory Lewis, Examiner Staff, diigo,

November 15, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Here's a look at the Bay Area's past, diigo,

November 16, 1978, San Francisco Chronicle,
Nov. 16: Dan White declares he has changed his mind and wants to return to his seat on the Board of Supervisors. Chief Deputy City Attorney Tom Toomey said it will take a week to decide whether White is legally allowed to retract his resignation. Mayor George Moscone said he would not oppose White's change of heart.

November 17, 1978, San Francisco Chronicle,
Nov. 17: A small group of visitors led by Congressman Leo J. Ryan finally makes it to Jonestown aboard a chartered plane. Ryan, who said he wanted to see whether the People's Temple commune was a "jail" for 1,200 Americans, begins a series of meetings with individual settlers and the Rev. Jim Jones.

November 18, 1978, San Francisco Chronicle,
Nov. 18: The U.S. State Department reports that as many as 13 people were shot as they waited to board an airplane near the Peoples Temple compound at Jonestown. Early reports indicate Rep. Leo Ryan and a four-person NBC crew were fatally wounded. San Francisco Examiner reporter Tim Reiterman and photographer Greg Robinson and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Ron Javers were believed to be with the party.

November 20, 1978, San Francisco Chronicle, The Guyana Ministry of Information reports that military troops airlifted into Jonestown found 300 to 400 dead bodies at the jungle settlement.
Initial reports indicate the dead "appeared to have taken poison."
Three California journalists are confirmed dead following the shooting at Jonestown. They are Examiner photographer Greg Robinson, NBC cameraman Robert Brown and NBC correspondent Don Harris.

July 19, 1995, San Francisco Chronicle, New unity on Jonestown memorial plan, by Eric Brazil ,
Bay Area African American leaders have launched a fund-raising campaign for a Jonestown memorial wall at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland. [...] though, there's the matter of raising $35,000 for the 20-foot-long, 6-foot-tall wall, on which the...

August 19, 1995, San Francisco Chronicle, Feud Threatens Jonestown Memorial Plan, by Maitland Zane, Chronicle Staff Writer
The future of a proposed memorial to the 1978 mass killing and suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, was put in jeopardy yesterday when the key organizers abandoned the project. With some members expressing regret and embarrassment, the Jonestown...

August 21, 1995, San Francisco Chronicle, Concert to benefit Jonestown memorial
Grammy award-winning gospel singer Tramaine Hawkins will headline a San Francisco benefit concert Tuesday night to raise funds for a Jonestown memorial wall at Oakland's Evergreen Cemetery. The 7 p.m. concert will be held at Bethel A.M.E...

November 27, 1995, San Francisco Chronicle, Harvey Milk's memory lives on after 17 years, by Carol Ness,
Seventeen years after his assassination in City Hall, Harvey Milk lives on as a symbol of hope and redemption for San Francisco's gay and lesbian community. The memories of Milk, San Francisco's first openly gay supervisor, and Mayor George..

November 18, 1996, San Francisco Chronicle, 18th Anniversary Of Jonestown Tragedy
A memorial service will be held today in Oakland to mark the 18th anniversary of the mass suicides and killings in Guyana. More than 900 followers of the Rev. Jim Jones, most of them from the Bay Area, swallowed Kool-Aid spiked with cyanide or

December 11, 1996, San Francisco Chronicle, Let's run the CIA as a profit-maker, by Don West,

February 15, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Goodlett's Mark on S.F. / Kingmaker helped change color of city politics, by Michael Taylor, Chronicle Staff Writer
Nearly 50 years ago, long before the civil rights movement, Carlton B. Goodlett was a newly minted 33-year-old doctor who had been pulled over by San Francisco police for running a stop sign. Goodlett made a lifetime of getting into.

March 26, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Obit, Lawrence G. Lawler, 56, diigo

March 27, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, 39 dead in apparent bid to escape apocalypse and follow Comet Hale-Bopp. by Larry D. Hatfield, Anastasia Hendrix and Jim Herron Zamora,
RANCHO SANTA FE, San Diego County - The macabre mass suicide of 39 members of an apparent doomsday cult may have resulted from their belief the world is at end and they were to be taken aboard a spaceship trailing the passing Comet.

March 27, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, End of the world commune reportedly saw Comet Hale-Bopp as sign to go, by Larry D. Hatfield ,
Against a eerie backdrop of a high-tech computer business and what appears to have been a doomsday cult, 39 men and women apparently have committed suicide in a million-dollar mansion in the belief the end of the world is at hand. Early Thursday...

March 27, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Centuries of Religious Mass Suicides - New wave feared as millennium approaches, by Don Lattin, Chronicle Religion Writer,
It seems an incomprehensible act of collective madness, but religious and political fervor have inspired acts of mass suicide for nearly 2,000 years. [...] as the second millennium of the Christian era approaches, religion scholars and cult..

March 27, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Cult Suicide Feared -- 39 Die Near San Diego / Young men's bodies found in mansion, by Alex Barnum and Michael Taylor, Chronicle Staff Writers,
The bodies of 39 young men and women were found in a million-dollar mansion here yesterday in an apparent mass suicide by a bizarre cult that supported itself by designing Web pages on the Internet. The people were roughly 18 to 24 years old and..

March 27, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Many struggle for answers to mass deaths, by Carol Ness,
When Lewis heard the news of the mass deaths in a Rancho Santa Fe mansion Wednesday, he was forced to ask himself the question he's been aching to answer since that day of horror in November 1978: "I asked myself, why?" Just Saturday, five..

March 27, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, They are no longer agrarian communes, by Eric Brazil and Carol Ness,

March 28, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, With or Without Net, Cults Will Find Followers, by Laura Evenson, Jon Swartz, Staff Writers
There's no denying it -- it's much easier for religious groups, cults and fringe elements to find like-minded members over the Internet than it is to find them going door-to-door or handing out pamphlets at the airport. In the wake of the San..

March 28, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Survivor Recalls Guyana, Says San Diego Should be a `Wake-up', by Mark Simon,
The mass suicide by 39 men and women near San Diego on Wednesday is "just another wake-up call" about cults and lax government supervision of pseudo-religious organizations, says former Assemblywoman Jackie Speier. Ryan's mission ended with an.

March 28, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, The truth is even further out there, by Rob Morse,

March 29, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Cult's Doctrine Was Based on Leader's Insecurities, by Don Lattin, Chronicle Religion Writer,
Applewhite's tortured soul evolved into "Heaven's Gate," and the voluminous writings he and his devotees left behind on the Web site are a textbook tale of an authoritarian cult. Applewhite, a former Houston choir director, spent two decades.

March 29, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Some cultiests castrated, by Jim Herron Zamora,
SAN DIEGO - The celibacy-preaching leader of the UFO cult Heaven's Gate and some of his followers apparently took their beliefs so seriously that they had themselves castrated, authorities said. Cult leader Marshall Applewhite and several other

April 2, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Letters to the Editor,
Filling the heads of our curious and trusting young children with stories of angels, devils, heavens, and lives after death, impairs their ability to distinguish between the realities of the natural world and the fantasies of the made-up.

April 4, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Low-key response to cult suicides
Public curiosity about the bizarre event is intense, fed massively with pictures of the death scene and videotapes conveying the last words and somewhat strange images of the departed. Not all were adults consenting to suicide in obeying a.

June 1, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Space Odyssey, by Keay Davidson,
After a half-century of mostly harmless shenanigans - faked UFO photos, alien "encounters" and the like - this sideshow of trash culture has suddenly spilled blood. On March 26, news tickers hummed with the shocking, Jonestown-like tale from San.

October 26, 1997, San Francisco Chronicle, Pack Rats With a Mission / California Historical Society celebrates 75 years of documenting Golden State, by Peter Stack, Chronicle Staff Writer,
Pack Rats With a Mission / California Historical Society celebrates 75 years of documenting Golden State The California Historical Society, the state's designated keeper of history, admits it has not always been able to keep good records of its.

December 9, 1997,  San Francisco Chronicle, Dean of Detectives Dies in S.F. - Harold Lipset transformed the world of private eyes, by Michael Taylor, Chronicle Staff Writer, diigo,

January 5, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco's former mayors look back
The 90-year-old former mayor cites three prime accomplishments during his first term that helped propell him to re-election - snagging the Giants baseball team from New York, moving the produce market out of the Financial District and renovating.

January 20, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Speier will start run for state Senate, by Robert Salladay,
DALY CITY - After a year in the private sector, former assemblywoman and San Mateo County supervisor Jackie Speier will announce her candidacy Wednesday for the state Senate. Speier, a Democrat, served a decade in the Assembly before term limits

January 21, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Speier To Run for Kopp's Seat
Democrats are so excited about the prospect of regaining Kopp's seat in a district that covers western San Francisco and northern San Mateo County that San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown himself will turn out at today's announcement. Because of

February 5, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Peoples Temple figure running for state Senate, by Eric Brazil,
Peoples Temple figure running for state Senate Timothy O. Stoen, whose son was abducted by Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones, triggering the Jonestown tragedy 20 years ago, is running for state Senate. Stoen, 60, who practices estate planning and

March 1, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Influence of these people and forces they represented helped to shape Bay Area history, by Christopher Scheer,
Producing a list of the 10 most influential people in Bay Area history is like the story of the three blind men and the elephant: your perspective is everything. People can attempt things, but they won't stand up if not backed up by larger.

March 1, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Cults, little girls made us cry, by Karen Petterson,
When Dan White calmly walked into San Francisco City Hall and killed Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk on Nov. 27, 1978, the gunshots reverberated across a Bay Area still reeling from the massacre and mass suicide at the Peoples

March 8, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, City is back after a long dark spell, by Cynthia Robins,
Add the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 and the Oakland hills fire of 1991, and San Francisco was pretty much on the ropes, tended to by a series of caretaker mayors whose job it was to apply psychic Band-Aids and not rock the boat. For those of

May 18, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Williams to step down as pastor, by Anastasia Hendrix,
The Rev. Cecil Williams, one of The City's most prominent civic and moral leaders, announced that he will retire in the year 2000 as pastor of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. The charismatic and unconventional leader - who will reach the

June 3, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, The State, by Vicki Haddock,
The latest round of political musical chairs leaves former Assemblywoman Jackie Speier of San Mateo and current Assemblywoman Liz Figueroa of Fremont the Democratic nominees in their respective state Senate districts. The seats are open because

November 2, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, 20 Years Later, Jonestown Survivor Confronts Horrors, by Michael Taylor, Chronicle Staff Writer,
For a young woman of 17, flinging herself on the world after the cloistered atmosphere of an English boarding school, Peoples Temple seemed daring and exciting. With its bell-ringing calls for social justice -- this was in the fractious 1960s.

November 8, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Utopian nightmare, by Larry D. Hatfield,
In a cataclysmic episode, more than 900 people, most of them children or elderly, drank or were forced to drink cyanide-spiked fruit punch at the behest of Jones, a once-charismatic monomaniac who had curried favor with San Francisco's

November 8, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Photo exhibit,
A memorial exhibit of the work of the late Examiner photographer Greg Robinson will be on display at San Francisco's temporary City Hall, 401 Van Ness Ave., Fourth Floor, Nov. 12 through Dec. 11. The exhibit, which is free and open Mondays

November 8, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Marginalia
Five people were shot to death at the Port Kaituma airstrip - Leo Ryan, Greg Robinson, NBC correspondent Don Harris, NBC cameraman Bob Brown, and Patricia Parks, a temple defector whose family had been with the Temple since its infant days in

November 8, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, The Series,
1998-11-08 04:00:00 PDT JONESTOWN, GUYANA -- Sunday: The lessons of Jonestown Monday: City Hall's darkest days change S.F. forever Tuesday: A powerful photo exhibit reflects the late Greg Robinson's work

November 9, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Death stalks City Hall, by Larry D. Hatfield,
In both cases, the coups de gra^ce were administered to the heads of the victims from a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson police service revolver. The cold-blooded killings were a coup de thea^tre to a minor political drama that otherwise would not

November 10, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Letters to the Editor,
The characteristics that destroyed Jim Jones and his followers are present in business and finance, education and the human potential movement, in the media and politics. Human behavior ignores distinctions between the religious and the secular

November 10, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, A legacy in images, by Katherine Seligman,
In the final portrait of Jim Jones, his eyes stare out from behind shaded glasses, his expression detached and disturbed. "Greg understood that you don't make photographs with your camera, that you make them with your heart and your mind," said.

November 10, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Marginalia, diigo,

November 12, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Haunted by Memories of Hell, by Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer, First of Two Parts, diigo,

LEWIS /C/04NOV98/MN/LH--Freddie Lewis holding his one picture showing six of his seven children who were killed in the mass suicide ordered by Jim Jones twenty years ago. His wife as well as nineteen of his relatives were also part of the mass tragedy. Photo by Liz Hafalia Photo: LIZ HAFALIA

November 12, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Jones Captivated S.F.'s Liberal Elite - They were late to discover how cunningly he curried favor, by Michael Taylor, Chronicle Staff Writer, diigo,

November 13, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Most Peoples Temple Documents Still Sealed, by Michael Taylor and Don Lattin, diigo,
November 13, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, The End To Innocent Acceptance Of Sects / Sharper scrutiny is Jonestown legacy, by Don Lattin, Chronicle Religion Writer,
J. Gordon Melton, founder of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbara, said "professional cult hunters" like Mansfield are too quick to see the potential for mass suicide in the latest Christian sect or new religious.

November 13, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Surviving the Heart of Darkness / Twenty years later, Jackie Speier remembers how her companions and rum helped her endure the night of the Jonestown massacre, by Maitland Zane, Chronicle Staff Writer,
Surviving the Heart of Darkness / Twenty years later, Jackie Speier remembers how her companions and rum helped her endure the night of the Jonestown massacre congressional authorization to investigate charges that the was a cruel blow to the

November 13, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Most Peoples Temple Documents Still Sealed, by Michael Taylor and Don Lattin, Chronicle Staff Writers
There was even a rumor that he had taken his followers to Jonestown as part of the MK-ULTRA mind control program -- a CIA effort that tried, among other things, to duplicate Soviet and Chinese brainwashing techniques to force recalcitrant spies..

November 17, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Messiahs and skeptics
Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of the event burned into our collective memory as "Jonestown," the mass murder of 918 souls in the jungle of South America. Ultimately, five people - including Examiner photographer Greg Robinson - would be...

November 17, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, A Trip Into The Heart Of Darkness / Always larger than life, Leo Ryan courted danger, by Mark Simon,
20 years ago today -- most officials in the Bay Area had come to realize that the Reverend Jim Jones was a dangerous man and that the Peoples Temple was nothing like it seemed to be. "The focus on the tragedy is always on Jim Jones and the.

November 17, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Recognizing the humanity of Jonestown's victims, by Stephanie Salter,
SEVEN DAYS after he learned that two of his daughters and his grandson had died in the mass murder-suicide of Jonestown, the Rev. John V. Moore delivered his Sunday sermon to his United Methodist congregation in Reno. With their living child,.

November 17, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Memorial Services,
1998-11-17 04:00:00 PDT San Francisco -- There will be two public memorials this week to mark the 20th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. The first, called a "Help and Healing Service," will be held tonight at 7 p.m. at St. Mary's Cathedral,.

November 18, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Pictures of a nightmare past, by Rob Morse,
JIM JONES has come home to roost at City Hall, the temporary one in the Veterans Building. Twenty years later, it's almost unbearable to look at these photographs of Jones and Jonestown, taken by Examiner photographer Greg Robinson on the last...

November 18, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Family, friends share lessons of Jonestown, by Ray Delgado,
There were no tears shed at the gathering of family members, friends and survivors who lost loved ones at Jonestown. [...] at St. Mary's Cathedral of the Assumption on Tuesday night, there was a celebration of life and a sharing of lessons.

November 19, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, The son of Jim Jones, Stephan Jones, talked to the gathered survivors and mourners at the 20th anniversary held in Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland. By Brant Ward Chronicle more »

JONESTOWN3/18NOV98/MN/BW--The son of Jim Jones, Stephan Jones, talked to the gathered survivors and mourners at the 20th anniversary held in Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland. By Brant Ward/Chronicle Photo: BRANT WARD

November 19, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Grieving Survivors Mourn Their Jonestown Dead - Small gathering also honors slain Congressman Ryan, by Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer, diigo,

JOONESTOWN2/18NOV98/MN/BW--Survivors of Jim Jones and Jonestown, Neva Sly, left, and Yulanda Williams were reunited at the 20th anniversary memorial held in Oakland Wednesday. Yulanda escaped through the jungle. Neva got out but lost her husband. By Brant Ward/Chronicle Photo: BRANT WARD
JOONESTOWN2/18NOV98/MN/BW--Survivors of Jim Jones and Jonestown, Neva Sly, left, and Yulanda Williams were reunited at the 20th anniversary memorial held in Oakland Wednesday. Yulanda escaped through the jungle. Neva got out but lost her husband. By Brant Ward/Chronicle Photo: BRANT WARD

November 19, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, 20 years after Jonestown, survivors find some peace, by Anastasia Hendrix,
OAKLAND - Upon the grassy hilltop grave that holds the bodies of hundreds of Jonestown men, women and children, a crowd huddled to remember the tragedy and to seek a sense of closure that had eluded them. Several of the more than 250 people..

November 22, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, A Dark November,
The two episodes were barely connected, but the motivations of both Jones and White give rise to speculation. Did either experience expose buried truths about San Francisco, one poet's cool, gray City of Love? In a time when pie-throwing is

November 24, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Apocalypse then - and now, by Scott Winokur,
Frank Falzon is the now-retired homicide detective who took Dan White's confession for the murders of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk - and and then took much heat for not being as tough as some would have liked on the ex-cop,

November 25, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Memories of Moscone, Milk burn brightly, by Rachel Gordon,
[...] the librarian started crying, then the kids started crying even though we didn't really understand what was going on, said Gray, an aide to Supervisor Jose Medina. "The whole thing was unthinkable," said Phaeton, a paraprofessional at the.

November 25, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Dan White's legacy,
The "Twinkie defense" that saved Dan White from a first degree murder conviction summed up the leniency a liberal city felt had been shown the assassin of a popular mayor and supervisor. The burning row of police cars near City Hall also

November 25, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Peoples Temple shared many soul-deadening features with today's cults: offering the fulfillment of dreams (in return for giving up personal ambitions, housing and income), alternately praising and punishing followers, ostracizing dissenters,

November 27, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, "It seemed as if the world had gone mad', by Dianne Feinstein,
For it is my unyielding belief that polarization all too frequently leads to violence, be it the slaying of a college student in Wyoming because he is gay or the murder of 168 people by an extremist's bomb in the Oklahoma City federal.

November 28, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, Moscone, Milk legacy hailed, by Jim Herron Zamora,
Skaggs, who arrived in The City years after Milk was killed by an assassin's bullet, said the late supervisor was a vibrant part of his life. Moscone's son, Christopher, sent his regrets, noting in a statement that his wife was expected to give..

November 29, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, JONESTOWN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT
Twenty years ago this month, Examiner photographer Greg Robinson was killed while on assignment in Guyana, covering the visit of Congressman Leo Ryan to the Peoples Temple settlement there. Many of the powerful photos Robinson took on his last

December 4, 1998, Letters to the Editor
While Layton was convicted after two trials (the first trial was 11-1 for acquittal), the only people Layton shot or tried to shoot -- [...] 20 years after the tragedy, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears, and Larry Layton remains in federal.

December 8, 1998, Graying of the Legislature, by Robert Salladay,
SACRAMENTO - Just hours before being sworn in as San Francisco's newest state senator, Jackie Speier picked up the phone and discovered it now takes seven digits to make an inside call instead of four. After just two years working in Silicon..

January 16, 1999, San Francisco Chronicle, Mother of Cop Slaying Suspect Stands by Son / 19-year-old was conceived at People's Temple compound, by Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer,
The mother of the man charged in the sniper slaying of an Oakland police officer pledged yesterday to support her son "through the whole thing," while his attorney said he may ask to try the case elsewhere because of extensive publicity. Bogue.. 

January 26, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle, Jonestown victim's cremains surface, by Peter Hartlaub, diigo,

March 20, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle, Cultists Gave No Clue of Suicide Plan - Devotees gathered quietly in Uganda, perished in inferno, by Karl Vick, diigo,

April 1, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle, Cult Deaths Recall Jonestown - Ugandan sect's similarities to Peoples Temple disputed, by Don Lattin, Chronicle Religion Writer, diigo,

April 4, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle, When Cults Kill, diigo,

April 9, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle, Thin Line Between Church and Cult, by Don Lattin, Chronicle Religion Writer, diigo,

September 16, 2001, San Francisco Chronicle, Specialists from Travis helping to ID Pentagon dead, by Peter Hartlaub, diigo

September 30, 2001, San Francisco Chronicle, Chilling parallels to the Rev. Jim Jones / Hijacker's letter had similar message about suicide, by Don Lattin, diigo

March 17, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle, Justice - Jim Jones' son and John Walker Lindh - Blame it on the youth: Our surrogate bin Laden, by Peter Keane, diigo,

May 26, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle, Psych Sleuth - Margaret Singer has made history delving into the psychology of brainwashing, by Kevin Fagan, diigo,

November 14, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Two Cents - Did the Bay Area learn anything from Jonestown?, diigo,

November 16, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Jackie Speier -- moving on, moving up / Survivor of Jonestown ambush plans run for lieutenant governor, by Vicki Haddock, diigo,

November 16, 2003, SFGate, Jonestown and City Hall slayings eerily linked in time and memory, Both events continue to haunt city a quarter century later, by Richard Rapaport, diigo,

November 18, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Jonestown - 25 Years Later - How spiritual journey ended in destruction - Jim Jones led his flock to death in jungle, by Don Lattin, diigo,

November 18, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Tribute to congressman Leo Ryan held in Foster City, diigo,

November 19, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Pondering the pain - Some survivors at Jonestown memorial don't discuss it much, but none has forgotten, by Pia Sarkar, diigo

November 21, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 21, 1978: Jonestown, Milk and Moscone deaths stun San Francisco, by Laura Perkins, diigo

November 21, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 21, 1978: Jonestown suicide death toll rises; Milk and Moscone slain in S.F., by Laura Perkins, diigo

November 23, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Peoples Temple tragedy haunts African American community - Many who recall the church say it could happen again, by Dave Ford, diigo,

November 24, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Nine days in November 1978, diigo,

November 28, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Anatomy of a murder: Retracing the steps of Dan White, by Maitland Zane, diigo

November 28, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 28, 1978: S.F. mourns Milk, Moscone in the wake of Jonestown, by Laura Perkins,

Nov. 28, 1978: Flags throughout San Francisco are lowered to half-staff following the murders of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. San Franciscans, still reeling from the tragedy at the Peoples Temple in Guyana, react with disbelief, rage and stunned silence. Moscone was the third mayor of a major American city to be shot in a political killing.

November 28, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Former reporter's book knits together S.F.'s twin tragedies of 1978, Kathleen Sullivan, diigo

December 5, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 5, 1978, Feinstein appointed mayor by Board of Supervisors, by Laura Perkins, diigo
Dec. 5, 1978, Dianne Feinstein is elected mayor of San Francisco in a 6-to-2 vote by the Board of Supervisors. Feinstein will serve the remaining 13 months in the term of slain Mayor George Moscone. She is the first female mayor in the city's history.

Chief Justice Rose Bird (left) held a microphone so the crowd could hear the swearing in of Dianne Feinstein.

January 16, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 16, 1979, Speier leaves hospital, campaigns for Ryan's seat, by Laura Perkins, diigo
Jan. 16, 1979: Jackie Speier, 28, who was wounded in the jungle ambush that followed a visit to the People's Temple settlement in Jonestown in which Rep. Leo Ryan was killed, leaves Arlington Hospital and sets out on a campaign for Ryan's congressional seat.

January 16, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle, Beyond culture wars with 'Party of San Francisco', by Bill Issel,
Because of its location, economic importance, natural amenities and reputation for being "wide open," the city has always attracted a larger than usual share of newcomers looking for action and seeking adventure. The tensions associated with...

March 24, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle, Berkeley Rep to premiere Jonestown docudrama, by Robert Hurwitt,
A "Laramie Project"-style docudrama about the Jonestown massacre, one of the most traumatic events in recent local history, will receive its world premiere in the 2004-05 Berkeley Repertory Theatre season announced Tuesday. West Coast premieres.

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