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Notes for Obituaries

Dahmer's mug shot, taken in 1982 by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department


May 9-15, 2009, The Globe, Former California State Assembly Chaplain Hamilton Boswell dies, by Eleanor Boswell-Raine, diigo

May 17, 2007, The Bay Area Reporter, Activist Michael Bellefountaine dies, by Liz Highleyman, diigo,

June 24, 2008, Stabroek News, Guyana's first president Arthur Chung dies, diigo,

December 30th. 2002, Stabroek News, Desmond Hoyte laid to rest,

Desmond Hoyte (1929-2002)

January 25th, 2012, Johnson City Press, Obituary, The Rev. Dr. Karen Stroup, Jonesborough, diigo,

Congressional Hearings and Reports

September 11, 1995, New York Times, Robert Ode, 79, Oldest of Hostages Held by Iran, by Robert McG. Thomas, diigo,

December 1, 2002, New African, Guyana: Remembering Forbes Burnham, by Kamau Cush, 700+ words

January 1, 2006, Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, Forbes Burnham, by Barbara Josiah, 700+ words

August 31, 2005, Caribbean Today, Burnham's regime will be variously remembered, by Nick Carter, 700+ words

July 16, 1996, Inter Press Service English News Wire, Guyana-Media: The Burnham Legacy Lives On, by Juliet Dos Santos, 700+ words

January 1, 2007, Dictionary of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through the Ages, Burnham, Viola (1930–2003) 276 words

April 1, 2004, Journal of Third World Studies, Caribbean Charisma; Reflections on Leadership, Legitimacy and Populist Politics, by Mario D. Fenyo, 700+ words

January 1, 2006, Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, Hoyte, Desmond, by Cary Fraser, 700+ words

July 15, 2011, States News Service, Uncharted Territory in Guyanese Legislative Elections, 700+ words

June 1, 2011, Caribbean Quarterly, Cheddi Jagan and the Politics of Power, by Ralph Premdas, 700+ words

January 1, 2006, Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, Carter, John, by Maurice Pierre, 700+ words

January 20, 1987, The Boston Globe, Ask the Globe, 307 words

January 19, 1989, The Washington Post, Guyana Seeks Foreign Help to Develop Wealth; Quarter-Century of Socialism Leaves S. American Nation With Severe Financial Troubles, by Alan Tomlinson,700+ words

July 17, 1996, Inter Press Service English News Wire, Guyana-Politics: A Party in Search of Its Former Glory, Juliet Dos Santos, 700+ words

November 27, 1996, Inter Press Service English News Wire, Guyana-Politics: President Comes Under Fire For Racist Remarks, by Bert Wilkinson,700+ words

January 1, 2008, Gale Encyclopedia of World History: Governments, Guyana, 700+ words

June 13, 1996, Inter Press Service English News Wire, Guyana U: Former Sergeant To Be Tried for Rodney's Murder. by Bert Wilkinson, 700+ words
...Congress (PNC) led by the late Forbes Burnham for his death. At the time of his...government. In power since 1966, Burnham had declared Guyana a socialist state...months before Rodney's death, Burnham had declared that his "steel was

March 31, 2009, International Herald Tribune, Janet Jagan, ex-president of Guyana Obituary by Simon Romero, 693 words..eventually, the ascension of Forbes Burnham, a black, London-educated lawyer...of The Mirror newspaper. Mr. Burnham veered far to the left, 1970. By the end of Mr. Burnham's rule, with his death in 1985...

February 1, 1998, The Progressive, From Chicago to Guyana: Janet Rosenberg Jagan Takes over as President by William Steif, 700+ words ...Political and Economic Organization and other groups. With Forbes Burnham (later a rival), Janet and Cheddi launched the People...until 1917. Cheddi Jagan was of East Indian heritage; Forbes Burnham was Afro-Guyanese. In the mid-1950s, Burnham

April 21, 1993, Albany Times Union, Texas Debacle Recalls Jonestown, 524 words
...concluded. After the Jonestown tragedy, Guyana President Forbes Burnham tried to distance himself from the jungle refuge he...killed were U.S. nationals. The opposition blamed Burnham for permitting arms at the remote site in Guyana's...

November 9, 1998, The Independent, Obituary: Ron Phillips by Hal Austin, 700+ words
...1970s Phillips surprised many when he returned to his native Guyana to work with the Forbes Burnham government. Following the inevitable disagreement with Burnham, he moved to the United States, where he resumed his career as an engineer, later.

January 27, 1994, Miami Times, Guyana to probe Rodney killing, by Mohamed Hamaludin, 700+ words ...the then ruling Peoples National Congress of the late Forbes Burnham and the small but very militant Working Peoples Alliance...perhaps the greatest challenge to the unbroken rule of Burnham and the PNC because Rodney and his WPA were willing...


December 27, 2011, Manila Bulletin - AFP, Embalming Expertise, 520 words

MOSCOW (AFP) - It's a process described as ''not a pretty sight'' that involves the extraction of all the blood from a corpse. But if late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is to be embalmed, then Russia has expertise stretching back to the embalming of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. The authorities in Pyongyang have not revealed their intentions over the future of the corpse of Kim. But his father and predecessor - Kim Il-Sung who died in 1994 - was embalmed by Russian specialists and currently lies in a mausoleum.

''It's not a pretty sight,'' Russian specialist Pavel Fomenko, who travelled to North Korea as a member of the Russian team that helped embalm Kim Il-Sung, said of the procedure. 

''Usually between three to six people are present - in rare cases seven. First all the internal organs are extracted, the veins are dissolved and the blood taken from the tissues,'' he told the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily in a rare interview this week. 

''The body is placed in a glass bath filled with the embalming solution, then closed and covered with a white sheet. The precise conditions of the temperature and humidity are maintained in the room. Gradually, the water in the cells of the body is replaced by the solution. The embalming process lasts around six months.'' 

Despite the fall of the Soviet Union two decades ago, Lenin's embalmed corpse still lies in the specially-built mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow. Its condition is maintained by the Laboratory of the Mausoleum of V.I. Lenin which was set up in 1939 although now, bizarrely, it is known as the Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (VILAR). Its expertise was also used to embalm the body of Joseph Stalin, although his body was later buried beside the Kremlin Walls in 1961 when the wartime dictator's murderous legacy was revealed. 

Other leaders embalmed in a similar way included Bulgarian Communist leader Georgi Dimitrov, 1949, Czechoslovak president Klement Gottwald, Vietnam leader Ho Chi Minh, Angolan president Agostinho Neto and Guyana president Forbes Burnham. Fomenko said he had spoken to Kim Jong-Il during the process of his father's embalming and he struck him as a ''healthy, energetic man'' who was happy to ''chat about any topic''.


May 26, 1917
Jan 1, 1985
Last residence: 38024 (Dyersburg, Dyer, TN)
Last benefit: 38024 (Dyersburg, Dyer, TN)

Richard Clark, who survived the deaths in Jonestown by leaving the community on the morning of 18 November, died in 2003. Rev. Clark, who was born in Mississippi, was 66.

Robert Paul, who accompanied Leslie Wilson, Richard Clark, Diane Louie and the Evans family on their trek to Matthews Ridge on November 18, died in July 2010. An obituary in the Daily Iberian appears here and a story of his life appears here.


November 30, 1978, The Cornell Daily Sun, page 2, Guyanese Officials Let Seven Cult Survivors Leave for Trip Home,


Volume 95, Number 62, 28
November 28, 1978,The Cornell Daily Sun - AP, Hold Survivors for Questioning

Robert C. Ode,
Key officers of foreign service posts (1964)
Author: United States. Dept. of State
Publisher: [Washington, D.C.?] : Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center, Publishing and Reproduction Division : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.

Foreign Service List, January 1, 1952,
Robert C. Ode, admin, officer Dec. 20, 1949,
Salary $4,899
July 22, July 20, 1949
Sofia P. Kearney, v. c Russell L. Harris, asst. cons, att -- Norah Alsterlund, v. c Dorothy St. Clair, sec Parke D. Massey, Jr., v. c Edward T. Long, v. c John H. Barber, v. c William S. Harrington, v. c Joel C. Hudson, cons, gen Philip J. Conley, cons Robert W. Tucker, cons Joseph E. Wiedenmayer, cons Thomas D. Bowie, cons Margaret Ruth Kelley, v. c Timothy Joseph Burke, v. c Alfred T. Nester, cons, gen.^ Henry T. Smith, cons Hugh H. Teller, cons Henry Clinton Reed, cons Stephen N. Sestanovich, cons, att James T. O. Braafladt, v. c William J. Barnsdale, v. c John A. Moran, 3d, v. c James R. Billman, v. c James Bruce Engle, v. c Barrett M. Reed, v. c Maida F. Stotts, v. c Hugh D. Kessler, v. c Theron S. Henderson, v. c Anna G. Banker, librarian Robert J. Martens, v. c Maurice W. Altaffer, cons, gen Hugh N. Whitaker, v. c Doris H. Allen, cons E. Jan Nadelman, v. c Roger L. Smith, v. c Chris G. Petrow, v. c Don Richard Torrey, v. c Elizabeth Rice, v. c Robert C. Ode, v. c ---

June 21, 2009, Jamaica Gleaner, Fall from grace
. 1987 - Jim Bakker, who headed the powerful North Carolina-based ... Mike Jones claimed he had paid him for sex over a three-year span.

April 19, 2007, Jamaica Gleaner, False prophets and punishments,
. about Portia Simpson being chosen by God must be seen in a different context, besides being seen as another Jim Jones or David Koresh.

December 10, 2006, Jamaica Gleaner, A mind enslaved,
.. What about Hitler, Pinoche, Pol Pot, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, the Isaelis and Arabs, and last, but most, George W. Bush? Those are not ...

November 15, 2006, Jamaica Gleaner, Understanding the power of thought,
.. vision of a super race of Aryans, resulting in the destruction of six million Jews, or Jim Jones' suicidal implosion in the jungles of Guyana.

November 15, 2003, Jamaica Gleaner, Freemasons and the church,
... Compare the scenario with what transpired in Guyana years ago (Jim Jones) and later with the Dravidians in Waco, Texas. Satanic or sacred?

June 3, 2001, Jamaica Gleaner, Ethics in communication,
... Jim Jones talked hundreds of his followers into committing suicide in the jungles of South America while Adolf Hitler wreaked havoc on the ...

February 26, 2001, Jamaica Gleaner, Some of the stupidest things said
... The individual was Jim Jones, cult leader and mass murderer. No wonder US Republican Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, defended the death ...

July 8, 2000, Jamaica Gleaner, What's meant by 'cult'?,
. We should define what we mean by 'cult', for if we mean organisations like Jim Jones and Heaven's Gate, they are nothing like JWs and ...

May 28, 2000, Jamaica Gleaner, A Caribbean tale of tyranny and mysticism,
.. A reference to the awful tragedy of the Jim Jones cult, which established itself in the Guyana hinterland and which ended in a mass suicide that ...

April 10, 2000, Jamaica Gleaner, The Ugandan tragedy,
... Some years ago it was Jonestown in Guyana, where, led by the infamous Jim Jones, 912 Americans committed mass suicide. More recently, it ...

January 10, 2000, Jamaica Gleaner, Doomsday obsession (Part 2): False predictions,
.. The Rev Jim Jones caused his followers to drink cyanide. He encouraged his children ... to "not fall into the hands of the enemy" as the end was ...

October 19, 1999, Jamaica Gleaner, Religious quacks
... That has given us David Koresh, Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate and other destructive manifestations, as well as the less spectacular Swaggarts and ...

January 4, 1999, Jamaica Gleaner, What can we expect from 1999?,
... We are coming to the end of an era marked by cults; Heaven's Gates' 'Bo' and 'Peep', Jim Jones and other spiritual con men; False Prophets ...

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