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Newsbank, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer,

November 27, 1978, Milwaukee Journal, Part II, page 6, AP-UPI Photos: Survivors, Bodies Return,

April 21, 1984, Milwaukee Journal, page 5, Jim Jones' Ex-counsel To Speak At Banquet, [Sir Lionel Luckhoo]

The former legal counsel to controversial cult leader Jim Jones in Guyana will speak at the first Men of Victory banquet sponsored by the Milwaukee chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Sir Lionel Luckhoo, identified in the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the world's most successful criminal Lawyer, will describe how he was rescued seven days prior to the Jonestown massacre.

Luckhoo served four terms as mayor of Georgetown, Guyana, and also has served as a diplomat representing both Guyana and Barbados. He now is in private law practice.

October 21, 2006, Kansas City Star - AP, page 11, Jim Jones, This undated photo from the California Historical Society, shows Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones. In more than 30 interviews with survivors and family members, Nelson, who made a documentary on cult leader Jones and the mass murder-suicide of his followers, was entrusted with prized recordings that helped piece together the Peoples Temple, and why Jones' followers believed in him until the very end.

February 13, 1980, The Christian Science Monitor, page 17, Jonestown and after, by Brad Knickerbocker, $11.95., 516 words, In the weeks following the November 1978 mass suicide and murder in Jonestown, Guyana, a handful of paperback publishers rushed into print with potboilers attempting to explain the "full story" about cult leader Jim Jones and his sad following.Such efforts were little more than compilations of newsclips and hastily gained impressions from those who shortly before (like the rest of the world) barely knew where Guyana was. Superficial and sensationalistic, they...

February 27, 1980, The Christian Science Monitor, page 9, Unification Church sues to stymie deprogrammers, 557 words, The Unification Church, led by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is going on the legal offensive.Having won several recent court battles, the controversial organization now is using federal civil rights laws to halt "deprogrammers," who have been abducting an increasing number of Unification Church members. Charging religious discrimination, the group also has sued a northern California community where local officials are trying to prevent so-called...

June 2, 1981, Christian Science Monitor, Thoughts on terrorism, 751 words
 The best way to get this business of terrorism in perspective is to figure out what recent acts of terrorism would not have happened if the Soviet Union did not exist.The most recent acts of criminal and violent terrorism have been the attempted assassinations of Pope John Paul II in Rome and of President Reagan in Washington.There is every indication that the man who fired at the Pope was a criminal psychopath. If he had accomplices or an organization background it was apparently...

July 2, 1981, Christian Science Monitor, A new move to give cult converts time to "think it over',  654 words
 They call it the "cult bill."If signed by Gov. Hugh Carey (D) of New York, it would allow courts to appoint a temporary guardian for a person if his family could prove that his ability to understand or control conduct had been impaired by a "systematic course of coercive persuasion" at the hands of a group that had lied about its true goals and activities.The bill was approved by the Legislature June 30 as an amendment to the...

July 26, 1981, Philadelphia Inquirer, Guru of Love Excites Little in Neighbors, by Rod Nordland, Inquirer Staff Writer, 1,629 words
POONA, India - In this big industrial city there are a lot of youthful Westerners who only wear purple or red clothes, and a rupee buys only two bananas instead of the usual 12.These are not unrelated facts: Both can be traced to an elderly Indian professor of philosophy named Rajneesh, who declared himself a god a few years ago and since has proven extraordinarily successful in attracting young...

August 24, 1981, Philadelphia Inquirer, Trial of Jonestown Figure is a Venture Into te Unknown, by Larry Eichel, Inquirer Staff Writer, 1,649 words
SAN FRANCISCO - The trial of Larry Layton, which began in federal court here last week, provides the American legal system with its first and only chance to pass judgment on the murders and mass suicide that took place at Jonestown, Guyana, in November 1978.So perhaps it is only fitting that the trial should be nearly as bizarre as the Peoples Temple itself.Layton, 35, a Temple member for...

September 22, 1981, Christian Science Monitor, Independence comes to poor, ramshackle Belize, 962 words
As this dispatch was begun -- by candlelight -- a four-hour powr blackout ended. Outages are just one of things you get used to in this town, a seeming mixture of turn-of-the-century London, Dodge City, and ancient Mesopotamia.Now that sovereignty over Belize has been symbolically handed to Prime Minister George C. Price by Queen Elizabeth's representative, Prince Michael of Kent, Belize has taken its place as a free and independent member of the world community of nations....

June 2, 1982, Christian Science Monitor, A crumbling wall between Church and State?, 3,470 words
LIBERTIES IN THE BALANCE; New challenges to constitutional freedoms; Second of four articles on constitutional issues facing the US today ''History tells me that persecution comes, generally, not from bad people trying to make other people bad, but from good people trying to make other people good. And ironic it would be if we lose our freedom at last, not to leftists tossing bombs, but to Christians espousing slogans.'' (Roland Hegstad, editor of the Seventh-Day Adventist magazine Liberty, quoted in Church and State, official publication of Americans United for Separation of...

August 8, 1982, The Miami Herald, 120 To Share $9 Million in Cult's Assets, 400 words
 Nearly four years after the Rev. Jim Jones led 912 followers in a mass murder-suicide in Guyana, a court has approved a plan to distribute $9 million in Peoples Temple assets to 120 people who filed claims against the cult.San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ira Brown approved a plan Friday that would distribute half the money within the next two weeks and the remainder by Nov. 15. Robert Fabian, a San Francisco lawyer appointed by Brown in 1979 to settle the...

November 14, 1982, The Miami Herald, Peoples Temple Payment Okd, 140 words 
A judge has authorized paying $4.8 million to settle claims against the Peoples Temple, including some payments to relatives of the 912 victims of the mass murder-suicide in Guyana.San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ira Brown authorized the payments to 578 relatives, surviving temple members, creditors and donors. Also to receive settlements are survivors of U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan and four other people ambushed and killed by temple members in November 1978. Within hours of the...

November 19, 1982, The Miami Herald, Guyana Tragedy Had Its Roots in Jones' Past, Authors Say, 695 words
Four years after Jim Jones led 912 of his followers to death in the Guyana jungle, two reporters have written a book attacking the myth that the Peoples Temple founder was "a good man gone bad."Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People traces the origins of Jones' madness to his childhood in the flat farmlands of Indiana. The 600-page book is the most comprehensive of the dozen written since Jones directed his...

December 26, 1982, The Miami Herald, Jonestown's Darkest Mysteries Remain, Raven, 706 words
 The Untold Story of The Rev. Jim Jones and His People. By Tim Reiterman with John Jacobs. Dutton. 622 pages. $17.95.Jim Jones is the raving lunatic who stunned the world when his suicidal followers perished in heaps in a jungle town in South America on Nov. 18, 1978. This book is a thorough, exhaustive, somewhat leisurely- paced account of the Rev. Jones, a diabolical madman if there ever was one, who wanted civilization to remember forever his...

Lexington Herald-Leader (KY) - January 10, 1983 
CI ERRED IN ITS RESPONSE  BY IRVIN MOLOTSKY New York Times News Service WASHINGTON -- A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the Central Intelligence Agency acted improperly when it failed to respond promptly and fully to a journalist' s request for information about the suicides and murders four years ago in Jonestown, Guyana.Two of the judges ruled that the agency had acted in "bad faith." The third, while agreeing that the...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - January 14, 1983 
7 KILLED AS POLICE STORM TENN. HOME  A tactical police squad blazing away with rifles and tear gas stormed a house yesterday and killed seven black religious zealots who had taken a white police officer hostage and beaten him to death during a 30-hour period, authorities said.''I've known Bob Hester for years, and I didn't recognize him," said one of the officers who found the disfigured body of Officer Robert S. Hester, 34, with his hands handcuffed behind...
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Miami Herald, The (FL) - March 24, 1983
CHURCH GROUPS URGE COURT TO ACQUIT MOON EAST NEW YORK The National Council of Churches and several major denominations, ranging from Presbyterian to Baptist, asked a federal appeals court Wednesday to overturn the tax-fraud and conspiracy conviction of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.In a brief supporting Moon's appeal, the church groups said First Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights of Moon, founder of the Unification Church, were disregarded during his trial.The case against Moon charged that he...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - March 24, 1983 
FINAL CLAIMS PAID TO KIN OF JONESTOWN DEAD  Four years and four months after more than 900 followers of cult leader Jim Jones died in Guyana, final checks from the Peoples Temple's $13.1 million in assets are being sent to the followers' survivors.The checks, ranging from 36 cents to about $7,500, are being mailed to 577 people whose claims were approved in a settlement last year.Nearly all the assets had been dispensed in mailings in August and November. The final checks total $184,118....
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - March 30, 1983 
HOW THE BOOKS WERE CLOSED ON THE PEOPLES TEMPLE  Besides the horror of a mass suicide, Jim Jones' Peoples Temple left another legacy: a tangle of claims from people who were injured or who lost relatives in the temple's demise.The knot was untied by Robert Hart Fabian, a short, square-shouldered, retired Bank of America general counsel who says he was "typecast" to be the Peoples Temple's receiver."I tried to stay away from emotions. I had enough to...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - May 19, 1983
A SURPRISE FINDING: SUICIDES DID NOT RISE AFTER JONESTOWN Some research has indicated that highly publicized suicides lead more people to take their own lives, but there has been no sign of such an increase since the deaths of hundreds in Guyana in 1978, according to a professor at Penn State University.Steven Stack, an associate professor of sociology, said that the poisonings of more than 900 members of the Peoples Temple "was the suicide story of the decade, perhaps even of the century."But he said his study...
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Philadelphia Daily News (PA) - June 14, 1983
BANKS' HERO: JIM JONES  George Banks, charged in the slayings of 13 people, admired Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones and wanted to die in "a blaze of glory" similar to the 1978 mass suicide-execution in Guyana, his former co-workers say.Banks' trial for the slayings of his five children and eight other people enters its eighth day today in Luzerne County Court here.Hyland Jeffries, a guard who worked with Banks at the Camp Hill state prison, testified yesterday that...
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August 11, 1983, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA),National News in Brief: Evidence Regarded as Crucial is Admissible in a Peoples Temple Case
Three pieces of crucial government evidence that were excluded from Larry Layton's conspiracy trial in the 1978 Jonestown, Guyana, slaying of U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan near the Peoples Temple can be used in Layton's retrial, a federal appeals court ruled in San Francisco yesterday. His first trial ended in a mistrial after jurors could not reach a decision. The status of the retrial remains...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - October 26, 1983
DOVER AIR BASE AWAITS BODIES OF BEIRUT VICTIMS Preparations were under way yesterday at Dover Air Force Base to receive the bodies of Marines killed in the terrorist attack Sunday on their barracks in Beirut.Lt. James Sahli, the base's public-affairs officer, said late yesterday that he did not know when the bodies would arrive or how many would be in the first shipment.It is not known if all the bodies would be shipped here.The bodies will be unloaded at Hangar 7-10, a cavernous blue metal building used...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - October 27, 1983 
IN DELAWARE, ALL IS READY FOR SAD TASK  As a crisp contingent of khaki-clad Marines presented arms early yesterday under the cavernous Air Force base hangar, the last of the lights and television cameras were being set up around them.By the time everyone was done, the building looked more like a movie set than an airplane hangar, and reporters and soldiers alike sat back to await the sad homecoming of the 219 servicemen killed Sunday in Beirut.There was nothing else left for them to do. And neither Marine nor Air Force...
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Philadelphia Daily News (PA) - November 9, 1983 
JUDGE CLOSES CASE IN GUYANA CARNAGE  Just days before the fifth anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicide, a San Francisco judge has officially closed the books of the Peoples Temple.Superior Court Judge Ira Brown yesterday accepted the final report of attorney Robert Fabian, the lawyer in charge of distributing about $9.8 million in church assets left after more than 900 followers of the Rev. Jim Jones were slain or committed suicide in the South American nation of Guyana Nov. 18, 1978.Fabian had handled claims by...
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Miami Herald, The (FL) - November 13, 1983 
GUYANA CULT, SLAYINGS STILL TROUBLE CITY SAN FRANCISCO BEARS SCARS OF TWIN TRAGEDIES Legal cases linger on a half decade after San Francisco was shocked by the mass suicides of Jim Jones' Peoples Temple members and the slaying of the city's mayor and a city supervisor.On Nov. 18, 1978, the Rev. Jones, a former San Francisco Housing Commissioner, and 912 cultists were shot or drank poison in Guyana following the jungle airport slayings of Rep. Leo Ryan (D., Calif.) and four others who had flown to there to investigate the religious...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - November 13, 1983 
2 TRAGEDIES KEPT ALIVE IN LAWSUITS  Legal cases linger on five years after San Francisco was shocked by the mass suicides of the Peoples Temple cult members and the slayings of the city's mayor and a city supervisor.On Nov. 18, 1978, the Rev. Jim Jones, a former San Francisco Housing Commissioner, and 912 of his cultists were shot or drank poison in Guyana after the slayings at a jungle airport of Rep. Leo Ryan (D., Calif.) and four others who had flown there to investigate the religious group.Before its...
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San Diego Union, The (CA) - January 7, 1984
Dan White and a tale of two killings Book exorcises some demons Convicted killer Dan White has served five years and one month in prison for the 1978 assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, a homosexual. To many people outside the courtroom and a good number within it, the killings smacked of premeditation, which would have meant at least second- and possibly even first-degree murder.The jury saw two lesser counts of manslaughter. Several thousand San Franciscans, many but by no means all of them...
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Miami Herald, The (FL) - January 12, 1984 
RAMBLING LAWYER MAKES HIS CASE WITH THE BIBLE  Attorney Sir Lionel Luckhoo treats the Bible as a legal brief and travels the world arguing a case for Jesus.The Guyana resident brought his case to Naples this week where he met with city and county leaders who needed, Luckhoo said, support from God on the job. He gave the invocation at the Collier County Commission meeting, received a key to the city of Naples and "gave testimony" Wednesday at a dinner sponsored by the Full Gospel...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - January 23, 1984 
STUDYING THE SECTS - EXPERTS SEE CHANGING TACTICS AND LESS GROWTH  The harvesting of America's lost souls by a variety of new religious sects peaked in the late 1970s. At mid-decade an estimated 3 million people had joined an estimated 1,000 religious sects in the United States.But on Nov. 18, 1978, the Jonestown tragedy began to unfold. Before the shock and furor subsided, the mass murder and suicide of 914 members of a religious sect known as the Peoples Temple had begun to alter the operations, tactics and the image of many other...
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Miami Herald, The (FL)- February 26, 1984
POLICE 'MAY NEVER KNOW' SCHOOL SNIPER'S MOTIVE Police said Saturday "we may never know" why a sniper opened fire on a crowded schoolyard, killing a girl and wounding 13 other people, but friends and relatives said he was tormented by the loss of his family in the mass suicide-murders at Jonestown, Guyana.Tyrone Mitchell, 28, a onetime follower of People's Temple leader Jim Jones, opened fire with a rifle and shotgun from a second-floor window across from the 49th Street Elementary School as classes...
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San Diego Union, The (CA) - February 26, 1984 
L.A. sniper may have been reliving Jonestown horror  LOS ANGELES -- A survivor of the Peoples Temple mass suicide may have been reliving his family's deaths when he fired on a schoolyard Friday, killing a little girl and wounding 13 people before killing himself, his former attorney said yesterday. "He was a young ex-college student who'd gone to (South America) to be with his family. In the Rev. Jim Jones he was looking for the utopian sort of life it seemed they had down there,"...
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Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA) - March 5, 1984 
Attorney retracts tie with accused schoolyard sniper  LOS ANGELES -- An attorney says he was mistaken when he reported that he once represented Tyrone Mitchell, who police said fired into a schoolyard Feb. 24, killing a child and injuring 13 people.Marcus Topel of San Francisco said in an interview with The Associated Press on Feb. 25, the day after the shooting which ended with Mitchell's suicide, that he had represented Mitchell during a federal grand jury investigation into the November 1978 mass suicide-murder of Peoples...
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Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA) - March 14, 1984 
No drugs, little alcohol found in killer's body  LOS ANGELES -- No drugs and only "minimal" alcohol were found in the blood of a sniper who fired on a schoolyard last month, killing one pupil and wounding 13 other people before committing suicide, coroner's officials say."No PCP or other drugs of abuse were detected" in tests on the body of Tyrone Mitchell, county coroner's spokesman Bill Gold said Tuesday. "However, a little alcohol was...
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Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA) - April 15, 1984
Victim of L.A. schoolyard sniper dies LOS ANGELES -- A man wounded by the sniper who opened fire on a crowded schoolyard died of his injuries eight weeks after the attack, officials at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital said Saturday.Carlos Lopez, shot twice in the abdomen during the Feb. 24 assault that killed a 10-year-old girl and wounded 11 children and a playground supervisor, died in the hospital's intensive care unit at 5:37 p.m. Friday."He's never got any better since...
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Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA) - April 16, 1984 
Dymally seeks help for Revs. Moon, Scott  WASHINGTON -- Rep. Mervyn Dymally, criticized in the past for his support of Jonestown founder the Rev. Jim Jones, is soliciting congressional assistance for two clergymen, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Rev. Eugene Scott.Scott is a Southern California evangelist whose television station was taken off the air by the Federal Communication Commission.Moon was convicted in 1982 of income tax evasion. His appeal is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.Scott is founder of the...
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September 12, 1985, Sacramento Bee, 2nd Trial in Jonestown Case Set; Layton Charged in Rep. Ryan Killing, 
A second trial for 1978 Jonestown massacre figure Larry Layton was set Wednesday to begin Jan. 2 in San Francisco federal court. Layton's lawyer called the retrial 'political persecution.' Layton, 39, was accused of conspiracy to murder Rep. Leo Ryan, one of five persons gunned down at a Guyana airstrip in November 18, 1978. Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones and 912 of his disciples took poison and died a few hours later.The first trial, held...

October 22, 1985, Sacramento Bee,  
  Dan White's suicide Monday would seem to close the book on a political horror story from which San Francisco has been trying to recover for the past seven years.George Moscone was a popular first-term mayor and Supervisor Harvey Milk the first avowed homosexual ever to be elected to office in California when, on Nov. 27, 1978, White gunned them down at point-blank range with a police-issue, .38-caliber revolver.It was an incomprehensible event then and remained an...
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September 17, 1986, Sacramento Bee,
Larry Layton, twice cleared of complicity in the chaotic 1978 shootout At the airstrip of Jim Jones' Peoples Temple in Guyana, goes on trial again Here Thursday.""I don't know why the government Wants to retry him,'' federal Public Defender James Hewitt said in an interview Tuesday. ""You got me. All I Know is that (U.S. Attorney) Joe Russoniello said that a jury should make The decision....
526 words

Charlotte Observer, The (NC) -
December 2, 1986, Sacramento Bee,
581 words

January 24, 1987, Sacramento Bee,
280 words

March 4, 1987, Sacramento Bee,
660 words

April 1, 1987, Sacramento Bee,
293 words

April 16, 1988, The Fresno Bee,

November 13, 1988, Sacramento Bee, 'I Wanted To Believe; I Felt Ecstasy at Peoples Temple,' Survivor Recalls - 10 Years After 913 Died, Jonestown Still Mystery, 1,379 words

November 13, 1988, Sacramento Bee, For Victim's Survivors, The Mourning Goes On, 382 words

July 27, 1990, Sacramento Bee, Jackie Speier's Halo Tarnished, 678 words

April 15, 1991, The Fresno Bee, Sometimes Names Hide Denominations - Churches in Fresno Which Do Not Indicate Their Denomination by Their Names Prompt Warnings From Clerics Whose Churches, 648 words

November 20, 1993, National Public Radio, Rev. Jim Jones' Sons Speak About Jonestown Massacre, 1,690 words

February 9, 1994, Sacramento Bee, Inner Strength Pulls Jackie Speier Through Tragedy - Again, 878 words

August 27, 1995, The Charlotte Observer, Cyanide in River Fills Guyanese with Fear, 819 words

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