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Brenda Spencer
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Grover Cleveland Elementary School shootings 1/29/1979 San Diego, CA *”I don’t like Mondays” proclaimed Brenda Spencer*
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NewsBank Link

July 19, 1984, San Diego Evening Tribune, Shootings here set grim record, 740 words
The shooting deaths of 20 people at a McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro set a grim record in U.S. history for the largest number of people gunned down by one person at one time. Yesterday's massacre at the fast-food restaurant was the third tragedy to hit the South Bay in the last two years.A score of people were killed in a 90-minute shooting spree by 41-year-old James Huberty, an unemployed security guard, before Huberty was shot and killed by police.Before the...

July 19, 1984, San Diego Union, Savage hour stuns San Diego, 772 words
A savage hour of killing has left San Diego with a horrible, historic distinction. Yesterday's rampage in a San Ysidro fast-food restaurant by James Huberty amounts to the worst one-day toll by a single killer in U.S. history.Charles Whitman, the disturbed Texan who climbed to the top of the University of Texas clock tower in Austin and gunned down 16 people on an August day in 1966, previously held the infamous record.Whitman, a skilled marksman who picked off students...

July 23, 1984, San Diego Evening Tribune, Officer's 'worst nightmare' began with a gut feeling, 1,804 words
A gut feeling drove Officer Arthur Velasquez to bolt from investigating a house burglary and head to a routine assault-with-a-deadly-weapon call at the McDonald's restaurant on San Ysidro Boulevard. "It was just a feeling, a gut feeling," he said. "They tell you in the academy you build a sixth sense, that you just sense things are wrong and you proceed by your feelings."Velasquez's instinct was right. He was the second San Diego police officer to arrive at the McDonald's...

September 19, 1984, San Diego Union, An anguished chief reflects on killings, 1,149 words
Police Chief Bill Kolender slumped wearily in his chair, his feet on his desk, his black tie hanging loosely around his neck. The dark, heavy jacket of his dress uniform was draped from a hangar on the back wall of his office."What's happened to our feelings toward other people?" he asked of no one in particular. "What's happened to our values toward human life?"We raise people who come up through society who can take someone's life with no feeling, no remorse."...

April 16, 1985, San Diego Evening Tribune, In the classroom of reality Crisis Team helps students, teachers cope, 688 words
In less than eight months five Serra Junior-Senior High School students have died. The first was a 17-year-old boy who committed suicide in September. The last was a 14-year-old girl who died mysteriously in her sleep last month. Three other students succumbed -- to Hodgkin's disease, brain cancer and toxic shock.For the students, teachers and administrators of the Tierrasanta school, so much tragedy in so little time might have ended disastrously: students unable to cope with...

February 12, 2001, La Voz Weekly: De Anza College (Cupertino, CA) Student addresses La Voz coverage, 494 words
Editor, I was impressed by page seven of La Voz of Feb. 15. The now well known "mug" picture of Al Joseph DeGuzman was balanced by comments from neighbors, friends, and college staff. In its centered position, page seven became heart to the paper that opened with a pictorial drama of the evacuation and police presence. The mindful editorial staff permitted their readers, those of us who populate De Anza, to furnish our own word accompaniment to the cover photo essay that tracked our...

January 18, 2009, Westerly Sun, The (RI) A valuable lesson about school violence, 742 words
It may have been a cold night, but Terry and I had planned to go the Westerly Memorial Public Library Wednesday to listen to Jonathan Fast of Misquamicut discuss his new book, "Ceremonial Violence: A Psychological Explanation of School Shootings." It was worth venturing out.Fast is a professor of social work at Yeshiva University in New York and the author of eight novels. It was his disenchantment with writing, oddly enough, that...

January 29, 2013, Detroit Examiner, The San Diego school shooting; 34 years later, 314 words
(Photos) The Sandy Hook school massacre that occurred last month is fresh on everyone’s mind. The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 and even Columbine in 1999 are still frequently talked about. But a school shooting that happened 34 years ago today, rarely if ever mentioned.On January 29, 1979 Brenda Spencer, a 16 year old girl known as a drug abuser, shot and killed two men and wounded nine children as they entered Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California. View slideshow:...


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