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More, More, Bill, Bill,

Caption: Monterey Institute of International Studies student Brian Hubbs sits inside his apartment in Salinas, Calif. on Friday November 19, 2010. Hubbs has questioned MIIS lecturer Bill Hillar's credentials. (Photo By David Royal/ Monterey County Herald) Album ID: 1128399 Photo ID: 32913994

Karen Whitgrove was born in 1945. Karen currently lives in Renton, Washington. Before that, she lived in Spokane, WA from 1983 to 1990.

William C Hillar- Age: 67
Spokane, WA; Richland, WA; West Richland, WA; Renton, WA
Also known as Wg G Hillar, William G Hillar
Relatives: Karen Lse Whitgrove, Karen
William C Hillar- Age: 67
Carmel By The, CA; Millersville, MD; Richland, WA; West Richland, WA; Spokane, WA
Relatives: Karen M Whitgrove
Get contact info (including a phone numb

William Gibb Hillar
Millersville, MD

William Hillar
William C Hillar
William G Hillar
67 Spokane, WA
Richland, WA
West Richland, WA
Renton, WA
Millersville, MD That's the one

William Gibb Hillar
Spokane, WA
Do We Want To Be Fooled?
The recent 60 Minutes expose on Greg Mortenson, the author of the bestselling Three Cups of Tea, has prompted me to reflect on the question: why was this guy a household name and international hero?
"Mundus vult decipi" the world wishes to be deceived, attributed to the first century Roman satirist Petronius.
"Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur" the world wises to be deceived, so let it be deceived.
Bruce, Mortenson was a very good con man, just like "counterterrorism expert" Bill Hillar. The world's full of them. Tell people what they desperately want to hear, tap into their greed, or just be one hell of a pathological liar and the world is your oyster, at least until you get found out. Hell, it's the career of choice in Nigeria. For as long as there are people who are susceptible in one form or another (which pretty much includes all of us), there will be con men to sucker us for fun and profit. Lesson for today


page 7, 2007 speaker
[PDF] SYMPOSIUM on FORCED MIGRATION and REFUGEES ... Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
International Studies and University of. Oregon. Retired Colonel, U.S. Special. Forces. William G. (Bill) Hillar is a retired Colonel of the U.S.. Army Special Forces.

[PDF]Minutes Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association Board ... Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
of July, will feature Bill Hillar as the trainer. He urges everyone who is able, to attend, as the cost for the day is being picked up by. MACOP. Communications and ..

Father puts impetus on sex trafficking awareness - 12, 2010 – Bill Hillar's 17-year-old daughter was vacationing in Thailand with friends when she was kidnapped from a train and forced to work as a sex ..

Modesto High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Modesto, CA)- Class of 1959

BACK ROW: Tim Matherly, Arthur Yancey, Jim Cearly, Bill Hillar. SECOND ROW: Roy COGCl'l Dflrrell Hull Davis, Jim Stout, Paul Bauman, John Colt, Dean Crow. FlRST.ROW: Gary Vautin, , Daniel Crawmer, George Wilkinson, Dave Partain, Robert Rogers.

Bill Hillar

I posted a reference of "Colonel Bill HILLAR" on 28-04-11 "Worst Case of Walting". To receive the full impact of the "Colonel's exploits", google him and you can view copies of the US federal indictment and followup news articles of his arrest.

Needless to say, he is a great "entertainer" w/his war stories, he addressed a couple of hundred of us in 2008 at our annual law enforcement training in Las Vegas. We even requested his returning for the following year! No doubt, this guy is definately the number one WALT on a international level.
Human Trafficking Awareness Week

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Human trafficking. While it’s not the lightest subject in the world, it’s an incredibly relevant international issue. And it deserves the focus of this week’s “Spotlight on MIIS,” especially to highlight the efforts of the Monterey Institute’s STOP and Migration Club to give this subject the weight it truly deserves in the realm of international policy.

Human Trafficking Awareness Week commenced last Thursday with the on-campus screening of the film Trade and continued through the weekend with Bill Hillar’s Human Trafficking Workshop. Today a letter writing campaign – to persuade US representatives to extend TVPA legislation, which provides means to address human trafficking through advocacy and education – was held in the Samson Center Courtyard.

But that’s not all…Tuesday September 30th at 7:00PM STOP and Migration Club’s efforts culminate with a speaker panel of human trafficking experts in Irvine Auditorium. Read about the event details here, and don’t forget to show up if you’re in the area. Thanks for your time, and check back next week and the week after for more MIIS community news and events!
Anti-Trafficking Efforts Panel
Public Event · By Monterey Institute of International Studies
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
7:00pm until 9:00pm
The STOP and Migration clubs at the Monterey Institute will host a panel discussion focusing on anti-trafficking efforts in the South Bay, which will include representatives from law enforcement, academia, and the NGO sector on September 30th, 2008.
Panel speakers will include:
*Sergeant John Vaneck, San Jose Anti-Trafficking Task Force
*Lynette Parker, J.D. Law Professor at Santa Clara University East San Jose Law Center
*Special Agent Alex Kosanetz, FBI San Jose
*Sister Sheila Novak, co-director of the Salvadorian Anti Human Trafficking Project,
Coordinator of the Central CA Coast Coalition of Human Trafficking (CCCC) and the Northern CA Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NCC)

November 24, 2010 , Monterey County Weekly, Military Fabulist, Local instructor fakes his academic credentials; military history also in question, by Robin Urevich, Wednesday,

For five years, Monterey Institute of Inernational Studies instructor Bill Hillar, purportedly a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Special Forces, packed the university’s lecture halls with tales of swashbuckling heroism and gut – wrenching tragedy.

MIIS student Chui Archuleta describes classmates weeping openly as Hillar, a tall and powerfully built man in his 60s, choked up at a workshop he taught last October while recounting the story of his own 17-year-old daughter’s abduction and eventual murder at the hands of a Southeast Asian human trafficking ring. Hillar's talks sparked some students to share their own stories of abuse, Archuleta says.

But the U.S. State Department has no report of a kidnapping of a 17-year – old U.S. citizen with the last name of Hillar anywhere in the world in 1988, the year Hillar has said his daughter was seized, according to spokesman John Echard.

"I'm upset at the university because I and a roomful of others signed up and took a workshop from this man, and all of it was a lie," Archuleta says.

Now, Archuleta and his classmates are coming to terms with the news that Hillar, who regularly offered workshops in human trafficking and a field he called "tactical counter-terrorism," may be a total fake.

Military officials could not provide evidence that Hillar ever served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, much less attained the rank of colonel. A government document shows Hillar held a more mundane job, as a radar operator in the U.S. Coast Guard between 1962 and 1970.

Jeff Hinton, a retired Special Forces master sergeant who runs, an online community of Special Forces members, recently obtained the records under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

"We've busted quite a few frauds," he says. "We earned [our military credentials] and we paid. We're professional warriors. [MIIS] owes a huge apology to all the students."

On Nov. 20, MIIS issued a statement noting Hillar had falsified his academic credentials – he claimed to have a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. MIIS will allow students to choose another workshop free of charge.

Students and faculty held Hillar in high esteem, according to Archuleta. For the past two years, the school offered $1,500 for the best essay on human trafficking in memory of Sale Hillar, purportedly Hillar’s daughter.

MIIS spokesman Jason Warburg says the school is cooperating with a sheriff’s deputy on the anti-human 
trafficking unit of the Multnomah County, Ore., Sheriff’s Office, which is also investigating Hillar.

Hillar didn’t return several phone calls requesting comment.

Naval Postgradutate School lecturer Hy Rothstein, a retired Special Forces officer, says one of the areas of expertise in Hillar’s MIIS bio, tactical counter-terrorism, should have raised red flags.

"That's bullshit," Rothstein says, adding that while some Special Forces units engage in counter-terrorism, none use the term "tactical counter-terrorism."

Hinton calls the term "moronic."

Hillar also faked out the University of Oregon, as well as law enforcement groups and the local American Red Cross, where he also gave training.

MIIS student Brian Hubbs, who undertook his own investigation of the instructor, says Hillar sparked dozens of students to combat human trafficking in their careers, but still used the alleged false front for personal gain.

"It was all done for selfish reasons," Hubbs says.

Northwest Collegiate Ministries
Human Trafficking Info
Hey everyone!
This is going to be long. So take a deep breath and let’s go!
So this is an update on what happened last night at the OATH/Human Trafficking event last night. We all met up at Kell’s Irish Pub and listened to three women speak on human trafficking and their experiences with it. Jessica Richardson started the conversation off by sharing part of her story on how she was trafficked up and down the coast. If you haven’t heard her story yet, you are missing out! This woman has become a conqueror and now fights by sharing her story and getting involved with various organizations.

The second woman to speak shared from the criminal justice standpoint. Bill Hillar wasn’t able to speak, so she did a fantastic job filling in for him. She gave insight to why women in prostitution don’t leave. She shared the staggering fact that many of the women come from incestuous backgrounds and things like poverty, learning disabilities, low self esteem, constant abuse, homelessness, and poor medical and dental care keep the women in prostitution. On top of all of that, the justice system criminalizes women when many times they are forced into prostitution are a basically slaves for their work. She ended by sharing the fact that there are around 3,000 women a year in prostitution in Portland alone!

Dr. Cyndi Romine was the last to speak and shared part of her story on how she pulls women and children out of sexual slavery. She works with Compassion2One, which is an amazing organization that works to free and rehabilitate women and children. One of the things that this organization is doing is raising awareness and posting the national hotline in women's restrooms so that if a woman is caught she can call at some point and get help. Thousands of women and children will be trafficked up the I-5 corridor this year to be prostitutes at the Olympics.

And that brings us to what we can do- NCM is teaming up with OATH as well Jessica and Cyndi to stop human trafficking. We are still in the brainstorming process, but we will be helping to post anti-trafficking brochures and posters and engage gas attendants along the I-5 corridor. Here is the event page on facebook:

A few other ideas that came up last night:
Participating in CPA training for helping women in prostitution
Women in NCM mentoring women in prostitution (sorry guys, not for you!)
Slavery Still Exists week on our campus
Silent protests in public places with large signs
Placing "In Memory" signs where women have been killed/freed/gone missing from trafficking
We are not making a documentary, but we will help promote them in our area. More details to come when there is one coming up
One idea was to have someone tell the stories via animation/illustrations. Sweet idea.
A major project would be to have a boxcar converted to scenes that people could walk through to physically see what happens to those who are being trafficked.
And last but not least, Hotline Thursdays. Every Thursday post the hotline number (1.888.3737.888) and make sure to say something about it being the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, or it being the hotline for those caught in trafficking to get help.
WHEW! You made it! Hoorah! There is more to come, so be prepared. We are joining a movement, and it will take work, but it will be so worth it. One life redeemed makes everything worth it. WE are the generation that is rising up to stop this and we have so many resources available, and the biggest one is our God. He is bigger than this slavery. With Him, and only with Him, will these people be truly redeemed. So lift this up in prayer- together we stand against the bondage.

Jane Velez Mitchell Discusses Stopping Human Trafficking

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Issues host and out TV anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell talks with SheWired about the upcoming human trafficking conference and the war on women:

The Northwest Coalition Against Trafficking (NWCAT) on Jan. 9 in Portland will host their annual conference to educate and protect women and girls from sex trafficking.

The conference — which also serves as a fundraiser to create a trafficking shelter in Portland — will feature breakout sessions, safety demonstrations, child finger printing and keynote speakers with first-hand experience in human trafficking.

Speaker Bill Hillar, a former Special Forces Colonel, lost his 17-year-old daughter when she was kidnapped in 1988 in Asia and forced into the sex industry. Hillar was unable to save his daughter; the recent movie Taken with Liam Neeson, is partially based on his story.

Speaker Dallas Jessup, 17, a CNN Hero and expert martial artist, grew a community-service project to fight predators across 45 countries with her nonprofit Just Yell Fire. At 14 she produced a film to teach teen girls to protect themselves from abduction and sexual assault.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of Issues, at the conference will receive this year’s Ruby Award, which acknowledges women who work to improve the lives of women and girls.

Past Ruby recipients include Princess Diana, domestic violence advocate Elaine Weiss; former U.S. congresswomen Patsy Mink and Patricia Schroeder; former child actor and U.S. Ambassador Shirley Temple Black; and former Philippines President Corazon Aquino.

Velez-Mitchell will also serve as the conference’s keynote speaker, discussing violence against women in its many forms, much like she does on her show.

“We cover everything from homegrown sickos selling their children for sex, and there’s also international trafficking which is a massive problem; it’s a billion-dollar industry,” she says.

Velez-Mitchell believes women wear a psychological burka: We live in fear of being attacked and so must modify our behavior.

“This idea that women have to adjust their behavior to compensate for male violence is really something that we have to question,” she says. “When a women in her own home is viciously assaulted, you can’t say that curbing her behavior has anything to do with it.”

Women and society at large, says Velez-Mitchell, are conditioned to accept male violence as business as usual. “The first thing we have to do as a culture is say, ‘I’m not accepting that violence.’”

Women also need to start flexing their financial and political muscle and come together as a gender, she says.

“We as women in this post-feminist world are not uniting … and speaking with one voice,” she says. “If we turned the tables for one week and switch the genders and have women killing abducting raping and trafficking men, the way men are doing it to women, how long do you think men would put up with it? (Men) would be marching on Washington, holding congressional hearings, and all women would be locked up and put on Prozac.”

Velez-Mitchell blames movies and television for perpetuating violence against women. “We’re creating a hunter-prey relationship between men and women,” she says. “We have to stop subsidizing the violence against us and companies that make that violence should be boycotted.”

To have our voices hear, Velez-Mitchell says women need to form a national organization. “We have the clout; we’re just not using it. We have to come together and consolidate that power so when something happens to women, there are repercussions,” she says. “Who is organizing protests outside these movies? No one.”

As for fighting human trafficking, Velez-Mitchell says it’s about women setting clear — and loud — priorities.

“We spend so much time on the war on drugs, which, of course, is a bogus war,” says Velez-Mitchell who has written about her own addiction in iWant: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life. “You can’t fight addiction with troops, but what about taking some of those resources and devoting them to trafficking?”

Again, it goes back to the constituents. “If American women aren’t exercising their clout as a gender and a voting block saying this is our priority then nothing is going to inspire the powers that be to suddenly make that a priority,” she says. “We really have so much power if we just realized it and put it together as a single voice when we need to.”

As for accepting the Ruby award, Velez-Mitchell says, “I’m always humbled when anybody wants to give me an award — I don’t do it for awards — I’m sure there’s somebody out there who’s more deserving and if they find that person give it to them!”
For more information on the conference, visit
Green Beret colonel and an expert in the international sex-slave trade has been arrested in Maryland by the FBI.
but was he though an expert? Perhaps if the was, the fbi though he was a threat to their empire and wanted him gone. The fbi often does more harm than good. Research the history of ls and how the kids families depended upon the money to survive with often the kids being the only one earning any money for the family to survive and the fbi came along and shut the company down and out of 1500 models, no one, not even the parents of the kids wanted to press charges. When LS was shut down, the kids now have to do way worse stuff than pose nude which can be seen in Ukraine as if you want a boy, go through the city (any) and you see a blue shirt in the window, that is for boy for good time for about $3-$6. If you want a girl, there is a pink or red shirt in window for good time for about $3-$6. The fbi doesn't care about this at all of course. They just don't want kids posing nude on the internet when their whole existence depends on it in many cases such as in Ukraine. Instead of going after the real pedos who now molest children pretty much in plain sight as no one does anything about the "colored shirts" and turn a blind eye and the fbi claims to go after molesters and etc. while they will go after the easy prey and sometimes do some real work to catch someone, it doesn't seem to be enough to justify their jobs as they often do more harm than good as seen with the LS case and Ukraine the way it is now after the raids. Without the income the kids were making for their families, they have to now have sex for money and no one does anything about it.
the fbi doesn’t care, after all they look at cp 24/7 by their own admission (citation needed), allow schools to have webcams in every laptop on at home , lets Webcam-spying school district settles out of court, FBI declines to press charges and related posts , have the biggest database of it in the world, push naked body scanners, TSA Gives Rapists And Illegals The Green Light While Groping Children , while arresting pedos… They basically say its ok to if they say it is. The government is not your friend.

CBS News,
The U.S. government, the owner of the world's largest collection of child pornography.

February 11, 2009, CBS News, Combatting Kiddie Porn

The U.S. government may soon be the owner of the world's largest collection of child pornography.

As part of its effort to combat the proliferation of kiddie porn on the Internet, the Justice Department is overseeing development of a computerized catalog of thousands of illicit pictures seized from suspects and collected from the Web.

Once complete, the Child Victim Identification Program will allow law enforcers around the country to use advanced image-recognition software to compare digital pictures like an analyst matches fingerprints.

"The primary goal is to identify and rescue children who are currently being abused," said Mike Netherland, acting director of the Cyber Smuggling Center at the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, which developed the system.

By matching newly found photographs against old ones seized around the globe, the system will be able to tell investigators whether an image is new, or has been circulating among pedophiles for years.

It also can tell whether an exploited child depicted in a photograph has ever been identified by a law enforcement agency or a missing children's group.

"When we see a picture that no one has ever seen before, that's a pretty good sign that we have a new victim we should be trying to find," Netherland said.

Investigators in several countries have contributed pictures to the system, as have the FBI, Secret Service, Postal Inspection Service and exploited-children groups.

The new catalog has been in development since 1999, but it only began to be deployed in January, Netherland said. It is expected to be in full swing within 90 days and will eventually include most of the illicit photographs in circulation on the Internet, he said.

The software that will mine the database works by examining the shapes and coloring of the images in any single photograph and determining if they match previously collected images. While it isn't accurate enough to identify individual faces, it can find photographs with identical shape patterns.

Similar matching systems already exist, but they are smaller and less sophisticated.

One, run by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, compares image files by analyzing their digital components, including the number of pixels. That type of system can be defeated, however, if purveyors of child porn alter photographs slightly before sending them.

Efforts to build a central repository for pornographic images have drawn some concern about the potential for abuse by hackers or unscrupulous law enforcement agents.

Netherland said agents can't simply browse the system looking at photographs. Instead, the matching system will be largely automated and give limited access to pictures not directly involved in an investigation.

Agents also won't have direct access to the children's identities. If a match is found, the software will direct the investigating agent to contact the law enforcement agency that originally identified the child.

Michelle Collins, of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said the system could prove invaluable to smaller police departments that don't have the manpower to identify victimized children on their own.

"If you are a local law enforcement officer in the middle of Iowa, and you haven't had a lot of child pornography cases, how would you know whether the children in these photographs are from your home town, or another country?" Collins said.

"But with these systems, and with the international cooperation we've been getting, it doesn't matter where a child lives. It could be anywhere, and if that child has previously been identified, we can make a match."

The effort has taken on extra importance after the Supreme Court last year voided a law making it a crime to depict children in sexual situations, even if the models used were actually over 18 or the pictures were realistic fakes.

The decision has prompted agents to put new emphasis on proving that pictures traded online contain real underage victims.

"They want to be able to go into court and tell a jury, 'This is no fake,"' Collins said.

In a case this year in Philadelphia, investigators were able to trace the victims in two photographs sent by e-mail from a high school teacher to an FBI agent posing as a 12-year-old girl.

One was an American girl whose alleged abuser had previously been indicted and fled the country. The other was a girl from Manchester, England, whose stepfather was convicted of abuse and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison in 1998.
The teacher pleaded guilty on March 3.
By David B. Caruso

Child Porn Probe Leads To Fbi Headquarters 
It may be hard to research the history of LS as many of the investigative material is offline as sites 404. It is possible though.

Exclusive: TSA frisks groom children to cooperate with sex predators, abuse expert says
Brought to you by us government.

New Leads Implicate CIA, Government Officials In Child Prostitution Ring
The Washington Child Sex Ring Cover-up
You’ll find that the FBI was involved in the cover-up of all of this.”
The Franklin Child Sex Ring Implicating the Bush Whitehouse
:Reserve Officer Gets 80 Yrs for Child Porn
January 19, 2011, Virginian-Pilot

NORFOLK -- A former Pentagon intelligence official was sentenced Tuesday to 80 years in federal prison in what a judge called probably the worst child exploitation case he has seen in 26 years on the bench.

Scottie Lee Martinez, 38, of Dumfries, received the maximum penalty by U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Friedman. Martinez previously pleaded guilty to producing child pornography and abusive sexual conduct with a minor.

Martinez admitted that in 2009 he produced sexually explicit images of two minors, ages 5 and 11. He also admitted that he molested a child, who was between 7 and 9, at Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, between 2001 and 2004.

Martinez's crimes came to light when an Air Force officer discovered child pornography on a computer network at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, and it was traced to Martinez's computer. Martinez had been stationed in Norfolk before leaving for Qatar.

At the time of his arrest, Martinez was a Navy Reserve lieutenant commander serving as a senior intelligence officer with the Pentagon's Office of Military Commissions

Office of Student Services » Blog Archive » NEW PRIZE FOR BEST ... 16, 2009 – the daughter of MIIS Professor Bill Hillar who teaches a workshop on human trafficking. The essay should be no more than 2000 words.

[PDF] Reframing Ethics for Sacramento Area Firefighters: Honoring Public ... Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Lecture Bill Hillar offers a perspective more consistent with Chief Cheery. Hillar while presenting on the topic of Ethics and Integrity for Leadership remarked that ...

August 30, 2011, hometownannapolis, Millersville man gets 21 months, by Scott Daugherty, Staff Writer,

A former Coast Guard radarman who promoted himself to various schools the past 12 years as a retired Special Forces Colonel to get teaching jobs was sentenced Tuesday morning to 21 months in federal prison.

William Hillar, 66, of Millersville, lied about more than just his resume though.

Previously viewed as a respected expert on human trafficking, he also fabricated a gruesome story about the abduction and murder of his daughter several years ago in Asia, prosecutors said. “He sold that story. He sold it to universities and other victims,” said Assistant United States Attorney Leo Wise, noting that Hillar’s...

Media helps Spread the Word of Sex Trafficking
Posted on November 16, 2010 by Alice Smith

Every year at Hometown Heroes, Elon has the opportunity to honor people from student’s hometowns that have made an impact in society, and are a hero in the eyes of the student that selects them. As a student government representative, this year I had the chance to help with the ceremony and choose the three guests. Bill Hillar was the one candidate that made a huge impact on me. He travels the country giving speeches about the issues of human sex trafficking and then spends two months out of the year going to Asian countries to help rescue young girls from the trade. His powerful message really struck a chord with me, and also the way that he relayed his message. Not only does he give speeches, but the major motion picture Taken was based off his own story with human trafficking. He had the opportunity to use media to spread his message in a way that most people never get the chance.

The movie Taken is about a man whose daughter was kidnapped on a vacation with her friends and then sold into human sex trafficking. The man makes it his personal mission to find her and bring her back. Bill Hillar did the same thing for his daughter when she was taking a train in Europe and it was stopped by human traffickers. She was kidnapped and taken into the trade along with her two friends. Hillar traveled with two friends and 80,000 dollars to over ten different countries to help save his daughter. Unfortunately, by the time he found them, his daughter had been killed after trying to escape. He was able to save her two friends, one of which is happily married with kids and the other has since deceased. The movie significantly changed this last part of his story. In Hollywood, it is a very uncommon occurrence to have an unhappy ending, and they are widely unpopular. This movie was no exception, when in the end Bill Hillar’s character rescues his daughter. Although they had to change this significant moment, I think that having the chance to show part of his story through this medium was great leverage for his cause. The average person does not have a chance to see their life interpreted into a major motion picture.

Because Hillar is trying to spread awareness, this movie did a great thing for his project. Suddenly people everywhere were faced with a portrayal of this national issue. Hillar does an excellent job in his speeches and the stories he tells are vivid and horrifying, which really gets the attention of the audience. However, there is something very special about a movie. The pictures are thrust into the faces of the audience and they are forced to face this issue that we would all so love to deny. Motion pictures are normally merely a form of entertainment, but Hillar accomplished something else. He successfully captured the ears and eyes of an audience who otherwise might not have listened.
panther says:
Haha, yeah I was joking, of course. The irony is that I had planned to work for the government or even the UN (for real), which is what I studied for in university–at that school where that impostor teacher, Bill Hillar, worked. The more I learned about what was really going on in the world, the more I realized that no one could pay me any sum of money to assist these b**tards in achieving their goals. I studied International Conflict Resolution and Negotiations in the Middle East. Mouthful. All I learned is what NOT to do with my life. When the CIA, FBI, DEA, State Department, etc came to the school to hold interviews (this was the Monterey Institute of International Studies) I was the only one I knew of in my department who wasn’t scurrying to try and make the cut in their rigorous selection process. I knew that I couldn’t actually work for any of them after what I had come to learn about them–well, at least I couldn’t do that AND sleep at night. When my peers thought I was crazy, I told them point blank that when I was a little girl dreaming of what I wanted to be when I grew up, “terrorist” wasn’t on the list. Of course then I was labelled the crazy, radical chick who misused the word terrorist as a way to describe politicians. Needless to say, many of my peers do work for various government organizations now. I teach English and I’m going to study Anthropology now…something slightly less political. In a sense, I went NC with the whole body of spaths in the political sphere via a career path change. Lucky I dodged that bullet! I remember learning about a woman in Iraq who was doing what I probably would have stupidly done had I been hired for her job: help people and genuinely try. She even opened a women’s center and tried to help women overcome the rampant abuse they were subject to in that culture. And she was murdered without a trace of the killer.

So, yeah, no way could I work for the UN. Although I must admit, I bet I could translate their intentions better post-spath than after anything I learned in my degree program  There are no books that really prepare a person for a living, breathing sociopath. It’s a whole different ball game when that day comes.

Fbi Agent Arrested In Md

10 Feb 2011 Maryland: Off duty FBI agent newly assigned to AG Holder's pm and is filed under Cops arrested for Drunk Driving, DWI news articles.

9 Dec 2010 The FBI arrested Antonio Martinez, 21, Wednesday after a two month in Maryland with a fake bomb supplied by an FBI undercover agent.

24 Apr 2009 Baltimore, Maryland - U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. sentenced Thereafter, FBI agents arrested Rich and his co-conspirator.

FBI agents arrested for pedophilia- no child left untouched Wicomico Deputy Charles McMichael Accused Of Molesting 2 Girls (MD)

10 Feb 2011 10.02.2011 - BRANDYWINE, Md. (AP) - An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in

An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in Prince George's County. Police say 18-year-old Lawrence

FBI Agent Arrested In Crash That Killed Md. Teen. Maryland State News.Net Wednesday 9th February, 2011 (Source: WJZ 13)

25 Jan 2011 MILLERSVILLE, Md. — On paper, Bill Hillar is an American hero: a FBI agents arrested William G. "Bill" Hillar at his Millersville home

27 Sep 2007 Southern Maryland Headline News: Psychiatrist Who Evaluated FBI Spy Loses a former FBI agent arrested for giving highly classified

8 Dec 2010 A Baltimore man arrested Wednesday on charges of plotting to bomb a to him by an undercover FBI agent, federal prosecutors announced.

8 Dec 2010 A young Baltimore man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly conspiring Md., recruiting station, FBI agents arrested him, documents show.

Security Guard Arrested In Md. Arson Case. Environmentalists Cleared 2004 - An FBI agent said arson fires at an affluent Maryland development in

Collection of Fbi Agent Arrested In Md pictures and photos from web using, a free search engine for image and picture search.

24 Apr 2009 Baltimore, Maryland - U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. sentenced Thereafter, FBI agents arrested Rich and his co-conspirator.

21 Jan 2010 Cifala was arrested by FBI agents at the Anne Arundel County police for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein and Special Agent in

On June 27, 2003, FBI agents arrested seven men in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland suspected of having ties to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba

10 Jun 2009 News · Today's Top Stories Boating couple arrested, charged as secret rally around Chesapeake Bay when FBI agents arrested them last week on charges the FBI sent other agents to Galesville, Md., to search Helene,

BRANDYWINE, Md. - Prince George's County Police say they arrested a 37-year-old unnamed FBI agent Monday night on suspicion of drunk driving after he was

Find Gwynn Park High School Alumni from Brandywine MD Maryland. FBI Agent Arrested In Maryland - WBAL Radio 2/9/2011 12:15:00 PM

9 Feb 2011 BRANDYWINE, Md. - An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in Prince George's.

8 Dec 2010 Man arrested in Maryland terror plot the plot proceeded when the FBI informant introduced Martinez to an undercover FBI agent,

9 Feb 2011 BRANDYWINE, Md. (AP) - An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in Prince George's

9 Feb 2011 BRANDYWINE, MARYLAND - An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in Prince George's

8 Dec 2010 The person was an undercover FBI agent. "I'm not falling for no b.s.," court When he attempted to detonate the device, he was arrested.

10 Feb 2011 FBI Agent Suspected in Drunk Driving Death Law enforcement identified Adrian Norbell Johnson as the FBI agent suspected of drunk driving in a fatal accident in Maryland PARTIAL LIST OF FBI AGENTS ARRESTED FOR DUI

23 Jan 2010 A police officer was arrested by the FBI on charges he was "sexting" for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein and Special Agent in12 Mar 2012

19 Oct 2009 Authorities have arrested a Maryland scientist on charges of espionage after he attempted to sell information to an undercover FBI agent

An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in Prince George's County.

15 Nov 2010 Jim Keary, spokesman for Prince Georges County, Md., tens of thousands of dollars at his home in her underwear as FBI agents arrived.

Law enforcement officials have identified the FBI agent suspected in a fatal drunk driving car crash in Brandywine, Md. Monday night as 37-year-old Adrian
UO Adjunct Professor Lied To Students, Subject of Fraud InvestigationMonday, November 29th, 2010
University of Oregon Adjunct Professor Bill Hillar is under investigation by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department for fraud after some of his students at the Monterey Institute of International Studies discovered that Hillar had been lying about his exploits as a member of the US Army Special Forces and receiving a doctorate degree from the University of Oregon. Hillar had been a part-time instructor at the Institute, which is an adjunct campus of Middlebury College. He was scheduled to teach a Substance Abuse Prevention Program class this term at the University of Oregon, and during winter term 2010 taught a SAPP class in International Drug Trafficking that had 241 enrolled students. He also was one of the keynote speakers at last year’s Slavery Still Exists conference. He was scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Portland this month, but failed to show up, and all contact attempts have been fruitless. His website has since been taken down.

nitpick says:
December 1, 2010 at 9:08 pm
To be fair, I attended the UP conference. He didn’t exactly “fail to show up.” He had been hospitalized the week prior and had emergency surgery.
But this is all indeed appalling.

[PDF] Reframing Ethics for Sacramento Area Firefighters: Honoring Public ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Lecture Bill Hillar offers a perspective more consistent with Chief Cheery. Hillar while presenting on the topic of Ethics and Integrity for Leadership remarked that ...

[DOC] Slavery Still Exists 2010 is coming soon! Slavery Still Exists is a ... Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View
Thursday, the 20that 7 pm —“Slavery Still Exists Night” featuring Colonel Bill Hillar, Steve Gutzler and Cyndi Romine of comPassion2One, and Mike Hogan of ..

April 19, 2009, The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) Human trafficking issue focus of events this week, By Nat Levy,

Human trafficking - the exploitation of people, usually for labor or sex - has gained a foothold in Oregon in recent years, according to advocates. And students at the University of Oregon are attempting to shed light on a crime that is very much invisible.

"Slavery Still Exists Week," a collaboration among several campus groups and state organizations, will highlight the plight faced by what advocates say is more than 27 million modern-day slaves worldwide.

Human trafficking comes in two forms, domestic and international, said Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Keith Bickford, head of the Portland-based Oregon Human Trafficking Task Force. International enslavement usually ends in forced labor or prostitution. Domestically, he said, almost all trafficking cases involve child prostitution.

Bickford said the hidden nature of human trafficking is one of the biggest problems in combating it. "These people don't call 911," he said.

In 2007, the Oregon Senate enacted Senate Bill 578, which makes human trafficking - whether it be for purposes of labor or sex - a criminal offense with sentences of up to 10 years in prison.

Bickford said the law hasn't yet led to any convictions, but the district attorney's office in Portland is emphasizing the offense.

Portland is the most problematic area in the state for trafficking, Bickford said. A robust sex industry and access to Interstate 5 are among the contributing factors.

"We are a transit and destination state - meaning that we are on the I-5 corridor, making unmonitored movement fairly simple," said James Pond, executive director of Transitions Global, a Portland group established to help victims of human trafficking recover from their ordeals. "Truck stops are a marketplace used for trafficking girls."

Eugene may also be seeing a rise in human trafficking cases, said James Ewell, director of the Transitions Living Program at Looking Glass New Roads. Ewell said in the past year he's met multiple youths who have reported involvement in human trafficking. Many kids have reported being approached by strangers who wanted to "take them on road trips" - usually to larger metropolitan areas, he said.

"It's only a handful of cases," Ewell said, "but it's on our radar more than it's ever been."

Huston Hedinger, a philosophy major at the UO, is one of the driving forces behind the awareness campaign. The Portland native got involved after traveling last summer to Cambodia, which is widely regarded as one of the capitals for human trafficking.

"Now that I've met survivors and I can put a face to the issue, I just have to continue to help out and make people aware of the issue so that they can do something about it as well," he said.

Hedinger said he wonders if Eugene's sizable population of homeless youths are vulnerable to trafficking. Pond said homeless children do receive attention from traffickers, and that runaway youths are particularly at risk.

"There is a link to runaway youth - in that 1 in 3 runaways are approached by a trafficker within 48 hours of running away," he said. "Vulnerable youth are certainly at risk, but we are seeing a significant increase in kidnapping, recruiting in high schools, and other means of acquiring girls that are `marketable' to their customers."

Bickford said the best way to prevent human trafficking is through community awareness. Setting up networks between victims' rights groups, schools and law enforcement can make it easier to prevent children from slipping through the cracks, he said.

Additionally, the founding of safe havens for trafficking victims could make them more inclined to seek help. In Portland, Pond and Bickford are working on shelters for trafficking victims.

In Eugene, Looking Glass New Roads Program helps young homeless people with housing, education and individual recovery.

The only sure way to help such kids recover, Bickford said, is to remove them from exploitative elements.

"These poor children are so twisted up with what's right and wrong, we have to de-program them," he said.

Slavery Still Exists Week

April 19-26

Today: Substance Abuse Prevention Program human trafficking workshop, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., PLC 180. A second workshop will be held next Sunday.

Thursday: Bill Hillar, SAPP instructor, and James Pond, human trafficking expert, will be on hand for a lecture, 7:30 p.m., PLC 180

Friday: Buck Up Campaign kickoff, 4 p.m., EMU Amphitheatre; Campus groups will place 27,000 flags on University of Oregon campus lawns to represent the 27 million slaves worldwide; Students will go door-to-door to raise awareness on the subject.

For more information: Huston Hedinger, student coordinator at (503) 201-8215

COPYRIGHT 2009 The Register Guard

January 27, 2011, KVAL News, Former UO instructor accused of lying about his life, By Molly Blancett,

EUGENE, Ore. - Students at the University of Oregon know Bill Hillar as a professional speaker with a harrowing story about his daughter who was kidnapped, sold into sex slavery, then killed.

Hired in 2002, Hillar told students he was the inspiration for the movie "Taken," starring Liam Neeson.

Hillar claimed to have a PhD from the University of Oregon.

He taught summers and weekends through the Substance Abuse Prevention Program on campus.

He told people he was a retired colonel of the U.S. Army Special Forces who served in Asia, the middle east, central and South America.

None of it is true, according to federal prosecutors.

The FBI arrested Hillar on Tuesday in Maryland. He faces numerous charges including mail fraud.

Federal prosecutors are calling it an "elaborate false identity case."

According to court documents, countless clients, including the University of Oregon, were duped into paying him for speeches, lectures and training seminars.

"I think we were fooled by the claims that he made," said UO spokesman Phil Weiler.

Weiler said they became suspicious when a college in California contacted the UO asking about Hillar's academic resume.

That triggered a federal investigation into Hillar's history, landing him behind bars. Weiler doesn't know how much the university paid Hillar over the last nine years, but he said the school wants its money back.

KVAL News asked Weiler if the UO is making any changes in their hiring process as a result of the arrest.

"The university was changing the way that it did those weekend sessions already prior to this issue with Mr. Hillar coming up," Weiler said. "So in the future I don't think we're going to see something like this happen."

Weiler said in the past, the university treated the summer session as separate from the rest of the school year.

That's changing, which he said should make it harder for things like this to happen again.

This story is funny. I took a counter-terrorism seminar with this guy at monterey, as I’m sure so many other MIIS students have. afterwards me and a bunch of other students went out for beers (that old british bar on franklin) w/ him near campus. this guy had awesome stories. he married a hmong girl from his days in vietnam and had kids. a few years later one of his daughters (15 at that time) gets kidnapped, raped and killed by a human trafficking gang. this story was later adapted in that movie “taken” w/ liam neeson:

he also had a story about going into the golden triangle for some black ops, only to get into a shoot out w/ DEA. the story had KIAs too.

I thought his stories were so cool and may be useful in the near future, so I emailed him shortly after for either some more stories or book recommendations. he sent me like 10 book recs and I read like six. I always thought it funny that most of his stories were found scattered in the books he recommended. I just figured, he was somehow part of the stories or he just used those stories because he wanted to use declassified stories in lieu of his own.

2 yrs later, fraud.

I know MIIS students that stayed at his house near DC who worked for Other Gov’t Agency, I hope they investigate this guy for possible Nat’l Security breaches.

November 21, 2010 - 10:55 am Link to this Comment | Reply

Hillar on the right talking with family of missing child Lindsey Baum NWCAt Conference 2010

Leanna Heiman

I took one of Bill Hillar's workshops at my grad school in 2005. I found Bill's story about his daughter's capture and murder by traffickers greatly disturbing. Following the workshop, I, along with a group of like-minded women founded an on-campus group, Stop Trafficking Of Persons (S.T.O.P.). It saddens me to think that our group was founded on Bill's lies, but at least our hearts were in the right place on spreading awareness of the real-life tragedy that is human trafficking.

September 16, 2011 at 9:52am
Bill Hillar Prosecuted in Federal Court
by NWCAT on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 12:49pm ·

Thanks in part to a student [Brian Hubbs] contacting NWCAT who in turn contacted Alexis Del Cid from Koin

Local 6, justice prevailed today against a predator many considered a friend. Thanks to the investigative story done by Del Cid and Koin (that resulted in an investigation by the FBI) William Hillar was prosecuted in a Maryland Courtroom.

"The credit of students lead by Hubbs and later told by Del Cid deserves all the thanks in the world,” said

Michelle Bart, Northwest Coalition Against Trafficking. “When we work so hard all year to protect victims of sex trafficking from the predators, it’s a shock to the entire system when someone everyone trusted is among the predators we’re trying to stop from doing harm to the victims. Hillar and hisagenda have only made all of us see we need to be ‘looking beyond the surface’ at those around us as well as those that are traditionally the predators we’re use to seeing. Kudos to Koin Local6, Alexis Del Cid and Brian Hubbs for standing up to this man,” said Bart.

26 Chadwick Circle, K
Nashua NH 03062

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According to Whois, was registered on March 2, 2004, with a Beth DiPietro, 26 Chadwick Circle, K, Nashua New Hampshire, 03062, as administrative and technical contact.

26 Chadwick Circle, K
03062, New Hampshire 03062
United States

Created on: 02-Mar-04
Expires on: 02-Mar-11
Last Updated on: 01-Mar-10

Administrative Contact:
DiPietro, Beth
26 Chadwick Circle, K
03062, New Hampshire 03062
United States
8055502815 Fax --

Technical Contact:
DiPietro, Beth
26 Chadwick Circle, K
03062, New Hampshire 03062
United States
8055502815 Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

Hillar conducted these activities through a business named ―Bill Hillar Training.‖ According to the government's sentencing memorandum, most of Hillar's ...

On fox news a navy seal admits there is no team 6!!!

Navy Seal admits there is no team 6

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Best Fake Fraud Phony Military Veterans SEALs Army Special Forces Rangers Marine Recon Phonies
<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Corie Wiren, Commissioner Diane McKeel’s Office, 503-988-5213

It has been called slavery in the twenty-first century--the victimization of children in the sex trafficking business. Human traffickers are preying on youth who are runaways, or have been abused or abandoned by their families. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 293,000 youth are at risk of becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and the average age of entry into prostitution is 11 to 13.

During July, elected officials and community advocates will sponsor local events to increase awareness about the issue of sexual exploitation of children.

“This is a problem right here in Multnomah County, Oregon. We want the community to stand up for vulnerable children, take action to prevent this from happening through increased awareness, as well as support legislative action at a state and national level,” said Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel.</p> <p>According to Multnomah County Commissioner Barbara Willer, “Our goal is to mobilize concerned citizens and ultimately stop the victimization of children. This is a human tragedy that we can only end by speaking out on behalf of those who have no voice.”

Please join Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel and Commissioner Barbara Willer in their work to raise awareness and take action against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in Oregon.

Free Events
Briefing on Human Trafficking
July 1, 2010
10:00 a.m.
Multnomah County Board of Commissioners meeting
Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
First floor boardroom

Public Witness Event: Stop the Demand for Trafficking in Women and Children
July 10, 2010
3:00 p.m.
Shemanski Park (Park Block between SW Salmon and Main in downtown Portland)

Sponsored by Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) with: Multnomah County Commissioners Diane McKeel and Barbara Willer, Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Archdiocese of Portland Office of Justice and Peace/Respect Life, Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel, Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, Compassion2one, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Franciscan Spiritual Center, Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center, Marylhurst University, Oregon Center for Christian Values, Oregonians Against Human Trafficking (OATH), Sisters of Providence, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, SisterSpirit, UNANIMA‐International, and YWCA of Greater Portland.

Human Trafficking Lecture Series
July 12, 2010
6 p.m.
Kell’s Irish Pub
112 SW 2nd Ave.

Space is limited. RSVP requested to or 503‐228‐7231 x110

Speakers include: Bill Hillar is a retired Colonel of the U.S. Army Special Forces. In 1988, while traveling with schoolmates in Southeast Asia, kidnappers pulled Bill Hillar’s 17‐year old daughter off a train and forced her into the sex industry. Despite an exhaustive, multi‐country search, her father was unable to save his daughter from the fate that ultimately took her life. The recent movie "Taken," with Liam Neeson is partially based on Bill Hillar’s personal story.

Briefing on Human Trafficking
July 21, 2010<br /> 2:00 p.m.
Portland City Council meeting
Council Chambers, City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave.

Screening of Dan Rather video “Pornland, Oregon: Child Prostitution in Portland”
July 27, 2010<br /> 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
First floor boardroom

For more information and links to local and national resources, visit Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel’s website at

Report suspected cases to the national hotline: National Human Trafficking Resource Center 1‐888‐3737‐888 (English and Spanish, 24/7)

Abuse Prevention Diane McKeel Health
Diane McKeel Communications Wed, 23 Jun 2010 17:59:31 +0000 stienss 361 at Leaders in public safety and human/family services to convene Monday to aid children with parents in criminal justice system

Contacts: Mindy Clark, Children’s Justice Alliance, (503) 977-6399

On Monday, April 26, Multnomah County Commissioners Diane McKeel and Judy Shiprack will host a meeting at the Rockwood Center for Family Success with Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton, the Chiefs of Police from Fairview, Gresham, and Troutdale, and key Multnomah County departments, as well as representatives from social service agencies working in mid and east Multnomah County. The group will explore solutions to improve outcomes for children and families impacted by criminal justice involvement and determine next steps in this process.

“Improving outcomes of children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system is critical work,” said Commissioner Shiprack. “It breaks a potentially vicious cycle of kids thinking being in trouble with the law is the norm.”

Research studies have found that children in families with currently or formerly incarcerated parents experience a greater number of risk factors (parental substance abuse, mental illness, extreme poverty, domestic violence) than do other children encountered by child welfare service providers and 80 percent of them use a higher level of state services (mental health, child welfare, alcohol/drug treatment, juvenile rehabilitation services and governmental financial assistance) than do their peers whose parents are not involved in the criminal justice system.

“Stabilizing these families will help ensure that east Multnomah County will have healthy families, successful kids and safe communities,” said Commissioner McKeel.

Monday’s event is sponsored by the Children’s Justice Alliance, formed in 2004 with a mission to improve outcomes for children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system. It does this through the creation and support of programs serving the child, the parent, and the child’s caregiver. The Centers for Family Success is a joint venture of Children’s Justice Alliance and Pathfinders of Oregon

August 18, 2010, Lebanon Express, Event to raise awareness of human trafficking, more, by Emily Mentzer, Posted: Wednesday, 7:30 am

On Aug. 21, an event will be held in the Lebanon High School Heath Stadium to raise awareness of sex and human trafficking, orphans and world hunger.

“So many times we focus on the global crisis and forget what is happening around us, or vice versa,” said Traci Ford, of Lebanon. “We want to encourage a balanced way to be effective both locally and globally.”

The Portland area has emerged as a main hub for sex trafficking, ranking second for the greatest number of children found in forced prostitution in the last two years, according to a release from the International Human Rights Clinic at Willamette University.

“I don’t believe it’s going to stop in Portland,” co-organizer Caylan Wagar said. “If we can bring an awareness in ourselves and our children, we can go out equipped for what this world is turning into.”

Interim Police Chief Mike Schulte said sex trafficking is a problem anywhere there are young girls and runaways.

"That's how a lot of these runaways end up, being brought into the sex trade," he said. "They’re vulnerable, young, and tricked into these situations, then they can’t get out."

Schulte said a lot of girls end up in bigger cities, but their original home towns can be places like Lebanon.

Detective Capt. Paul Timm said in the 13 years he has served with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, he has not worked on a single case involving sex or human trafficking.

"But some kind of function that opens awareness to people can't hurt anything," Timm said. And with the Interstate-5 through Linn County, anything can happen, he added.

"Any of these cases could come our way," he said.

Schulte agreed. Through the event, he said hopefully families and young girls’ will become more educated and aware.

"They need to be aware of what they may be getting into when they run away or get into a stranger's car or go to (a stranger's) apartment," Schulte said.

Wagar said youth are wooed into sex trafficking.

The guys pursuing these girls are not typical scum, Wagar said. “Young girls are flattered (the men) think they’re beautiful,” she said.

Traffickers use drugs and fear to confuse young women, making them delusional so they don’t know what’s going on, Wagar said.

Some girls are taken down a path of crime and lawlessness for the rest of their lives, forced into prostitution and beat down, Schulte said.

“They don’t have self-esteem left; that’s all they’re good for anymore,” he said.

Wagar said young girls forced into the sex trade find it hard to get out, having been groomed to be extremely co-dependent. Some girls even believe they’ve chosen the prostitution lifestyle themselves.

According to the release from the human rights clinic, Oregon’s adoption and implementation of anti-trafficking laws have been “weak, incomplete and underutilized.”

Trafficking offenses in Oregon are not considered under Measure 11.

Oregon lacks any secured shelter for trafficking victims, nor does it have a shelter for victims of “severe forms of trafficking,” including child victims.

Through the “Recycle Love” festival, Wagar said parents and youth will be better equipped to know what to do.

"Girls will feel like, 'I don't want this to happen to me,'" Wagar said. Young women won't want to go to certain places for their own safety, not because parents have forbade it, easing teen-parent relations, she added.

"Hopefully families can discuss amongst themselves, just like they do with drugs and anything else with their teenage kids growing up,” Schulte said about the dangers surrounding sex and human trafficking.

With a rise in awareness of local and global issues, Wagar said the community of Lebanon will make a difference.

"Even if it’s a small difference, we’re going to make a change,” she said. “We’re going to potentially save our sons and daughters.”

The event, "Recycle Love," is being organized by Lebanon residents, partnering with Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans, Show Mercy International and the Hope Center.

The event will be from 5 to 10 p.m. and is free, with live music, local vendors, speakers and artists.

Fair trade T-shirts will be available for $10. For every shirt purchased, clean water will be supplied to three children in Africa.

"By buying this T-shirt, you'll make a change," Wagar said. "Not locally, but globally."

One of the speakers will be Bill Hillar, who is the real-life father who’s story inspired the film "Taken."

Read more:

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