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Mr. Craze,

I wanted to share a short story that you might like:

In 2006, the York County Quick Response Team in conjunction with the York County Drug Task Force hosted a Close Combat Training Course (REACT). The officers were taught hand to hand combat tactics, weapon retention, weapon disarms, and close quarter shooting techniques. About 8 months later one of the students in the class, a young undercover narcotics officer, had to use deadly force against a drug dealer who shot at officers trying to arrest him. This officer's actions saved the life of at least one responding officer. He openly admitted that he was a poor shot before taking the Close Combat Training Course (REACT) class put on by John Giduck and his Archangel cadre. Due to the guidance and knowledge gained by taking John Giduck's excellent course, the officer was able to save a life and a dangerous felon was taken of the streets for good.

What have you done for the American Law Enforcement Community? John and his team have given high quality training to thousands of police officers all over the United States. Again, what have you done to save
lives and protect the community? Let me answer that...nothing!!!!!

The reporters I know do not email their articles around looking for validation. If you were looking some one to pat you on the back you picked the wrong group. The York County Quick Response Team and the
South Central Terrorism Task Force have had a positive, long history with John and Archangel. This relationship is one that is built on mutual respect. Let me educate you on some important words that most of
us officers live our lives by: Loyalty, Honor, Respect, and Integrity.  I openly question your journalist integrity.

With all that is wrong in the world you pick police training as your private crusade??? I have never heard of the Washington Monthly and hope to never hear or read anything from you or them again. I can't give them a chance after your shoddy, unbalanced, and sad reporting.

I am sending this email and the rebuttal from Archangel to every officer and SWAT team in the area. Try rehabilitating your name after that. It is all about reputation and as of this point yours is damaged. Good luck fixing it.

Captain Ron Camacho
Operations Commander
York City Police Department
Office- (717) 849-2222
FBI NA 239th

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwell

Dear Mr. Camacho,

Thank you for your comment, which you had already emailed to me.

The point of our article was not to say that all police training is bad, or to attack police training in general. I believe there is a lot of excellent police training going on right now that prepares American law enforcement officers to better serve their communities.

Instead, our point was simply this. Since 9/11, there has been a big growth in counterterrorism training for law enforcement. Some of it, as our article documented, is counterproductive, and does not help American law enforcement fight terrorism.

Regardless of whether bad training is or is not common, our point was that the existing types of regulation of law enforcement training are inadequate when it comes to counterterrorism; they are not able to accurately assess who provides good training, and who provides bad training. I think it is in the interest of law enforcement that they receive training which is accurate, useful, and helps officers do their jobs better. I can only hope that you would agree with this sentiment.

Mr Giduck, who you are so keen to defend, made a speech to police officers in 2010 at the fifth Homeland Security Professionals Conference. He said "Going back to the time of Mohammed, Muslims’ goal has been to take over the world. They’re looking for lifestyle impact as well as legal impact." This is both factually incorrect and alarmist. Mr Giduck's publications are replete with such errors. I would be happy to take you through the multiple factual errors in Giduck's book Terror at Beslan, as well as every example of alarmist anti-Muslim rhetoric.

I show, in our article, that not only is such rhetoric anti-Islamist, but it is also counterproductive: it does not help our police officers protect our communities. Quite the reverse. If you are serious about those important words you cite, then you will see that Mr Giduck has shown no respect for the truth, and no loyalty to the communities he putatively claims to serve, in making such statements. I am sure you can also join with me in agreeing that such statements have no place in training given to law enforcement officers.



P.S. May I note that the George Orwell quote with which you sign your comment is apocryphal.

Joseph Bail Jr.
Police Commissioner

Joseph Bail, Jr. Studied Criminology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated Widener University’s Paralegal Studies Program. He has also served as Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice Studies at Delaware County Community College. Commissioner Bail retired from the City of Chester Police Department where he had been employed for thirty-nine years, with the rank of Major and has recently been restored to his new position within Mayor Linder’s Administration to add direction, experience, focus, and continuing education to the Department.
Commissioner Bail is a CALEA certified Instructor in several fields and has lectured to national and international Special Operations personnel. In addition to his field expertise, the Commissioner has also presented at several educational institutions focusing on school violence and tactical terrorism preparation. As a consultant to the Archangel Group, a non-profit organization specializing in police and military unit training in anti-terror operations, he has travelled to Russia following the Beslan school crisis on a fact finding trip for the book “Terror at Beslan” with the author, John Giduck. Commissioner Bail is currently the only active American Law Enforcement Officer to interview the Russian Special Forces personnel that responded to the Beslan massacre.
Commissioner Bail, along with John Giduck, has also travelled to Mumbai, India, Ma’Lot, Isreal, and several other areas subjected to terrorist events to assess the information and training needed for American police.
Commissioner Bail serves as legacy to the civic commitment of his late father Commissioner Joseph Bail Sr., and in proud tribute to his future generations, both daughter and grandson, also born and raised in the great City of Chester, PA.

John giduck

Terror at Beslan: a Russian tragedy with lessons for America's ....
Terror at Beslan by John Giduck Hoffners Training Academy provides world class dynamic training with hands, knife, pistol, shotgun, rifle, & Tactics, CLICK HERE ...
Submitted at : 2012-03-03
On Demand john giduck talk radio podcast.
Expert John Giduck will provide a chilling account of the tragedy at Beslan and how we can prepare. The truth is troubling, the eventuality certain, act now before it ...
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BEST TALK RADIO - Schools as Terror Targets.
The August 6, 2008, episode on American Heroes Radio on Schools as terror targets with John Giduck.
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John Giduck Interview on the ASRV | BLUtube.
The ASRV (Active Shooter Response Vehicle) is a retrofitted and customized Ford E350 HD van with the worlds most advanced patented ballistic technology. The bul
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When Did John Giduck *Actually* Arrive In Beslan, Russia ....
Blah blah blah. We keep hearing that we should believe John Giduck even when there is non-trivial evidence to the contrary about various points throughout ...
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John Giduck | LinkedIn.
View John Giduck's professional profile on LinkedIn. John Giduck President at Archangel Group Location Greater Denver Area Industry International Affairs Join ...
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John Giduck, President, Archangel Group LLC |
Find business contact information for John Giduck, President, Archangel Group LLC and see work history, affiliations and more.
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Interview with John Giduck - YouTube.
The ASRV (Active Shooter Response Vehicle) is a retrofitted and customized Ford E350 HD van with the worlds most advanced patented ballistic technology ...
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ISEC Group | Close Protection Security Bodyguard | England United ....
As part of his work with Archangel, John Giduck is also a scuba, tactical diving and CQB instructor, and teaches terrorist-hostage negotiations, narco-terrorism ...
Submitted at : 2012-03-01
john giduck - Big Journalism.
As an author, I’m judged by the body of my work. As a man, I hope to be judged by the content of my character. I hope that judgment will include not only how I ...
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College & University Police & Investigators Conference | George ....
John Giduck 2009 CUPIC Plenary Session Presenter President; Archangel Group. John has a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State and a law degree from ...
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Columbus Police Training Academy.
The Columbus Division of Police is proud to present Mr. John Giduck. October 13, 2011 8AM-5PM. Columbus Police Training Academy. 1000 North Hague Avenue
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John Giduck | LinkedIn.
John Giduck. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in BusinessLogistics from Penn State and a law degree from the University of Denver. I also earned a Master of Social ...
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John Giduck - SOCNET: The Special Operations Community Network.
U.S. Army Special Operations > Special Forces ... I have co-workers who went to a briefing held by John Giduck It was in reference to ... His biography is nothing but ...
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The Counter Terrorist magazine.
John Giduck – Author of “Shooter Down: the dramatic, untold story of the police response to the Virginia Tech Massacre”, “Terror at Beslan” and “The Green ...
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John Giduck? Operational Credentials? - SOCNET: The Special ....
U.S. Army Special Operations > Special Forces ... I don't post much here because I already spend too much time on other tactical ... (5) page thread on him already ...
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THE DRAMATIC, UNTOLD STORY OF THE POLICE RESPONSE TO THE VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE . Written by John Giduck, JD, Ph.D., author of Terror at Beslan and co-author of The ...
Submitted at : 2012-02-28 John Giduck: Books, Biography, Blog,Audiobooks, Kindle.
Visit's John Giduck Page and shop for all John Giduck books and other John Giduck related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography ...
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Terror at Beslan by John Giduck.
Read the only book on the Beslan School attack that provides insights into the Russian government and Special Forces in their planning and ultimate rescue ...
Submitted at : 2012-03-08 Shooter Down! - The Dramatic, Untold Story of the ....
Most Helpful Customer Reviews: The author is a known fraud who's reputation as a terrorism "expert" is built on lies and false credentials. He's claimed to be ex ...
Submitted at : 2012-03-09
John Giduck - Filed under ''.
An open letter from John Giduck responding to the sustained and unwarranted attacks on him and others by *** February 6, 2012. To whom it may concern,
Submitted at : 2012-03-08
John Giduck - Home.
In the latest issue of Homeland Security Magazine, When Terror Returns by Dr John Giduck, is reviewed by Major Richard Hughbanks, US Army (ret).
Submitted at : 2012-03-07


The Columbus Division of Police is proud to present Mr. John Giduck. October 13, 2011 8AM-5PM. Columbus Police Training Academy. 1000 North Hague Avenue

Preliminary Findings on VA Tech Shootings John Giduck, Senior Consultant &Instructor-Archangel Group Deputy ChrisHays, Orange County (CA) Sheriff'sOffice Capt. Joe ...

John Giduck is a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group, Ltd. He has a master’s degree in Russian studies from the University of Colorado and St ...

T ERROR AT B ESLAN February 6, 2008 - 8:00am to 4:30pm at Northern Quest Casino Conference Facility, N. 100 Hayford Road, Airway Heights, WA (Spokane) "John Giduck is ...

"John Giduck is one of our nation's leading experts on terrorism" Lt. Col. Dave Grossman "John Giduck is one of our nation's leading experts on terrorism" Lt. Col. Dave ...

Beslan Terrorist School Seige Cl Description: John Giduck, arrived at Beslan Middle School No.1 in at the conclusion of the battle by Russian Special Forces to retake the ...

John Giduck is a senior consultant with the Archangel Group (, an agency that provides training to U.S. law enforcement, government agencies ...

6th Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference & Expo October 3-7, 2011 Las Vegas, NV KEYNOTE SPEAKERS JOHN GIDUCK - Presenting on TERRORIST HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS John ...

Speaker: John Giduck, Senior Consultant and Instructor . Archangel Group, Golden, Colorado . BREAKS - Sandia Ballroom/Exhibit Area . Sponsored by: Federal Signal

I also had the opportunity to interview John Giduck (author Terror at Beslan ) in Las Vegas in 2005 and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in Orlando, FL in 2006 regarding current ...

illustration by Kagan McLeod CARY GRANT, JOHN WAYNE, AND STEVE MCQUEEN may no longer ... in You—Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life by John Giduck ...

Wishful thinking and denial will not protect our Nation's school children" Dr. Kevin Gilmartin John Giduck receives extremely high ratings as an instructor.

*John Giduckissenior consultant and training instructor of the Archangel Group. He has a law degree and a master'sdegree in international affairs and Russian studies.

... Las Vegas Metro Police Department and Sol Bradman, CEO of Security Solutions International 8:30-5:00 PM Expo Hall opens 8:30 AM Day 1 Session: Shooter Down, by John Giduck For ...

Monday night open bar and hor's d'oeuvres with live entertainment from 6-9pm John Gidduck John Giduck has a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State and a law degree from the ...

John Giduck, President of Archangel, Inc LT. COL. Grossman and Mr. Giduck will pro school shootings and the lesions learned from them.

... Governor's Office of Homeland Security 9:30 am — 10:15 am Exhibits Open/Break/ Continental Breakfast 10:15 am — 11:15 am School Yard Macres (Virginia Tech) John Giduck ...

He has also attended “Terrorism in America” hosted by John Giduck and Dr. Jason winkle of the United States Army Academy at West Point. If you do not attend another ...

John Giduck, “Terror in America’s Schools”, JEMS, October 2008: 4-10 • Soft Target? • Prepared? • “School-based police officers were nearly ...

The Columbus Division of Police is proud to present Mr. John Giduck
Archangel® Group, Ltd.'s senior consultant and instructor, John Giduck, arrived at the. Beslan Middle School No. 1 in North Ossetia, Russia, at the conclusion of ...
File link:
download - The Columbus Division of Police is proud to present Mr. John Giduck 
Schools as Terror Targets
Jul 28, 2008 ... interview of John Giduck on the Beslan School Seige. According to ...John Giduck is the author of Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with ...
File link:
download - Schools as Terror Targets 
John Giduck is a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group, Ltd. He has ... This Report was written by John P. Giduck and Walter D. Chi.
File link:
File link:
Terror at Beslan
John Giduck, terrorism/counter terrorism expert, spent months investigating all aspects of the attack. In his day long seminar, Terror at Beslan, John explains how ...
File link:
download - Terror at Beslan 
Western States Hostage Negotiators Association
2007 Conference. Presenter Biography. Mr. John Giduck. Mr. Giduck has a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State and a law degree from the University of. Denver.
File link:
download - Western States Hostage Negotiators Association 
C:\Documents and Settings\Joe P
Throughout his life, John Giduck has served as a soldier, trial lawyer and college professor. He has trained law enforcement departments of all levels across the ...
File link:
download - C:\Documents and Settings\Joe P 
Dispelling the Falsehoods of Washington Monthly Magazine
acquainted with the Archangel Group and John Giduck. Over the past ten years I have been to international anti-terrorism conferences they have hosted, and ...
File link:
download - Dispelling the Falsehoods of Washington Monthly Magazine 
Preliminary Findings on VA Tech Shootings
Preliminary Findings on VA Tech Shootings. John Giduck, Senior Consultant & Instructor- Archangel Group. Deputy Chris Hays, Orange County (CA) Sheriff's ...
File link: http://www.projectwhiteho...liminary%2520Findings.pdf
download - Preliminary Findings on VA Tech Shootings 
ÿþM i c r o s o f t W o r d - B i o s a n d O u t l i n e P a n e l 1 ...
Jack Gidduck - Terrorism at Beslan. John Giduck has a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State and a law degree from the University of Denver. He also earned a ...
File link: http://ddq74coujkv1i.clou...%2520Outline%2520CTLC.pdf

Word Pro - giduck.lwp
Instructor: John Giduck, Senior Consultant and Instructor for Archangel Group and author of the book, ... John Giduck, arrived at the Beslan Middle School No.
File link:
download - Word Pro - giduck.lwp 
A Brief note from the President:
featuring John Giduck, the author of the book “Terror at Beslan.” Giduck will be debriefing us on the lessons learned from the Beslan. Russia siege. It promises to ...
File link:
download - A Brief note from the President: 
Virginia Tech Massacre
Virginia Tech Massacre by. Terrorist Expert John Giduck. Join EMU's School of Police Staff and Command in learning the lessons of the Virginia Tech Massacre.
File link:
download - Virginia Tech Massacre 
Conference Event Flyer 2--
Richard S. Clore • Phone: 480.254.4007 • Email: John Giduck is a senior consultant with the. Archangel Group (, ...
File link:
download - Conference Event Flyer 2-- 
Our Worst Has Got To Be Better Than Their Best
Our Worst Has Got To Be Better Than Their Best. By John Giduck. Re-printed with permission of SWATDigest Law Enforcement Web Journal and Magazine.
File link:
download - Our Worst Has Got To Be Better Than Their Best 
6th Annual
Lanny Maddox, Chief of Police (Ret), Ruidoso Police Department. Speaker: John Giduck, Senior Consultant and Instructor. Archangel Group, Golden, Colorado ...
File link:
download - 6th Annual 
Manufacturing the Muslim Menace
Jan 28, 2011 ... sector counterterrorism trainer, John Giduck, told a. Homeland Security Professionals Conference,. “Going back to the time of Mohammed, ...
File link:
download - Manufacturing the Muslim Menace 
May 29
John Giduck,. The Archangel Group. Officer Zhang Wei, Beijing. Public Security Bureau. Det. Roberto. Batista, Tampa PD. 1200. Registration. Lunch. 1200 -1300 ...
File link:
download - May 29 
Master - Terror at Beslan - 103108.cdr
John Giduck, arrived at the Beslan Middle School No. 1 in North Ossetia, Russia, at the conclusion of the battle by Russian Special Forces to retake the school.
File link:
download - Master - Terror at Beslan - 103108.cdr 
Agenda - The Counter Terrorist Magazine
09:00 A.M. Evolution of Mass Hostage Siege Tactics. John Giduck. 12:30 P.M. Lunch. 01:30 P.M. Victimizing Innocent Citizens – The attack in Mumbai, India ...
File link: http://www.thecounterterr...Conference%2520Agenda.pdf

Saturday, January 14, 2012

John Gidduck

Attention all Police Officer, Military personnel and anyone interested in John Giduck's background!

John Giduck represents himself to be an expert in all things Crisis and Terrorism related.  His credentials however, keep changing depending on the day and which way the wind is blowing (When claims are proven to be false his and other web pages mysteriously change).

He recently decided to intimidate and bully former and current United States Special Forces personnel of all branches, after some of them 'dared' to question his tactics and credentials ( happens to be their website of choice).  First he answered these questions by proxy (folks that are on his payroll, were on his payroll or have a financial interest in his well being).  After that did not fly his answers was to the threat of lawsuit.

This time however, these honorable men and women are taking a stand and will NOT let him get away with his deceit any longer.  Please look at the posts and links below and come to your OWN conclusion on WHO John Giduck REALLY is!!

Here is a summary of his actions so far for easy reference....


Evidence that John Giduck jetted off to the Caribbean with then-client Donna Yaklich, the grieving widow who was later convicted of killing her husband, undercover cop Dennis 

Note that there has been no evidence found so far that Mr. Giduck has ever made an effort to correct any claims that exist on the internet about his military service or lack thereof. If you have some please post it.

John Giduck is presented as an honorably discharged soldier and survivor of eight wars/conflicts

He [Mr. Giduck] may not have spent any lengthy time in the U.S. military, but I know first hand of his exposure to the special forces of numerous other countries and what he has learned from them. (quote by Joe Bail) 

SF and Ranger claims

Claims as Mr. Giduck's service in Special Forces on the Archangel website 

John Giduck is presented as a retired Green Beret

John Giduck is presented as a former US Special Forces officer 

Confirmation that Mr John Giduck was never a Ranger or in Ranger School (confirmed)

Claims that Mr. Giduck was a former soldier and bull rider


Mr. John Giduck claims to have spent a large number of years fighting Russian organized crime

Claims to have been banned from Russia

No records found showing Mr Giduck ever attended St. Petersburg State University

Mr Giduck's claimed "St. Petersburg State University in Russia" may just be a summer abroad type program with no prior knowledge of Russian required 

there is no record of Mr. Giduck at SPbGU

Joe Bail describes Giduck's experiences in Russia in a way that could be consistent with foreign recruitment 


John Giduck is/was registered agent for Special Operations Association 

John Giduck's ArchAngel Group gave $10,000 to Special Operations Association 

John Giduck flaunts his Special Operations Association membership even though it is "honorary"


Colorado State Secretary of State Records disclose what could be considered an active and unusual pattern of incorporation of businesses for John Giduck

Foreign Threat Assessment Center, Inc is DBA Archangel Group

IRS Form 990s for the Archangel Group while they were a non-profit. They no longer appear as a non-profit on the IRS website.

Foreign Threat Assessment center has a 403B tax advantaged plan 

At least one of Mr. John Giduck's companies advertise adventure training at secret russian military bases 


Follow the money among the friends John Giduck, Dick Caster, Walter D. Chi, and Joseph Bail 

Richard "Dick" Caster

Mr Giduck was a past Board Member, National Association of School Resource Officers (Note the "Lifetime Executive Member, British Professional Bodyguard Association" as well)

Richard "Dick" Caster previously served as Executive Director, National Association of School Resource Officers

Dick Caster writes reviews for John Giduck's books but doesn't appear to have any operational or tactical counter terrorist qualifications 

Shari Nicoletti

Shari Nicoletti contacting people and asking them if they are members here and telling them "there's a lawsuit" 

Shari Nicoletti gives positive reviews to Mr Giduck's book

John Giduck asked to promote an event where John Nicoletti is the keynote speaker 

Shari Nicoletti changes her facebook page

Walter D. Chi

Walter D. Chi shares many questionable claims with John Giduck 

Joseph "Joe" Bail

Joe Bail strongly rebuts the Washington Monthly article against John Giduck

Evidence that Mr. Joseph "Joe" Bail's Chester, PA Police Department received a $20,000 Zodiac from John Giduck's company

Giduck claims to be on the Advisory Board of the College of Disaster Medicine and Management of Philadelphia University that happens to have Jean Bail as a faculty member

SGM John "Andy" Anderson (ret.)

John "Andy" Anderson states that his close friend, Mr. Giduck, does not come from a military background but his mind is superior to the "vast majority" of experienced Special Forces members regarding unconventional tactics and terrorism

SGM John "Andy" Anderson was compensated an unknown amount by Giduck's Archangel Group in 2007 


Mr Giduck has been making changes to his website (before and after screenshots included)

Evidence that John Giduck never was a skydiving instructor 

John Giduck does not appear in any recognized list of USA National Champion Weight lifters

Mr. Giduck removed Professional SAS Bodyguard Association from previous claims 

No evidence of Mr. Giduck being inducted into multiple Martial Arts halls of fame 

Evidence that Mr. Giduck completely owns the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts so any hall of fame claims there would be suspect

Inductions to Martial Arts halls of fame are generally "pay for play" 

Ridiculous "Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialist and Terrorologist" claims

Mr. Giduck, this is not going away. Your latest tactic of having convicted felons who are also employees of your suspect "Archangel group" defend your name isn't helping.

The quotes are Mr. Giduck's:
"Posts onto were attempted by former Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer John Mason who wrote under the name “sealathome”
Mr. Mason was a founding cadre member of both SEAL Team Six and Red Cell and identified himself as such"

It was nice to find other professionals, ones who are accredited through real organizations, who think you're as self-serving and dishonest as the Military community thinks you are:


Ex-Member of Elite Navy Team Pleads Guilty

The Washington Post
September 17, 1987 | Charles R. Babcock
A former member of the Navy's elite hostage rescue team, Seal Team Six, has pleaded guilty to filing false travel claims totaling nearly $13,000 in 1983 and 1984 and has agreed to cooperate in a financial investigation of the secret unit.

John Mason, 33, of Phoenix, a one-time Seal Team Six medic and weapons specialist who took part in the U.S. invasion of Grenada in October 1983, entered the plea in U.S. district court in Norfolk Tuesday. Sentencing is scheduled Nov. 12; Mason faces up to five years in prison on each of the four counts to which he pleaded guilty.

Joseph J. Aronica, an assistant U.S. attorney in Alexandria, said the government was prepared to prove that Mason submitted false receipts for lodging aboard a cabin cruiser docked at Washington's waterfront, and for training courses that did not exist, including one called "The Explosive Entry Development Course."

Two other members of the unit have pleaded guilty in courts-martial to stealing thousands of dollars by filing phony purchase receipts. Navy officials have said the Naval Investigative Service is examining "a roomful" of documents dealing with millions of dollars in expenditures by the team since it was formed in 1980.

Although its mission is classified, the team is known to be the Navy's equivalent of the Army's Delta Force hostage-rescue team.

Seal Team Six members took part in the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983, and were sent to the Middle East during the 1985 Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking, and to aid in the unsuccessful search for kidnaped Beirut Central Intelligence Agency station chief William Buckley, who was later killed.

Prosecutor Aronica said in court that in February 1984 Mason claimed $3,253.49 in expenses for a trip to Austria and Germany, including $1,524 for a nonexistent course fee.

He said Mason adapted the phony receipts from a packing list of arms sent to the team by the Hechler & Koch arms makers. @Slug: A28EXM
Copyright 2009 The Washington Post. All inquiries regarding rights or concerns about this content should be directed to Customer Service. For permission to reuse this article, contact Copyright Clearance Center.

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John has a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State and a law degree from the University of Denver. He also earned a Master’s Degree in International Affairs, specializing in Russian studies, from the University of Colorado, which included completion of the Russian Culture and Language Program at St. Petersburg State University in Russia. He has traveled extensively throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union, training with Russia’s elite Special Forces units for more than 10 years. He is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations, and is a certified instructor in Russian special forces hand to hand combat.

He has trained state and federal law enforcement officers and agents, including DEA, FBI, US Marshal’s Service, and SWAT teams throughout the US. He has served as a consultant on various international and terrorism subjects, as well as a defensive tactics and Russian Organized Crime instructor, for numerous federal agencies, and in the FBI National Academy continued training programs. He currently devotes his professional time to the Archangel Group, an agency providing anti-terrorism consulting and training to U.S. law enforcement, government and military, part of which includes John serving as a civilian contract U.S. Army Special Forces hand-to-hand combat and firearms instructor. As well, he holds several black belts, is a multiple inductee into international martial arts halls of fame, and is a former U.S. national weightlifting champion.

John is a lifetime member of the Special Operations Association, Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association, Russian Special Forces Brotherhood of the Red Beret Association, and is a lifetime executive member of the British Professional Bodyguard Association. He is a graduate of the FBI Citizen’s Academy and holds the highest level expert certification in Homeland Security through the American College of Forensic Examiners International, and is a former member of the Executive Advisory Board of the American College of Homeland Security and Police Marksman magazine. He is a current member of the Advisory Board of the College of Disaster Medicine and Management of Philadelphia University. In addition to other published materials and articles on terrorism, Russian organized crime and close quarters tactics, finished his book, Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy With Lessons for America’s Schools, in 2005. His second book, co-authored with Green Beret Sergeant Major John Anderson, entitled The Green Beret In You: Living With Total Commitment To Family, Career, Sports and Life, was published in late 2007. Currently, John is traveling the United States speaking and training America’s law enforcement, military and government agencies. As part of his work with Archangel, John Giduck is also a scuba, tactical diving and CQB instructor, and teaches terrorist-hostage negotiations, narco-terrorism, terrorism and global organized crime, and Russian organized crime courses.


John Anderson spent 25 years in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets), retiring at the rank of Sergeant Major. During that time he completed all special forces and special operations training, was a demolitions expert and instructor, an instructor at the Special Forces John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, hand to hand combat instructor, military freefall instructor, and taught weapons and tactics. He served three tours in Vietnam, working with such elite units as CCN (Command and Control North) and the Mike Force (Mobile Strike Force) as part of MACV/SOG.

Upon leaving the military he spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.

After 9-11 he, along with Green Beret and Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix, founded the Archangel Anti-Terror Group, originally established as a non-profit agency that provides counter-terrorism training, consulting and related services to U.S. law enforcement, military and government agencies. He continues to serve Archangel as chairman of the board of directors, and as a tactical diving, close quarter combat firearms, counter-terrorism tactics and hand-to-hand combat instructor. He continues to this day to provide tactical training to the U.S. Army Special Forces.

In addition, Sergeant Major Anderson owns and operates Andy’s Custom Guns and Training, Inc, is a former world combat pistol champion and benchpress record holder. He has operated in more than 50 countries. Sergeant Major Anderson recently co-authored his first book, The Green Beret In You: Living

With Total Commitment To Family, Career, Sports and Life.
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Recommended Reading

Supplemental reading recommended by the ALERRT Staff

Leadership and Training for the Fight by Paul Howe
Terror at Beslan by John Giduck
Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel
Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer
America Alone by Mark Steyn
The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Combative Fundamentals by Jeff Gonzales
The Deadliest Men by Paul Kirchner
Far Beyond Defensive Tactics by Loren Christensen
The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker
Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights by Jim Cirillo
On Killing by LTC Dave Grossman
Principals of Personal Defense by Col. Jeff Cooper
Street Survival (3 book set) by Caliber Press
Surviving Edged Weapons (Video) Caliber Press
Tactical Edge by Caliber Press
The Will to Survive (Video) L.A. County Sheriff's Office
They Call Me Ranger Ray by Ray Martinez

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