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Gryphon Group Security Solutions

Gryphon Group Security Solutions, LLC sets the highest standards in the industry for our services and our personnel. We recruit only the best from the law enforcement, military special operations, intelligence, and executive protection communities. Our standards are high and our emphasis on talent and integrity are unyielding.
Founder / Chief Executive Officer 
Michael K. Vaden
Michael K. Vaden is the Founder / Chief Executive Officer of Gryphon Group Security Solutions and has over 30 years of military special operations experience. He served in the United States Marine Corps and with the United States Army Special Forces. Mr. Vaden has worldwide combat & operational experience in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans, Africa, Central & South America, and East Asia. He has taught advanced combat training and unconventional warfare methods in both Armed Services. Mr. Vaden taught at the U.S. Marines Corps Scout/Sniper School at Camp Lejeune and at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (JFKSWC) at Fort Bragg. He was a Senior Instructor at the U.S. Army�s Level C Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape (SERE) School. Mr. Vaden has written on foreign policy and national security issues for Congress and senior-level policymakers. He has a Masters Degree in U.S. Foreign Policy from the American University's School of International Service. For over five years, Mr. Vaden was a Program Associate with the Smithsonian Institution's prestigious national security think-tank, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC. There, he worked on non-traditional national security threats, nuclear weapon proliferation issues, and national intelligence policy. Mr. Vaden is a Registered Private Investigator and Licensed Personal Protection Specialist in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida. 
Brigadier General Gary "Mike" Jones (U.S. Army Retired)
Gary “Mike” Jones is the President of Gryphon Group and is recognized as a proven, experienced-forged senior leader in military and international affairs.  General Jones has 28 years military special operations experience with extensive operational expertise in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and the Middle East.  Some of the milestones of his exceptional military career include Commander 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne); Deputy Commanding General United States Army Special Operations Command; Deputy Director Central Intelligence Agency Counter-Terrorism Center, Deputy Commander Combined Joint Task Force-Mountain during Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan; Commanding General Special Operations Europe; and Commanding General U.S. Army Special Forces Command.  After his years of military service, General Jones served as Senior Vice President for Performance Materials, Inc., a company providing innovative armor solutions for the Department of Defense; as Senior Vice President of Saffron Technology, an innovative Software Company providing state of the art analytical support to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community; and as President of Myrmidon Consulting, LLC, he has provided consulting support to U.S. Special Operations Command as a senior mentor to the Unified Quest series exercises, and to the Joint Chiefs of Staff J7 for Irregular Warfare doctrinal review.  General Jones is an alumnus of Louisiana State University where he earned a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the Army War College and the Conflict Management and Negotiation programs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
Executive Vice President / Master Instructor
J. Brian Skelly
J. Brian Skelly is the Executive Vice President and one of the most widely recognized driving instructors in the world. He has appeared on the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel while training Corporate and Military bodyguards and Law Enforcement Officers in advanced training and security skills. Mr. Skelly holds Instructor Certifications through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the International Association of Professional Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers, the Department of Defense, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, General Motors, Ford and the ATV Safety Institute, to name a few. He is a certified Emergency Vehicle Operators Course Instructor with 20 years experience with the Orange County Sheriffs Office as the Driver Training Instructor Supervisor. Mr. Skelly ensures quality and continuity, develops curriculums, and conducts training courses in all aspects of emergency vehicle operations to include: Tactical Police Driving, Collision Avoidance, Pursuit Conditions, Police Motor Cycle Operations, Four by Four off Road/Hummer Driving, Dignitary Protection/Escorts and Police Recruit Driving Training. He is a Registered Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida. 
Vice President
Pamela Lande
Pamela Lande is the Vice President and manages all Administrative and Logistical aspects of Gryphon's global operations. Ms. Lande comes to Gryphon with over 18 years crisis management and customer service experience. She is also responsible for coordinating and supporting our Mobile Training Teams worldwide. In coordination with the rest of our staff, Ms. Lande maintains communication with our current and prospective clients to ensure that our client's questions are being answered and their training needs are being met. She is the liaison between Gryphon and the military contracting offices and Military Special Forces Teams. Ms. Lande is a Registered Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida.
Vice President / Master Instructor
Frank McBee
Frank McBee is the former Vice President of the Florida SWAT Association and served over ten years as the Training Coordinator of the Southeast United States for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Mr. McBee has been a Law Enforcement professional for over 20 years, including 12 years as an Emergency Response Team member. As a Firearms Instructor, he has traveled and trained extensively in the United States and Europe, training elite civilian and military units in firearms and small unit tactics. Mr. McBee has served as an Adjunct Instructor for HK Inc., Olympic Arms and Offshoots Training Institute. He specializes in Small Arm Tactics for Squad Deployment such as Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Assaults, Vessel Assaults, and Counter Force Initiatives.
Vice President / Master Instructor
Brandon Salazar
Brandon Salazar is a Master Instructor and served in the United States Marine Corps as an Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine. He has conducted intelligence operations extensively in Central and South America including West and South Africa. Mr. Salazar has previously been assigned to provide personal protection for COMMARFORSOUTH and Presidential Dignitaries in high threat areas of Latin America. Some of his other duties while at 2nd Recon Battalion included being a platoon marksmanship instructor for NATO small arms. Mr. Salazar is also licensed to operate most Soviet block military vehicles ranging from tanks to troop carriers. He has been a martial arts instructor for over 17 years. Mr. Salazar has trained thousands of US Army Special Forces soldiers, Naval Special Warfare personnel, Air Force Special Tactics Operators and Special Operations Marines in Special Operations Tactics. He is a Registered Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida.
Director of Special Projects
John Hoover
John Hoover, Director of Special Projects for Gryphon Group Security Solutions has over 21 years of military experience. He served with the United States Army Rangers and was a member of the United States Army Special Forces. In 1989 as a Ranger, Mr. Hoover participated in the invasion of Panama during Operation Just Cause. He was a Ranger Indoctrination Program Instructor for the 75th Ranger Regiment. In the 1990s as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Mr. Hoover conducted missions in Africa and drug interdiction operations in North America. During Operation Enduring Freedom with the U.S. Army 3rd Special Forces Group, he served two combat tours in Southern Afghanistan working closely with Afghan Forces against the Taliban insurgency. During Mr. Hoover's military career, he was a distinguished member of the United States Army Parachute Team - The Golden Knights. As a Competitive-Skydiver, he conducted over 12,000 jumps, winning two World Championships, setting five World Records and is a five-time National Champion in Formation Skydiving.
Chief Instructor
Scott A. Smolder
Scott A. Smolder served in the United States Army Infantry for over 10 years. He was a Heavy Anti-Armor Specialist and deployed the TOW Missile System in Europe with the U.S. Army's 502nd Berlin Brigade during the 1980's before the end of the Cold War. Mr. Smolder was an Anti-Tank Instructor at the United States Army Infantry School in Fort Benning. He served at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground to help develop new generation Anti-Tank Weapons for the United States military. Mr. Smolder is a graduate of the French Commando Course and the British Milan Anti-Tank Missile System Course. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Airborne School and the TOW Missile System Master Course.
Senior Instructor
Theodore W. Baker
Theodore W. Baker, Sr. has been a certified law enforcement officer since 1983 with 22 years training experience. He is a current CJST Instructor in General Subjects to include Patrol Procedures, Building Entry, Area Search, High-Risk Tactical Situations and Vehicle Operations. Mr. Baker is an instructor-trainer for Human Diversity, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Vehicle Operations, Electronic Restraints and Tactical Handcuffing. He has 20 years experience in off-road vehicle operations to include developing off-road vehicle operations lesson plans. Mr. Baker is a member of IALEFI and ASLET. 
Senior Instructor
James Brown
James Brown served 13 years in the United States Marine Corps. His operational experience includes over 7 years as a Force Reconnaissance Marine and Marine Corps Special Operations Instructor. Mr. Brown instructed Reconnaissance Marines in Hostage Rescue Operations, Close Quarters Battle Tactics (CQB), Specialized Weapons and Explosives Breaching. He also served as a Direct Action Platoon Team member with the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company at Camp LeJuene, North Carolina. Mr. Brown worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to coordinate venues for the evaluation of live fire (Direct Action) Exercises inside of CONUS. He also served as a Platoon Sergeant for the Marine Security Force providing perimeter security at the Naval Special Weapons Magazine in Guam. Mr. Brown is a licensed residential construction contractor in the State of Michigan. 
Senior Instructor
Richard Ramsey
Richard Ramsey served 11 years in the United States Army. Mr. Ramsey was a Technician and Senior Technician for a twelve-man Tactical Nuclear Weapons Fire Team. As Senior Technician, he was responsible for the Transportation, Security and Detonation of Tactical Nuclear weapons. Mr. Ramsey also tested new conventional explosives for practicality of use by the United States Army. In addition, he served as a Military Police Officer and served as a Squad Leader, a Patrol Supervisor, and as Point Man on the Special Reaction Team for the 2nd Infantry Division in Camp Casey, Korea. While assigned to Ft. Hood, Mr. Ramsey deployed with the military police to Panama in support of Operation Promote Liberty. He was also assigned to the 89th Military Police Brigade III Corps and Ft. Hood's Special Reaction Team. Some of Mr. Ramsey's duties included Entry Team Leader, Sniper, Hostage Negotiator, Traffic Enforcement Section Assistant NCOIC, Special Reaction Team NCOIC and Lead Instructor for Ft. Hood's Military Police Academy. As a Special Reaction Team NCOIC, his duties included the personal security of all visiting dignitaries and VIP's. 
Master Mechanic
Donny Culp
Donny Culp has been a Mechanic for over 25 years. Mr. Culp is Gryphon Group's Lead Mechanic and is a Certified Master Technician by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. He has over 20 Years experience as the Owner & Operator of the successful Auto & Truck Repair Company. Mr. Culp is also Certified by General Motors and was a Shop Foreman for Saturn Corporation. He is a Certified Diesel Mechanic. Mr. Culp is a Master Welder and a Master Fabricator. He is an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) expert.
Logistical Support Specialist
Melissa Bergman
Melissa Bergman is a Logistical Support Specialist and provides direct logistical support of Gryphon's Specialized Combat Training Operations. Mrs. Bergman comes to Gryphon with over 20 years of customer service experience. She is also responsible for maintaining communication with Gryphon's in-coming clients to ensure that their questions are being answered and their training needs are being met. Mrs. Bergman was a Coordinator for Inpatient Accounts for the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, New York for over 7 years and for Dr. R.A. Henriques in Cocoa, Florida for over 4 years. She and her husband Riley Bergman were the Owners & Operators of RWB Cleanup, Inc in Cocoa, Florida for 9 years.
Purchasing Officer / Information Technology Specialist
Cathy Alexander
Cathy Alexander is Gryphon's Purchasing Officer & Information Technology Specialist and comes to Gryphon with over 26 years of customer service experience. Mrs. Alexander coordinates all purchasing operations and direct logistical support of Gryphon's Specialized Combat Training Operations. She is also responsible for maintaining Gryphon's website, flash traffic email broadcasts, and internal computer support services. Mrs. Alexander was a Senior Accountant for the Florida Today Newspaper from 1989 to 1997. She was also the Account Payable / Receivable Specialist for the Harbor Service Corporation from 1986 to 1989. Mrs. Alexander is also a Gryphon Surveillance Operations Technical Specialist. 

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  1. Background checks aren't that well done. One instructor, Senior Instructor has a criminal background for Domestic Violence. Had a lifetime injunction on him until he got around the courts and had it removed. He likes to hit women and you have him there. Mr Ramsey may have had it expunged or sealed but it happened