Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FF Michael Gorumba & Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

August 28, 2001, New York 1 News, "Firefighter Killed In Staten Island Blaze,"
August 28, 2001, Staten Island-WABC News, "Firefighter Killed, Seven Injured Battling Staten Island Blaze,"
August 29, 2001, New York Post, "Staten Island Firefighter Dies Fighting Fire in Auto Body Shop," by Philip Messing, Larry Celona and Dan Kadison, Ed Robinson and Kate Sheehy,
August 29, 2001, New York Times, "Heart Attack Kills New Firefighter During a Blaze on Staten Island,"by Richard Lezin Jones,
Staten Island Advance, "Firefighter Felled By Apparent Heart Attack At Auto Shop Blaze," by Frank Donnelly and Ryan Lillis,
August 29, 2001, Albany Times Union, "Firefighter Dies in Line of Duty," by Chaka Ferguson/AP
September 2, 2001, New York Times, "Last Farewell To Firefighter Who Had Just Fulfilled Wish," by Jayson Blair,
September 6, 2001, Fire Engineering Magazine, "Cardiomyopathy Caused Death of NYC Firefighter Gorumba,"
September 5, 2001, New York Daily News, "Fireman Charged With DWI In Smashup," by Michele McPhee,
September 17, 2001, New York Daily News, "Rudy Keeps His Vow To Give Away Bride," by Mike Claffey and Michael Segell, Daily News Staff Writers,
September 17, 2001, Washington Post, "Despite furor, a vow is kept," by Elaine Rivera,
September 17, 2001, Newsday, "Like London In the Blitz . Praising city's bravery, Rudy rallies NYers," by Ron Howell,
September 18, 2001, The Telegraph, "Giuliani gives away dead fireman's sister," by Philip Delves Broughton,
September 20, 2001, New York Times, "In America; The Right Answer," by Bob Herbert,
November 9, 2001, The Globe and Mail, "Giuliani shines in time of crisis," by Jan Wong,

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