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C.I.A. Guyana

Guyana Parliment Rejects Strengthened Gun Law - Suriname and ...‎
by Haimdat Sawh,
March 15, 2013 - It was introduced by National Security Minister Clement Rohee. Legislators with the Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change said ...

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13 Sep. LUCIA POLLARD/MARGARET ACKMAN.. BOTH DEAD. Posted by waltieainsworth in Personalities. Tagged: CHRIST CHURCH BAND - BLESSED ...

Simels calls more names - bush-lot-picnic-08 - Angelfire‎
... incident that occurred several years ago (the Jonestown mass suicide). ... Minister of Home Affairs (Clement) Rohee; the Commissioner General of the Guyana ...

February 19, 2008, Caribbean360, Jagdeo calls national meeting in light of massacre,
 - ... now surpassed Lusignan as the country's bloodiest since Jonestown.... Affairs Clement Rohee to offer condolences to the people of Guyana, ...

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Minister Clement Rohee told reporters need for such advisers in ... 11, Beyond Jonestown -- South America's Guyana Rewards Those Who Can ...

December 2009 - Guyana News and Information‎
Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, in remarks at the opening, said the rationale... A plaque was unveiled on November 18 at the Jonestown, North West ...

ISSUU - Kaieteur News by GxMedia‎
Oct 25, 2012 - ... Affairs Minister Clement Rohee was not allowed to have a voice. ...Radcliff Simmons, 39, fisherman of Jones Town in Kingston; Leaford Kidd, ...

Guyana's embattled minister to lead ruling party -‎
Aug 20, 2013 - ... firearms entering Guyana, but Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee..... bodyguards at a small remote airstrip close to Jonestown resulted in ...

Why Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo is more vocal in the PPP ...‎
Oct 30, 2011 - ... a man locating communists!; ... Clement Rohee speaks: The circus goes on The ruling Guyana ...

19 -‎
THe Guyana Government was not involved in the Jonestown Fiasco. ...... of course the ultimate responsibility lies with Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, ...

The Making of Guyana: From A Wilderness to A Nation
Frank Senauth - 2009 - ‎History
... the appalling waste oflife at the Jonestown massacre in Journey to Nowhere: a ...This position was echoed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Clement Rohee ... <

Aug 4, 2010 - Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee yesterday refused ...something notorious along the lines of the Jonestown massacre and the ...

Jun 21, 2010 - 24 posts - ‎3 authors
Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee yesterday refused ... something notorious along the lines of the Jonestown massacre and the ...

Jan 24, 2007 - ... Jonestown mass murder/suicides, racial and political discrimination, the ... Mr. Clement Rohee's political theatricals, public appearances, ...

Oct 4, 2011 - ... land, when Guyana was only internationally recognized for Jonestown,... Stalwart Clement Rohee, whom the iconic Jagans mentored from ... Regional - 55/150 - Da Vibes‎

August 17, 2003, Stabroek News, More theses on the criminalised state: Guyana and the Wider World, by Dr Clive Thomas, diigo,

July 20, 2003, Stabroek News, Guyana and the Wider World, Past and present: authoritarianism and criminalisation, by Dr Clive Thomas, diigo,

December 31, 2008, Kaieteur News, After 30 years Jonestown surfaces. Why only now?, by Oscar Ramjeet, diigo,

March 18, 2009, Kaieteur News, The "criminalized state" and the "incestuous state" in Guyana, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

October 16, 2009, Guyana Observer, Clive Thomas on the Criminalization of the Guyana State, diigo,

November 21, 2010, Kaieteur News, "I survived the Jonestown massacre": Veteran journalist Neville Annibourne is a Special Person; "I would not like to experience anything like that again in my life," by Michael Jordan, diigo,

January 20, 2011, Kaieteur News, Govt vows to remove obstacles to Afro Guyanese development,

January 20, 2011, Kaieteur News, Jailed Indonesian tax official, family had fake Guyanese passportsdiigo,
- claims CIA agent arranged them

June 30, 2011, Kaieteur News, Murders and leaders: The Rodney assassination,

September 12, 2011, Kaieteur News, New US Ambassador to Guyana remembers 9/11 attack,

US Ambassador to Guyana, Ambassador D. Brent Hardt

September 21, 2011, Kaieteur News, Harry Gill must be myopic,
... As for his glib estimate of Guyana's foreign reserves he fixes at over US$1B., the CIA factbook section on Guyana Economy 2011 sharply ...

November 20, 2011, Kaieteur News, Saving lives from Jim Jones' killers …Veteran pilot Astil Rodwell Paul is a special person, by Michael Jordan, [Blog]

November 27, 2012, Kaieteur News, Police question Stabroek News over CIA report,
... GPA slams attempt to “intimidate” journalists. The Police are investigating how reporters of independent daily Stabroek News gained access to ...

October 7, 2012, Kaieteur News, Revisionist historiography of Guyana in the sixties is missing, by Frederick Kissoon, .. Then there is the role of the CIA. This part of the interpretation of the sixties becomes silly and clownish with the continued denunciation of ...

March 31, 2012, Kaieteur News, Parliamentary control over spying apparatus is imperative,
... Can you imagine the CIA or FBI in the United States working exclusively for the Democrats? In the case of the United Kingdom can you ...

January 29, 2012, Kaieteur News, Inaction in Freddie's firing will inevitably lead to more victimization ...
... Thus Jagan with his bull-headed stubbornness, advised by his wife, was ousted with the help of the CIA. He still did not learn and though he ...

June 23, 2013, Kaieteur News, Government's ad hoc arrangements will not push development,
... According to the CIA World Factbook, Guyana has an almost ninety-two percent literacy rate. This particular publication also includes the ...

April 13, 2012, Kaieteur News, GT&T shares buyer linked to Chinese military,
... The report by the CIA-based Open Source Center stated that Huawei's chairwoman, Sun Yafang, worked for the Ministry of State Security ...

February 11, 2013, Kaieteur News, Dose Were the Days
... the Nazis killed more than a million people with a cyanide-based gas called Zyklon B. In the 1960s, the CIA planned to poison Cuban dictator ...

May 19, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham, by Ravi Dev,

June 12, 2013, Kaieteur News, Leviathan exposed,

January 26, 2010, Kaieteur News, This shift in foreign policy towards Iran has its inherent hazards,
... A question the US State Department, Homeland Security, INS and the CIA might be contemplating about now. In earlier remarks, Mr. Jagdeo ...

February 12, 2010, Kaieteur News, 2010 February,

February 15, 2010, Kaieteur News, Friendship University or Stalinist School of Falsification?,
... He was assassinated by the infamous military dictator, General Mobutu, in full support of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as the ...

February 16, 2010, Kaieteur News, Soldiers freed of Robbery under Arms charges,
A GDF officer and three other ranks were on Thursday last set free in the Matthew’s Ridge Magistrate’s Court of all charges stemming from an alleged robbery committed on a mining camp in the Baramita/Five Star area, Region One in May 2009. The four soldiers, Lieutenant Lancelot Gordon, and Lance Corporals Shawn Lord, Orwin Woodruffe,

February 17, 2010, Kaieteur News, There is rampant child sex abuse here,
Child sex abuse is more rampant than believed. On Tuesday, news surfaced that three sisters, the eldest being nine years old and the youngest, seven, were in hospital, badly damaged according to the examining doctor. These girls from an East Coast Demerara village lived with their parents who were both described as drunkards. In addition

February 17, 2010, Kaieteur News, Monica Lewinsky, Janet Jagan and elected dictatorship in Guyana, by Freddie Kissoon,
Mrs. Janet Jagan wrote some unacceptable but nevertheless interesting columns for her party newspaper. Some were penned just months before her death. On reading these essays, you wonder what would have happened if Mrs. Jagan's mental fatigue brought about by Desmond Hoyte's street pressure did not occur and she had stayed on in the presidency.

February 17, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters, 'CIA office to be used for spying on opposition parties' a figment of their imaginations,
Dear Editor, Allow me the space to express my utter astonishment and disbelief at the recent utterances of opposition forces of this nation on the establishment of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Guyana; the opposition sees this as an agency spying on political opponents and the citizenry. This view is a whole new echelon

February 21, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters,
... Dear Editor, The verbal furor that the decision to house the offices of the soon to be established Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the ...

February 24, 2010, Kaieteur News, Delivering the goods,
... However the need not to antagonise the US (which had installed the new government into office through the machinations of their CIA) forced ...

March 8, 2010, Kaieteur News, Where Is the Love? Where Is the Indignation?
... His final words after being taken prisoner by the Bolivian military with the help of CIA agents were: “I knew you were going to shoot me; I should ...

April 22, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters, Child abuse and molestation has reached pandemic proportions,

May 16, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters, Almost everything govt. does is cloaked in secrecy and corruption, by Harry Gill, 

June 20, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters,  Any synthetic third force/coalition not a panacea for Guyana, by Prem Misir,
.. Foreign intervention via the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1960s influenced the formation of proxy groups that included opposition ...

November 14, 2010, Kaieteur News, Moving Forward,
... But I believe that without the CIA's involvement in 1962, political violence would not have become endemic as is now the case. Once the genie ...


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Four major religions
Hinduism is not afraid of evolution
Myths satisfy a spiritual need
There are differences between the Christian God and the Muslim God
Issues of religious faith must not be disguised as modern science
Every religion has had historical episodes of violence
The Catholic Church has condemned extra-judicial killings
The message of Christ to humanity must be distinguished from religious dogma
The church should be more involved
The time is right for a hard look at religious dogma
What is a secular state?
All religions should be free to distribute their literature to schools
Religious irrationality growing in Guyana
Rev Haley had proposed that Guyana be described in the constitution as a multi-religious state
The book of hope fiasco
Vatican II statement on other religions is redolent with ambiguities
Some Christian Pentecostal preachers show contempt for other faiths
Keep the education in our schools secular
Nation still in the healing process
I am concerned about fundamental human rights
Believers should be sensitive and respectful to other religions
Teach a child hate, and he will practise war
Regular venom towards Christianity
The phenomenon of religious proselytism
Converts to Islam don't have to take an Arabic name
Wiser to remain in old belief system
There are other threats to the secular state
Cause better served by religious leaders
Why proselytize?
We needed a truth and reconciliation commission
Let us pray for our brothers who face persecution
Scripture must be studied to be understood
The problem of determinism v free will
Islam is not the ancestral religion of Africans
Race has no importance in Islam
Look at the traditional dress of Africans
In African faiths God is infinite
Race has no importance in Islam
Mr Nkofi should seek to engage Muslims in dialogue
Is monotheism superior to polytheism?
There are black sheep in every religion
Bilal was promoted to high rank
Muslim scholars helped spread secular knowledge
The African slaves who came here were not Muslims
Mr Singh should give details of the Muslims who went to Libya
What the Prophet Muhammad said
The pen was not the only means of writing
Islam did not destroy national culture
African religious teachings are being put into written form
Theocracies are a backward form of government
Setting the record straight
Third Caliph made official collection
African faiths are not dogmatic
Bedrock of all faith is love
Downright insulting
Did Africans produce a written language?
Obeah is a reality of the West Indian region
Dr Nehusi is wrong on Islam
No evidence that obeah works for good or evil
African languages are dying
The African must face his predicament squarely without fake history or myths
Religious belief can be divisive
Dr. Nehusi's note was illuminating
India is still suffering mentally from British colonial hegemony, the Hindu Renaissance seeks to repair this
Swahili was developed by the Arab conquerors
It is not religion but man's lust for power that causes wars
Immigrants to the Caribbean always regarded themselves as Hindi speaking
Africans are no different to anyone else

Past and present: authoritarianism and criminalisation‎

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PNCR Leader Desmond Hoyte (left) with wife Joyce on his return to Guyana in July 1993 after undergoing heart surgery and convalescence in the United States.

My position is in sync with international prerequisites for good ...
May 29, 2012 ... Compare this to the 1978 Jim Jones incident where 909 persons died in what is called a massacre. However, when hundreds of African men ...

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May 22, 2013, YouTube, Clement Rohee agrees with calls for an investigation into alleged ...
► 1:45► 1:45  - Uploaded by Capitol News GY Jonestown - Wiki Article by wikispeak10 16 views · 2:41. Watch Later Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to ...

August 7, 2013, Guyana Chronicle, Murdered Mahaica housewife laid to rest after emotional service

August 6, 2013, Guyana Chronicle, Murdered woman's mother refuses to attend killer son-in-law's funeral

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