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Blue Book

City Hall Park

April 14, 1914, New York Public Library, Happy Birthday Fort Washington Library! Read more about the founding of the Fort Washington Library in Harry Miller Lydenberg's History of The New York Public Library, the section on the history of Washington Heights begins on p.189 (p. 249 of the PDF), and a statistical history of the Carnegie Building of the Fort Washington Branch appears on p. 544-545 (664-5 of the PDF).

Also available: Washington Heights, Manhattan: Its Eventful Past, by Reginald Pelham Bolton, (download the PDF directly, 47mb).

Fort Washington Library
535 West 179th Street (between St. Nicholas & Audubon Aves.)
New York, NY 10033-5799
(212) 927-3533

Washington Heights Manhattan; Its Eventful Past, by Reginald Pelham Bolton, (New York: Dyckman Institute, 1924)

"....which has been known

J. Clarence Davies collection
Bronx real estate mogul J. Clarence Davies (1868-1934) assembled his collection of New York City imagery over a forty year period, collecting voraciously and comprehensively. In 1929 he gave his collection to the City Museum. At the time, the gift was valued at $500,000 and included paintings, prints, maps, book illustrations, printed ephemera, and other materials that reflect all five boroughs and span the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th. In 2013 the Museum completed a project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to conserve more than 150 prints, maps, and paintings from this collection. Explore those and other objects from the Davies collection here.

National Portrait Gallery

Museum of the City of New York - A Map of Piece of Harlem ...‎
made by Peter Berrian the 26th of June 1769| This copy belongs to Nelson Samson from a copy belong to James A. Terrell, City Surveyor, N.Y..

A Map of Piece of Harlem Heights on Manhattan Island made by Peter Berrian the 26th of June 1769. This copy belongs to Nelson Samson from a copy belong to James A. Terrell, City Surveyor, N.Y.

Jonanan Waldron
John Kero
Jacob Turnure
J. Dyckman
G. Adols
J. Sickles
Peter Waldron
John Nogitt
North 67 West
Law Mansfield
John Keroa
James Lawrence
Samson Benson,
(Landmark:) Chestnut oak
Second Division
John Kierson
Road to King's Bridge
John O. Belinus
John Nagell
Samson Benson
South 55 East
Capt. De Lavall
North 35" East


January 4, 1917, New York Times, C.K.G. Billings Sells Famous Tryon Hall; Prominent New Yorker, Whose Name Is Withheld, Buys Riverside Drive Estate.

Naming New York: Manhattan Places & how They Got Their Names, by Sanna Feirstein

March 28, 1938, New York Times, 'God Had Made Up His Mind,' Pastor Says In Story of Founding of Uptown Church,
Services marking the-twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fort Washington Presbyterian Church, Broadway and 174th Street, were held yesterday morning before 600 members of the congregation and of West Park Church, the parent body.

Maps of farms commonly called the Blue book, 1815 : drawn from the original on file in the street commissioner's office in the City of New York, together with lines of streets and avenues, 1868

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