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Bank of America 
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Wed Feb-28-07 08:02 AM
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Bank of America had offices in WTC1 on 9/11 and survived 2 casualties out of 400 employees

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Wed Feb-28-07 06:11 PM
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2. Sorry, your suggestive headline is simply wrong.


(Chart shows name, sq. ft., type and FLOORS)


Bank of America 132,586 Financial Institutions 9-11,81

9-11 are very low floors. Floor 81 is still below the impact zone. The death of "only" four Bank of America employees (how many would satisfy you, by the way?) is consistent with the fact that in WTC 1 only 72 people died out of EVERYONE in the 91 floors below the impact zone.


No company was more vulnerable than Marsh McClellan (Marsh USA), Cantor Fitzgerald, the Windows on The World restaurant and others from Floor 92 and above of the North Tower. Everything above the first-strike impact point was cut off and no one in that zone survived. An estimated 1360 people, meaning more than 60 percent of the total known WTC victims, died just in those 17 out of 220 total Tower floors.

Deaths by zone and lots of other statistics:

The graphic shows the known locations of about 1,950 WTC-based victims (as of Apr. 2002 - you can find more accurate numbers from the more recent NIST report, but the changes are not very significant statistically). If the number sounds low to you, it's because it doesn't include the 400-plus rescue personnel (firefighters police and EMTs who were killed) and another 150 or so were on the two planes. Others died on the street, from falling debris and the collapses. The whereabouts of some of the victims when they died are unknown, and in fact large numbers are still technically "missing" since no remains were found.

We should note that ALL estimates of deaths at the WTC are probably under-counting. We know that many undocumented immigrant workers died and a few claims on their behalf have not been recognized. There were also homeless people in the concourse and subway stations who have simply gone "missing."

AFTER the first impact, however, it becomes very difficult to assess what casualty levels "should" be for all the companies at other points in the Towers, compared to the numbers who actually died, because companies may have different policies on evacuation, and because people simply reacted differently. (Some reached the 44th floor of Tower 2 and were told to go back because the fire was in the other building - some listened, others did not!)

Also, in the South Tower (second impact) there was one stairway that was still open and allowed people to escape from the zone above the impact.

MervinFerd  (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-28-07 09:44 PM
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9. Ahhhh....The Dread Sinister Insinuation--that means absolutely nothing..

but sounds O' so mysterious and Conspiratorial and (oh! Gosh!) so -important-, so Smoking Gun! And aren't we just -so- very brave to be even thinking such dangerously sinister thoughts--whatever they are-- and so much smarter than those dumb ol' rational debunkers who actually want to know WHAT THE POINT IS? and want actual evidence of whatever the point might be if there even is one. And o' aren't we just getting the vapors that anyone would actually wonder what the point was or even raise a question about the information? O' My!

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