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"70's Politics

March 1, 1979, The Cornell Daily Sun, page 15, Cleveland's Mayor Kucinich To Fight Against State Plan,

Caption: United Press International DENNIS THE MENACE : Mayor Dennis Kucinich speaks with the press after announcing the passage of an income tax increase and ¬ a vote to retain the municipal Electric Light System . Constituent support of these measures , strongly supported by Kucinich , constitutes a major vote of confidence in the mayor by the voters of Cleveland .

Cleveland ( AP ) Mayor Dennis J . Kucinich, fresh from a triumph at the polls, vowed yesterday to fight state efforts to take over his city's crippled finances, and said he would sell small-denomination bonds directly to citizens if necessary.

The tactics were announced following an election in which Cleveland voters backed Kucinich by impressive 2 -1 margins in raising taxes and retaining the Municipal Electric Light System. It was a resounding vote of confidence for the maverick Democrat, who barely survived a recall attempt last summer .

The mayor said he will campaign in every major city in Ohio to influence the Legislature to reject Gov . James A . Rhodes plan to create a nine-member control board to supervise the city's spending practices and restore investor confidence in Cleveland.

"Although the people of Cleveland won Tuesday, it appears greedy corporate interests are now working on another front, Columbus, Ohio," Kucinich told reporters. "They will attempt to ride back to the city on a Trojan Horse built by Governor Rhodes. They will attempt to take it by hook, having failed yesterday to take it by crook."

Kucinich has alleged that corporate interests tried to manipulate Cleveland residents into selling their electric system.

The major seeks adoption of legislation with less restrictive state controls on the nation's 19th largest city, and a plan to enable Cleveland to borrow money using either the state's credit or its own.

"His ( Rhodes ) kind of help is the kind of help you get from someone who pulls the plug on a respirator," Kucinich said .

If Rhodes is successful, however, Kucinich said he is prepared to have the city sell $15 million in tax-free bonds to the general public in denominations as low as $100, rather than rely on the state's help. State approval would not be needed for the bond sale, according to the mayor.

Cleveland, which owes $14 million to six local banks and must either pay or refinance $25 million in notes this year and make good on $41 million in funds missing from receipts of previous bond sales, had been threatened with bankruptcy. But Kucinich said the 50 percent payroll tax increase will end the bankruptcy threat. The tax, which will add $100 to the levy on an annual salary of $20,000, takes effect today and should bring Cleveland $25 million in the remainder of this year.


March 31, 1981, The Dispatch – Washington Star Service, page 5, Paul Laxalt: The ‘All-Around Nice Guy’ In The Senate, by Phil Gailey,


January 29, 1979, St. Petersburg Times, page 10A, Jerry Brown sees a shift in America as deep as the days of the New Deal, by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak,


February 6, 1979, St. Petersburg Times - UPI, page 11A, Turner: CIA to 'try harder' in Iran,

March 31, 1981, The Dispatch [Lexington, KY] AP, page 6, Wilson Denies Plot,


March 31, 1981, The Dispatch [Lexington, KY] NYT News Service, page 18, National Enquirer Decision A Concern For Journalists, by Jonathan Friendly,


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