Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Was al Qaeda Led by Zacharias Moussaoui ?

Give 41 seconds to this CNN newsclip telecast on September 12, 2001. CNN's resident terrorism expert is explaining al Qaeda, the terrorism network to rival the CNN network. He tells us that false names and anonymous mailbox addresses are commonly used by terrorists. However, it should be obvious that within the terrorism subspecialty of suicidal ideologues, to use a pseudonym for an identity is to masquerade a belief--the original intent requires maximum advertising to get a sincere message out. Homicidal Palestinian bombers in Israel do not seek anonymity--circumstances may require it, but it is never chosen.

Since the actors of the September 11th drama entered and were in this country legally, and had done nothing illegal in the interim to draw the attention of authorities, any possible motivation is obviated--unless of course, they were supposedly shy.

In a marvelous bit of business--if only Stanislavsky were alive to witness it--to illustrate "the al Queda terrorism manual," he holds up a sheaf of papers, but not before distractedly placing a coversheet on top, just in case an errant camera shot should catch a glimpse of it, before allowing his fellow newscaster to see a top corner he peels back. Just the sort of detail a junior spy would learn first and engrain and a wanna-be would copy cat!

His co-host interrupts him, asking for background on the leadership of al Qaeda. He begins his answer, but when he gets to the operative name, a quite clearly recognizable sound comes out of his mouth. This stops him dead cold, perhaps because he stumbled first by inverting a name. He corrects himself by saying Osama bin Laden, the bugaboo we have become so familiar with. I won't spoil the fun by saying another word.


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